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The Jobs in Science Podcast explores the lives of modern scientists and the opportunities that exist for those exploring STEM careers. It's also about the daily lives of the scientists, their life philosophies and their advice to future generations.

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The Jobs in Science Podcast explores the lives of modern scientists and the opportunities that exist for those exploring STEM careers. It's also about the daily lives of the scientists, their life philosophies and their advice to future generations.
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Step_12: Scientist β†’ Journalist

Science JournalistLesley is an established freelance science journalist who has an impressive portfolio, with pieces published in outlets such as BBC Earth, New Scientist, and Nature. But she completed both a PhD and Postdoc before she made the plunge ...
JISIS author

Step_11: Punk-Rock Scientist

Distinguished Scientist, UC BerkeleyMina may not look it, but she embodies the spirit of Punk Rock. A fiery get-it-done attitude, perseverance and an honesty. Mina is a world-renowned biologist, championing the field of tumor micro-environment and we w...
JISIS author

Step_10: The Middlewoman

Business Developer, MitacsBusiness Developer, UBC Research OfficeStill deciding between academia and industry? In a way, Sherry's chosen both. Hear about how she facilitates collaborations between academia and industry, and learn about the ways you can...
JISIS author

Step_09: Dr^2

Senior Scientist, Terry Fox LaboratoryAssociate Professor, UBCDirector of Hematopathology, BCCAAndy is a Senior Scientist at the Terry Fox Laboratory by day and clinical Director of Hematopathology by night... he is, Doctor Doctor (MD/PhD). Andy has de...
JISIS author

Step_08: Bringing the Law to Science

Patent LawyerFather. Lawyer. Scientist. Mark is a phenomenal guy. Come hear about his journey from researching transposable elements and overcoming the challenges of graduate school; to lawyering himself up and empowering other scientists to develop me...
JISIS author

Step_07: Life, Love and A Career in Biotech

Vice PresidentFrom growing up milking cows in the Canadian prairies to Vice President of D-Mark Biosciences, Jeff Seitz shares his story and experiences with us. Hear what motivated Jeff to pursue a career in biotechnology, the lessons he's learned alo...
JISIS author

Step_06: A Natural Competence for Open Access

Principal InvestigatorBloggerSecrecy is ingrained in scientific research and it’s driven by competition for coveted research grants and space in high impact journals.Β  But, does this actually lead to better research?Here, we talk to Professor Rosie Red...
JISIS author

Step_05: Executive Scientist

Vice President Strategic RelationsVice President Research"Do the right thing, for the right reason." The Sam Abraham philosophy.We often view science as amoral and objective, but like any human institution that's not true. What we accomplish with scien...
JISIS author

Step_04: DIY Start-up

Director of EngineeringDo you have an idea to change the world? Mike and colleagues' did, and their Do It Yourself attitude lead them on a journey of engineering a low-tech solution for orthopaedic drills in low-income nations and humanitarian relief s...
JISIS author

Step_03: Skin Stem Cell's M.V.Professor

Principal InvestigatorElaine Fuchs is ahead of the curve in skin stem cell biology. She's a professor at Rockefeller University, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator and a role model for strong women in science. So how did a young girl from o...
JISIS author

Step_02: Adventure in the Start-up w/ Philip Beer

Director of Medical GenomicsPhysician turn scientist Philip Beer sits down with me to discuss his post-post-doc. Philip is a fantastic scientist whom I respect and he gave an honest account of finding his way. Today Philip is the Director of Medical Ge...
JISIS author

Step_01: Getting the Gig at STEMCELL

Scientific Marketing SpecialistScientific Communications& Publishing Coordinator"What comes next?" Amanda and Andrew both recent grads, found themselves faced with this question. In this episode we'll hear about their experiences of navigating the ...
JISIS author

Step_0: Thesis

The Jobs in Science Interview Series (JISIS) is now apodcast!Hypotheses:The story of modern scientists are diverse and worth hearingDiscovery and researcher are intimately linkedThe relationship between science and life is complexSubscribe and listen!
JISIS author