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The Science of Monsters. Where monsters meet reality.

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The Science Of Monsters
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Episode 18- The Zuiyo-maru Carcass, Godzilla and Other Living Fossils

In 1977 a Japanese fishing boat caught something unusual.  Some people suggested that it was a plesiosaur, a marine reptile that went extinct with the dinosaurs (it wasn’t).  The photo of a supposed ‘living-dinosaur’ eventually found its way into Godzi...
Kaiju 101 author

Episode 17 – Digging Deeper with Jase Short

This episode I do something a little different, no Kaiju science.  Instead I had writer Jase Short on to talk about some of the deeper meanings and themes of kaiju movies.  We had a fantastic conversation and Jase almost made … Continue reading →
Kaiju 101 author

Episode 16 – Hedorah’s Acid (rain) trip, and Keith Foster

Godzilla vs The Smog Monster is definitely… unique.  But as weird as it was it was trying to say something substantive about an important issue.  It’s a weird trippy movie, and one that certainly polarizes fans.  Though it seems to … Continue reading →
Kaiju 101 author

Episode 15 – Legendary Godzilla, and Kyle Yount (also Legendary)

Legendary’s Godzilla has come and gone, and it has made a decent amount of money.  Enough to warrant two sequels. It also raised a few scientific questions. Questions about his massive size, sexual selection, EMPs, and the MUTO life cycle. … Continue r...
Kaiju 101 author

Episode 14 – Do Reptiles Dream Of Winter Sleep?

In this episode I look at  how Godzilla spends his winters.  In King Kong Vs. Godzilla, Godzilla emerges from his icy tomb and walks straight into a simian smackdown.  But how long was he in there?  And what does it … Continue reading →
Kaiju 101 author

King Kong Vs. Godzilla Vs. Science, Part 1

How many hot-air balloons do you need to float a 50 million pound drunk gorilla? Does Godzilla migrate? And why do his fins glow blue? All the answers can be found within 1962’s King Kong Vs. Godzilla! This episode marks … Continue reading →
Kaiju 101 author

Episode 12-Check Out My Volcano Kickstarter!

Can people cause volcanoes? Should you spoil the new Godzilla for me?   Tip o’ the hat Erik Klemetti from Wired whose article (linked below) supplied the bulk of the information for this episode.   Stories are not spoiled by … Continue reading →
Kaiju 101 author

Episode 11-Make It Rain!!

I’M BACK!!  In this episode I talk about Son of Godzilla and weather control, specifically cloud seeding,  and whether (get it!?) the experiments used by the scientists in the movie get anything right. I also explain my absence and give … Continue read...
Kaiju 101 author

Episode 10 – The one where I talk about paint…

What does the Red Bamboo and a mysterious yellow liquid have to do with boat maintenance!?  Yeah, this one is about paint, luckily I keep it short and sweet. Happy New Year! Anti-fouling paint – Wikipedia Focus on IMO (pdf) … Continue reading →
Kaiju 101 author

Episode 9 – Flights Of Rodanthe

Rodan! Sonic Booms!  MATH!  This episode has it all!!  I also talk a little about viral marketing, trailers and the warming of the cockles of my heart.     NASA Fact Sheet Sonic Boom Wiki Preliminary Airborne Measurements For The … Continue reading →
Kaiju 101 author