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Creative Citizen and Causecast are on a mission to substantially move the green movement from Hype to Habit. Each episode will bring you three stories that truly matter, accompanied by actionable solutions, so you can finally do something about the news you view. It’s our aim to inform, entertain and inspire people to make sustainable living simply the way to live.

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This week's news in all-things green.
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WalMart Changes Heart, Recycling Right, and Global Warming Tensions on Hype To Habit

In this episode of Hype To Habit, Sarah Backhouse talks about big changes being made domestically and internationally; from WalMart changing their bottom line, Global Warming causing Global Conflict and increase civil war, and answering a few questions...
Causecast.org author

BioPlastic Deception, NASA on Ice, and Los Angels Space Coyotes on Hype To Habit

This week's Hype To Habit is all about bringing everyone up to speed on space-age technology:LA& NASA: Radical Collaboration for Green InnovationBio-Plastics as the New Fool's GoldArctic Ice Almost ExtinctFor more about Hype To Habit, go tohttp://c...
Causecast.org author

Changing the World Online, Being a Conscious Foodie, and LA Hates Cars

http://www.creativecitizen.comhttp://www.causecast.org/hypetohabitThis episode of "Hype To Habit" is all about knowing thyself:-Knowing the global footprint of what we eat,http://ecomattersdaily.com/2009/05/the-conscious-foodie/-Knowing that LA is conf...
Causecast.org author

Mountaintop Removal, Ecofont, and Swimming In Sewers on Hype To Habit

http://www.causecast.org/hypetohabithttp://www.creativecitizen.comIn this episode of Hype to Habit we'll cast our (pink) eye over Los Angeles beaches, give you the lowdown on mountaintop removal and get a taste of our favorite new font.- - -"Hype To Ha...
Causecast.org author

Recycled Jeans, America Spams Alot, and Soaking Grass on Hype To Habit

http://www.causecast.org/news_items/8956-wasting-denim-america-spams-alot-and-soaking-grass-on-hype-to-habithttp://www.creativecitizen.comThe big question: while "Green" has finally entered the center stage, how do we, as activists in the movement, shi...
Causecast.org author