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An in-depth conversational podcast where 2 Tulsa based entrepreneurs interview Local A-Listers. Steven Morales and James Pesch provide insider access to those who have created successful businesses and products.

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2 Young Fitness Professionals interview and deconstruct the methods and mindsets of top performers in their varied fields from Business to Politics and everything in between.
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Dr. John from Zova Chiropractic

This episode is packed full of great information from Dr. John on how our bodies work and his history in the industry.  We cover topics from industry standards, different modalities, his process of figuring out how to best help his patients, his self a...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Talking Art with Zach Raw

For this minisode Steven sat down with local Tulsa artist Zach Raw to talk about his journey to becoming a freelance artist and the process of working on art projects.  For those who don’t know Steven has published a kids book called Color Me Zombied (...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Two Idiots Talking Politics

As the title suggest we are by no means political experts so this podcast is merely our viewpoint and opinions.  With that being said we are two very opinionated people and at the end of the day we promote the idea of trying to see other people perspec...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

S2 E12 Solid Ground Tattoo with Bruce Joy

Join us as we visit with Bruce Joy Jr., owner of Solid Ground Tattoo in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. Bruce is an excellent artist that has been working for almost 20 years. He is currently working on an underwater coral piece for James, but also trains some ...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

How do you learn& from whom?– Steven& James

Steven and James sit down for a quick minisode since owner of Solid Ground tattoo, Bruce Joy had to miss due to unavoidable circumstances; he will however be on next week’s episode so check back in!! Steven and I sat down to find out what one another w...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Loot Crate!

For warning this is another very nerdy episode! For this minisode Steven sits down with his son Caleb to talk about Loot Crate and what they got in their first crate! For anyone curious about Loot Crate visit http://lootcrate.com and for a special disc...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

S2 E11 Randy Boom Boom Blake

Meet 5 time world champion kick boxing champion, Randy Boom Boom Blake! In his most recent match up, tore his bicep tendon early in the fight and still won. We talk about types of coaching methods, mental fortitude, and Chuck Norris. Randy Blake moved ...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

S2 E10 Crossfit and Functional Training Talk with Vertical Limit Fitness Owner Doug Decker

In this episode Steven sat down with Vertical Limit Fitness owner Doug Decker to talk about the process of opening up his own fitness facility. This episode was a blast to record and Doug is not only a amazing trainer but he is in amazing shape at 41. ...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

3 Tips on Improving Business Efficiency with Larry Winters

Larry Winters is the Founder and CEO of Realm Consulting which provides consulting solutions in management, marketing services, project management, and leadership development across multiple industries.  Larry was kind enough to swing by and share 3 ti...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Nerding Out with Mike Doolittle: Customs PC’s, Videos Games, and Comic Book Movies talk

Prepare to get your nerd on in this long format discussing podcast! Steven and Mike sit down to have a casual conversation on their favorite nerd topics.  For anyone interested in the PC parts, video games, or the movies discussed in this episode just ...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Nutrition Rant with Steven: Answering Questions about The Bullet Proof Diet, Ketosis, Intermittent Fasting, and Paleo Diet

Steven here and for this podcast we asked via social media if anyone had nutrition questions I could answer on this weeks minisode.  I tried to keep it somewhat short but its hard not to go off on side roads to better explain everything I want to get a...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Styrka One Year Anniversary

In this episode Steven sits down with Styrka owner Mike Doolittle to get an update on how the first year of business has been and what he hopes to accomplish in 2017. For anyone looking for a clean gym with a great vibe check out styrka on Facebook @ht...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Hernia Surgery

James had double inguinal hernia surgery November 17th, 2016. In the three weeks post surgery, he lost 22 lbs, 4% body fat, and developed morning sickness that has yet to rectify. James talks about this procedure and life subsequently. www.jamespesch.c...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

S2 E9 Wizards Asylum and Game On Nutrition Owners Jimmy and Kelli Jarman Sit Down to Talk Comics, Games, and Nutrition!

Wizards Asylum Comics and Games is the most well known comic and games store in the Tulsa area and for good reason.  Owner Jimmy has built a truly captivating culture over the past two decades and has now added a Nutrition Smoothie bar next door with h...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

What to expect from your trainer

Steven and James sat down to discuss what clients have expected from us in the past and the legal liabilities involved concerning some expectations. For more information about Steven CLICK For more information about James CLICK
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

S2 E8 Going Viral Kyp Kermany“Rambo CuzthaGunz” and Jordan Patrick

Share this post with anyone at DSN on Memorial& receive a 20% discount on supplements through Valentine’s Day! DSN Kyp& Jordan came by the house to discuss this video: Bodybuilder gets owned by black belt in Jiu Jitsu Kyp Kermany has been tryin...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

S2 E7 Ryan Luelf From Stage 4 To No More– Surviving Stage 4 Cancer

Ryan Luelf has an incredible story and on today’s episode he was gracious enough to share it with us.  Ryan and his families world was turned upside down a little over a year and a half ago when Ryan was diagnosed with stage 4 Non Hodgkin Lymphoma.  We...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

S2 E6– Clarence Fisher– Internet Marketing Guru

Tulsa Internet Marketing Service (Tulsa IM) is a Tulsa, OK based internet marketing agency with a powerful team bringing more than 100 years of combined experience together in paid search marketing, copywriting, social media management and local market...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Surviving the Holidays

Steven and James sit down for a quick minisode covering tips you can use to survive the holiday season while keeping on track with your nutrition and exercise! Check out Stevens Udemy course by clicking the link: https://www.udemy.com/no-equipment-home...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

S2 E5– Anywhere Cinema dot Net– Movie Time with Michael Teague

Michael Teague and his wife Sharra have started a small business designed to bring people together. Anywhere Cinema dot Net Click Here to see the Facebook Page for pics and pricing info Michael& Sharra looked into inflatables for parties and examin...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Pitfalls of Self Publishing

In this episode Steven covers his experience with self publishing and goes into the pitfalls of his first experience with Xlibris and his collaboration for his follow up book.  For the follow up book Steven is collaborating with his best friend Isaac f...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Thanksgiving Special

Today in this Special Thanksgiving episode we cover the Oklahoma State Meal.  That’s right Oklahoma has a state meal!  So sit back, relax, and enjoy this short narrative podcast covering what the state meal menu has and the history behind each food. Sp...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

23andMe– Jessica& James Pesch CPT

What is 23andMe.com ?? Basically, I stumbled across this brave new world of genetic testing through the Joe Rogan podcast and a certain guest by the name of Dr. Rhonda Patrick or Ronda Patric or any combination of a variation of that. Anyway, we cover ...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

S2 E4– VOTE 2016, Oklahoma The State of Things– Jan Figart MS, RN Assoc. Dir. of the Non-Profit CSC

Think it’s about Hillary& Trump?? Think again. Confused about what the State Questions coming up this November mean to Tulsans? Steven and James like most everyone else have been confused about the upcoming elections and how to vote concerning upco...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

S2 Forgotten Camp Trails

This is a special Halloween episode where we cover The Girl Scout Murders… Sometimes a crime is so horrific we try to bury it from our minds.  The true crime genre has gained popularity with certain TV shows and Movies but we get to turn off the TV and...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

S2 E3 Musician Roger Jaeger– Start Over

Special Thanks to Roger Jaeger for giving us permission to use the music from his album Start Over throughout this entire podcast. Roger Jaeger is originally from Tulsa Oklahoma, but has been a professional musician full-time in Nashville for a little ...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

S2 E2 Gerald“The Hurricane” Harris– Back in the Ring

Gerald “Hurricane” Harris is back! For those who have been following the podcast we had Gerald on Last November to talk about his comedy career and his time in the UFC.  Gerald does so many things so in this podcast we jump around from his comedy, retu...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

S2 Steven& James Talk Future of LocalALists and the Business of Podcasting

In this episode Steven& James reflect on the past year of doing LocalALists both the success and failures and discuss the future of the podcast. Each year is going to get better and better so stay tuned for some amazing guests and topics this year!
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

S2 Ep1 Brad Johnson– 1 Year Anniversary

Whew! It’s been one year of podcasting for LocalAlists aka Steven Morales& James Pesch. In light of the one year anniversary, we thought it would be appropriate to bring back our first ever guest, Brad Johnson, of Discovery Channel’s Last One Stand...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Episode 27– Lindsey Morgan

This weeks podcast features Lindsay Morgan! Lindsay is a Yoga teacher, Acroyoga teacher, Crossfit coach, and vegan athlete among many other things.  In this interview we cover all of those topics and the journey Lindsay has gone through to get to this ...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Steven& James Talk Assessments

Steven Morales and James Pesch are self-employed Personal Trainers in Tulsa Oklahoma. Assessments, the dreaded results of your efforts and the Trainer’s duty to properly examine the mechanics of their clientele. The results of your efforts are in wheth...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Episode 26– Chris McDaniels& William Franklin LOOK Eyewear& Decopolis

Two entrepreneurs in completely different and unrelated fields in one home?! Steven and James could not pass on the opportunity to have on 2 guests who’s marriage and businesses are a joint effort on every level. These guys were so much fun to have on ...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Episode 25– Margot Ballard– Yoga

This week’s podcast is with Margot Ballard who is a top level yoga instructor in Tulsa and is engaged to one of our previous guest Aaron Baulch.  In this episode we talk about how Margot got involved with yoga, the local yoga scene in Tulsa which is bl...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Episode 24– Steve Cluck Don’t Hate the 918

This week James& Steven sit down with Mr. Tulsa himself, Steve Cluck. Steve is a local celebrity, artist, entrepreneur,& champion of positivity. He created the T-shirts we all know& love: Don’t Hate the 918 I
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

2016 Olympics– Rio

James& Steven sit down for another “minisode” to discuss a trending topic that James is kinda geeking out about, The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Episode 23– Fostering with Natalie Gould

Steven and James have been discussing humanitarian and human interest topics and personalities for awhile. Natalie Gould is a thirty something elementary school teacher for Tulsa Public Schools. She is also a foster mom. In this interview, we learned h...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Styrka“The Finale”

In the finale segment covering Styrka, Steven& James talk to Mike Doolittle, the owner, about cashflow, business plan dependency, and strategies based upon the past 6 months. www.styrkagym.com www.jamespesch.com www.stevenmoralescpt.com
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Steven& James– MLMs, SEO, Thumbtack, Groupon

This week Steven and James discuss the effect of ad companies, MLM Product Corruption, and the effect of either on SEO for their specific field. www.jamespesch.com www.stevenmoralescpt.com
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Episode 22– Kize Raw Energy Bars

Founder& Owner Jeff Ragan alongside Relationship Specialist, PJ Ebadi joined us to talk about the company and product Kize Raw Energy Bars. Kize Concepts describes themselves as “A JOYFUL GROUP OF PEOPLE with a mission and passion to “fuel” people’...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Steven& James– Motivation

This week, Steven& James sat down to discuss a topic that comes up almost everyday for their clients and themselves: motivation. www.jamespesch.com www.stevenmoralescpt.com
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Styrka Final Story Teaser

This is a rerelease of the narrative piece that Steven and James began on the local startup, Styrka as well as a teaser for the final 6 month update on the startup. jamespesch.com stevenmoralescpt.com
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Steven& James– The Dreaded Plateau

This week, Steven and James sat down to talk about every athlete and fitness goal oriented person’s nightmare: The Dreaded Plateau. This is the state everyone inevitably arrives at where physiological gains seem to halt altogether. We discuss why this ...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Episode 21– The War on Drugs with Defense Attorney Arya A. Adibi

Lawyer Arya Adibi is a Defense Attorney who primarily deals with drug cases here in Oklahoma. Arya is the owner of Triple A Law (Law Office of Arya A. Adibi) and an advocate for fair drug laws.  For the podcast we focused primarily on Marijuana drug la...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Steven& James– Extreme Weightloss

James Pesch is Tulsa’s most popular Formerly Fat Personal Trainer In February of 2012, James had Type II Diabetic symptoms, chronic fatigue, snoring/sleeping problems, digestive problems, and most importantly, he was unhappy with his quality of life. H...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Episode 20– Restorative Movement with Aaron Baulch

Aaron Baulch is the owner of Mindful Body Fitness. “Mindful Body Fitness restores the basic and essential movement principles that are needed to live your life mindfully, free of physical pain, and empowered with overall wellness.” Aaron has over 25 ye...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Episode 19– Kickin Asphalt with Cody Branchcomb

Cody Branchcomb is a 30 year old entrepreneur here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Cody has been a professional race car driver and started his business originally in the transporting business where his company would ship materials to construction sites before he d...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Steven& James Review Alpha Brain by ONNIT

Steven& James have both tried the supplement Alpha Brain by Onnit. You can see other Onnit products by going to: www.onnit.com To see the video review of Alpha Brain by Steven Morales click here. www.jamespesch.com www.stevenmoralescpt.com
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Steven& James–“The Biggest Loser” Problem

Steven& James tackle a recent New York Times article concerning the long term metabolic effects The Biggest Loser programming is having on the contestants. www.jamespesch.com www.stevenmoralescpt.com
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Episode 18– Muscle Man Scott Burnett

In this episode, Steven and James interviewed local trainer and bodybuilder, Scott Burnett. We covered UFC fighting a la Connor McGregor, Nate Diaz, and Rowdy Ronda Rousey while we discussed his former UFC fighter brother Mikey’s, recent incident where...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author

Episode 17– Kate MacDonald

Kate is a published fitness model, personal trainer and author of “Trainer Approved”- a series of fitness cookbooks which will be released mid to late 2016. Kate has been fortunate enough to have experienced many sides of the fitness industry- from sup...
James Pesch& Steven Morales author