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Hear the staff and friends of Environmental Defense Fund weigh on on the most pressing environmental issues.

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Hear the staff and friends of Environmental Defense Fund weigh in on the most pressing environmental issues.
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California: Ground zero for climate action

Even as the Trump administration tries to roll back climate and clean air protections, many states are moving forward with ambitious programs. California has been at the frontlines of climate action, passing tough targets and standards, with plans to g...
Insider Podcast author

Rising together to protect and defend our environment under the Trump administration

From slashing EPA’s budget to rolling back critical safeguards, policies emerging from the Trump administration and Congress threaten people’s lives, their health, and the future of our planet. Click the link below to hear a conversation with some of E...
Insider Podcast author

Oceans can be healthier, even with climate change

New research by EDF and academic partners gives hope Most of the world’s fisheries can yield more fish, food and prosperity with effective management—even in the face of climate change, according to new research by Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and ...
Insider Podcast author

Mobilizing for progress under a Trump administration

Big wins with states and corporations shine a light forward President-elect Trump’s pick to run the EPA, Scott Pruitt, has built his career trying to undermine the agency’s mission of environmental protection. EDF will ferociously defend America’s bedr...
Insider Podcast author

ELECTION 2016: What it means for the environment

The unusual and unpredictable 2016 election is finally over. What will the new President and Congress mean for the future of our planet? Click the link below for an analysis of the vote from EDF senior staff joined by Republican and Democratic insiders...
Insider Podcast author

The 2016 Election and Beyond: What's at stake for the environment

An update from the EDF Political Team This year’s campaign season has been unique and historic. But what does it mean for the environment? Click below to hear our perspective on Campaign 2016 where we will take a look at the important constituencies we...
Insider Podcast author

Finally, a safer chemical law

Congress recently passed, by an overwhelming bipartisan majority, the most important environmental legislation in two decades. The Lautenberg Act, which the president signed into law on June 22nd, finally overhauls a broken chemical safety system that ...
Insider Podcast author

More fish, more food, more prosperity

New study shows most world fisheries can recover in 10 years Environmental Defense Fund and academic partners have published groundbreaking new research showing that, with better fishing practices, most of the world’s fisheries could rebound within 10 ...
Insider Podcast author

How can we grow more food with less pollution?

Fertilizer is the engine of agriculture, but overuse pollutes our water and climate. How do we feed a growing population sustainably without harming our environment? Join us to learn how EDF is working with farmers, food companies and others across the...
Insider Podcast author

The sensor revolution: Turning information into action

Sensors are already generating mountains of data: Drones follow monkeys to track malaria outbreaks; robots capture round-the-clock information from the ocean floor; rickshaw-mounted sensors measure air pollution on the streets of New Delhi; citizens tr...
Insider Podcast author

Update on Massive Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Leak

How did this happen? How can we keep it from happening again? The huge methane plume from the Alison Canyon natural gas leak so far has forced more than 2,300 people to relocate, closed two schools, and caused near-term climate damage equal to driving ...
Insider Podcast author