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A podcast from three early career ecologists about science, academia, and all that other stuff.

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A podcast from three early career ecologists about science, academia, life, and other stuff.
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MR057: Classic Ecology IV: Power, 1990

Grace, Jon, and Jeff do a round of Would You Rather? Academic Style and then follow up with a conversation about the quintessential paper Power 1990 "Effects of Fish in River Food Webs" as they jump back into the Classics in Ecology series. Mary Power'...
Major Revisions author

MR056: Real Ecosystems, Posters, and Spring Cleaning

Grace, Jon, and Jeff do some spring cleaning via the latest buzz from Twitter and the blogosphere including way-out-there poster designs, what constitutes a real ecosystem, comparing male-female ratios in publications, and how ecology programs are put ...
Major Revisions author

MR054: MMM 2019 Preview and The Trouble with Acronyms

Grace, Jon, and Jeff are talking March Mammal Madness 2019 ! Jeff questions dandelions, Jon goes all in on owls, Grace has speciation questions, and we are joined by friend of the podcast Bob, our local sea turtle and marine specialist. The gang also d...
Major Revisions author

MR053: March Mammal Madness 2019 Interview w/ Patrice Conners and Marc Kissel

Jeff and Jon sit down with Patrice Conners and Marc Kissel, two of the folks behind March Mammal Madness 2019 (#2019MMM). Marc and Patrice give us the behind the scenes, inside baseball look at the process of creating the narratives and organizing #201...
Major Revisions author

MR052: Biodiversity, Neutral Theory, and Pillai and Gouhier, 2019

Grace, Jon, and Jeff tackle a recent paper in Ecology (Pillai and Gouhier, 2019) that claims that the "positive" effect of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning is vastly overstated. The gang talk about the background and context of the paper, inclu...
Major Revisions author

MR051: An Interview with Rob Nowicki

Jeff sits down with Rob Nowicki to talk about how the scope of ecological research has changed over that past few decades, the differences between marine ecology and biology, living in the Florida Keys, and what life is like in the field when y...
Major Revisions author

MR050: 2018 in review

Grace, Jon, and Jeff bid a not-so-fond farewell to 2018. The gang talk about their favorite papers of the year, science low-lights, and their podcast resolutions for the upcoming year. And, to wrap up the year, we return with America's favorite...
Major Revisions author

MR049: An Interview with Ben Cook

Dr. Ben Cook from NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies joins us on the show to talk about drought, the climate system, working across scales/disciplines, how we think about hazards, and his soon-to-be-released book. Ben is a climate scientis...
Major Revisions author

MR048: An Interview with Kyla Dahlin

We welcome Dr. Kyla Dahlin from Michigan State University to the show. Kyla's research aims to better understand and quantify ecosystem processes and disturbance responses through the application of emerging technologies, including air- and spa...
Major Revisions author

MR047: NSF Part Two

Grace, Jon, and Jeff continue the discussion about the NSF proposal process including ad hoc reviews, what panels are like, and how to prepare what you need in order to get funded. The gang also take stock of what their science wishlist is for ...
Major Revisions author

MR046 Mailbag One: Two Years and Counting

Grace, Jon, and Jeff celebrate two years of podcasting with a mailbag episode where we answer a slew of emails, questions, and follow-ups from the last few weeks on air including crowdfunding science, grants for early career folks, and why we don't tal...
Major Revisions author

MR045 Calling the Quantitative Ecologist

Jon and Jeff ask the age old question, when do the statistics get so wonky you call in the quants? The gang minus one talk about the trade-offs between learning new, powerful techniques and just collaborating with folks who have already climbed that mo...
Major Revisions author

MR044 NSF part one

Grace, Jon, and Jeff ive a primer on the funding mechanisms at the National Science Foundation (NSF) as well as recent changes that we are all thinking about it. The gang also lament poison ivy and chiggers while delivering a stern warning about Benadr...
Major Revisions author

MR043 An Interview with Atticus Stovall

Jon and Jeff interview Atticus Stovall of the University of Virginia, a lidar guru and all-around nice person, live from the top of a mountain at the University of Tennessee Biological Station near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Atticus gives...
Major Revisions author

MR042 Field Sampling Bias and the IF Draft

Grace, Jon, and Jeff talk about a recent paper in Nature E & E on how sampling bias affects science and policy. The gang also tally the results of last year's Impact Factor draft (and it's not that close). Jon gets a Twitter handle he will never us...
Major Revisions author

MR041 Resources!

Grace, Jon, and Jeff talk about the new Resources page on the Major Revisions website as well as their own thoughts about what helped them get to where they are, at least the practical aspects. Lots of North Woods references, talk about Gluten-free foo...
Major Revisions author

MR040 Our Favorite Fictional Scientists

Grace, Jon, and Jeff talk about their favorite scientists from any form of fiction . . .with some big surprises. They also cover who they don't like so much, fewer surprises there. Also, grocery stores. To an alarming degree.
Major Revisions author

MR039 The Culture of Ecology

Grace, Jon, and Jeff talk about recent op-eds in Nature and Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment on the culture of science and ecology in particular. How do we build strong lab culture? How do we think about and do science in the 21st Century? Is t...
Major Revisions author

MR038 An Interview with Brady Hardiman

In episode 38 we welcome Brady Hardiman to the show! Brady is an Assistant Professor of Urban Ecology in the department of Forestry and Natural Resources at Purdue University (Go Boilermakers!). We talk about urban ecology, macrosystems, time managemen...
Major Revisions author

MR037 Classic Ecology III: Gleason, 1926

Grace, Jon, and Jeff talk about the Gleason, 1926 classic, "The individualistic concept of the plant association" a real barn-burner of a piece that forms one of the foundational pieces of community ecology--despite its controversial reception at the t...
Major Revisions author

MR035 Classic Ecology II: Lindeman, 1942

Grace, Jon, and Jeff keep the classics in ecology series going, this time with Raymond L. Lindeman's 1942 piece, "The Trophic-Dynamic Aspect of Ecology." This seminal piece not only codified the idea of the ecosystem, but features the famous (infamous?...
Major Revisions author

MR035 Classic Ecology Part One: Moran 1953

Grace, Jon, and Jeff kick off a series delving into classic papers in ecology, leading off with P. A. P. Moran's classic paper "The statistical analysis of the Canadian Lynx Cycle II: Synchronization and Meteorology" which helped to launch the concept...
Major Revisions author

MR034 An interview with Caitlin MacKenzie

We talk to Caitlin MacKenzie, a postdoc at the University of Maine, about taking sediment cores from frozen lakes in Maine, what it's like to put together and deliver a TEDx talk on an 19th century botanist, surviving the snowscape she calls home, and ...
Major Revisions author

MR033 Getting Into Grad School 3: The Interview!

Grace, Jon, and Jeff jump into the murky and oddly shaped pool that is the world of the graduate school interview. We also go on a journey to find out what happened to Grace's phone, how scientists find love, and the only five hobbies graduate students...
Major Revisions author

MR032 Since I Was Young

Grace, Jon, and Jeff talk about #SinceIWasYoung.
Major Revisions author

MR031 The Professor is In

Grace, Jon, and Jeff reconvene book club to chat about the Professor is In!
Major Revisions author

MR030 How To Do Ecology?

Grace, Jon, and Jeff are back in book club this episode, talking about the book "How to do Ecology." The gang also talk about how academics and scientists spends their holidays.
Major Revisions author

MR029 The 100 Papers Every Ecologist Should Read?

Grace, Jon, and Jeff jump right into the fray this week to talk about a recent, divisive article in Nature Ecology and Evolution about the papers every ecologist should be reading.
Major Revisions author

MR028 The Impact Factor Draft

It is time for the inaugural Impact Factor Draft! Grace, Jon, and Jeff pick journals based on how they think the IF will change next year. Really it is just an excuse to talk about the landscape of ecological journals.
Major Revisions author

MR027 One Year Anniversary

Grace, Jon, and Jeff revisit the first year of the podcast, including the most and least popular episodes--and we look forward to the future.
Major Revisions author

MR026 Carbon, carbon, carbon!

Grace and Jeff, sans Jon, talk about some of the latest in carbon cycling research--terrestrial and aquatic! We also talk Jon's recent wedding, examine a new paper in Science focusing on the tropics, a great piece on science blogging, and talk about th...
Major Revisions author

MR025 Difficult Conversations

Grace, Jon, and Jeff do a deep dive into having difficult conversations in the classroom around the current political and social climate and how to respond to situations in a thoughtful, and supportive manner.
Major Revisions author

MR024 Making the Most Out of Grad School

Grace, Jon, and Jeff talk about how to get the most out of grad school including setting priorities, making friends with the smart people, thinking about it as a career, and whether classes "really" matter.
Major Revisions author

MR023 Throwin' Shade

In our first banter-only episode, Grace, Jon, and Jeff talk about the eclipse, the comings and goings of the Ecological Society of America 2017 meeting in Portland, pre-registering ecology articles and studies, and the question of censorship of science...
Major Revisions author

MR022 The Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis

Grace, Jon, and Jeff talk Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis (IDH), the idea that diversity peaks at "intermediate" levels of disturbance. We also preview ESA 2017 and ponder the relationship between food quality and the amount of taxidermy in North W...
Major Revisions author

MR021 Work Life Balance

Grace, Jon, and Jeff discuss their own trials and tribulations of trying to make a career in the sciences jive with a home life that approaches normality. Jeff pines about the early summer flailing nature of one member of the Red Sox pitching staff and...
Major Revisions author

MR020 Lab Girl!

Grace, Jon, and Jeff *finally* get around to talk about Hope Jahren's book "Lab Girl" and what it meant to them as ecologists and early career scientists.
Major Revisions author

MR019 Grants Rule Everything Around Me

Grace just got back from an NSF conference on grants and gives the low-down to the gang and we talk different kinds of grants, application strategies, and also alternative funding sources. The gang also pours one out for DDIG.
Major Revisions author

MR018 On the Job Market (Part 1 of n)

Grace, Jon, and Jeff talk about a recent blog post for Jeremy Yoder on his journey towards the tenure track. The gang also talk about the beloved and reviled ecoevo jobs board and Jon's recent 1600 mile cross-country journey as he moves from Kansas bac...
Major Revisions author

MR017 An Interview with Terry McGlynn

Following up a conversation from Twitter about academic publishing, Jeff talks to special guest Terry McGlynn, Professor of Biology at Cal State Dominguez Hills, about everything from strategies in suggesting reviewers to how junior and senior scientis...
Major Revisions author

MR016 Motivation, Inspiration, and Application

Grace, Jon, and Jeff talk about what motivates them as scientists and discuss a Dynamic Ecology post from Jeremy Fox about basic vs. applied science. The gang also play a game of five questions.
Major Revisions author

MR014 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Field Work

Grace, Jon, and Jeff relate (pretty near) everything they know about the perils and pitfalls of ecological fieldwork--from buying the good footwear to making sure your permits are filed on time. The gang catch up on their March Mammal Madness brackets ...
Major Revisions author

MR013 March Mammal Madness

Grace, Jon, and Jeff talk about the recent ASLO and Royal Society meetings they attended and then debate the March Mammal Madness bracket and English breakfast. Teaser...Marmite is gluten-free.
Major Revisions author

MR012 Understudied Areas of Ecology and Rejection!

Grace, Jon, and Jeff talk about what it is like to get your manuscript rejected and how to deal with it. The gang also talk about a Reiners et al. 2016 paper about the topics in ecology that ecologists value based on utility and then offer their two ce...
Major Revisions author

MR011 Academic Productivity and the Science March

Grace, Jon, and Jeff have their first (of probably many) conversation(s) on the Science March on Washington and how to better engage outside of the science bubble. The gang also talk about a recent article in Ecosphere, "Academic Productivity in the Fi...
Major Revisions author

MR010 Regime Shifts

Grace, Jon, and Jeff discuss regime shifts, state changes, basin attractors, and football pronostication.
Major Revisions author

MR009 Ecological Theory and You, a Love Story

Grace, Jon, and Jeff examine the meaning and importance of "ecological theory" from the perspectives of different research areas and degrees of interaction with theoretical ecology. The gang also give some highlights and favorite papers from 2016.
Major Revisions author

MR008 Science Policy for Beginners

Grace, Jon, and Jeff are joined by Blair St. Ledger-Olson, a former congressional staffer, and Dr. Jessica Gephart, from SESYNC, to talk about how scientists can learn about policy, how policy decisions are made, and how scientists can inform policy/po...
Major Revisions author

MR007 Lasers!

Grace, Jon, and Jeff talk about ecological uses of LiDAR (lasers!) and banter about the best holiday foods.
Major Revisions author

MR006 (Most) Everything You Need to Know About Getting into Grad School (part two)

Grace, Jon, and Jeff fill in some more information about the process of applying to and getting into graduate school in the sciences with a focus on letters of recommendation, cover letters, and campus visits.
Major Revisions author