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During each 30 minute episode, your host, Geek John M Knight interviews geeks of all kinds.

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Episode 8, Scott Maxwell

Big Bang Theory? Fiction folks – this man is the REAL deal. In the future, I believe Scott Maxwell’s contributions to space exploration will be more than a mere footnote in a history book somewhere. He’s a natural story teller with an eye on what’s imp...
John M Knight author

EPISODE 7, Brian Kesinger

Hey everyone! If you didn’t think I could geek out anymore on this show.. well you are about to be proven wrong. One day while I was surfing the Internet, I found some of the most amazing steampunk art that simply blew my mind. These fanciful and beaut...
John M Knight author

Episode 6, Clare Grant

This show is all about celebrating the Geek. There are many types of geeks and I like to talk to people who are not afraid to geek out and be proud. Clare is without a doubt the type of geek to geek out with the best of them. Who is this Clare Grant yo...
John M Knight author

Episode 5, thefourmonkeys

Hi again everyone! This interview is a bit different, even for this show. When I started asking people to be on the show, people who I thought were cool, geeky and all around awesome, I never imagined I’d be sharing an interview and not be able to shar...
John M Knight author

Episode 4, Jody Ellen

After more than three months of getting my act together, I was finally able to sit down and interview the talented Jody Ellen. Now many geeks may know Jody from her singing with the Steampunk band Abney Park, however, many more will probably be introdu...
John M Knight author

Episode 3, Marian Call

This week I had the great privilege of speaking to Alaskan singer and songwriter Marian Call.  Oh, did I mention she’s a Browncoat too? Sometime ago I discovered Marian’s work from her album Got To Fly, which is an album inspired by some of my favorite...
John M Knight author

Episode 2, Melissa Saltzman

In this episode I interview my friend, the clever and funny Melissa Saltzman.  An engineer by day and geek by night, Melissa spends time talking with me about anime, cosplay and cons. Like my previous interview, this one had its share of technical diff...
John M Knight author

Episode 1, Jessica Mills

In this episode I interview the lovely and extremely talented Jessica Mills. An actress and producer on the web-series Awkward Embraces, Jessica spends time talking with me about her career, Star Trek, comic books and ways for geeks to meet other geeks...
John M Knight author