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News from the conservation front, interviews with environmental thinkers. Covering policy, ecology, politics, economy, education and quite literally the entire world. And fish.

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WCBN's environmental talk show. News from the conservation front, interviews with environmental thinkers. Covering policy, ecology, politics, economy, education and quite literally the entire world. And fish.
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Food Summit Recap

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn-2012-04-30-120001-EDT.mp3) (Skip through first part of audio to get to show start!) We hosted this conversation with Shannon Brines, Jason Frenzel, and Lucas DiGia, organizers of the April 2012 Local Food Summit. How did ...
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Bird Geek Show!

  Listen Here! Listen to this bird-tastic episode of “It’s Hot in Here Radio” with special guest Taylor Forrest of the UM Ornithological Society….complete with bird trivia, sound-bites of Michigan birds, and resources to get started with bird-watching!
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Environmental Ethics + Religion

  Listen Here! (Skip through first part of audio to get to beginning of show…) NOTE: In this episode, we erroneously reported that Bill McKibben left…this is not true! It was an April Fool’s joke that Laura mistook for truth. Please accept our ...
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Journalism and Environment

Listen Here! why is the news so depressing? can we trust the media to accurately report on environmental affairs? what will/should the future of environmental news + journalism be? Join Kat Superfisky (SNRE) + special guest co-host Phil D’Anieri (famou...
WCBN author

The Localization Reader: Adapting to the Coming Downshift

Audio: Download audio file (wcbn-2012-02-20-120001-EST.mp3) (Scroll past the first 1:30 to get to beginning of show) Join us for this in-depth preview of the recently released book: “The Localization Reader: Adapting to the Coming Downshift.” Dr. Raymo...
WCBN author

House Greening

Listen here:Download audio file (wcbn-2012-02-06-120001-EST.mp3) (Fast forward through the first 10 seconds or so to get to start of show!) Matt Grocoff and Joe Trumpey are were the HOUSE today! Co-hosts Rebecca Hardin and Laura Smith conversed with Ma...
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2012 ReSkilling Festival Preview

Listen Here:Download audio file (wcbn-2012-01-23-120001-EST.mp3) (Fast forward through the first 10 seconds or so to get to start of show!) Dying to learn how to preserve food, keep bees, meditate or craft string from bark????? Please join us on the ra...
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Groundcover News and Uganda

Audio:Download audio file (wcbn-2012-01-09-120001-EST.mp3) January 9th show with Susan, Rissa, and Marquise of Ann Arbor’s Groundcover News! Later, an interview with Jennifer about her research in Uganda.
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Consumption, Hoarding, Tight-wad Show

Listen Here:Download audio file (wcbn-2011-12-19-120001-EST.mp3) (Show starts 2 minutes at 35 seconds into the recording!) Consumption is necessary for survival but also produces negative consequences for human health, society, and the environment. Res...
WCBN author

Poverty and Sustainability: Lessons from (and in) Detroit

Listen Here (Fast forward through the first minute until you get to start of the show!) Delray is one of Detroit’s most impoverished neighborhoods. It is a long-time victim to city planning efforts, sits in the most polluted zip code in the state of Mi...
WCBN author

Turkeys, Travel and Teleportation

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn-2011-11-21-120001-EST.mp3) (scroll through the first minute and 25 seconds until you get to the show start!) Just in time for the mass exodus from Ann Arbor, SNRE’s own Shelie Miller, a specialist in life cycle assessment...
WCBN author

Environment, Information, and Sustainable Development: the Africa-Asia Nexus

AudioDownload audio file (hotinhere_hour.mp3) From oil wars to heroic computer geeks to strapping GPS devices on cows… Join us for this interview with recently hired faculty in the cluster for research and teaching on “Environment, Information, and Sus...
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Talkin’ GMO’s with Jeffrey Smith

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn-2011-10-10-120001-EDT.mp3)   Wondering about all this hype and controversy around GMO’s? “It’s Hot in Here Radio” presents an hour of GMO talk, punctuated with some catchy tunes, including, yes, a rap song about GMO’s. Mi...
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UM Campus Sustainability Variety Show

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn-2011-09-26-120001-EDT_VarietyShow.mp3) Sick of environmental talk being so gloomy-n-doomy? Wish you knew more about what sustainability-related initiatives and events were happening on U-M’s campus? Been hankering for som...
WCBN author

Homegrown Festival Preview

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20110905.mp3) The righteous Laura Miesler joined us in the studio to chat about the upcoming, also righteous, Homegrown Festival(!) Listen to that conversation here…along with some great tunes by bands that will be at the ...
WCBN author

SELMA Cafe, Farmer Fund, 20 in 20, Tilian, and more!

Audio Part 1Download audio file (wcbn20110613part1.mp3) Audio Part 2Download audio file (wcbn20110613part2.mp3) Well first at the start of the show we tried (epic fail) to talk to Scott Brines about the proposed new bridge / international crossing that...
WCBN author

May 23: Change. Chicken. Curiosity. Clean Air.

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20110523.mp3) Join us this week as we check-in and chat change with Kat Superfisky in Brooklyn, John Harnois on his farm in Whitmore Lake, Emily Plews in Columbus, and Michelle Martinez in Detroit! Bam! Lessons Learned The...
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May 16th: A Conversation with Michelle Martinez of the Sierra Club

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20110516.mp3) The Sierra Club‘s not just about birds anymore. Join us, as we talk fish, hair, toxics, green jobs, energy, environmental justice and more with Michelle Martinez, former UM School of Natural Resources and Env...
WCBN author

May 9th: Beth Diamond (in the back)

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20110509.mp3) This week we talk Earth Art, Detroit’s Heidleberg Project, liminality, and jam to some stone cold grooves with Beth Diamond. Beth Diamond An Actual Diamond (No Blood was Shed during the Cutting and Pasting of...
WCBN author

May 2: Rain, Fish, Prostitution and (of course) Nasal Irrigation

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20110502.mp3)
WCBN author

Eco-Mendable Actions: A Conversation with PitE Students

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20110425.mp3) This week on the program, we found some rays of sunshine on a rainy day.  Kadie McShirley and Lindsay, two students from the Program in the Environment, joined us in the studio to share their most recent proj...
WCBN author

Why do we Waste?

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20110418.mp3) We chatted with UM doctoral student about his year-long experiment to go trash-free. See audio link to show below, and learn about how he managed this experiment, blogged about it, and inspired others in the ...
WCBN author

Energy, Budgets and Birds (Oh My!)

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20110411.mp3) Join us for the debut of IHIH’s newest co-hosts Laura (Lolo Smith) and Kat (Superfly) Superfisky! Kerry Duggan, Senior Advisor, Legislative Affairs, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, U.S. Department o...
WCBN author

April 4th Arborama Show

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20110404.mp3)
WCBN author

She’s Superfisky, Yeah!

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20110331.mp3)
WCBN author

$hare the Love: IHIH Fundrai$er Edition

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20110314.mp3) Get in$pired, pick up the phone and pledge your donation @ 734.763.3500. Or, donate online here! Bonu$ Alert: Your donation get$ you some $uper cool WCBN $wag. Like this hot Abe T-shirt for your gift of only ...
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Beat the Winter Blues! Come on Get Happy!

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20110228.mp3)
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Ann Arbor Winter 2011 Reskilling Festival

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20110131.mp3) Want to feel more satisfied in your day-to-day?  Always been curious about home funerals/permaculture/meditation/bread-yogurt-kombucha-making/wild winter medicines/getting your garden going, et al? Then liste...
WCBN author

EvoValuation, the Greening of Detroit’s Downtown Synagogue and Some Wise Words from MLK Jr.

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20110117.mp3)
WCBN author

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

Download audio file (wcbn-2011-01-03-120001-EST1.mp3)
WCBN author

Nourishing Traditions and Lacto Fermentation

Download audio file (AnnArborCalled-ep1-128.mp3) Jeff, David, and Mark interview Francis Farmer about Dr. Weston A. Price, a UM grad who studied healthy traditional people.  We learn about how the microflora in our guts are an integral part of our life...
WCBN author

COP16 Perspectives and NWAEG

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20101206.mp3)
WCBN author

Getting Fresh

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20101129.mp3) Noam Kimelman of Get Fresh Detroit joins us in the studio to talk about food access in Detroit and his new initiative to put fresh fruits and vegetables in corner stores all over the city. Then we get a call ...
WCBN author

Hello, Wello

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20101122.mp3) We’re joined in the studio by Cynthia Koenig of Wello, a social venture committed to bringing safe, potable water to the people who need it most.  Guest co-host Emily Plews helps us figure out why gratitude i...
WCBN author

Talkin’ Turkey with John Harnois of Harnois Farms

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20101115.mp3) Listen in and let  John Harnois of Harnois Farms put you in the mood for the most delicious secular holiday of the year – THANKSGIVING! John hand-raises happy, healthy and sometimes heritage turkeys, chickens...
WCBN author

Get Fermented with David Klingenberger of The Brinery

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20101108.mp3) Global economic meltdown got you down? Then listen in and let David Klingenberger CFO (Chief Fermentation Officer) of Ann Arbor’s own The Brinery stimulate your inner economy. After an exxxtraspecial call-in ...
WCBN author

Election Edition: Vote

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20101101.mp3) Failure to vote is not a protest, it’s just lazy. Tune in to get a sense of the mood in DC – hear from the Michigan League of Conservation Voters on who’s greenest on your ballot – from Emily/Judy about the r...
WCBN author

October 25 show

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20101025.mp3)
WCBN author

Great Lakes, Green Jobs: Environmental Justice, Clean Jobs, and Activism

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20101018.mp3) This just in: the Detroit Incinerator is officially shut down and the Beehive Collective is soon coming to town! Tune into It’s Hot in Here, Monday from 12-1 on 88.3 WCBN-FM-Ann Arbor, or
WCBN author

Real Time Farms dot com!

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20101011.mp3) Karl and Cara of join us live in the studio to tell us about all the goings on around supporting real time information regarding local food and farms.
WCBN author

Ten-Ten-Ten and more reasons to celebrate it!

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20101004.mp3) 10/10/10 is just under a week away, and if the fact that the day, month, and year are all the same number isn’t enough reason for you to get out of the house, Bill McKibben’s International Day of Acti...
WCBN author

Appalachia rising

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20100927.mp3) Our friend Rachel Long joins us in studio to tell us about the grassroots efforts working to end mountaintop removal coal mining in Appalachia.
WCBN author

Like a Living Stone

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20100920.mp3) We’re joined by Amy Heath of Living Stones Community, a farm that partners with the Michigan Prisoner Re-entry Initiative to help returning citizens get back on their feet.  We talk about good food and good w...
WCBN author

Labor Day show

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20100906.mp3) A Labor Day show.
WCBN author

A show about hot things

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20100830.mp3) Gina and Rachel talk paganism, wildfires, Canada vs. USA for the title of environmental hero/villain, and urban transit on this hot, hot afternoon.  We’re joined on the phone line by Rachel Wells of CLEAR Cor...
WCBN author

Tar Sands: Not Just for Dinosaurs& Prehistoric Mammals

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20100823.mp3) Petropolis website Hugh tells us all about the Alberta tar sands, which some say are the second biggest oil reserve in the world after the Saudi oil fields.  We started on the crenellated* fjords of the Briti...
WCBN author

A Travel Themed Show

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20100816.mp3) Gillian Ream, co-founder of Michigan Agritours, joins us in the studio to talk about bikes, beers, and the joys of local agritourism.  Plus What’s in Season (kohlrabi!), Sarah’s Sustainable Choices (planes, t...
WCBN author

How to Stay Cool When You’re So Hot

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20100809part1.mp3) Audio Part 2Download audio file (wcbn20100809part2.mp3) Listen in to welcome IHIH’s newest co-hostess Sarah – and stay for summer tunes and sustainable strategies to stay cool when you’re so (darn) hot. ...
WCBN author

Reunion Radio with the Founders of the

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20100726part1.mp3) Audio Part 2Download audio file (wcbn20100726part2.mp3) It’s summer. You’re hot. We’re hot.  And guess what? We’ve missed you! Join the It’s Hot in Here family LIVE or LATER for an exxxtraspecial IHIH Re...
WCBN author

Real Time Farms& US Social Forum update

AudioDownload audio file (wcbn20100607.mp3) Join Jeffrey Green Bean, Rachel Chadderdon, and DJ Local as they talk with Karl and Cara of Real Time Farms about their recently launched and amazingly fun website that provides real time updates regarding fa...
WCBN author