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Every Thursday, a new episode of Living Planet brings you environment stories from around the world, digging deeper into topics that touch our lives every day. The prize-winning, weekly half-hour radio magazine and podcast is produced by Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster - visit for more.

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Every Thursday, a new episode of Living Planet brings you environment stories from around the world, digging deeper into topics that touch our lives every day. The prize-winning, weekly half-hour radio magazine and podcast is produced by Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster - visit for more.
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Living Planet: New species and old breeds

This week we have stories of discovering new species, those that have made a home out of an unusual piece of land, efforts to preserve some less familiar breeds of livestock, and the science that shows us how we can help save one of our sweetest insect...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Planes, Trains, Automobiles

Lower prices helped democratize air travel, but flying is one of the most carbon-heavy actions a person can take. We look at Sweden's No Fly campaign, take a journey on a night train and visit a city in Spain that is mostly car free.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Adaptation & Change

How do we inspire the fundamental changes that are needed to safeguard our planet? On this program, we look at some novel ideas, from restoring peatlands to their natural state to climate change resistant apples.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Not so fantastic

Today on the show, we're taking a look at our plastic world — from the oceans, to its place in our homes, to its original source. What can we do now about our plastic problems and what do we still need to figure out?
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Extinction and invasion

This week on Living Planet, we hear about the people protesting extinction — our own, to be exact. And we examine how climate change is bringing insects and the diseases they carry to new places around the world.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Struggle for survival

This week, we look at how melting sea ice is threatening the survival of polar bears in the Arctic, and ask what impact shrinking glaciers will have on Switzerland's hydroelectric power supply. We'll also meet UNDP goodwill ambassador Olafur Eliasson, ...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Deep dive into food waste

Why do we waste so much food? And what can we do about it? Neil King and Gabe Borrud get to the bottom of these questions on this week's Living Planet. They visit a supermarket to gauge their role as consumers, and team up with two dumpster diving sist...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Ocean deep - Mountain high

The much anticipated IPCC report on the oceans and the cryosphere sets out the full extent to which the world’s oceans, glaciers, mountains and polar ecosystems are being disrupted by climate change, with dire consequences for life on our planet.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Leapfrogging to a greener world

As young people all over the world take to the streets to demand climate action and the United Nations Secretary General hosts a special climate summit in New York, the UN Environment Programme's Executive Director, Inger Andersen tells us people power...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Given Half a Chance

The dilemma of our times — our fast-moving, convenient lifestyles are polluting the planet and heating up the climate. Could a plastic-free supermarket — or a recycling app help solve some of our problems? Author Edward Davey says there is hope and sug...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: In times of change

This week on Living Planet, we tackle stories of environmental change. Fires are burning throughout the Amazon, but what does this mean for the world's largest tropical rainforest? We also see how gardeners in Spain are adapting to a changing climate a...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Jumping in the green end

DW's Neil King, Gabriel Borrud and Vanessa Fischer drop by the studio to talk about the new DW podcast On the Green Fence. They discuss how making this 5-part series that explores issues like climate change, water pollution, biodiversity loss and food ...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Waste not

From Scotland to South Africa, the Himalayas to Hawaii, this week we feature stories from around the world about how we deal with all the stuff we create, and discard. We're taking a look at waste's big problems and some of the inventive and pragmatic ...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: A sound environment

From natural sounds to artificial ones and even something in-between — this week's show is all about the indelible link between sound and the environment. We hear how plastic waste can be used to make a new kind of noise, and how kids in Colombia are l...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Seeing the forest for the trees

This week on Living Planet, we take a look at forests and how we use land. What benefits do trees provide? What happens when we lose them in places like the Amazon? And how do we make sure we have enough forested land? Also, a landmark report from the ...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet

We look at some unusual ideas surrounding the protection of the environment. From using donkey dung to help save an endangered bat to brewing beer from an old loaf of bread, we profile some of the strange and innovative ways people are saving the plane...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Haiti's ecological farmers

In the aftermath of natural disasters, decades of political crisis and facing an increasingly unpredictable climate, farmers in Haiti are turning to ecological farming methods to hold onto their livelihoods. Some see it as the only way to feed their fa...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Life's a beach

Summer is a time of sun, sea, and sand. But sand isn't just the stuff of beach holidays — we hear how it's being used in East Africa and with what impact. We also pay a visit to a town in Italy that is inundated by cruise ships, and we join a scientifi...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: A rare breed

This week we hear stories about different species in the animal kingdom: nutria, pangolins, the golden lancehead pit viper. According to the United Nations, one million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction, many within the coming dec...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: It's getting hot in here!

Dangerous heat waves and raging wildfires across Europe and Alaska have destroyed huge areas of land. Droughts in other parts of the world have pushed people to the brink of their existence and led to climate migration. As temperatures are soaring, so ...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Diving deep

This week on the show, we visit the Pescadero Basin off Mexico's Pacific coast and shipwrecks in the cold waters of the Baltic Sea. Exploring the oceans – from tube worms to sea turtles – we look at the rich life they sustain. We'll also be asking what...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Bolivia's water woes

Bolivia has been dealing with torrential rains and landslides, but is suffering from a lack of drinking water as glaciers melt away. That's why the mostly indigenous people of the highland cities decided to take matters into their own hands and start t...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: What's left of the Amazon?

The Amazon Basin is the largest rainforest area in the world. Countless animal and plant species are at home here as well as several indigenous peoples who still avoid any contact with the outside world. But the Amazon region is under threat from defor...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Challenging the status quo

On this week's Living Planet we'll meet the Indian fishermen's wives who flexed their muscles to start their own rowing-boat mangrove tours. We'll find out why short-lived clothing could soon be out of fashion, whether local currencies help the environ...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Time for a change of diet

How might Hazelnuts be damaging the planet and its residents? What about sardines? On this edition of Living Planet, we look at the unexpected impact of some foods and what our diets could look like in the future.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Life and Death

This week on the show, we're talking about the environmental impacts of being born, as well as dying. What strain does our current population of over 7.6 billion people put on the earth? How much is our population expected to grow, and how will this gr...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Marathon Journeys

Twice a year, our feathered friends make a marathon migration for warmth and food. We take some time to celebrate these birds, as well as meeting one woman who is making marathon journeys of her own - running 100 marathons in 100 days to raise awarenes...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Why the reluctance on climate action?

Why is it taking us so long to do something about climate change? Is it all in the mind? That's what we're trying to find out in this week's episode. We speak with a psychologist and climate campaigners, and listen to a project that uses music and the ...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Here today, gone tomorrow?

From destroying rainforests to support our lifestyle habits to tackling the ever-growing mountain of waste from our consumer society. We pull back the curtain on where things come from and where they end up.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: High tech farming

Drones flying above farms in the United Kingdom, app-based farming in Uganda and improving potato farming in India. We look at how technology is helping feed the world, and what new developments are out there.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Fishing for answers

On this episode, we travel the seas and look at fishing communities around the world. How do fishermen protect the natural environment? And when are their practices harmful? From Brexit's implications for sustainable fisheries to cage fishing in Uganda...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Making friends, making enemies

We have a complex relationship with the other living beings around us. From farming animals, keeping pets, and even conservation work to restore creatures’ habitats. We exercise god-like control over the environment around us, making decisions about wh...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: The F word

With some people choosing not to fly and some trying to reduce emissions with carbon offsets, aviation is a hot topic among environmentalists. We ask how the industry is tackling its environmental impact and what the future could hold.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: School's out... for the climate

Student strikes demanding climate action are gaining momentum around the world, fossil fuel industry workers are protesting restrictions on oil and gas development in Canada, and young activists in the US are talking about the Green New Deal and how to...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Waste not

From Scotland to South Africa, the Himalayas to Hawaii, this week we feature stories from around the world about how we deal with all the stuff we create, and discard. We're taking a look at waste's big problems and some of the inventive and pragmatic ...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Move fast and build things

From origami-like electric cars, to drones taking out a rat infestation in the Galapagos, to one company that is quite literally sucking CO2 out of the air in an effort to mitigate climate change. This week on Living Planet we're looking towards the fu...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Green protests, greener clubs

As a global phenomenon, it's no wonder that climate change's impacts can be felt in our work, home life, and even our leisure activities. This is leading people to take to the streets, as is the case with recent climate action protests in France, and t...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Setting a precedent

When it comes to the health of our planet, we often look to the example set by others. This week on Living Planet, we take a look at one U.S. state that is trying to set the bar high, one area in Chile that has a dismally low environmental record, and ...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Smart thinking

Solutions to environmental problems are different everywhere. In this edition of Living Planet, we’re taking a look at the projects looking to recycle waste across Africa, regrow coral in Florida and shine a light on plastic pollution in Bali.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Wild wetlands

Wetlands: swamps, bogs, and marshes are important worldwide as a source of fresh water and as a home to many insects and animals. However, many of them are under threat due to overuse and deforestation and some are cleared to make way for farming.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Taking Action!

When talking about climate change, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed with problems that don’t seem to have solutions. In this episode of Living Planet, we meet the students protesting for climate action, the landscapers in California who are switching ...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Paying for the hidden costs

From fossil fuels to water usage, our consumption has causes hidden environmental damage further along the supply chain. In this episode of Living Planet, we assess how Argentina is performing against its climate goals, whether Germany can phase out co...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Bringing home a different kind of bacon

Humans have an interesting relationship with meat. Some love it, some object to it and some simply want other options from time to time. We take a look at some of the reasons people reduce their meat consumption, what options they have and why eating l...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Making changes

The new year is a time for reflection, making changes and figuring out ways we can make this year better than the last. We explore stories about good food and meet the people who are making sure there’s enough of it to go around. Plus, we discover how ...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Christmas after climate change

How will Christmas change as the world gets increasingly warmer? We take a look at how reindeer are affected, whether a real or fake Christmas tree is better and how Santa's home - the north pole - is warming up.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Green living and us

With governments struggling to meet their climate goals, we look at what people in Germany and beyond are doing to reduce their own carbon footprints and live greener lives. We also look at the increasing problem of plastic waste in India.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Denying the inevitable

It's hard to believe but there are still people out there who refuse to believe that climate change is real, even when the island they live on is threatened by global warming. This week on Living Planet, we find out how climate change denial is connect...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Earth, our home

As world leaders meet for COP24 to discuss climate change, we're asking what home means to the people — and animals — we share the planet with. This week on Living Planet, we're looking at what decisions are being made to help protect planet Earth, our...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Asking the difficult questions

Why did tragedy strike an environmental activist couple in Chile? Who will win the fight over Germany’s coal phase-out and why is the movement attracting protesters from around the globe? Is the main purpose of beach cleanups is to soothe our conscienc...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

Living Planet: Cleaning up the commute

This week, we bring you stories of greener transport around the world, from eco-motorbikes in Uganda to the cycle-mad city of Utrecht, and talk to the man who's made Swedes ashamed to fly.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author