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Three friends talking mostly sports, but throwing in anything funny and worthwhile we can think off. Having fun and learning the broadcasting ropes!

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Three friends talking mostly sports, but throwing in anything funny and worthwhile we can think off. Having fun and learning the broadcasting ropes!
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Alpha Males reunite!

It's just over a month in the making... But the boys are back as the Alpha Males Daemon, Scotty and Andrew jump back into the booth to talk a lot of hockey, life outside of college, and Kobe Bryant's last NBA game. Also the Riz might have a gambling ad...
Guerrilla Sports author

March 1

Ashton and Daemon are back at it to discuss the NHL trade deadline as well as some of the better deals made before hand. Crack of Dawn Sports Show host, Curtis Marshall joins the boys and adds tons of character.
Guerrilla Sports author

Feb 19

After a 3 week sabbatical, the Guerrilla Radio crew as Daemon and Ashton talk about what the Montreal Canadiens are going through and how the NBA all-star weekend was while Savanna stays shuddled in her bear cave.
Guerrilla Sports author

Jan 29

Savanna is back from her hiatus and the gang gets into some school talk, they discuss NHL all-star weekend and how crappy it can be, they talk some NBA basketball and some CFL news. Big discussion on John Scott.
Guerrilla Sports author

Jan 27

Ashton and Daemon rip through scores, news and what to do about their favorite teams. Savanna is off doing nanny McPeers stuff and the boys handle their business! Ashton discusses his potential step-fathering of a tinder match.
Guerrilla Sports author

Jan 19

Savanna is back and the gang discuss the NFL divisional playoffs, NBA scores, NHL scores and news, there is some CFL news thrown in for good measure. Ashton talks about grafitti night at Reign night club and Daemon goes over the BP Chirstmas party.
Guerrilla Sports author

Jan 15

It's Friday! Which means Savanna is nowhere to be found. Ashton and Daemon talk about the disappoinment of K K Kendra not being available for the show, Daemon tells a story about how his mom took him for a spa day the night before and the subsequent me...
Guerrilla Sports author

Jan 14

The Guerrilla Radio gang preview tomorrow's upcoming K K Kendra phone call, they discuss NFL hires, NBA scores and all-star celebrity game rosters, NHL scores and news and Daemon offers some of his opinion on Martin Brodeur's status as one of the great...
Guerrilla Sports author

Jan 13

What would you do if you won $1.5 billion dollars? The Guerrilla Radio Sports crew discuss how they would handle the money. They talk NFL re-location, NHL and NBA scores and news, and in a serious moment... Daemon honors a former co-worker who recently...
Guerrilla Sports author

Jan 12

Savanna's back! Daemon, Ashton, and Savanna discuss NFL, NBA, NHL, and curling news. They talk about Ashton's top 10 hate list and Daemon fondly remembers the tremendous work of the late, great Ziggy Stardust.... David Bowie. 
Guerrilla Sports author

Jan 8

With Savanna Mary Popping it up again, Ashton and Daemon sit in the booth to talk about NFL hall of fame finalists, NBA scores and news and NHL news and notes. Ashton talks about taking clappers at his sister, they get into the weekend and are now look...
Guerrilla Sports author

Jan 7

Daemon and Ashton hold down the fort while Savanna Nanny Mcphee's it up. The boys talk about the Baseball hall of Fame, NFL news, NBA scores and NHL scores and news. Also Ashton tells a story about an outlet and himself, and Daemon brings a favorite of...
Guerrilla Sports author

Jan 5

The group returns after the Holiday break to talk about sports, All-star games and the Kicking game! Daemon talks about his NBA all-star game watching experiences and Ashton continues to turn heads with his knowledge (or lack there of) in geography. 
Guerrilla Sports author

Dec 22

It's the last show of 2015! The gang talks travel wishes, geographical knowledge... or lack there of, and Christmas readiness. NBA, NFL, and NHL news and scores get thrown around as well, plus Daemon goes semi-into the woes of the Montreal Canadiens. M...
Guerrilla Sports author

Dec 21

The Guerrilla Radio crew welcome Alpha Male Scotty Rintoul back as the "Riz" drops in to add his particular blend of charm and humor to the show. Ashton calls up K.K. Kendra from Philadelphia and they reminisce about Cancan and the re-return. The group...
Guerrilla Sports author

Dec 18

The boys welcome back Savanna from her self imposed snow exhile. The talk about Howard Stern being awesome, Ashton's Cancun conquests, and an ugly Rams jersey. They also get into some CFL, NBA, NFL, and NHL news and notes.
Guerrilla Sports author

Dec 16

It's snowing in Winnipeg so Savanna Peers is no where to be seen. Daemon and Ashton hold the fort down with guest Curtis Marshall from the Crack of Dawn Sports Show as they discuss some curling, NBA news and if the Toronto Maple Leafs should go after S...
Guerrilla Sports author

Dec 14th

Savanna is away with her mommy so Daemon and Ashton march through with NFL scores, NBA scores and hockey scores. There's also a little matter of a Tinder date from Friday to discuss.... or is there? 
Guerrilla Sports author

Dec 11

Ashton is in full prep mode for his Tinder date tonight while Savanna and Daemon anticipate the results. The group goes over scores from last nights games in the NBA, NFL and the NHL and some news and notes around the leagues.
Guerrilla Sports author

Dec 9th and 10th

Daemon, Savanna and Ashton discuss CFL personnel changes, NHL retirements and more Tinder nonsense. 
Guerrilla Sports author

Dec 4

The Guerrilla Radio crew talks David Price's massive contract with the Boston Red Sox, discuss CFL offseason and dive into hockey.
Guerrilla Sports author

Nov 30

The Guerrilla Radio crew disuss some CFL news, go through NHL notes and comment on Kobe Bryant's retirement announcement.
Guerrilla Sports author

Nov 26

New co-host Ashton Kitchur discusses his Tinder escapades, the group talks CFL, some hockey and some basketball.
Guerrilla Sports author

Nov 23

The Guerrilla Radio Sports Show loses two of the Alpha Males as Scott Rintoul and Andrew Brown move on to their internships at Portage La Prairie and TSN 1290 respectively. Previous guests Ashton Kitchur and Savanna Peers join Daemon Parent on Guerrill...
Guerrilla Sports author

Nov 4

Scotty and Andrew are away so Daemon brings the boys from the Crack of Dawn Sports Show. They go over some hockey, some iffy Blue Jays management decisions, basketball and more...
Guerrilla Sports author

Nov 3

With Scotty and Andrew sewing up their internship and Portage La Prairie and TSN 1290 respectively, the boys talk James Reimer, more hockey, World Series news and more.
Guerrilla Sports author

Oct 26

With Scotty Rintoul missing in action, Andrew and Daemon welcom in Austin Sirigusa and Curtis Marcshall from the Crack of Dawn Sports Show to discuss turning 18, weekend debauchery and of course some sports!
Guerrilla Sports author

Oct 22

The Alpha Males welcome special guest Savanna Peers into the booth and they talk about the Jays playoff run, David Price's playoff troubles, a little FIBA talk and more... 
Guerrilla Sports author

Oct 21

Andrew returns and the Alpha Males get right back into the swing of things talking John Tortorella's hiring, Calgary Flames trade rumors and more.
Guerrilla Sports author

Oct 20

'Downtown' is MIA but Scotty and Daemon are joined by special guest and fellow students, Ashton Kitchur and Den Esperanzate to discuss football, some NBA and hockey.
Guerrilla Sports author

Oct 9

Back from his day of 'rest', Brownie and the rest of the Alpha Males talk hockey, comment on the ongoing Jays playoff game and netflix and chill.
Guerrilla Sports author

Oct 8

'Downtown' Andrew Brown is MIA so The 'Riz' Scotty Rintoul and Daemon Parent hold the fort down... For the most part.
Guerrilla Sports author

Sept 30

Sports talk at it's finest? The boys of the Guerrilla Radio Sports Show talk NHL, an early retirement in the CFL that no one really cares about, Kyle Lowry's incredible transformation and more.
Guerrilla Sports author

Sept 24

A little bit of mic trouble doesnt stop the Alpha Males from talking work, baseball, NHL stars contract talks/salaries and more. Pretty Sportsy!
Guerrilla Sports author

Sept 4

The boys talk Jays, rookie tournaments of NHL teams, odds for NHL teams winning the Stanley cup and FIFA.... yeah, FIFA. Special guest Austin Sirigusa.
Guerrilla Sports author

August 31

The Alpha Males discuss Mike Richards legal issues, Winnipeg Jets pre-preseason, Blue Jays and more.
Guerrilla Sports author

August 19th

 Building off of our first podcast, and budding bromance.
Guerrilla Sports author

1st ever episode!

Andrew Brown, Scott Rintoul and Daemon Parent come together for the first time to form the Alpha Males and the Guerrilla Radio Sports show. Recorded from the CABC studios at Herzing College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 
Guerrilla Sports author