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A weekly one hour podcast that talks about the Pacers in depth.

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The podcast that covers the Pacers in depth
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PNP Episode 14 The Granger Zone!

Upcoming on this episode. Is Marcus an original Ghostbuster? Can the Cavaliers get any worse (Yep.) All-star weekend is set. The Pacers are once again the best team in the league, Lance dang near breaks his back, what got into George Hill against Portl...
JP Sinclair author

PNP Episode 13 Ca-Ca!

Upcoming on this episode. Did Marcus play a half inning in the majors? No more David Stern (aww how sad), our take on the NBA all-star reserves, Pacers sign a big free agent in Bynum, What is it for the Pacers when they matchup with the Suns? Ol’ Relia...
JP Sinclair author

PNP Episode 11 Slippery As a Newborn Giraffe

Upcoming on this episode. Did Marcus once fight Spiderman? JP and I discuss the all-star starters. We discuss the slippery floor in Golden State, and of course the game itself, Pacers get dominated in Phoenix,  Paul George takes over against Sacramento...
JP Sinclair author

PNP Episode 10 Its Called Smash Mouth

Upcoming on this episode. Did Marcus serve on the USS Enterprise? How the Pacers would be affected by a Melo for Blake trade. How Solomon Hill fared in his stint with the Mad Ants. Tough loss to the surging Raps. Big time schedule this week for the Bl...
JP Sinclair author

PNP Episode 9 George Hill Shaved My Head

Upcoming on this episode. Bynum ain’t got no heart. What is Lance’s worth. Routing the Nets not once but twice. How to bring in the New Year right.  All this and more on Pacers Nation
JP Sinclair author

PNP Podcast Episode 8 Merry Christmas!

Upcoming on this episode. Kobe can’t catch a break, oops too soon… Was it a foul on Lebron holding PG’s hips?...Brad Stevens homecoming... Hope you like the Nets.. Danny Grangers return…Doctor of what exactly? All this and more on Pacers Nation
JP Sinclair author

PNP Episode 7 Fly Swatter

     Upcoming on this episode. Don’t drop your phone in the toilet, Ujuri does it again!, thank god the road trip is over, BEAT THE HEAT, Shut up Stephen A, National love,  All this and more on Pacers Nation
JP Sinclair author

PNP Episode 6 Best Ever?

Hey all!18-2 is just insane! And hopefully we can keep the momentum going on the West coast swing. Pacers Nation Podcast has a new episode out where we talk about:Upcoming on this episode. Korver better than Miller? Kidd continues to slide, Paul George...
JP Sinclair author

PNP Episode 5 Big Sexy Chocolate

Upcoming on this episode. Marcus’s deepest darkest secret, Jason Kidd gets in trouble for losing the handle, Derrick Williams gets shipped, technical fouls pay dividends, the tough stretch upcoming this week,  All this and more on Pacers Nation!
JP Sinclair author

PNP Episode 4: DirecTV ruined my night!

Upcoming on this episode: DirecTv ruined my night, Josh Smith is bad (question mark), Not again Derrick Rose with a knee injury, 100 LIKES we love you all, who we want to see in the Shooting Stars competition oh and of course the 11-1 Pacers.
JP Sinclair author