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Real Investigators. Real Stories. No Scripts. Covering topics from legends to hauntings. A real life take on the lives of real investigators.
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Episode 130: "Paranormal Guy & The Skeptic Eye" - With Matthew J Haas

Please note: This episode contains potentially foul language.   How do you define "Paranormal to a skeptic? When is too much too much? Why study the paranormal? And why am I asking soo d$@n many questions?! Matthew J Haas, Co-Host of Paranormal Talk ...
LivingParanormal author


Where in the HE#$ have we been?! In our fateful return to your ear holes we break the ice and talk about the future of the show.   We would also like to thank our fans who have given us their love and support while off the air. We appreciate each and ...
LivingParanormal author

Episode 127 Live from The Ramsdell

Recorded live during an investigation at the historic Ramsdell house on Sunday, October 30th with Co-host Rob Henry and his Original West Virginia Paranormal team. Join in as you get to view an investigation from the inside. Ok, a bit more talking than...
LivingParanormal author


As the cold air begins to drape across the landscape, we hold onto the memories of jasmine scented breezes. Hot and humid magnolia summers, give way to cool crisp nights echoing the footsteps of our guest tonight. Nikki Bartlett, the founder of Southea...
LivingParanormal author

Episode 125 "Originations, the Origins of Halloween and a discussion of Supersti

The beginning of the holiday season for many, Halloween has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. From horror movies to “haunted” attractions, Rev Robyne Marie returns to discuss the humble origins behind the holiday many of us love to celebrate!...
LivingParanormal author

Episode 122 “Spirits From Beyond the Heavens’ – with Andrea Perron

In the paranormal community, there are whispers of a connection between ghosts and alien sightings. What do the unknown here on earth, and the unknown above have in common? On Living Paranormal we will explore these ideas with Andrea Perron.
LivingParanormal author

Episode 120: Arsenic and Old Magic with Stregone Vincent Russo

When we think of the origins of Wicca and witchcraft, we often think of the shores of the British Aisles. However, magic comes in many forms. With a cultural heritage heralding from North Italy to Sicily, Stregone Rev Vincent Russo comes to Living Para...
LivingParanormal author

Episode 119: "Leave the Lights On at Night" With The Conjuring's Andrea Perron

In 2013, The Conjuring hit the dark corners of theatres world-wide. It followed the story of a growing family moving into a picturesque farm house atop 200 sprawling acres. As the former owner handed the keys of the estate over to Mr. Perron, he left t...
LivingParanormal author

Ep 118 "Abnormal Paranormal Perceptions" with George Aguilar

Are orbs spirits? Do most teams charge? Does an EMF reading automatically mean a spirit is nearby? On tonight's Living Paranormal, Rob, Jason and George Aguilar discuss some of the misconceptions about, and even from the field.  Want to join in on the ...
LivingParanormal author

Episode 117: The Ghost Girl from Gettysburg - Kendra Belgrad

Hear tales from the always entertaining Kendra Belgrad, an intuitive tour guide who has learned her way through the dark.  As an investigator able to peruse the halls of haunted locations, she has collected and experienced a great many things. In this ...
LivingParanormal author

Episode 116: Breaking Into The Paranormal Underground with - Cheryl and Chad Wil

In this episode of Living Paranormal,    we have the editor and publisher for the popular "Paranormal Underground Magazine". If you thirst for knowledge of the paranormal, here is an in depth look at the inner workings of the creation process. Chad and...
LivingParanormal author


On episode 115 we welcome The Paranormal Rockstar Dustin Pari, Dustin is a veteran of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International. We'll be discussing all things Paranormal and inspirational along with his new book "And The Devil Shivered"! This turn...
LivingParanormal author


With such a varied background, Dina Palazini can be found equally at home in the corridors of a haunted asylum, or deep in the forest.  An experienced ghost hunter and Bigfoot author, we are pleased to welcome Ms. Dina Palazini of Beyond The Veil Paran...
LivingParanormal author

Episode 113: Haunted Waley - Come For The History, Stay For The Spirits

Voted time and again "Most Haunted Home in America" The Whaley House in San Diego California is a landmark of American Culture. Since it's construction The Whaley house has contributed to the local community, and acquired its fair amount of shades.  To...
LivingParanormal author

Episode 112 “F.E.A.R.” with Selena Roane

When listening to Selena Roane’s story, one word comes to mind. Driven. Urged on by a touching personal story that she shares, we hear of a woman’s journey to understand the other side. Now, a veteran investigator Selena comes onto Living Paranormal to...
LivingParanormal author


On a warm spring night, the rain slowly taps on your window as you lay in bed.  Your eyes unseeingly stare off into the dark as sleep finally begins to draw your eyes closed. Just then, deep sobbing begins to worm its way under your door and crawl acro...
LivingParanormal author


A shaman healer and Reiki Master, Blaine Rohan brings these talents to bear in his research.  How does a shamanistic healer clean a location?  How does he interact with spirits on the other side?  Does Jason have a spirit animal?  And why am I asking a...
LivingParanormal author

Episode 109: "Leeping From the Ghosts to the Skies"

Often as we walk the halls of a haunted location we are looking down at our EMF detectors. But what if there is a connection with the Heaven's above? Tonight Rev Robyne Marie, and renowned paranormal investigator Jeff Leeper discuss those possible conn...
LivingParanormal author

Episode 108: The Erie Hall of Geneseo State College with Chris DiCesare

Eager to start his life of academia, and make his name in the world of marathon running, Chris Dicesare attended Geneseo State College. In his sophomore year of 1985 he found himself in a place with nowhere to run. For more than a quarter of a century,...
LivingParanormal author

Episode 107: “Cassandra’s Clandestine Confessions”

Although she is unable to reveal her true identity due to other obligations, we welcome to hear her view on the world of the unseen. Or is it the sometimes seen? I mean we have pictures and video. Either way, Cassandra will bring forward ideas blending...
LivingParanormal author

Episode 106: “The Order of Glasgow Nights” with Special Guest David Barrett

After a fateful meeting between Guest David Barrett and the other charter members of The Knights Templar Paranormal Order, each one undertook a personal quest to look for the truth in the Paranormal. Building a steady reputation, they have won a spot o...
LivingParanormal author

Episode 105 "Terror Personalized" With Deborah Cihon

The shadows in Deborah Cihon's room moved and spoke with the echoes of days past. She began to hone her skills as a writer and has crafted two books about her experiences. Deborah has delved head first into the paranormal and we can join her page by pa...
LivingParanormal author

Episode 104: "Beyond and Back With Bill Bean"

As a child Bill Bean was at first beset by, then battled with the dark. The Darkness in his room was not the innocent imagination of a young child. It proved to be his worst nightmare and life's work. As an internationally known author, lecturer and pa...
LivingParanormal author

Episode 103: “Jason and his Psychic Vasectomy” With Special Guest George Aguilar

Here at Living Paranormal we pride ourselves on being open minded. However, some of the paranormal theories out there may be a bit more difficult for us to accept. Tonight Rob, Jason and Special Guest George Aguilar discuss the accepted contested and c...
LivingParanormal author

Ep. 102 "Spirits of the Year Future" - With Rev. Robyne Marie

This holiday season, spend a little time with a Laving Paranormal Tradition. Join Rob and Jason as they curl up with a hot cup of cocoa, dressed in their PJ's, to listen to Robyne deliver her new years predictions. Do not dwell with the spirits of Chri...
LivingParanormal author

"Cold Black Eyes, Blacker Heart" Harold the Haunted Doll and Rev Robyne Marie

A special warning to our listeners. This doll that we are about to discuss has been known to affect those that merely see images of the object. Discussing it at length may result in a real world impact in your life! If you don't believe then, have no ...
LivingParanormal author

"Cold Black Eyes, Blacker Heart" Harold the Haunted Doll and Rev Robyne Marie.

A special warning to our lsiteners. This doll that we are about to discuss has been known to affect those that merely see images of the object. Discussing it at length may result in a real world impact in your life! If you don't believe then, have no ...
LivingParanormal author

Episode 100 "This one time..." Submitted true stories of the paranormal

What's your story? Living Paranormal went to the streets and searched for personal accounts of the paranormal. And during the Thanksgiving Holiday week; We took time to record a few stories of the paranormal with our friends and family. This is our way...
LivingParanormal author

"I've Got 99 Problems and a Ghost is 1" with Lyn McNeely and Cindy Weber

When someone doesn't know about, or think about the paranormal, their first encounter with a spirit can be "jarring", to say the least.  Lyn McNeely moved with her family after finding an unexpected guest, only to find she may have run into more than s...
LivingParanormal author

"Pass the Proton Pack Please" With Special Guest George Aguilar

So, you have gone and dropped the big bucks on the latest and greatest... Only to find that, it's STILL not giving you some of the features you wanted! Oh, why can't my EMF detector make me a grilled cheese sandwich!? No really, why haven't we invented...
LivingParanormal author

"A Fare to Remember" Live Halloween Investigation at the Ramsdell House

This Halloween night, you are invited to join Living Paranormal as we investigate the Ramsdell house. Built in 1858 by Boston abolitionist Zopher D Ramsdell, the home served as the last stop on the Underground Railroad as the launch point into free Ohi...
LivingParanormal author

"Spirits Between the Sands and Stars" with Special Guests Gary and Jan Reynolds

Think for a moment how different your life would be if you could "see" events of the past. A world where you could "feel" forces of good and evil, and even sometimes hear their names.  You run to tell your spouse only to find out they too are gifted an...
LivingParanormal author

"The Hills have Robyne's eyes" with Special Guests The Hills, and Rev Robyne

Author, Real Estate Agent, and Paranormal Investigators Paul and Adrian Hill have teamed up with our own beloved Rev. Robyne Marie to investigate a location by pairing her psychic abilites with the internet age. In the first half of the show Rev. Robyn...
LivingParanormal author

"The Prolific Pen and Paranormal Practice of Joni Mayhan"

The author of 13 books, including Bones in the Basement, Soul Collector, and her newest book Dark and Scary Things. Joni Mayhan has a voice that must be heard. Drawing from her experience as a paranormal investigator she teaches a weekly Paranormal 101...
LivingParanormal author

"Whispering Shadows" With Special Guest George Aguilar

Living Paranormal regular, George Aguilar visits us for our first full length return show, to share another set of his collected EVPs. Always a fan favorite, listen in as we review a set of recordings and happenings reputed to have come from the "other...
LivingParanormal author

"Dead Air" with Rob Henry and Jason Olivo

Where in the world have our hosts been?  What have they been up to for the last few weeks. Well, out of the love we have for all of you, we are coming back to fill you in on what we have been doing!  Join in for the insults, the back and forth as well ...
LivingParanormal author

"Hunting Paranormal : One Ghost Story at a Time" With Huntington Paranormal

Join Rob and Jason as they welcome Special Guests Theresa Racer and Carrie Kinder from Huntington Paranormal.  Since 2006 Huntington Paranormal Investigations and Research have been assisting the surrounding community in the Paranormal World. This is a...
LivingParanormal author

"Spirits Under Fire" LIVE Investigation from Centralia!

Rev. Robyne Marie and Lea Simpson join us as we take a return trip to the fields and streets of Centralia. Will we have a return of the force that knocked over our cameras?  Will Rob trip on another hole? Listen in and participate in the Live Investiga...
LivingParanormal author

"What Lurks in the Land of Enchantment" with Mark Trujillo and Lydia Eustice

In the sand and heat of New Mexico, the coming night is often a welcome respite for travelers and locals alike. Beneath the catamount cry and the wolves howl lies a land of history, spirits and strange happenings. This Sunday, we speak with two Paranor...
LivingParanormal author

"Getting Your Rear in Gear" with Rob and Jason

The investigation date is quickly approaching, and you have decided to make the leap and go. You turn to pack your bags and realize there are so many questions left to answer. What is the most important thing to take? What is an EMF Meter, and do I NEE...
LivingParanormal author

“Kayla’s Not So Fancy Friend” - with Special Guest Kayla Bostic

Kayla Bostic has always had someone by her side, watching her every triumph and fall.  Sometimes, when he wanted to, Kayla's friend would unleash hell. Come and listen in to a survivor's tale of how she has overcome, what her little brother has come to...
LivingParanormal author

"Pop In On The Shades of The Shaffer" - with owner Joel Marks

75 miles south of Albuquerque in the sands of New Mexico stands The Shaffer Hotel, a unique Pueble Deco work of Art built by Clem "Pop" Shaffer in 1923. Adorned with various beautiful imagery from top to bottom, try to keep your wits about you when vis...
LivingParanormal author

Using Fiction to Search for Truth – With Special Guest Ken Cherry

In the skies of Stephenville, Texas on January 8th 2008 residents began calling in to authorities reporting lights appearing overhead. Some of the authorities not only took down their testimonies, they witnessed the phenomena for themselves first hand....
LivingParanormal author

"Home is Where The Hea... What Was That?" With Light in The Dark Paranormal

In this episode of Living Paranormal we happily welcome back Paul and Adrian Hill and include fellow 'Light in The Dark' team member Louise Bosche. Should you investigate your own home?  Can you let the spirits fly and then leave them where they lie? T...
LivingParanormal author

"The Objects of Our Attrition" - Cursed Objects Throughout Time

You brush off a layer of dust from on top a cherry oak lid revealing a must have antique. You think of where in your home you can proudly display your new treasure not thinking for a moment, it could ruin your home and possible your life. From cars, do...
LivingParanormal author

"Obscure, Sometimes Outlandish,& Confusing Cryptids" - A Panel Discussion

On This episode of Living Paranormal we tackle the lesser known cryptids and discuss their stories, legends and likeliness. We bring a panel together including Author and Radio Show host John J. Higgins and Eric Smith of Darkness Paranormal Society. Jo...
LivingParanormal author

"The Hand that Reads" - With Rev. Robyne Marie

More than the cards, and a big hearty welcome to Rev. Robyne Marie! You have heard her on Satellite radio and on many other shows online. Seen her on TV and Film and on Sunday Rev. Robyne will be doing live readings on air and going over the different ...
LivingParanormal author

"Dead Man Talking" Electronic Voice Phenomena With Paranormal Joe

Paranormal Joe (AKA Larry Weinreich) has put years of work and investigative experience into amassing a great collection of Electronic Voice Phenomena and other spectral recordings.  Whether you are a seasoned investigator or if you simply curious abou...
LivingParanormal author

"Better Ghosts and Gardens" with Paul and Adrian Hill

You’ve had enough… This haunting has taken its toll on your marriage and your life. It’s time to take the family and find a new home. But, what to do with the old one? On the next Living Paranormal we discuss the sale of “Stigmatized” properties from h...
LivingParanormal author

"Bites of Information from Origins to Twilight.,The Story Behind Vampires "

On tonights show we discover the story behind vampirism along with accounts throughout time. We will draw sources from antiqity around the world and bring it back to modern times. This is a classic Rob Henry and Jason Olivo show that will satisfy your ...
LivingParanormal author