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A short, weekly podcast about spaceflight, exploration, colonization, policy, and strategy in the modern era and near future.

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A short, weekly podcast about spaceflight, exploration, colonization, policy, and strategy in the modern era and near future.
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T+124: Gateway Logistics Services, FY2020 NDAA, and Small GEO Satellites

NASA put out a draft RFP for Gateway Logistic Services, the House Armed Services’ Committee weighs in on the US Air Force launch contracting drama, and a new company building small geostationary satellites has emerged.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+123: The Noosphere of Influence

NASA made a series of announcements about their ISS commercialization effort and the first Commercial Lunar Payload Services missions, and Firefly unveiled their Orbital Transfer Vehicle. And there’s a really interesting connection between all three st...
Anthony Colangelo author

T+122: National Security SpaceX Lawsuit

NSSL, LSA, OMG! Last week, SpaceX filed a lawsuit against the US Air Force over the Launch Service Agreement development contracts. We’re mere months away from bids being due for the National Security Space Launch Phase 2 launch contracts, so I figured...
Anthony Colangelo author

T+121: Artemis, Blue Moon, Starship, and Politics

NASA and the White House released a summary of the FY2020 budget amendment this week, alongside the new name: Project Artemis. I talk through some political fallout, what the future may hold, and the chaos elements that are Blue Moon and Starship.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+120: Dr. Mike Baine, Axiom Space

Dr. Mike Baine, Chief Engineer of Axiom Space, joins us to talk through Axiom’s plans for commercial low Earth orbit space stations.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+119: Dr. John Charles

Dr. John Charles spent nearly 33 years at NASA—most recently as Chief Scientist of the Human Research Program—working on human spaceflight through Shuttle, Mir, ISS, and beyond. He lead missions such as STS-95 (John Glenn’s Shuttle flight), STS-107, an...
Anthony Colangelo author

T+118: Rapid Agile Launch Initiative

Last week, the US Air Force announced and expounded on the Rapid Agile Launch Initiative. Along with the new initiative, the new era of small launch is finally here, so it’s worth discussing a bit.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+117: Q&A

This month we talk EM-1, Moon by 2024, the commercialization of LEO, and more.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+116: On the Moon by 2024

The National Space Council met this week and Vice President Pence announced the administration’s intentions to see humans land on the moon by 2024. I break down my thoughts and observations coming out of the meeting.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+115: Caleb Henry

Anthony Colangelo author

T+114: EM-1 Hot Drama with Eric Berger

Eric Berger of Ars Technica joins me to talk about the latest in SLS Hot Drama: the 2020 budget request and a Bridenstine appearance in the Senate that might just go down in history. This week, NASA has proposed flying the three prime missions of SLS o...
Anthony Colangelo author

T+113: Q&A

This month, we talk the GEO slowdown, the LEO boom, and as always, take on some fun launch vehicle questions.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+112: SLC-20, SPD-4, and a Soyuz Soapbox

Firefly Aerospace is taking over Space Launch Complex 20, President Trump signed Space Policy Directive-4, and NASA is looking to buy more Soyuz seats, even though they always say it’s too late to do that.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+111: SpaceX, the Established Launch Provider

A tale of politics, protests, and contracts tells the story of how SpaceX is in transition—and maybe has already transitioned—from a scrappy upstart to an established launch provider.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+110: Starship, New Glenn, and RS1 Updates

ABL Space Systems announced some changes to RS1, Blue Origin broke ground in Huntsville and signed a new customer, and SpaceX has been making steady progress on Starship.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+109: Q&A

We cover a lot of ground in this round of questions, nearly all focused on the future—ISS crew scheduling, ISS facilities, ISRO human spaceflight, science missions, and launch vehicles.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+108: Layoffs and Launch Sites

I wanted to spend some time breaking down a few news items from last week that may be leading indicators of trends for 2019: layoffs at Stratolaunch, Tethers Unlimited, and SpaceX, and Relativity signed a lease for Launch Complex 16 at Cape Canaveral.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+107: Chris Gebhardt

Chris Gebhardt of NASASpaceflight joins me to talk all things SpaceX: Starship and its upcoming hopper tests, DM-1 and the government shutdown, and more.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+106: Q&A

This month I tackle questions on future space architectures, companies working in space right now, and finish with a 2018 Top 10 ranking.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+105: Jonathan McDowell

Jonathan McDowell joins me to talk about his recent paper proposing 80 kilometers, rather than 100, as a more appropriate boundary of the edge of space.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+104: Jake Robins

Jake Robins of WeMartians joins me to talk InSight, Mars EDL, and Mars 2020.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+103: Commercial Lunar Payload Services

NASA announced the nine companies that will be competing for Commercial Lunar Payload Services missions. I share some thoughts on the program overall, and discuss what we know about each company.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+102: November Q&A

This month for Q&A, we try to figure out what the hell is up with DM-1, hit a few questions about launch, and talk through a few space development topics.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+101: Starlink Addendum

As I was recording yesterday’s show about Starlink, SpaceX filed an application with the FCC for some changes to the Starlink plan. I read through the report and it confirms some of what I talked about yesterday, so thought it was worth an update.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+100: Midterms, and a Thought on Starlink

I share some space-focused takeaways from the US midterm elections and a thought that I had about recent Starlink reports.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+99: October Q&A

This month, I take on questions about small launch, future space ventures, and the Boeing/SLS saga/drama.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+98: Gateway Logistics Services

NASA released a request for information this week about cargo services to the Gateway—big news for the future of NASA and the Gateway. I break down the technical and non-technical bits of that announcement, as well as some updates on Space Force and th...
Anthony Colangelo author

T+97: SLS OIG Report, Air Force LSA Awards

I share some thoughts on the two rocket drama stories from last week: a brutal OIG report on Boeing’s work on SLS stages, and the Air Force selected three new launch vehicles to receive development funding.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+96: Blue Origin & Harris

Blue Origin and Harris announced an interesting partnership last week that’s worth discussing: Harris will be producing 5-meter fixed mesh reflector antennas that can only fit (for now) inside of New Glenn’s big fairing.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+95: September Q&A

This month, I take on questions about BE-4 and Vulcan, small launch, BFR, and human spaceflight.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+94: #dearMoon

Some thoughts on the #dearMoon project, SpaceX’s announcement, and the essence of SpaceX’s strategy—bringing us along for the ride.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+93: NASA Goddard and Restore-L

Pat O. and I took a trip down to NASA Goddard to explore all that’s going on there. We talk a bit about our visit, what we saw and learned, and we talk with Brent Robertson, project manager of Restore-L, NASA’s satellite servicing mission.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+92: Marcia Smith

Marcia Smith of Space Policy Online joins me to talk about the recent meetings of the NASA Advisory Council, the status of Commercial Crew, Space Force, and more space policy goodness.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+91: August Q&A

The first official MECO Q&A! I answer questions from listeners about any and all things space—mostly. (PS: Start sending me your questions for September’s Q&A episode!)
Anthony Colangelo author

T+90: Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones joins me to talk all things Chinese spaceflight—exploration, policy, industry, and more.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+89: Lockheed’s Small Sat Strategy, NASA Tipping Points Contracts

Lockheed Martin has been slowly revealing their small sat strategy over the last three years, and it’s shaping up to be quite interesting and potentially very compelling. And NASA announced 10 Tipping Point awards last week, which include some very int...
Anthony Colangelo author

T+88: CubeRover, Michael Provenzano and Andrew Horchler

Michael Provenzano and Andrew Horchler of CubeRover and Astrobotic join me to talk about the project, the rover itself, and the future of robotic exploration on the Moon (and beyond).
Anthony Colangelo author

T+87: Rocket Lab Launch Complex 2

Rocket Lab announced that they’re in the final selection stage of their search for a US launch site. I break down the options they have, and discuss why I think they’ll pick Wallops Island.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+86: Falcon Heavy Wins AFSPC-52

Big news this week: SpaceX won an EELV contract for Falcon Heavy. I talk through what this means for the US launch market, how SpaceX and Falcon Heavy are set up to compete for the next few years.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+85: Support and Criticism for the Lunar Gateway

ESA has all but given its full support to the (newly renamed) Lunar Gateway, and Terry Virts threw some criticism its way during the third meeting of the National Space Council. I break down what those things mean for the future of Lunar Gateway, and d...
Anthony Colangelo author

T+84: The End of NASA Exploration Exclusivity

Last week, China opened up their future space station to other nations, and Blue Origin laid some hints about their lunar ambitions. Both of these stories are indicative of what I think the next era of exploration will look like, and it has interesting...
Anthony Colangelo author

T+83: Falcon 9 Block 5, RL10 on Centaur V

Two events worth discussing happened while I was on vacation—the first Block 5 Falcon 9 took flight, and ULA selected RL10 for Centaur V.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+82: Jon Goff, Altius Space Machines

Jon Goff of Altius Space Machines joins me to talk about how he got to where he is today and what’s ahead for Altius—including satellite servicing with Bulldog, propellant depots, cryo couplers, and wet labs.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+81: Resource Prospector Cancellation

Last week, we heard news that the Resource Prospector mission has been cancelled. I spend some time thinking through my initial reactions to the news, and speculate about what the path ahead may hold for lunar development.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+80: DARPA Launch Challenge

The DARPA Launch Challenge has been officially unveiled, so I spent some time breaking down the competition and speculating about who will enter and what DARPA wants out of it.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+79: Orbital ATK’s OmegA, NASA’s Bridenstine

Orbital ATK unveiled the name and additional technical details of their new launch vehicle, OmegA. Jim Bridenstine was finally confirmed as the new NASA Administrator.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+78: No Cost-Plus, But No Vision, Either

NASA had some interesting comments on the Lunar Gateway at a recent NASA Advisory Council meeting—the program is eschewing cost-plus contracting, but it’s lacking vision.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+77: Blue Origin Reconfigures New Glenn

Caleb Henry got a great scoop on some changes Blue Origin is making to New Glenn. I think through why these changes may have been made and what these changes could mean for the near future.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+76: Caleb Henry

Caleb Henry of SpaceNews returns to talk Satellite 2018, megaconstellations, flat-panel antennas, and the current state of the satellite industry.
Anthony Colangelo author

T+75: March Roundup

A few interesting documents have been released: the late-but-final 2018 appropriations, NASA’s lunar cargo lander request for information, and the public summary of the NASA Independent Review Team’s investigation into the CRS-7 mishap. And a few inter...
Anthony Colangelo author