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A daily dose of the best bits from the funniest show on the world's biggest sports radio station - and more. Paul Hawksbee and Andy Jacobs bring you interviews, comment and terrible impressions, plus exclusive stuff not available on the radio shows.

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<p>A daily dose of the best bits from the funniest show on the world's biggest sports radio station - and more. Paul Hawksbee and Andy Jacobs bring you interviews, comment and terrible impressions, plus exclusive stuff not available on the radio shows.</p>
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Paul allows Andy to unload a Sarri rant. You can also hear Book Club round 2 as the boys look back on Alex Ferguson's Autobiography 'Managing My Life' with Luke Moore...

Clinton vs Clinton

Paul &amp; Andy look back at a rather underwhelming FA Cup weekend. They welcome a man who is in the process of running 196 Marathons to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer, Nick Butter. Motty pops in and there's the latest edition of 'Don't Ask Me'...

Bruce Jaguar

Paul &amp; Andy look back on Europe's second rate competition. They speak to DIY TV Legend Tommy Walsh and Squad Number 9 Martin Kelner...


Paul &amp; Andy look back at last nights thrashing at Wembley. They speak to the Fylde FC announcer on his fox paz. Ipswich Legend, Mike Lambert, also joined the pair to reveal where he found his 1978 FA Cup winners medal.

A load of Mullocks

Paul &amp; Andy look back at last night's European football, specifically Thomas Tuchel's outfit... They cross over to Rio to speak to South American football writer Tim Vickery and they learn about the worlds oldest golf ball...

First rule of 'Book Club'

Paul &amp; Andy pay tribute to the late, great Gordonm Banks. You can hear the inaugural H&amp;J Book Club w/ Luke Moore. They also welcome into the studio Phil Hewitt - the author of 'Outrunning The Demons'...


Paul &amp; Andy look back on that game at the Etihad on Sunday afternoon. They welcome Comedian &amp; Keeper Lloyd Griffith into the studio and of course, as it's Monday, there's a new edition of 'Don't Ask Me'...

Out To Stud

Paul &amp; Andy discuss Britain's favourite horse and they welcome squad number 9 Martin Kelner into the studio...

The Moose at 50

Paul &amp; Andy celebrate the Moose's 50th birthday with a good friend quiz. They also welcome Actors Tom Hopper &amp; Rob Sheehan into the studio. Andy Smart also joins them to discuss a pet peeve....

H&J talk Sausages

Paul and Andy discuss all the day main talking points with their own twist. The boys also talk to Danny Hays the creator of the a special sausage dedicated to new Burnley striker Peter Crouch.

Mike Dean Century

Paul &amp; Andy look back at last night's game. They ask the listeners how Mike Dean should celebrate handing out his 100th red card. They welcome award winning Writer &amp; Producer Jeff Pope into the studio. You can also hear Clips Of The Month for J...

Sonny & Chair

Paul Hawksbee is back from his holiday and is reunited with Andy. The pair ask the listeners for TV formats for the new Stevenage Winger Ilais Chair. They welcome into the studio Comedian Terry Alderton and stay tuned for a special edition of 'Don't As...

Vineyard Cricketers

Max and Andy bring you a classic episode of talkSPORT's very own soap opera, the Sturmy Arches. Andy has yet another rant about Maurizio Sarri and England's cricketers. Plus, Martin Kelner rounds up all of the week's best and worst sport on TV

Transfer Deadline Day

Max and Andy run through all the latest transfers and keep up to date with the cricket. It was Red Alert in Talksport Towers and they were on hand to give all the latest transfer breaking news

Britain's Top Dog

Max and Andy discuss Man City's shock defeat to Newcastle and the rest of the Premier League action. The boys also talk about Britain's top 100 dogs and are joined by two men who made their way to England's tour of the West Indies in a very unconventio...

Vignette of the Day

Max and Andy discuss all the latest stories of the day with their own twist. Comedian Chris Ramsay joins them in the studio and the boys also start their own feature 'Vignette of the Day'.

Sausage Roll Special

Max Rushden joins Andy Jacobs as the two review the FA Cup action from over the weekend. They also have a chat to a Barnet superfan and the boys enjoy the delight of a Sausage Roll tasting session.

H&J Derby

Paul &amp; Andy discuss the H&amp;J derby from last night. Sir Michael Parkinson joins them as does Squad Number 9 Martin Kelner...

Nose Mouth Organ

Paul &amp; Andy discuss Andy's latest Instagram purchase. Thy also welcome in author of 250 Days 'Cantona's Kung Fu &amp; The Making Of Manchester United' Daniel Storey to look back on that iconic moment...

The Moose 2019

Paul &amp; Andy discuss the days footballing affairs and a possible modelling career for Ian Abrahams. They welcome Peter Taylor's daughter, Wendy Taylor, in to talk about the re-release of the book 'With Clough By Taylor'. Comedian Tim Vine pops in fo...


Paul &amp; Andy ask the listeners for the times they've met celebrities but had absolutely no idea they were famous... This all stemmed from one of their guests, Twitter sensation Nate Patrick, whose parents met Paul Pogba without the faintest clue who...

Sarri Not Sarri

Paul &amp; Andy look back at a difficult weekend for Sarri. Andy has his spectacular rant on the situation. The pair also welcome Comedian and Cricket expert Andy Zaltzman into the studio. They finish it all off with Don't Ask Me....

Steve Kindergarten Coppell

Paul &amp; Andy ask the listeners for their childcare footballers. They discuss the daily routine of health freaks and they welcome Squad Number 9 Martin Kelner into the studio...

Mike Gattling Gun

Paul &amp; Andy discuss spying, VAR &amp; American cricketers... They are joined in the studio by Comedian Andy Smart and they speak to Woking Manager (and the World's most Geordie man) Alan Dowson

Fire Sale

Paul &amp; Andy discuss the latest Instagram deals that Andy has ludicrously indulged in. They cross over to Japan to scout out Manchester City's new signing and in doing so make a new friend in Japanese football expert and Brummy Alan Gibsonon


Paul &amp; Andy discuss a copyright infringement involving a potato. They asked the listeners (i.e you) for inappropriate places they've had or witnessed an argument. Former Ireland, Liverpool &amp; Villa Striker Ray Houghton joins them in three quite ...

Fox Paz

Paul &amp; Andy look back at the weekends Premier\League football with Comedian and Palace fan Kevin Day. Andy informs us all on the best (and maybe the most unconventional) way to get rid of foxes and of course, at it's Monday, there's Don't Ask Me......

Gregorian Rutherford

Paul &amp; Andy discuss possible athletes for the new Vatican Athletics team. They are joined by Italian football expert &amp; Vatican correspondent Paddy Agnew. Squad Number 9 Martin Kelner pops in for a chat too...

Andy's Veal Pie

Paul &amp; Andy discuss what kind of team Man City should field against Burton in the second leg. The pair become enraged by a potential bout of copyright and they are joined by Michelin star Chef Tom Kerridge and Comedian Ardal O'Hanlon...


Paul &amp; Andy look back at the H&amp;J derby. They speak to the organiser of the Brick Laying World Championships and ask the listeners for their brick laying footballers...

Beefeater Strike

Paul &amp; Andy discuss idea's to glam up football stewards. They are joined by golfing journalist Tim Southwall on Padraig Harrington's Ryder Cup captaincy and food critic Neil Davey speaks about Salt-Bae-Gold-Steak-gate...

A Whole Shopping Trolley?

Paul &amp; Andy look back at the weekends FA Cup shocks. They discuss Salt Bae, Tony Adams attire and the Brick Laying Championships. Peter Dowdswell, a lifelong competitive eater joins the boys to discuss his 313 world records...

First Friday

Paul and Andy celebrate the first Friday of the new year in style. The boys review last nights football and are joined in the studio by squad number 9, Martin Kelner.

Andy's Rant

Paul and Andy review last nights football and Andy goes off on a rant about his beloved Chelsea. The boys also chat to comedian and actor Justin Moorhouse about Man United and Solksjaer's incredible turn around.

Happy New Year

Paul and Andy meet for the first time in 2019. The boys relive their festive moments and review all of the Premier League's festive action. On top of this Paul and Andy talk to TalkSPORT's darts man Nigel Pearson.

H&J Christmas Party

Paul and Andy are joined by listeners for their annual Christmas Party. The boys endulge in all things festive and also play out the classic clips.

Christmas Eve Eve Show

Paul &amp; Andy discuss the days sporting affairs. Andy digs to the deepth depths of his notebook and Martin Kelner pops in...

H & J dissect the World Pie Eating Championships

Paul and Andy continue to follow the Man Utd fallout following Mourinho's sacking. The boys also talk to the Lake Poets about their single 'Shipyards' climbing the charts and their beloved Sunderland. On top of this Paul and Andy also chat about the Wo...

The Special GONE!

Paul and Andy react to the breaking news from today after Jose Mourinho was relieved of his position at Manchester United. Actor and United fan, Lee Boardman was one of the guests who gave his reaction.


Paul &amp; Andy look back at the weekends sporting events. Comedian Andy Smart pops in for a raucous chat and they trial a new feature to eclipse Don't Ask Me...

Dancing on Ice and Xmas Jumpers

Paul and Andy were joined in the studio by Dancing on Ice contestant and former England cricketer Ryan Sidebottom to talk about his training, the England cricket squad and Manchester United. As well as that The Sun's Fashion Editor, Joely Chilcott, joi...

Fire Sale

Paul &amp; Andy look back at a dramatic night in the Champions League. Andy brings you page three of his notes and they speak to a Prof who e how much exercise you need to do to burn off a Christmas dinner.... oh cheer up

The Perfect Interview

Paul and Andy discuss what the future holds for King of Jungle Harry Redknapp, Andy's pocket money and all things Christmas

Don't Ask Me-Gate

Paul &amp; Andy look back at a monumental weekend in the Premier League. They ask John Kettley if its true that Burnley fans spend the least amount on Christmas presents of all fans in the league. There is also another highly controversial edition Don'...

Birthday Party

Paul &amp; Andy give you their take on today's news. They speak to Chess expert Malcolm Pein on a self teaching (killer) chess robot and, of course, they welcome Martin Kelner into the studio...

That's Your Job By The Way

Paul &amp; Andy discuss last nights football (including the odd refereeing decisions at Molineux). They welcome Cycling Journalist turned Darts author Ned Boulting. They ask who has the best Laugh at talkSPORT and the listeners give us their best Sean ...


Paul &amp; Andy discuss the mid week Premier League football. Andy comes up with a plan for Manchester City. The pair speak to South American football expert Tim Vickery &amp; (to the delight of John Cadigan) Torquay Manager Gary Johnson

Volkswagen Beagle

Paul &amp; Andy discuss an array of topical and not so topical subjects. They also bring you a brilliant 'Clips Of The Month' for November...


Paul &amp; Andy look back at a mammoth weekend of sport. They welcome Comedian Andy Zaltsmann into the studio and of course, as it's monday, there's Don't Ask Me...


Paul &amp; Andy discuss the weeks sporting events. Andy delivers a few zingers, early doors. They are joined in the studio by Comedian Justin Moorhouse and broadcasting legend Sir Michael Parkinson....