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Mariners Feb 26

Spring Training is under way, and Paden Moreno and I cannot be more excited for baseball, no matter how watered down. Big topic for this show: The projected opening day lineup. The biggest surprise? Justin Smoak. Enjoy the show, cheers!

Mariners offseason recap

Paden Moreno joins the show to discuss Mariners, and only Mariners. Seattle has hopes in Felix Hernandez, Smoak Monsters and 47 outfielders before the 2013 season. Cheers

NBA 11.9

Trevor White joins the show to talk basketball and movies. We also dive into nicknames and how bad the Jets are. This episode begins our series into the art of sports movies. If you have ideas for a show, tweet @JeffBudke!


Producer Ben returns! The MLS playoffs, as crazy as they are, have arrived. Ben and Jeff enjoy some awesome soccer talk, enjoy! @bnslgr and @jeffbudke

College Football 11.1

Jeff Maison joins the show to discuss LSU Alabama, Oregon USC, and George Lucas! Also, brother Jefe updates everyone on Michigan State football

NBA Preview

Trevor White and Josh Norquist return in an epic three way NBA preview that will leave you breathless. We discuss the James Harden trade, Lakers, Celtics, Heat and make our Finals picks for the upcoming season. Enjoy

College Football 10.19

The Insider Steve and I talk college football, including Notre Dame's rise to national prominence, the possibilities behind the BCS top 5 shakeup, and the Oregon State Beavers.

NFL Week 7

Jeff talks football with Steve Silver, including the Seahawks, Jets, Dolphins, the legitimacy of Jim Harbough and more!

Blazers Podcast

An all Blazers podcast with "The President" Joshua Norquist. We discuss the Blazers off-season moves, Los Angeles Lakers hatred, and Damian Lillard man-crushes.

Cascadia Cup

New guest Josh Phillips joins the show to discuss the Seattle Sounders, Vancouver Whitecaps, and Portland Timbers in an all MLS podcast, mostly Cascadia Cup related. Enjoy

Olympics, Violence, Batman

Olympic coverage with Trevor White and Jeff Budke, no one calls out Ryan Lochte on his "Gronk-ness" the way we do. Also, we talk about the violence of movies like The Watch and Batman and their affects on society. Wrap up with Batman, The Campaign and ...

Trade Deadline

Join Dave and Jeff as we talk Ryan Dempster, Hunter Pence, Shane Victorino and more! Even Ryan Roberts makes the cut. Also, later this week, Trevor White will join the show to give all of his supporters an update on Halation and the Olympics.

Ichiro Emergency

Jeff Budke and Dave Garig discuss the trading of a Seattle legend, WAR, Mike Trout and baseball in general. enjoy

June 1

Trevor White joins host Jeff Budke to talk basketball and movies. The most important being the most recent Trevor White film, Halation, which will be released Fall 2012.

Sports Haven: Trevor White

Trevor White comes onto the show to talk movies and basketball. Movie reviews include 'Cabin in the Woods', 'Avengers' and more. 17 minute mark begins movie segment. Notes: Jeff doesn't know who the birdman is, or when the Spurs won it all.

Sports Haven: Baseball Preview

Host Jeff Budke, Producer Ben, and guest Dave Gerig predict and discuss the upcoming MLB season and which teams will finish on top