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Jules Loves is an empowerment platform here to love, affirm, and uplift others through inspirational, intentional living with positivity and compassion.

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Jules Loves is an empowerment platform here to love, affirm, and uplift others through inspirational, intentional living with positivity and compassion.
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5.06.2019 http://julesloves.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/IMG_8549.png

Beautiful Conversations – Tierra Benton

Asè. A beautiful word used many times over by my guest, supermodel and artist, Tierra Benton. During our conversation, Tierra frequently would respond with this gorgeous term in the same way I say “Amen!” to exclaim the Truth of what was said. The term...
Josh author
9.04.2019 http://julesloves.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/IMG_8549.png

Mic check … Is this thing on?

In this episode, Josh and I sit down and chat about our life and the intention of the Jules Loves Me podcast. What was supposed to just be a microphone check for our new interview mics, turned into a juicy conversation filled with all sorts of stuff th...
Jules De Jesus Fritz author
31.07.2018 http://julesloves.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/IMG_8549.png

Guided Meditation: I am Patient with Myself.

After we left the cool weather in the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico, the temps reached 109* in Texas with no end in sight. We re-calculated our route based on lowest temps and gave the West a peace sign as we drove away. Never did I think I’d ru...
Josh author
30.06.2018 http://julesloves.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/IMG_8549.png

Guided Meditation: I AM Comfortable Outside My Comfort Zone.

Lately I’ve really been stepping out of my comfort zone. Josh and I decided to use our big trip west this summer to do a little surrender experiment, after being inspired by Michael Singer’s book, “The Surrender Experiment.”   We’re throwing ourselves ...
Josh author

Guided Meditation: I AM Present.

Hi friend, If you are in need of a break, a time out, a moment to catch your breath right now – I’ve got what you need! Join me for 7 minutes and you’ll be recharged as I walk you through releasing any stress as you become more present. I recorded this...
Josh author
30.04.2018 http://julesloves.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/IMG_8549.png

Guided Meditation: I AM Reconnected by the Presence of Love.

Hey there, How’s your day going today? I asked another friend and here’s what happend:            Me: “How was your day today?”            Friend: “Mondays should be illegal.” Ouch. If this how you’re feelin’ about your day too, I wrote and recorded a ...
Jules De Jesus Fritz author
1.04.2018 http://julesloves.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/IMG_8549.png

Guided Mediation: I AM Reborn Every Day.

Happy Easter and Resurrection Day! This day is filled with many examples of unconditional love, but one thing we tend to overlook is the example of being reborn. In my spiritually journey, I’ve been doing lots of self forgiveness work. A LOT. And it’s ...
Josh author
26.02.2018 http://julesloves.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/IMG_8549.png

I AM Peaceful – Guided Prayer for February 2018

AFFIRMATION: I AM PEACEFUL   Hello my friend,   Every month for the past year I have made prayer calls to members of my home church, Unity of Savannah. These calls taught me more about the strength of human-to-human connection and the power of prayer. ...
Jules De Jesus Fritz author

Mama & Baby 5-minute Meditation

Big thanks to Melissa for wanting to share something special with her prenatal fitness class. Your inspiration became my gift. To all the beautiful baby mamas out there, I send my love to you and your precious baby. Especially to my soulmate and lifelo...
Josh author

Stories from the 2017 Women’s March with Jenn West and Becky Prescott

In this episode, I sit down with two friends who marched for humanity. One in Washington and the other in Atlanta. If you’ve ever wondered what being a part of monumental history is like, take a listen as they share their incredible stories.
Jules De Jesus Fritz author

Living Beautifully| Southern Women’s Show 2017

In this talk, I share my story and how my intuition lead me to Savannah, GA. Take a listen to be reminded of your light, your purpose, and how capable you are in this moment.
Jules De Jesus Fritz author

The Life Pendulum| Part 2 with Josh Fritz

In part 2 we talk about potential and kinetic energy, when to work, and when to rest. You’ll never look at a pendulum the same again!
Jules De Jesus Fritz author

The Alter Ego| Part 1 with Josh Fritz

My partner in life, my boo boo kitty, joins the conversation and brings new revelations to the “fire” inspiration that hit me in the last episode.
Jules De Jesus Fritz author

I AM Jules Loves

Hear the “fire” inspiration behind my Superhero series for LENT by tuning into “I AM Jules Loves”.
Jules De Jesus Fritz author

Wake Up *Sermon @ Unity of Savannah*

Josh author

“Oceans (Hillsong United)” Performed by GA Kyle feat. Josh Fritz on Saxophone

This song is the lead in to the next episode in this series “Wake Up” which is Jules’ first talk delivered to Unity of Savannah of February 28th, 2016.
Jules De Jesus Fritz author