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The big dinosaur podcast. News, interviews, and discussions about dinosaurs. Are you a dinosaur enthusiast? Learn more at https://www.patreon.com/iknowdino.
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Shuvuuia - Episode 237

Dinosaur of the day Shuvuuia, a Mongolian alvarezsaurid that was probably covered in dino fuzz. Interview with David Armsby, the creator of the YouTube channel Dead Sound. You may have seen his excellent short animated movie Sharp Teeth. If you haven't...

Gargoyleosaurus - Episode 236

Dinosaur of the day Gargoyleosaurus, a Jurassic ankylosaur from Wyoming. Check out our new Parasaurolophus gear at bit.ly/iknowdinostore In dinosaur news this week: A new Late Jurassic sauropod named Oceanotitan was described from Portugal A new study...

Talarurus - Episode 235

Dinosaur of the day Talarurus, the "wicker tailed" ankylosaurid from Mongolia. Interview with Brian Engh, a paleoartist, who has illustrated many of the recent dinosaur finds including Aquilops, Dynamoterror, and Invictarx, to name a few. He also makes...

Agathaumas - Episode 234

Get our new gear at bit.ly/iknowdinostore Dinosaur of the day Agathaumas, the ceratopsid that was a ceratopsid before we knew what ceratopsids were. In dinosaur news this week: A single wing of Alcmonavis, the larger cousin of Archaeopteryx was descri...

Chungkingosaurus - Episode 233

Check out our new Parasaurolophus gear on TeePublic! bit.ly/iknowdinostore Dinosaur of the day Chungkingosaurus, one of the smallest known stegosaurs. Interview with Andrew McDonald, curator and an educator at the Western Science Center in Hemet, Calif...

Indosuchus - Episode 232

Dinosaur of the day Indosuchus, an Indian abelisaurid from the Late Cretaceous. In dinosaur news this week: The foot of a new dinosaur, Imperobator antarcticus, was found in Antarctica Xingtianosaurus ganqi was found in China and named after a headles...

Haestasaurus - Episode 231

Dinosaur of the day Haestasaurus, a sauropod whose arm was originally thought to be from a carnivorous marine reptile. Interview with Steve Brusatte, Paleontologist at The University of Edinburgh. Before moving to the UK he spent several years at the A...

Jeholosaurus - Episode 230

Dinosaur of the day Jeholosaurus, a cute little ornithopod from northeastern China. In dinosaur news this week: Amazing skin detail was preserved in one inch long theropod tracks in South Korea A new study shows that Dinosaurs didn't evolve thick eggs...

Rhoetosaurus - Episode 229

Dinosaur of the day Rhoetosaurus, a sauropod from Queensland, Australia that has been pieced together over 50+ years. Interview with Darrin Pagnac, associate professor of geology and geological engineering at the South Dakota School of Mines & Tech...

Gigantspinosaurus - Episode 228

Dinosaur of the day Gigantspinosaurus, a stegosaur (not a spinosaur) with large shoulder spines. In dinosaur news this week: The day that wiped out the dinosaurs was captured in a 1.3m layer of flood water, fossilized fish, and raining tektites Accord...

Incisivosaurus - Episode 227

Dinosaur of the day Incisivosaurus, a small dinosaur with rodent-like front teeth. Interview with Alida Bailleul, who recently described a dinosaur fossil with an unlaid egg clearly in its abdomen. Her research focuses on microscopic structure of dinos...

Kaatedocus - Episode 226

Dinosaur of the day Kaatedocus , the smaller cousin of Diplodocus and Barosaurus. In dinosaur news this week: A new basal ornithopod with skinny arms, Mahuidacursor lipanglef, was described in Argentina A hadrosaur was found in Montana with marks show...

Atlascopcosaurus - Episode 225

Dinosaur of the day Atlascopcosaurus, an Early Cretaceous iguanodont from southern Australia. We also interviewed Michael D'Emic, Assistant Professor of Biology at Adelphi University. He has studied dinosaur body size evolution, bone tissues, and teeth...

Dromaeosaurus - Episode 224

Dinosaur of the day Dromaeosaurus, the bigger badder cousin of velociraptor with a bite about three times as strong. In dinosaur news this week: A new baby oviraptorid, Gobiraptor minutus, from Cretaceous Mongolia that may have eaten bivalves The firs...

Nodosaurus - Episode 223

Dinosaur of the day Nodosaurus, the original member of Nodosauridae (the clade of ankylosaurs without tail clubs). Interview with Thomas Hopp, scientist, inventor, lecturer, and author. He’s written a number of short stories and novels, including the s...

Mei long - Episode 222

Dinosaur of the day Mei long, the "soundly sleeping dragon" from China. In dinosaur news this week: A new Iguanodontian, Pareisactus evrostos, was found in Spain with an extra thick shoulder blade A roughly three-year-old early Saurischian, Nhandumiri...

Dromiceiomimus - Episode 221

Dinosaur of the day Dromiceiomimus, likely one of the fastest dinosaurs of the Mesozoic. Interview with Eric Przybyszewski, a student at Montana State University’s Depart of Earth Sciences and researcher at Two Medicine Dinosaur Center in Bynum, Monta...

Mussaurus - Episode 220

Dinosaur of the day Mussaurus, the "mouse lizard" sauropodomorph from Argentina. In dinosaur news this week: A new Amargasaurus relative, Bajadasaurus, was described with some amazing neck spines A dinosaur foot including feathers and scutes was found...

Nedoceratops - Episode 219

Dinosaur of the day Nedoceratops, the lesser known ceratopsian in the Triceratops vs Torosaurus debate. Interview with Denver Fowler & Liz Freedman Fowler, paleontologists who work at the Badlands Dinosaur Museum. Denver is the curator. Liz is an ...

Mononykus - Episode 218

Dinosaur of the day Mononykus, an Alvarezsaurid with tiny arms but big claws that lived in the Late Cretaceous in what is now Mongolia. In dinosaur news this week: Eubrontes tracks may have been made by a sauropodomorph instead of a predator UV vision...

Nanosaurus - Episode 217

Dinosaur of the day Nanosaurus, a small herbivorous dinosaur from the Late Jurassic. Interview with Tom Holtz, principal lecturer at the University of Maryland’s Department of Geology and the Faculty Director of the Science and Global Change Program. H...

Megaraptor - Episode 216

Dinosaur of the day Megaraptor, A large theropod with claws over one foot long (originally thought to be foot claws, now known to be hand claws). In dinosaur news this week: Stegosaurus and Plateosaurus had much stronger bites than their close ancesto...

Tarchia - Episode 215

Dinosaur of the day Tarchia, a Mongolian ankylosaur that was likely prey of Tarbosaurus. Interview with Past Time podcast, Matt, Adam, and Catherine are the hosts. They are all also paleontologists working with reptiles, lemurs, and bird brains. Check ...

Thecodontosaurus - Best of 2018

Dinosaur of the day Thecodontosaurus, a Triassic sauropodomorph discovered in 1830s England. In dinosaur news this week: Best discovery: Ledumahadi 2nd best discovery: Jinyunpelta Best listener question: What species of modern bird is the closest livi...

Qantassaurus - Episode 213

Dinosaur of the day Qantassaurus, a small, quick, bipedal herbivore from Australia. Interview with Dustin Growick, the Senior Creative Consultant at Museum Hack at AMNH. He also hosts Caveat's VERSUS in NYC and the popular YouTube channel The Dinosaur ...

Wuerhosaurus - Episode 212

Dinosaur of the day Wuerhosaurus, possibly the last ever stegosaur. Answer our survey to give feedback and help shape our show for next year! bit.ly/IKDsurvey2018 In dinosaur news this week: Three exceptionally well preserved new sauropodomorphs in Br...

Dracopelta - Episode 211

Dinosaur of the day Dracopelta, an ankylosaur with sides covered in overlapping armor. Interview with Brian Switek, a science writer who’s written for Smithsonian, National Geographic, Nature, Slate, and Jurassic World, to name a few, he has a blog, La...

Yangchuanosaurus - Episode 210

Dinosaur of the day Yangchuanosaurus, an Allosaurus-sized carnivore from the Jurassic of Sichuan, China. In dinosaur news this week: A New Ceratopsid Dinosaur, Crittendenceratops, was discovered in Arizona A new Chinese titanosauriform, Liaoningotitan...

Beishanlong - Episode 209

Dinosaur of the day Beishanlong, the "North Mountains dragon" from Gansu China. Interview with Jessie Atterholt, assistant professor at the Western University of Health Sciences. She's also the lead author of the new paper "The most complete enantiorni...

Crichtonpelta - Episode 208

Dinosaur of the day Crichtonsaurus/Crichtonpelta, a Chinese ankylosaur named after Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton. Interview with Matt Celesky, Research associate at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science where he put together the ...

Montanoceratops - Episode 207

Dinosaur of the day Montanoceratops, a primitive ceratopsian with an unusually deep tail thanks to its vertebral spines. Interview with Ashley & Lee Hall, both from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Ashley is the Adult Programs Coordinator a...

Zuniceratops - Episode 206

Dinosaur of the day Zuniceratops, a ceratopsian that was discovered in New Mexico by an 8 year-old. Interview with Jingmai O'Connor, professor at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who rece...

Yamaceratops - Episode 205

Dinosaur of the day Yamaceratops, a ceratopsian whose frill is heavily pitted, possibly for jaw muscle attachments. Interview with Ali Nabavizadeh, Assistant Professor of anatomy at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University. He studies the jaw musculat...

Coelophysis - Episode 204

Dinosaur of the day Coelophysis, the state dinosaur of New Mexico which has been found in huge groups. In dinosaur news this week: Dynamoterror dynastes “powerful terror ruler,” was described from the Menefee Formation in NW New Mexico This episode i...

Cedarosaurus - Episode 203

Dinosaur of the day Cedarosaurus, a Brachiosaurid (high browser) that has been found with over 100 gastroliths. Interview with Philip Millar, the Associate Creative Director at Creature Technology. The people who made the Walking with Dinosaurs Arena S...

Hadrosaurus - Episode 202

Dinosaur of the day Hadrosaurus, the first dinosaur skeleton to be mounted. In dinosaur news this week: A new dinosaur, Jinguofortis perplexus, gives a perplexing glimpse into early bird evolution A new carcharodontosaurid specimen was found North of ...

Dracorex - Episode 201

Dinosaur of the day Dracorex, The "dragon king of Hogwarts". Interview with Jaye Jurassick, frequent guest on the Jurassic Park Podcast and @jaye_jurassick on Instagram where you can see his dinosaur art. In dinosaur news this week: A new sauropodomor...

T. rex revisited - Episode 200

Dinosaur of the day Tyrannosaurus rex, the king of the dinosaurs. Interview with Thomas Carr, Associate Professor of Biology at Carthage College, Director of the Carthage Institute of Paleontology, and Senior Scientific Adviser to the Dinosaur Discover...

Bonitasaura - Episode 199

Dinosaur of the day Bonitasaura, a small titanosaur that had some features similar to Diplodocus. In dinosaur news this week: A new nodosaurid ankylosaur, Invictarx zephyri, was named based on osteoderms found in New Mexico A review of Ornithischian d...

Alectrosaurus - Episode 198

Dinosaur of the day Alectrosaurus, A medium sized cretaceous tyrannosaur that lived along side Gigantoraptor. In dinosaur news this week: Three juveniles of a new iguanodontian species named Choyrodon barsboldi were found in Mongolia A new Amargasauru...

Achillobator - Episode 197

Dinosaur of the day Achillobator, a larger dromaeosaur from cretaceous Mongolia. In dinosaur news this week: Two new alverezsauroids were found in China, filling the largest gap in theropod evolution Walking with Dinosaurs The Arena Spectacular has go...

Scelidosaurus - Episode 196

Dinosaur of the day Scelidosaurus, the first dinosaur described based on a mostly complete skeleton, and an important ancestor to Stegosaurus and Ankylosaurus. In dinosaur news this week: Over 260 dinosaur tracks (mostly sauropodomorph) were found in ...

Gryphoceratops - Episode 195

Dinosaur of the day Gryphoceratops, a tiny Canadian cousin of Triceratops. In dinosaur news this week: A new article shows that Spinosaurus probably couldn't swim effectively, but was a capable bipedal walker on land Victoria Arbour is the new curator...

Brachylophosaurus - Episode 194

Dinosaur of the day Brachylophosaurus, a large hadrosaurid with a paddle-like bony crest on its head. In dinosaur news this week: The largest sauropod foot was found in Wyoming Allosaurus may be getting a neotype to replace the incomplete holotype Lia...

Fruitadens - Episode 193

Dinosaur of the day Fruitadens, the smallest known ornithischian at under 2 pounds and 3 feet in length. Interview with Sean Rubin, the author & illustrator of Bolivar. The graphic novel where Bolivar the T. rex roams New York City and nobody notic...

Ampelosaurus - Episode 192

Dinosaur of the day Ampelosaurus, a "dwarf" sauropod that was only 52ft long and weighed 8 tons. In dinosaur news this week: The first ever diplodcoid from East Asia was discovered, Lingwulong shenqi, and it's also incredibly old for an advanced sauro...

Koreaceratops - Episode 191

In the news: The ankylosaur Akainacephalus johnsoni was found in Utah with a gryposaur, a turtle, and a crocodile; Dinosaur National Monument has a new paleontologist; A geology instructor donated a large collection of fossils and specimens to the Bruc...

Nomingia - Episode 190

In the news: A team of researchers think titanosaurs made their eggs extra thick to protect them from acidic hotsprings; A review of dinosaur egg research, including how to tell body temperature from the isotopes in the shell; A nine-year-old kid, foun...

Lamaceratops - Episode 189

This week, we interview with Glen McIntosh an animation supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic who worked on Jurassic Park III, Jurassic World, and Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. Among other things, we discus all the dinosaur puppets in Jurassic Wo...

Lophorhothon - Episode 188

In the news: Researchers looked at dinosaur hyoid bones to guess what their tongues may have been like; When The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History dinosaur hall reopens it will allow visitors to virtually feed an Edmontosaurus; In Ulan Bat...