Hitchhiker's Guide to Nuclear (Blog and Podcast)

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A podcast concerning the world of nuclear and any tangential topic that comes into our heads!

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Nuclear blog and podcast about nuclear power and radiation. University of Manchester students discuss all aspects from Fukushima to decommissioning, waste, uranium, reprocessing, MOX.
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Podcast Twelve - Godzilla, the EU Earthquake and ITER

Hi guys!Once again, we've been away for a while but we're back, stomping onto the scene with a Gojira-size of a show!!This month we discuss recent developments in Russo-Iranian relations, nuclear fusion at ITER, the ramifications for nuclear after the ...
noreply@blogger.com (Matt Gunther) author

Podcast Eleven - Top Five Nuclear Stories of 2013

Hi guys,It seems like a lifetime ago since we've posted a new episode on the site and, finally, a new show is here! This month we discuss what we believe to be the top five news stories from 2013; including Iran, hijinks at Hinkley Point, repository re...
noreply@blogger.com (Matt Gunther) author

Podcast Ten - We Need to Talk About Korea?!

Hullo everyone!Hope you have been soaking up the rarity that is the British summer season!! How about listening to this months show whilst having an impromptu BBQ or when sipping on a lukewarm Pimms in a ridonkulously overcrowded beer garden? We've cer...
noreply@blogger.com (Matt Gunther) author

Maximum Warp: Nuclear Power and Space Exploration

By Guest Blogger, Nathan Edge This month Nathan Edge discusses the nature and operation of nuclear devices being used in unmanned space operations. As an aside, I can't believe I wasn't the first person to type into Google, "nuclear engine...USS Enterp...
noreply@blogger.com (Matt Gunther) author

Podcast Nine - The Nuclear Nostradamus

It's finally here!! Apologies once again for the delay in getting this out to you all. With that said, on this months show we discover Steve has an affection for Destiny's Child, Gunth likes chatting about Caroline Lucas (again) and wind turbines are p...
noreply@blogger.com (Matt Gunther) author

Episode Eight - A Nuclear Christmas

On this months show we discuss what we love and loathe about this festive time of year. We quickly discover that Lizzie lives in fear of brussel sprouts, presents are always better when bundled into a pillow case and Mike detests mulled wine?!!!Our gue...
noreply@blogger.com (Matt Gunther) author

Episode Seven - The Nuclear Waste Problem

On this months show we discuss a little problem called nuclear waste and what the UK are doing to solve it in Cumbria. On our magical mystery tour (terrible film by the way) we discover Toby wasn't the only one who liked rollercoasters, everyone is ugl...
noreply@blogger.com (Matt Gunther) author

Episode Six - There's Something About Iran

On this months show we discuss a little-known country called Iran and the nature of their nuclear programme. On our journey of whimsy we discover that mice may well communicate to humans through mobile phones, the Power Rangers may be called upon to fa...
noreply@blogger.com (Matt Gunther) author