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MLW Radio Network presents Chicago style wrestling talk from comedian Marty DeRosa and writer/artist/Resistance Pro Wrestling’s Sarah Shockey. These two buddies love all things wrestling, both in the ring and outside of it. You’ll not only get to hear Marty and Sarah’s unique take on pro wrestling, you’ll also hear a myriad of wrestlers and friends all voiced by two quick-witted hosts.

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MLW Radio Network presents Chicago style wrestling talk from comedian Marty DeRosa and writer/artist/Resistance Pro Wrestling’s Sarah Shockey. These two buddies love all things wrestling, both in the ring and outside of it. You’ll not only get to hear Marty and Sarah’s unique take on pro wrestling, you’ll also hear a myriad of wrestlers and friends all voiced by two quick-witted hosts.
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Episode 144: Chaos Muppets

We are on the Fastlane to Wrestlemania now, buddies! Hop in our ridiculous caravan of screaming cats and character appearances. Kyle defends his honor as a young fan, and Unky Ric shows up to prove to us all that he wasn't murdered on television. An Ol...

Episode143: "Only 30 Minutes"

A week of illness, new starts, and sweaty gear is served to you on a gentle platter of audio. Hear from Nippolaus throughout the show, a slow run in from Sasha, @-Billy drops in for a cameo, and so much more. Who do you want to win at Fastlane? We'll t...

Episode 142: Sayin' Goodbye to 69

Barring the fact that your buddies thought Fastlane was this upcoming Sunday, there's a lot of wrestling to discuss from the week! From AAW to WWE to AEW to BLP, clock in for an hour of fun with us. Stan Hansen (our great buddy) makes his long-awaited ...

Bonus Episode: Eddie Kingston

Marty and Sarah sit down with one of the toughest wrestlers in the world. Eddie Kingston is from the Bronx, you don't wanna mess with him, and yet he lets his guard down and gets real with us. Between the laughs, the screams, and the stories, you'll wa...

Episode 141: Oops, No Buddies!

It was such a week of things to be discussed that you really get just that - discussion! If you're here to listen to two goofballs talk about WWE, NXT, AEW, AAW and beyond, then strap in. Marty and Sarah, of course, have those little side discussions a...

Episode 140: Let Your Buddy Flag Fly!

From AEW to AAW to WWE and beyond, there's a lot rolling around in the world of wrestling and we are here to talk ya through it. And it's not just Marty and Sarah - The Big Guy, Unky Ric, Nippolaus and more stop by to toss their two cents in the founta...

Episode 139: Tis The Tax Season

We can all agree that it's a wild time in wrestling - from Becky to NXT to AEW and beyond. Strap in for some new updates and an old school wrestling corner for your ears. Nathan from Nathan's Wrestling Review has a lot of thoughts and even a few jokes,...

Episode 138: Ice Cold Ambrose

Coming to you from the heart of the polar vortex, your buddies go OUT INTO THE COLD to give you all the news that's fit for your ears! Two new buddies stop by, plus an old favorite gives some insight into his possible future plans and dreams. Nathan fr...

Episode 137: Who Do You Want to Finn?

With the Royal Rumble forthcoming this SUNDAY (Sunday, sunday...) there are a lot of Who Do You Want To Wins to cover! That doesn't mean there's not time for NXT, AEW, Impact, and Women of Wrestling talk, too. Nathan (Nathan's Wrestling Review) makes a...

Bonus Episode: Kylie Rae

She's a gem of Chicago, a shining beam of light in any ring, a survivor of a recent collar bone break, and a world-traveled wrestler. Join us as we welcome another real-life buddy into the apartment for an hour of all things on our minds. From intergen...

Episode 136: BUDDIES - The One Where Peter Almost Dies

Your hero Marty pulls himself through a slog of depression and and a hangover to join the ever cheerful Sarah to bring you this world in wrestling - fun style. AEW optimism and pessimism, new takes on RAW, trying to watch IMPACT, and so many more topic...

Episode 135: Elite Feet

In one of the biggest weeks in wrestling, your two buddies are here to guide you from the RAW to the Elite! Buddies drop in to help, along with @-Billy, The Big Guy, Brad, and more. A jolly Mean Gene Wrestling Confession will put you in the right mood ...

Bonus Episode: Jimmy Jacobs

Kick off a new bonus series of buddyviews with the first one! We invited Jimmy Jacobs over to talk wrestling, writing for wrestling, and a whole lot more. Enjoy an extra hour before our usual show this week!

Episode 134: Twenty Nine Scream!!!

It's the first episode of 2019 and we are strolling into the new year chill and dank, with you to thank! AEW, Becky Lynch, WrestleKingdom, and more are discussed as we navigate the soon-to-be Road to Wrestlemania. Enjoy some crommentary from Brad, a lo...

Episode 133: Last Call, 2018!

With the holidays behind us and a new year approaching, Marty, Sarah and Screamin' Pete have a lot to say! Plenty of chances to e-mail us at plus upcoming events and some gentle recaps - there's something for everyo...

Episode 132: A Very Buddy Holiday Party

It's that time of year! The last episode before CHRISTMAS! As you may or may not know, we always throw an annual holiday business party and all the buddies come by for cheer and chatting. And you're invited too! Just pop on some headphones or hook up a...

Episode 131: Dinner Included

With Smackdown on the rise and Raw on the decline, what's a fan to do? Keep loving wrestling, we guess! Join us on a trip through Who Do You Want To Wins for Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, an investigation into what it means to be a writer; what it means...

Episode 130: Holiday Cheer Far and Near

The buddies are doing holiday poems and putting themselves over! Marty and Sarah are talking porn and Blue Chew! This episode start fast and hard and doesn't stop. We're the shoot interviews of podcasts, so we cover both of those topics. The Man makes ...

Episode 129: Say Hello to the Little Big Guy

It was a gentle week in wrestling. Injuries were minor, no one was kicked off a plane for vaping, and Baron Corbin had run of the RAW. The promos at AAW were as hot as it is cold in Chicago, and Marty got dunked on along with the whole city by Eddie Ki...

Episode 128: Turkey Nite Dynamite

It's time to give thanks for friends, family & of course Pro Wrestling. Marty and Sarah are back with another dank ass episode that will have Peter screaming. Ya boy and gurl break down one of the busiest and newsiest weeks in the world of wrestlin...

Episode 127: No Nutmeg Vember

As winter draws near, Marty and Sarah get into a festive and feisty mood. From the whirlwind of happenings on Smackdown, to the MLW show at Cicero Stadium, it was a wild week of wrestling. 'Who Do You Want To Win?' meets a brand new segment on Hallmark...

Episode 126: A Quick Recap

After spending a week an ocean apart, Marty and Sarah join forces to bring you a jam-packed episode that still has time for a Wrestling Confession! Sarah covers AAW, the all-womens' Berwyn Championship Wrestling show, meeting Duane "The Wildcard" Quick...

Episode 125: Oops No Wrestling!

This week, Marty is on the Cruise of Jericho so we banked you a special episode, buds! We still love wrestling (obviously), but this week is all things non-wrestling! Sure, wrestling sneaks in every now and again, but only because it's in our souls. A ...

Episode 124: Ric at Nite

Evolution, love for Roman, and the cruise of Jericho top the list for this week's news. A round of Who Do You Want To Win? and Brad's cousin join the gang. Heel Becky pops in and Ric tries out a Shockey Shoot Interview. A sweet wrestling confession top...

Episode 123: Wrestling Slaps

What is WWE going to do about Evolution, Saudi Arabia, and Shawn Michaels? Luckily we got God to weigh in. Our good friend @ Billy pops by to celebrate an NWA milestone and Nathan plans a boys' weekend with Marty. AAW was in Austin, we talk Grado and m...

Episode 122: Brad to the Brone

Marty and Sarah come at you with a midnight cast! That means more hazy wild tangents and just the same amount of wrestling as you're used to. Mrs. B talks legos, Brad talks aliens and Sarah and Marty visit the first Nitro. Figure addictions and Highspo...

Episode 121: Rylumbo

It's a late night podcast with Marty and Sarah! It wouldn't be a show without some visits from buddies old - and NEW? There are SHOUT OUTS and stories from being OUT AND ABOUT and an incredible amount of wrestling news and discussion. We promote Liz An...

Episode 120: The Ballad of The Punisher and Ryan Awesome

Were you aware that it's only 13 weeks until Christmas?? You will be after this jaunt into the world of wrestling! Marty and Sarah and the buddies bring you New Japan predictions and who-do-you-want-to-wins alongside some reprimands for the WWE. A belo...

Episode 119: Nice...Everything About You

Marty and Sarah discuss expectations from different feds, Hell in a Cell, and Old School inappropriate promo along with the dips and dives of the week. Scarlett Bordeaux drops a new shirt, Twitter personas are discussed, along with some Instagram revea...

Episode 118: A BLOODY Good Time

Marty and Sarah are back at it again, to celebrate Renee's new gig, to welcome an esteemed documentarian, and a few other buddies along the way. From Hell in a Cell to Evolution, cards are discussed along with the classic Who Do You Want to Win? A not ...

Episode 117: 11,26WHEEEEEE!

This episode is long! Because we had a long, full weekend! Buddies, whether you were at ALL IN, Starrcast, watched it from afar, or are just finding out about them now, you can tune in to hear all about our weekend completely immersed in the pro wrestl...

Episode 116: Almost In

On another rainy, lightning-filled night in Chicago, your two buddies do their darndest to get ready for ALL IN. A few buddies stop by, and we get derailed by Dinosaurs, Nathan gets mad, and we introduce a BOLD new segment: Wrestling Encounters! Get tu...

Episode 115: News Light???

Was it a Summerslam Bam Thank You Ma'am or a SlumberSlam? Check in with us to hear about Takeover, WWE, Miz and Mrs. and more! Nathan basks in the glory of podline and has his own P1 moment. We announce a new shirt with NO BABY OIL and our Starrcast Li...

Nathan's Wrestling Review PodLine 8/20/18

the time is here. Nathan (president and ceo of Nathan's Wrestling Review) is making the wrestling hotline great a gain. each week, Nathan, will be here to give his unfiltered review of the week in pro wrestling. if you don't like Nathan you dont have ...

Episode 114: Nathan's Hotline Bling

Nathan from Nathan's Wrestling Review drops his one-week-long-awaited announcement today. It may just mean a little more traffic in your feed! We also hear from an even bigger guy than the Big Guy, and we take you to church with a wrestling confession....

Episode 113: Watch Me Dean, Watch Me Nee Nee

In what we are calling a "relatively slow week in wrestling," there are a lot of gems to be found. Tons of buddies stop by, from the birthday loving Brad the Alien, to a real live Australian, and everyone's favorite Unky, there is plenty of fun to be h...

Episode 112: My Ladies and Andre

It's an episode full of tough women, from Evolution to Maryse and more! Marty and Sarah ponder the consequence of bad tweets, what can be done for WWE, and take a visit from a very special ghost. Tons of fun and a heartfelt wrestling confession make th...

Episode 111: Riddle Me This

There's no shit shaming in this household! Join us for an hour or so, where we convene with some classic buddies. Find out how the Smashing Pumpkins reunion went, hear some behind-the-scenes scoop on Ryback's new commercial, hear what Brad has to say a...

Episode 110: %!

Marty and Sarah and a few buddies discuss the Extreme (and not-so-extreme) events of wrestling this week. Nathan from Nathan's Wrestling Review gets a few minutes, we talk some wonderful NXT matches, the big MSG news, and Sasha attempts to clarify her ...

Episode 109: I DRU THIS FOR U

Marty and Sarah welcome buddies and topics from all walks of wrestling. The G1 Special in San Francisco is covered in the Ring of Japan Report. A classic round of "Who Do You Want To Win?" precedes this week's Extreme Rules. Then, Marty and Sarah DO NO...

Episode: 108: Marty and Sarah's Bodyslam Challenge

Hey, Buddies! Hope you had a happy 4th of July. Marty and Sarah are exploding with wrestling goodness. We chat about WWE, ROH, Impact, Lucha Underground, Toys R Us and much more. Marty takes Sarah back to the 90's, we get a real bang of a Wrestling Con...

Episode 107: Brockbuster Video

Take a break from scrolling and hang out with us for an hour! Maryse makes it as a USA citizen, Bayley is BAD now, Unky Ric saw the Body 10 issues of ESPN (we tried to stop him), and many more buds round us out. A sweet confession of help and wisdom co...

Episode 106: Bash at the Birthday

It's Marty's birthday! Tons of buddies stop by with well-wishes and to cover the week that was wrestling! NXT Takeover (and TV?!?), Money in the Bank, USA's top-rated reality tv shows, and more! Plus we got a wrestling confession that will remind you o...

Episode 105: Pro's and Constable Corbin

Your Buddies Marty and Sarah are back to talk a little Dominion 2018. The Okada-Era is over. Was it the pants? It's gotta be the pants, right? We also break down NXT: Takeover Chicagio 2 and Money in the Bank. We also get you ready for Steph's appearan...

Episode 104: Perfect Balance

From court reports to a Raw Return, we've got you covered this week in wrestling. Dominion arrives in the still of night this weekend, and an old buddy makes sure Sarah is ready. New merch arrives and the Fun Police get called. We also gear up for the ...

Episode 103: Colorful Commentary

It's been ONE week since we podcasted! Marty, Sarah, and the buddies are ramping up for a Chichaggio Money in the Bank (let's not forget Takeover too!) plus lots of other news from the week. Bellas, Bad Raps, IIconics, and more lead into a tasty Wrestl...

Episode 102: Airb 'n' Mrs. B

From billion dollar deals to lodging under $150 a night, we cover the span of events this week in wrestling! John Cena's a 'rug guy,' Ryback takes on a new venture, Ric is still partying, Paige is the best GM in the business, and Mrs. B. tries her hand...

Episode 101: Stylin' and Profilin'

On the heels of a big announcement about All In and Starrcast, your buddies return to talk ROH, relationships, Money in the Bank and more! Spend an hour with us and enjoy an awesome Wrestling Confession Wreturn and a classic FMK. The Nature Boy makes a...

Episode 100: Episode 100!

We did it! 100 episodes on MLW Radio. Thanks to all the buddies who have been on this wild ride with us. It's not slowing down! Buddies from near and far come to wish their best and share their views. There's music, celebrities, shout outs and more. Ra...

Episode 99: Saved By The Ring Bell

It's the first episode in our new apartment, it's full of songs, and some buddies stop by too! Marty and Sarah talk the Greatest Royal Rumble and Bumble, Who Do You Want To Win?, drop a cement Wrestling Confession, and hang with Ryback and and even big...