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We talk about many genres of the paranormal. Ghosts, UFO's, Cryptids, Psychics, Mediums, and much more. We're also on FM radio based in Cincinnati, Ohio on Friday nights at 8pm on 95.7 FM.
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The Gil House

The Gil House, found in Galion, Ohio, is reported to be haunted. Staff and visitors have reported seeing things, feeling like they're being watched, hearing footsteps and much more. The property has a rich and varied history, having been a private hom...
Inside The Paranormal author

Michael Esposito - EVP and Audio Specialist

Thursday 6.27.13 we'll have audio and EVP expert Michael Esposito joining us live. We'll be talking about voice mapping, audio filtering, possible sources of voices recorded during an EVP session and much more. If you're a paranormal enthusiast, this i...
Inside The Paranormal author

UFOs - MUFON - Crop Circles

Thursday 6.20.13 tune in to hear our conversation with the Ohio Lead Investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Thomas Wertman. Listen in as we talk about the events that have unfolded over the last year or so, and what secrets the NSA Leaker may ...
Inside The Paranormal author

Poasttown School - The Aftermath

Poasttown Elementary School, located near Middletown, Ohio, has been the source of much activity over the past year. But how much of that activity is paranormal related? In the aftermath of a huge, public fight with Aron Houdini, owner Darrell Whisman ...
Inside The Paranormal author

ELF and the paranormal

Thursday we'll be talking about ELF, and some other uncommon and forgotten parts to the paranormal world that have real science explanations. Many homes and locations have issues that we're going to discuss, yet more than 90% of paranormal investigator...
Inside The Paranormal author

Triad Spirit Investigations

Live Thursday 5.23.13 at 7pm Eastern Triad Spirit Investigations from Maryland will be our guests. Former members of the AdventureMyths team, Vicki and Dusty have formed their new team (having brought in new member Shelly) and have already been a force...
Inside The Paranormal author

Tennessee Wraith Chasers- Ghostland Tennessee

Meet the Tennessee Wraith Chasers from the new Animal Planet show called Ghostland Tennessee. Join David Porter and other team members as they talk about filming for television, developing their own experimental devices and other methods and ideas they...
Inside The Paranormal author

Shadow Hunters Paranormal

Join us tonight as we speak with and introduce you to Cincinnati's Shadow Hunters Paranormal. Learn about their methods, their experiences and some of the great locations they've been. Tune in at 7pm Eastern! You can also read all about them at their w...
Inside The Paranormal author

Ghost Hunt IR

So your team wants a Flir thermal camera, but they are too expensive? If you had one, would you   really know how to use it, interpret the images you captured anyway? Many folks think it's simple look for the hot and cold spots, but there is SO much mo...
Inside The Paranormal author

Gettysburg Paranormal Association

The Cornerstone Paranormal team put together a trip to Gettysburg for April 11-13th. In anticipation of that trip, we invited the Gettysburg Paranormal Association to join us and tell us about some of the experiences that other paranormal investigators...
Inside The Paranormal author

Psychic / Medium Victor Paruta

Our guest will be Psychic Medium Victor Paruta. Featured on television, radio and at various events, Victor has earned a reputation as an insightful person with good accuracy. He also founded the Victory of Light more than 20 years ago and has grown th...
Inside The Paranormal author

Roads Hotel

This episode we will talk to one of the owners of the Roads Hotel in Atlanta, Indiana. Now a privately owned location that is on the National Historical Register, the Roads Hotel has a varied and storied history. As we speak to Chris, we'll learn about...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - Western Kentucky University

Tonight we speak with Tamela, part of the PR department at WKU in Bowling Green University. We'll talk about an astounding 10 buildings of activity that have been experienced by students and staff, but never by experienced paranormal investigators. Tun...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - Screaming Eagles Paranormal Society

Our guests are active duty US Army soldiers (and their families) from the Ft Campbell base in Southern Ky/Northern Tenn area. The Screaming Eagle Paranormal Society (named after the famed 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles) are a unique team. Formed knowi...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - Ghost Hunt IR

Tonight is a special edition of Inside The Paranormal. We'll be just finishing the certification course with Kentucky Thermal for their Certified Thermographer course with many other stars of the paranormal. We'll be meeting many of these stars and sta...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal Sedamsville Rectory

Tonight we talk about the Sedamsville Rectory, our 2 nights there with Ben Hansen and the Lost Limbs Foundation. What did we see moving not once, but twice? We caught it on video once, Ben Hansen saw it with his own eyes once.  Don't miss out!
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - Paranormal Nights Cincinnati

Our guests tonight are the investigators from the Cincinnati based team Paranormal Nights. They can be found at and on Inside The Paranormal at 9pm Eastern!
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - Lost Limbs Foundation

Tonight we'll be talking to Mike Couch, Founder of the Lost Limbs Foundation ( Why are we featuring a charity on a paranormal show? We're glad you asked! Fist, the LLF is an awesome charity doing work for those who have los...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - First Ward School

Tune in as we talk with the owners of the First Ward School in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin to talk about the activity going on at their school. A large building with multiple reports of activity, be one of the first teams to go an investigate this loca...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - Psychic Medium Victor Paruta

Tonight we speak with Psychic Medium Victor Paruta from Cincinnati. He's been featured on mainstream talk shows like The View and is the 20 yr founder and operator of the Victory of Light event in the Cincinnati area. We'll be asking Victor about being...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - Paranormal Hot Squad

Tonight we talk with Jodie from the Paranormal Hot Squad. Having won their episode on Paranormal Challenge at "La Purisima" in California, the team has taken off. However, with fame comes the inevitable pitfalls. Listen in as we discuss all the good, a...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal

We talk about Ghosts, Psychics, Mediums, Wiccans, UFO's, Cryptozoology, Skeptics, Authors, Healers, TV shows about the paranormal, and many other  not-so-normal topics. On any given night, we have live guests from these genres, so tune in, call in, Sky...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - MUFON interview

Tonight we air our interview with MUFON Executive Director David MacDonald. This interview was recorded on 4/5/2012 at his office at the Mutual UFO Network world headquarters at Lunken Airfield in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our conversation covers many topics ...
Inside The Paranormal author

Ghost Detectives

Tonight we feature the Ghost Detectives!
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - Victoria Rickett of AdventureMyths

This week we are talking to Victoria Ricketts of AdventureMyths! Don't miss out hearing how this team goes about creating DVD's and documentaries and why they do it (spoiler: They do it all FREE). Why? Tune in and listen to the new voice of the Adventu...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - Parapalooza 2012 Gettysburg Live!

We're broadcasting live from Parapalooza 2012 in Gettysburg, Pa. Stay tuned live for Chip Coffey, Ben Hansen and many more great stars of the paranormal.
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - Live from Phenomeology in Gettysburg

We're broadcasting live while at Parapalooza 2012. Don't miss our interviews with some of the most interesting people in the paranormal field!
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - Author, Researcher Jeff Morris

Jeff Morris & Michael Morris founded Miamitown Ghost Tours in 2006 and currently operate seasonal tours as well as co-host a paranormal radio show together. In the fall, Jeff has produced the Miamitown Paranormal Harvest Festival in order to revita...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - Kimberly and Chris

For this episode we talk to Kimberly Huddle Brouillette and Chris Matheny. They have their own talk show, so for tonight we're going to turn the microphones on them to pick their brains, have a few laughs and see if we can accidentally educate ourselve...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - Stan Romanek - Harrison House BnB

Tonight we have two guests - Stan Romanek, alien contactee, author and speaker. Hear about his encounters, live, in his own words. Stan will be featured from 9-930 EST, and Lynn from 930-10pm EST, We'll also be featuring Lynn, owner and host of the Ha...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - Keith Age

Syfy Channel's Spooked TV star Keith Age is our guest on Tuesday Feb 28th. If you've never been around Keith, you're in for a treat with his no-nonsense attitude about paranormal investigations. His direct approach sometimes causes a stir, but that's w...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - Micara Link

We'll be talking to Micara Link, live from South Dakota. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Intutive Counselor and Soul Coach. Ms. Link will be our first healing practitioner featured on the show and we're very excited she has agreed to join in for a segme...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - Southern Ohio Paranormal

Valentine's Day, we'll be talking to Southern Ohio Paranormal Investigators, based out of Washington Court House, Ohio. We'll be talking about some of the places they've been, some of their experiences and their event coming up soon at the haunted Poas...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal - Bill Bean Episode

Our guest tonight is Bill Bean. Author, speaker, paranormal investigator all rolled up into one. Check out his book Dark Force and listen live Tuesday night at 9pm!
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal

Tonight's guest is Jeff Hilling, author of a book about the 1967 Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot incident. You've seen the video clip, it's been on the web and countless television shows. Now, hear the man who wrote the book, and decide for yourself if Bigfoo...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal

Tonight we're talking about what it takes to become a paranormal investigator. What to expect, how much time is really involved, how much money will you put into the field and much more. If you're looking to join a team, or start your own, this episode...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal

Tonight we're talking to Tom Fusco, from Behind the Cosmic Veil ( Check out his site then join us for some rather interesting conversation. Join in via phone, Skype or Chat!
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal

This episode we're going back in time, and in the world of movies and television. We're going to talk about some of the movies and some of the paranormal theories and beliefs that were present back before being a ghost hunter was the cool thing to do. ...
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal

Psychic Medium Chip Coffey Interview
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal

Ghost Hunter International's Barry Fitzgerald interview
Inside The Paranormal author

Inside The Paranormal

Interview with Ghost Hunter's Britt Griffith
Inside The Paranormal author