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The best community based Liverpool FC Podcast, focused on giving a voice to LFC fans globally.
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11.11.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

325: Contenders Beat Defenders

It was Anfield under the lights with our three goals to City's one keeping us top with a 9-point gap between us. Nick is joined by Steve and George to breakdown the match, how City's approach changed our gameplan and whether our concession of goals is ...
The LFC Couch author
1.11.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

324: Red Review | Dominating Nth London in League and Cup

Matt and Rich review the wins vs Spurs and the 5-5 thriller at Anfield against Arsenal
The LFC Couch author
28.10.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

323: Liverpool back to winning ways as our unbeaTEN run continues

Steve Wilding welcomes Leeboy back onto the couch to discuss our 2-1 win over Spurs who left empty-handed and sour-faced, followed by a quick look forward to Arsenal in the league cup.
The LFC Couch author
24.10.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

322: Red Review | Draw vs Man Utd, Win vs Genk!

Matt and Rich are back this week to review the games this week, including the draw at Old Trafford and the 4-1 win against Genk in the Champions League.
The LFC Couch author
17.10.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

321: Man Utd v LFC Preview Show with the MUFC Pubcast

Steve and Nish from the Couch are joined by Tom Simpson from The MUFC Pubcast to preview the big Man Utd vs Liverpool game this weekend. They talk Ole, MUFC board, how Man Utd fans view Pogba, score predictions and a whole lot more!
The LFC Couch author
15.10.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

320: Showcasing 3 amazing football podcasts

In this episode I showcase 3 up and coming football podcasts that you should listen to with snippets from each including words from John Arne Riise, Emile Heskey, Bruce Grobbelaar and football presenting legend, John Dykes. Please subscribe and follow ...
The LFC Couch author
10.10.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

319: Red Review | Last gasp Leicester win, ex-players and Klopp's 4 Red years

Rich and Matty are joined on the couch by Gene (@brotherman76) to look back at the weekends game against Leicester as well as the other games around the Premier League. Ex Player Corner is back (Matty insisted) and we look at Klopp's 4 years at the clu...
The LFC Couch author
4.10.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

318: Red Review | Wins against Sheffield Utd and RB Salzburg

Another action packed week in Liverpool Country, so Matty and Rich review the latest wins against Sheffield Utd and RB Salzburg
The LFC Couch author
30.09.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

317: A Gini Grants Us 3 Points

Steve, James and Nick come together to take a look back at out vital and scrappy 3 points against Sheffield United.
The LFC Couch author
26.09.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

316: Red Review | Chelsea & MK Dons wins and VAR

Rich and Matty are back on their regular slot to talk all about our recent wins against Chelsea and MK Dons, then also dissect the latest VAR opinions and incidents.
The LFC Couch author
23.09.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

315: Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool Post Match Reaction with a Chelsea fan

Nish is joined by Sal, a Chelsea fan, to discuss the #CHELIV game in detail. They discuss everything from the VAR decision, Lampard's management, praise for Fabinho & Hendo, Trent's goal and much more.
The LFC Couch author
20.09.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

314: The highs and lows of football, but no need to be concerned!

@Leeboy83ynwa and @jussi_heikkinen join @SteveWilding7 to discuss the Newcastle and Napoli games, VAR and its problems and then look forward to the big game at Stamford Bridge at the weekend.
The LFC Couch author
15.09.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

313: Liverpool 3-1 Newcastle post match pod in Denver

Nish is joined by the amazing LFC Denver fans to talk about LFC’s win against Newcastle.
The LFC Couch author
13.09.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

312: Welcome back, we've been expecting you!

As the international break comes to an end, Steve welcomes Lee to the couch to discuss our season so far and the big week coming up for us. Will we carry on where we left off before the break?!
The LFC Couch author
11.09.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

311: How Sean built an LFC YouTube channel with 20k+ subscribers!

Nish is joined by Sean Red from Canada to discuss how he was able to build his YouTube channel "Liverpool Football Talk" with his dad to have over 20k subscribers. He also goes into the issues he's faced, how he stays level and gives tips on how you ca...
The LFC Couch author
5.09.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

310: Red Review | Burnley, Owen, Emre Can, Keepers and Newcastle

Matty and Rich have a bumper Red Review this week despite it being international break. Plenty to chat about and lots of divided opinions to discuss!
The LFC Couch author
2.09.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

309: Burnley, Bobby Duncan to Fiorentina, Mane and Hot Chicken!

Nish and Pete meet up to talk about all of the latest in LFC football, while eating spicy hot chicken wings at Belle's Hot Chicken. This was the best and worst idea we've had. Enjoy!
The LFC Couch author
29.08.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

307: Red Review | Arsenal, League Cup, Ex-Players, Bury/Bolton & Burnley

On this week's show, Matt and Rich are joined for his debut by Jussi Heikkinen. How did he become a Liverpool fan?Arsenal - Matip magic, was it a pen and Salah supreme. Hot in the Kop. Matty meets Troops from AFTV. Who won the prediction comp? Matty (4...
The LFC Couch author
26.08.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

307: LFC Gun Down Gunners (Again)

Nick Koloski is back from obscurity along site Photoshop master Steve Wilding as they take to the 3:1 win against Arsenal at Anfield. Talking points include Arsenal's performance, our positioning and approach, key players and briefly what's ahead at Bu...
The LFC Couch author
25.08.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

306: Supporting Liverpool families with AHFO

In this quick podcast, Justin Engelbrecht speaks with Kevin Morland, the Founder and Director of An Hour For Others from Liverpool. AHFO asks people to donate their time to help others in need and has Trent Alexander-Arnold as an ambassador. Hear their...
The LFC Couch author
22.08.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

305: Red Review | Southampton, Klopp may retire in 2022 and Arsenal Preview

Matt and Rich are back for their regularly scheduled show - this week they're covering the SOULIV win, ex-players corner, pundits saying Salah will leave in 2020, rumours of Klopp retiring and previewing the Arsenal game! A bumper show for you all.
The LFC Couch author
18.08.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

304: LFC vs Southampton and our amazing African Reds

Nish is joined by Silva from Ghana as they chat about LFC vs Southampton, how we will line up against Arsenal and the realities behind football in Africa. Fascinating conversation that you need to hear.
The LFC Couch author
16.08.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

304: Red Review | Norwich, Super Cup and Lovren on the move?

Rich and Matty are back with another brilliant Red Review, covering all of the latest events in and around the club.
The LFC Couch author
15.08.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

303: Super Cup Triumph against Chelsea!

Nish is joined by Matty Camp from the mean streets of Sydney as we talk about the European Super Cup win over Chelsea on penalties
The LFC Couch author
9.08.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

302: Red Review SUPER EDITION | Preseason, Community Shield, Transfers and Trademarks

Rich and Matty are back with a huge Red Review covering a whole host of topics. Thoroughly enjoyable listen, so get on it as you build up to the PL opener against Norwich.
The LFC Couch author
7.08.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

301: The Last Minute Transfers show

Nish and Steve talk all about the latest last minute transfer news including Eriksen, Coutinho, Dybala, Zaha and much more!
The LFC Couch author
24.07.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

300: Severe Sevilla, Transfer Speculations, Squad for Sporting Lisbon and more

I'm joined by podcast first timer and Scouser Matt David (@David72Matt) to talk pre-season, squad combinations, transfer speculations, Brewster's impressive run and a whole lot more!
The LFC Couch author
8.07.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

299: Red Review | Champions League Glory and a 97 pt season

As the dust settles, Matty and Rich get together to discuss the season gone, including how Rich celebrated with the Reds in Liverpool while Matty was in Madrid. Fantastic pod for all Reds!
The LFC Couch author
2.07.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

298: Transfer Show | European Movers and Shakers

We're into silly season, so let's go over the movers and shakers of the European transfer world, while removing gossip and rumours. Also analyse whether 4-2-3-1 would work for #LFC in the new season.
The LFC Couch author
26.06.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

297: Transfer Targets & Post Season Feels | The Adonii

George is back in Sydney to join up with his partner in crime, Peter "The Coach" Kofinas as the two discuss their reaction to Liverpool winning their SIXTH European Cup alongside transfer plans the Reds could have leading into next season.
The LFC Couch author
3.06.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

296: Champions of Europe! All post-match interviews

Liverpool are again the Champions of Europe after beating Spurs 2-0 in Madrid. Here are all of the post-match interviews from the game, including Klopp, Henderson, Milner, Robertson, Van Dijk, Alisson, Trent and more!
The LFC Couch author
1.06.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

295: All LFC CL pre-match interviews and press-conferences

Stacks full of quality content in this pod, including audio from interviews with Klopp, Salah, Son, Robertson, Trent and a special 1-on-1 interview Klopp does with the BBC. Perfect build-up content for the big final!
The LFC Couch author
31.05.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

294: Controlling The Game, Controlling Emotions and Tactical Battles

An excited and nervous Peter 'The Coach' Kofinas joins a calmer Nick Koloski who look at the suspected game plan and tactics of both teams, how we will look to play and get into the finer details of player roles, all while trying to keep our emotions i...
The LFC Couch author
30.05.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

293: Jurgens Madreds in Madrid

Steve welcomes his good friend Lee onto the couch to discuss all things Champions League. Previous pains, previous joys, this years run to the final and what can we expect in the showpiece game.
The LFC Couch author
29.05.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

292: Analysis Deep-Dive with BabuYagu!

In an era where statistical analysis is becoming more and more prevalent in football, we are privileged to have Stephen Drennan on The Couch to talk all things football, life in Brazil, social media, Spurs and more!
The LFC Couch author
27.05.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

291: Madrid Build-up, Penalty Takers & Reds no longer underdogs

It's only a few days away now until the big Champions League Final between LFC and Spurs, so James and Nish get together to chat about the build-up, answer your questions and predict the outcome.
The LFC Couch author
17.05.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

290: Red Review | Ticket ballot and the big Madrid build-up

Coming up on the pod tonight!1. The last game2. The post match walkabout3. The atmosphere in and around the ground3.5. The new kit4. The ticket ballot. Our experience. Why the allocation is unfair? What can we do about it?5. Preparations for Madrid. Ti...
The LFC Couch author
15.05.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

289: The Adonii | Post Season Recap + UCL Final

The Adonii are reunited home in Oz to reflect, in pride, upon LFC's record breaking 97 point season. We go through the strengths/weaknesses of the season, ponder transfers, and also look forward to our must win UCL Final against Spurs.
The LFC Couch author
10.05.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

288: Red Review | The Origi Propaganda Couch

A jubilant Rich and Matty jump on the Red Review Couch this week to talk Newcastle, Barcelona and all things magic (Origi). Soak it up, Reds, we know you'll love this one.
The LFC Couch author
8.05.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

287: We're going to MADRID! Full-time scenes and interviews

Liverpool turn around a 3 goal deficit to beat Barcelona at Anfield 4-3 on aggregate and book their place in the Champions League Final. Here are the full time scenes, the Anfield YNWA and Klopp's post-match press conference.
The LFC Couch author
5.05.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

286: Post-Match Interviews | Newcastle beaten at the death

Klopp, Rafa, Origi, Trent, Carragher and Neville give their opinions on #LFC's tough win away against #NUFC. Pod also includes full audio of Klopp's post-match press conference.
The LFC Couch author
4.05.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

285: Cafe Couch | Can BR win us the league?

I'm joined by my friend and huge Red, Nick Desilas, in a cafe to chat about Rodgers vs City, tonight's #NEWLIV clash, potential lineups and whether we can still beat Barca!
The LFC Couch author
2.05.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

284: Red Review | Barcelona First Leg Misery

Rich and Matty jump on the Couch to talk about a disappointing result in the first leg of the #UCL semi-final against #FCB. It's not what we hoped, but there are 2 legs and therefore there is always a chance!
The LFC Couch author
29.04.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

283: Virgil Van Dijk Propaganda Couch

It's a huge pod today with James, Nish, Pete and Steve all on the Couch tonight talking Virgil being PFA POTY, Sterling the oldest youngster in football, Huddersfield 5-0 win, and Barca to come!
The LFC Couch author
27.04.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

282: *SPECIAL* Pod with Nish's dad

I’ve spoken a few times about where my love for LFC has come from, my dad, when he moved to Liverpool in the 70’s. Tonight I chat with him about that time and his love for the club.
The LFC Couch author
25.04.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

281: Red Review | Stateside Salah, De Gea failure & Cardiff

It’s Wednesday night in the UK, it’s Anzac Day in Australia and this is the Red Review.Coming up on the podcast tonight:Liverpool bag another 0-2 victory away to Cardiff City we look back at Sunday’s game at the Cardiff City StadiumMo Salah has been in...
The LFC Couch author
23.04.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

280: Cardiff scores more goals than Warnock has eyebrows

Nick, Nish and Steve catch up to discuss #LFC beating Cardiff by 2 goals to 0, dry pitches, Wijnaldum away game heroics, Salah penalties and more!
The LFC Couch author
19.04.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

279: Porto done, next Cardiff!

Another quick-fire pod from Nish which includes interviews with Sadio Mane and Jordan Henderson, also Klopp's post match press conference audio. Give it a listen, a like and a share with your fellow Reds.
The LFC Couch author
18.04.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

278: Red Review Weekly | Plastics, Portos and Kit Launches

Matty and Rich discuss Chelsea, Porto, all the champions league ties and the new kit launch tomorrow
The LFC Couch author
15.04.2019 https://files.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/podcast_2386/podcast_media/49dbd8-lfcpc-podcast-logo-2.JPG

277: Reds romp home against Chelsea!

A glorious day at Anfield as the Reds beat Chelsea to exorcise some demons. Nish gives you his thoughts along with press conference audio and interviews with Klopp, Mo Salah and Trent Alexander-Arnold #LIVCHE
The LFC Couch author