NRLCEO Fantasy Rugby League

With two panels of so-called "experts" in both Australia and New Zealand, you can get your NRLCEO Fantasy fix from two different programs. In Australia, Ted, Rhys, Jacko and Marcho bring you "Moneyball" and in NZ, Mark and Mike bring you "Tantasy". Both panels look at the best and worst of NRLCEO players and enjoy a laugh.

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With two panels of so-called "experts" in both Australia and New Zealand, you can get your NRLCEO Fantasy fix from two different programs. In Australia, Ted, Rhys, Jacko and Marcho bring you "Moneyball" and in NZ, Mark and Mike bring you "Tantasy". Both panels look at the best and worst of NRLCEO players and enjoy a laugh.
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Tantasy - Crickets (Ep #172)

We welcome back the Tantasy Podcast boys for 2019! The self acclaimed "biggest idiots in the game" are one of the most passionate competitions we have. Mikey is back to defend his crown where no one in their league has won back to back. They discuss th...
Tantasy Podcast author

Moneyball - Ban de Belin (Ep #171)

Ted is back with the original Moneyball Host Phil to preview NRLCEO for 2019. The boys discuss their thoughts on Jack de Belin, the Jordan Kahu rumours to the Cowboys, Alex Johnston's claims to fullback, Titans excitement, a Luciano Leilua assessment a...
Moneyball author

NRLCEO HQ - 2019 Season Preview Part 4 (Ep #171)

The boys are back with the final installment of the 2019 NRLCEO preseason review. With regular co-host, Deano, being away on holidays, Bona and Mig have looked to the bench for a replacement and called up a special guest to join them. The Storm, Rabbit...

NRLCEO HQ - 2019 Season Preview Part 3 (Ep #170)

The 2019 NRLCEO season preview continues this week as the boys take a look at the squads from the Roosters, Warriors, Sharks and Titans. Bona, Deano and Mig also cover some of the big news stories to come out of the NRL recently and discuss who they th...

NRLCEO HQ - 2019 Season Preview Part 2 (Ep #169)

Happy New Year to everyone! The 2019 preseason review continues with an in-depth look at the Cowboys, Dragons, Eels, Knights and Panthers.  This episode is chock-a-block, which includes some fond 2018 NRLCEO memories from a few die-hard coaches and an ...

NRLCEO HQ - Season Preview Part 1 (Ep #168)

The boys are back this week after a short Christmas break. Join Bona, Deano and Mig as they weigh in on the Shane Flanagan situation at the Sharks. They also give a review of the 2018 NRLCEO Dream Team and run an eye over each player's stand out stats ...

NRLCEO HQ - The Founders (Ep #167)

Welcome to the first episode of NRLCEO HQ, a podcast for the rugby league enthusiast. Join Bona, Deano and Mig as they fill the void the NRL offseason has left us with by talking all things NRL, and most importantly, fantasy footy. In this episode, the...

Tantasy - Prize Giving UNCUT! (Ep #166)

WARNING = Foul language and rants! Let's be honest. This episode has very little to do with rugby league and is just seven minutes of drunken slurring, Mark spewing, Fothers bowling average, sexual conquests and Mikey bragging about winning the league....
Tantasy Podcast author

Moneyball - 2018 Season Wrap (Ep #165)

Ted and Narmi are here to wrap up the 2018 season.  They discuss possible new rules, player awards. who will win the NRL and how Narmi went in trivia.
Moneyball Podcast author

Tantasy - Mikey's Grand Final Roller Coaster (Ep #164)

The highs and lows and Mikey's Grand Final is covered in great detail. He thought he was going to get Cook'ed but he got Napa'd instead! The lads also preview the last round of NRLCEO and go through the CEO Dream Teams. 
Tantasy Podcast author

Tantasy - Cooked? Or Raw? (Ep #163)

It's the Championship Week in the Tantasy League and your host Mikey is in the Championship Game. Learn all about his fears of Damien Cook and how the last two rounds of fantasy can screw even the best team over.
Tantasy Podcast author

Moneyball - CEO Carousel (Ep #162)

Ted is joined by Jacko and Marcho as they discuss the effect of the coaching carousel on NRLCEO and Jacko's secrets to CEO finals success.
Moneyball Podcast author

Tantasy - Billy Slater's Undies (Ep #161)

There's no Mark, but Mikey is joined on the Brocast by Brett and Vicky to discuss their Tantasy Season and preview the NRLCEO Finals. The crew also discuss the NRLCEO Dream Teams and the upcoming Tantasy punishments.
Tantasy Podcast author

Moneyball - The Apologetic Episode (Ep #160)

Ol' Ted is back from Europe! It's been a long time between pods but Ted is joined by Jacko and Marcho discuss: * 2019 draft movers and shakers * Is Damien Cook TOO good? * The Winger/Centre Metre Eater debacle  
Moneyball Podcast author

Tantasy - Trump Filters (Ep #159)

Mark is off for an early Mad Monday on holidays so that means you get two podcasts in a row.  The lads got spanked last week including Mark getting beaten by his son for the first time ever. It looks like one Mallard will make the Tantasy League finals...
Tantasy Podcast author

Tantasy - Rampant Rabbitohs (Ep #158)

A big weekend of rugby league. There were a few big fights. In the Tantasy League. Andrew McCullough threw a few as well.  Mark and Mikey preview Round 19 of NRLCEO by going through the teams and they chat to the Commish about the Raiders injury woes. 
Tantasy Podcast author

Tantasy - Round of Rot (Ep #157)

The hardest week of NRLCEO is upon us - Origin combined with the bye round. Mark and Mikey are here to walk you through it and preview each of the teams, go through the NRLCEO Dream Teams and of course the Water Cooler has all the latest NRLCEO news to...
Tantasy Podcast author

Tantasy - That's In QueeNZland (Ep #156)

It's Rep Round which means you can spend a bit of time with your other half and forget fantasy footy. Or you can tune in with your favourite Kiwis to discuss all the teams for Origin and the Internationals.  Mikey also puts Mark through an Origin Quiz ...
Tantasy Podcast author

Tantasy - NZ's own Captain Cook (Ep #155)

On Origin Eve prior to the biggest representative game of the year the Kiwi lads chat about their state prospects as well as previewing Round 14 of NRLCEO. Mikey still can't say "debutantes" and the lads discuss the international eligibility of Captain...
Tantasy Podcast author

Tantasy - On Paper Team (Ep #154)

A surprise podcast for the Tantasy Boys as they throw out their fortnightly rule due to a Kiwi national holiday - State of Origin. The lads discuss the two Origin sides, preview Round 13 of NRLCEO and discuss the Dream Teams.
Tantasy Podcast author

Moneyball - Bennett vs Bellyache Special (Ep #153)

A special podcast this week focused on the two super coaches of our generation. The lads chat about what Brisbane will look like if Bellamy usurps Bennett, what it means for the Storm stars futures and go through the fatty's who failed Bellamy's "chara...
Moneyball Podcast author

Tantasy - Follow the Brocess (Ep #152)

Mark is back from his jaunt to Oz and he is joined in the hot seat by his old mate Mikey. The lads talk about the crazy sin bin central over the weekend, preview Round 12 of NRLCEO and for two Kiwi blokes, they just can't stop talking about Origin! The...
Tantasy Podcast author

Moneyball - Changing of the Guard (Ep #151)

The Moneyball Boys are celebrating passing 150 episodes. It's a changing of the guard all round as Ted is joined by Marcho and Dylan to discuss the changing of the guard in NRLCEO players. They look at the biggest surprises of the year both positive an...
Moneyball Podcast author

Tantasy - Smoking Jacket (Ep #150)

Welcome to Episode #150 of the NRLCEO Podcast! This episode contains 150% better Polynesian name pronunciation. Sadly for the celebrations Mark is away and so Mikey is joined by Brett as the boys preview Round 10 of NRLCEO. The Commish steps in for the...
Tantasy Podcast author

Moneyball - Trade, Keep or Kill (Ep #149)

The Moneyball Podfather is back as Phil joins Ted on the pod he created five years ago. The boys discuss Team Lists for Round 9 of NRLCEO and continue to old segment - trade, keep or kill.
Moneyball Podcast author

Tantasy - Mikey and his Hooker Crisis (Ep #148)

Mark and Mikey are flying high as the Warriors sit equal first on the NRL. They preview all the games for the ANZAC Round of NRLCEO.  With Mikey's favourite player Nathan Peats out, he's on the lookout for a new hooker. And a replacement for Peats too....
Tantasy Podcast author

Moneyball - The Sequel (Ep #147)

The fans have demanded it so we bring to you - the sequel. Rhys and Marcho are back as a "dynamic" duo to preview Round 7 of NRLCEO. They also have two NRLCEO topics to discuss. The first is what to do with kicker points and how it relates to NFL Fanta...
Moneyball Podcast author

Moneyball - How to Segue 101 (Ep #146)

Ted is joined by Jacko and Rhys as they preview Round 6 of NRLCEO, have a crack at a belter of a Quiz from Jacko and Ted teaches Rhys how to segue.
Moneyball Podcast author

Tantasy - No Worries with Gavin Morris (Ep #145)

The Tantasy Boys have no worries in the world! Their beloved Warriors have started the season with five wins and no losses. You can hear the excitement (and trepidation) in their voice. Josh is back with the NRLCEO Water Cooler News and he also jagged ...
Tantasy Podcast author

Moneyball - Kicker Conundrum (Ep #144)

Ted is joined by Jacko and the boys discuss Team Lists, have an NRLCEO kicker chat and sadly they have to ask the question: "Are Cam Smith and JT shit now?"
Moneyball Podcast author

Moneyball - Make Props Great Again (Ep #143)

There are a few on the physio table this week as Jacko and Rhys are the only blokes to front up. They preview all the games for Round 4 of NRLCEO. The guys also reveal another segment which is heavily NRLCEO focussed. Each week they will discuss an NRL...
Moneyball Podcast author

Tantasy - the next NRLCEO with Christian Welch (Ep #142)

Mark and Mikey return to regular programming and preview Round 4 of NRLCEO. As a special bonus, the new boy Josh interviews the smartest front rower you've ever met! Storm prop Christian Welch joins the podcast to discuss much more than footy cliches. ...
Tantasy Podcast author

Moneyball - Hunt for Spuds (Ep #141)

Ted is joined by Jacko and Dyl to discuss Team List Tuesday for Round 3 of NRLCEO.  Dyl introduces a new segment called Hunt for Spuds and we join the Marcho Man for five minutes of his fantasy dribble.
Moneyball Podcast author

Moneyball - Is SJ7 a God? (Ep #140)

One-take-Teddy is back with the crew to discuss all your NRLCEO news. Join Ted, Jacko, Narmi and Dyl as they dissect the Team Lists for Round 2 of NRLCEO, whether Shaun Johnson is a God and what you should do with Aiden Tolman. Jacko's quiz is back aga...
Moneyball Podcast author

Tantasy - Water Cooler News (Ep #139)

Mark and Mikey are back for their first regular show of the season.  They review some of the Round 1 performances and preview Round 2 from an NRLCEO perspective. There is also a new segment with a special guest discussing all the latest NRLCEO news, dr...
Tantasy Podcast author

Tantasy - Team Previews - Knights and Eels (Ep #138)

Better late than never! Life got in the way of releasing the last four team previews but here they are. They discuss the prospects of each team, their best fantasy players and which player in each team will go top three in their position. In order to d...
Tantasy Podcast author

Moneyball - Narmi vs Dylan (Ep #137)

After last week's roasting on the podcast Narmi is back to defend his team's honour. Ted is joined by Dylan and Narmi as they discuss (ahhhh actually fight about) their teams and most importantly analyse the first Team List Tuesday of 2018.
Moneyball Podcasrt author

Moneyball - Narmi isn't good at drafting (Ep #136)

This episode is brought to you post David Finch Memorial Trophy Draft Night 2018 in Callala Bay. There are a few more boys joining Ted around the table. Dylan returns from the US, the Podfather Phil, the Punting Greek Freak Simon, a podcast debut for H...
Moneyball Podcast author

Tantasy - Team Previews - Panthers, Cowboys, Sea Eagles and Warriors (Ep #135)

It's team preview time again for the Tantasy Podcast boys. They discuss the prospects of each team, their best fantasy players and which player in each team will go top three in their position. In order to do this they are talking to CEO representative...

Moneyball - Cartwright or Wrong? (Ep #134)

Ted, Jacko and Narmi are here to discuss the biggest questions and predictions for the NRLCEO season. The questions include top scoring NRLCEO player, biggest flop, biggest improver, best late round roughie and much more! Last year Jacko tipped Bryce C...

Tantasy - Team Previews - Titans, Bulldogs, Storm and Sharks (Ep #133)

It's Team Preview time for the Tantasy Podcast boys. They discuss the prospects of each team, their best fantasy players and which player in each team will go top three in their position. Next up is the Titans, Bulldogs, Storm and Sharks.

Tantasy - Team Previews - Rabbitohs, Tigers, Raiders and Roosters (Ep #132)

It's Team Preview time for the Tantasy Podcast boys. They discuss the prospects of each team, their best fantasy players and which player in each team will go top three in their position. First up is the Rabbitohs, Tigers, Raiders and Roosters.
Tantasy Podcast author

Moneyball - Draft Camp 2018 (Ep #131)

Welcome back to NRLCEO for 2018. To get your head back in the game the Moneyball Boys are taking you to Draft Camp 2018. First up, Ted and Jacko profile the players at new clubs such as Cooper Cronk, Ben Hunt, James Graham, Tohu Harris and their NRLCEO...
Moneyball Podcast author

Tantasy - Semi Cut Preseason

Welcome to Season 2018 on NRLCEO. Your fourth and fifth favourite Kiwis are back for another fantasy season and another season of the Tantasy Podcast. The boys recorded post midnight and post a dozen Canadian Club's to bring you a run down of off seaso...

Moneyball - Kittens or Killers?

A post NRLCEO season podcast focusing on NRLCEO "kittens or killers?" and CEO superstar sliders. Join Ted, Jacko and Narmi as they chat CEO and stuff.

Moneyball - Filthy Phil

It's the week of Grand Finals for most CEOs but in the David Finch Memorial Cup, the race has been run and won! Join your host Ted as he chats to the two Grand Finalists of his competition - Phil and Jacko. They discuss their game from the past weekend...

Moneyball - Finals Edition

It's CEO Finals time which means Ted, Jacko and Rhys are here to steer you through the teams as you attempt to make your Grand Final! On the back of last week's dive into the history of their own David Finch Memorial Cup, the boys answer more questions...

Tantasy - Loser Edition

Mark and Mikey are here but they're not here. Both of the boys are already out of their NRLCEO competition but they're still here for the final few rounds. They discuss the Hayne/Henry war, Round 24 team line-ups and the NRLCEO Dream Teams.

Moneyball - History and Lore of the Finch Memorial Cup

Ted is joined by Jacko and Marcho to discuss all your latest NRLCEO news and views. The boys do a revamped version of ins and outs for Round 23, discuss finals forays and answer all your questions.

Moneyball - The Curious Case

With Ted back from Europe order is restored in the NRLCEO podcast world. Jacko joins Ted to discuss team lists, finals preparation for NRLCEO, the 2017 Beau Ryan is revealed and they talk about Jacko's curious curse on Bryce Cartwright.