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Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier on 106.7 the Fan.
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3.25.19 Hour 4: Ian Eagle

Ian Eagle of CBS Sports joins to break down the NCAA Tournament after he was on the call for Maryland's two games this weekend (0:05). For some reason, Danny made Grant read a mean tweet he received over the air (13:13). Looking at QB prospects (21:07)... author

3.25.19 Hour 3: Nats Update Ahead of Opening Day

Beltway Blitz (0:05). Gronk retiring, what will he do next (9:29)? It turns out Bryce vs. Max will be broadcast during our timeslot next Wednesday (18:06). May an Anthony Rendon extension be around the corner (28:32). author

3.25.19 Hour 2: Mike Jones + Kevin Harlan

Mike Jones joins to break down the latest on Colt McCoy, Gronk's retirement and more (0:05). A Nationals update (9:03). Kevin Harlan joins to break down the NCAA Tournament (19:12). Double Play (30:12). author

3.25.19 Hour 1: Gronk Retiring from Football

The weekend that was at the NCAA Tournament (0:05). Colt McCoy was spotted on crutches this week at a racing event, what do you make of it (12:27). Rob Gronkowski is retiring from football (19:31). Wrap up calls on Gronk retiring and his place among th... author

3-22-19 Grant & Danny Hour 4 – Michael Phillips, Redskins QB’s, dinner at the casino

Grant & Danny are joined by Michael Phillips of the Richmond Times Dispatch. G&D also talk about the Redskins needs in the draft, and get into last nights dinner at the casino. author

3-22-19 Grant & Danny Hour 3 - Beltway Blitz, will the Nats win 90 games this year

Grant & Danny have the Beltway Blitz with Tarik El-Bashir, Pete Medhurst, and Chris Russell. G&D also ask the question, will the Nationals win 90 games this year? author

3-22-19 Grant & Danny Hour 2 – Zion Williamson , Caps White House Visit, VA team in the tournament, Winning Off The Field

Grant and Danny discuss Zion Williams, the Capitals White House visit without Braden Holtby, Virginia teams in the NCAA Tournament, AAF's Sky Judge, and Winning Off The Field author

3-22-19 Grant & Danny Hour 1 - NCAA Tourney + Will Grier

Grant & Danny are at the Sports Book at Hollywood Casino in Charles Town, West Va and they recap day 1 of the NCAA Tournament as well as talk about Will Grier being a quarterback the Redskins should target in the draft. author

3.21.19 Hour 4 :Jason La Canfora + Brett Connolly sports insider, Jason La Canfora joins the show to talk about the possibility of the Redskins trading up in the draft to select quarterback Dwayne Haskins. Can Maryland beat Belmont in the tournament and advance to the Round of 32? Washington... author

3.21.19 Hour 3 : Beltway Blitz + Zion Williamson

Michael Phillips from the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Troy Machir from NBC Sports Washington joins the Beltway Blitz to talk about the Washington Redskins and Maryland Terrapins. Some MLB talk with Grant and Danny. Would Zion WIlliamson's game translat... author

3.21.19 Hour 2 : Chris Knoche + Dwayne Haskins

What are the chances the Redskins trade up to draft quarterback Dwayne Haskins? Your calls on if you are on board for the Skins drafting Dwayne Haskins. Maryland hoops tv and radio analyst, Chris Knoche joins the show to talk about Maryland's matchup a... author

3.21.19 Hour 1 : Caps vs. Lightning + NCAA Tournament

Grant and Danny recaps the tremendous game between the Caps vs. Lightning. NCAA Tournament talk. Grant and Danny shares their opinions on Redskins legend and team executive Doug Williams. Caps vs. Lightning - 8:35 NCAA Tournament talk - 13:09 NCAA part... author

3.20.19 Hour 4: Chris Russell on Norman Story

Chris Russell joins Grant and Danny to discuss his story on Josh Norman and him falling out of favor in DC (0:05). Doug Williams' comments are... not great (10:51). Dwayne Haskins' pro day is going on. Plus, Johnny Manziel is headed to the AAF (19:37).... author

3.20.19 Hour 3: Most Overpaid NFL Players

Beltway Blitz (0:05). Who are the most overpaid NFL players (9:16)? Some of the Caps will be headed to the White House (20:46). Nats update (30:36). author

3.20.19 Hour 2: Todd Dybas + Clinton Portis

Todd Dybas joins to discuss his report on the Nats and Anthony Rendon not being close on contract discussions (0:05). Doug Williams talked (again) and Doug Williams stepped in it (again), this time on signing free agents (10:05). Calls on what Doug Wil... author

3.20.19 Hour 1: Josh Norman Wearing Thin in Ashburn?

Last night Chris Russell had a bombshell report about the Redskins and Josh Norman (0:05). Calls on Chris Russell's report about Josh Norman wearing thin in Ashburn and the only thing holding back a release is Dan Snyder (12:39). Wrap up calls on Josh ... author

3.19.19 Hour 4: Rob Dauster + Tournament Experiences

What are some of your favorite tournament experiences from when you were growing up? Maybe you watched at a bar with some buddies or went to Vegas (0:05). Around the NFL (11:32). Rob Dauster joins to break down the bracket and help you make the picks t... author

3.19.19 Hour 3: Beltway Blitz + Nats Update

Beltway Blitz (0:05). Lakers will miss the playoffs and it will be the first time in 9 seasons that LeBron won't be in the Finals (9:54). Where will Ereck Flowers play (18:52)? Nats Talk (28:23). author

3.19.19 Hour 2: Craig Hoffman on Flowers

Craig Hoffman on the Ereck Flowers deal (0:05). Harping more on Harper and Trout (10:12). What does Adrian Peterson being back mean for Derrius Guice (18:02). Double Play (28:20). author

3.19.19 Hour 1: Skins Sign Ereck Flowers

The Redskins signed Ereck Flowers, who was *the* worst offensive lineman in football the last four years (0:05). What do you make of the signing? Plus, Mike Trout signs a megadeal in LA (13:01). Thoughts on the Trout deal (21:40). NCAA Tournament prime... author

3.18.19 Hour 4: EB on his Report

Eric Bickel joins to discuss his report this morning on the Junkies (0:05). The Jay Gruden situation: where do we stand (12:52). Around the NCAA Tournament (23:17). Wrapping up (33:49). author

3.18.19 Hour 3: Local teams in the NCAA Tournament

Beltway Blitz (0:05). What local teams are in the NCAA Tournament and what exactly do we classify "local" for this year (9:39). What exactly does local mean for the local teams in the NCAA Tournament (19:54). Nats update (29:23). author

3.18.19 Hour 2: Patrick Stevens + Young Fans Are Not DC Fans

Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse) joins Grant and Danny to break down the bracket (0:05). Based on some anecdotal evidence from this weekend, we have a discussion on why more young DC sports fans aren't actually fans of DC teams (10:44). Calls on young fans... author

3.18.19 Hour 1: Skins Not Consulting Gruden?

Weekend that was around DC (0:05). EB of the Junkies broke some news this morning about the Redskins not consulting Jay Gruden on free agency decisions (12:03). Calls on EB's report about the Redskins not consulting Jay Gruden (21:10). Around the NFL (... author

3.15.19 Hour 4: Ryan Wilson + Brett Connolly

Ryan Wilson from CBS Sports joins to discuss the latest around the NFL (0:05). The Redskins brought Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie out of retirement (15:03). Brett Connolly joins after scoring twice against Philly last night (25:30). Wrapping up for the d... author

3.15.19 Hour 3: What Does Landon Collins Bring?

Beltway Blitz (0:05). Listen to Landon Collins' press conference (9:54). Calls on Landon Collins and what he brings to the Redskins (17:50). Calls on what Landon Collins brings to the team and what your expectations are for the Redskins (31:15). author

3.15.19 Hour 2: Kareem Copeland on Redskins QBs

Bryce Harper hasn't thanked Nats fans (0:05). Calls on Harper not thanking the fans (11:21). Kareem Copeland joins to discuss his conversation with Jay Gruden and what he expects out of the Redskins and the QB situation (22:35). WOTF (34:00). author

3.15.19 Hour 1: Ok with Collins Wearing No. 21?

Night that was (0:05). Are you ok with Landon Collins wearing #21 if the team chooses to let him (12:01)? More on Landon Collins and whether or not he will wear No. 21 with the Redskins (20:24). Calls on Landon Collins wearing No. 21 including a caller... author

3.14.19 Hour 4: Landon Collins

Around the NFL (0:05). Landon Collins joins before addressing the media at Redskins Park and tells an amazing story about getting a Sean Taylor jersey from Dan Snyder (7:43). Wrapping up for the day (23:47). author

3.14.19 Hour 3: Will Danny Ever Kick Field Goals

Beltway blitz (0:05). Danny again claims he could kick 19/20 field goals from 40 yards (10:46). Callers weigh in on his ridiculous claim that he could make 19/20 field goals... but now he's saying 30 yards but kicking is still easy (20:52). Around the ... author

3.14.19 Hour 2: Will Blackmon on Landon Collins

Will Blackmon joins to discuss what Landon Collins brings to the Redskins (0:05). Free agent QBs (10:27). Free Agent Safeties (20:16). Double Play -- Pi Day (27:27). author

3.14.19 Hour 1: AP Back + Maybe AJ Green Joins?

Adrian Peterson is back in the fold for the Redskins (0:05). Do you like the idea of bringing back the aging veteran on a pretty friendly deal or did you want the reins turned over to Guice (12:25)? Could the Redskins make a play for AJ Green (21:28)? ... author

3.13.19 Hour 4: Rick Snider + Around the NFL

Rick Snider joins to discuss his column on having Landon Collins wear No. 21 for the Redskins and what that might mean (0:05). ESPN Top 50 MLB players (11:22). Jim Zorn is, for some ungodly reason, running Kyler Murray's pro day (22:19). Around the NFL... author

3.13.19 Hour 3: Redskins vs. Browns

Beltway Blitz (0:05). Ravens sign Earl Thomas (10:52). Grant ranked all the Redskins safeties since Sean Taylor (18:37). Comparing Redskins vs. Browns (28:07). author

3.13.19 Hour 2: Ken Carman on OBJ

The Redskins have been quiet in free agency since the Landon Collins signing (0:05). Aaaand just like that Stacy McGee has been cut opening up some cap space (11:12). Ken Carman joins to discuss OBJ ending up in Cleveland (20:16). Double Play and thoug... author

3.13.19 Hour 1: OBJ to Cleveland and Bell to NYJ

News from around the NFL came fast and furious yesterday, including Odell Beckham Jr. getting traded to Cleveland (0:05). What do you make of OBJ in Cleveland (11:17). Le'Veon Bell to the Jets and Grant and Danny want you to know how bad a decision he ... author

3-12-19 Hour 4 : Should Landon Collins wear Sean Taylor's number? + Chris Russell

Landon Collins is a huge Sean Taylor fan, while he was with the Giants he wore the number 21. Grant and Danny gives their opinions on whether or not Landon Collins should wear the number 21 now that he plays for the Redskins. The latest teams that are ... author

3-12-19 Hour 3 : Betway Blitz + Redskins roster update

Craig Hoffman and Nationals beat writer for the Washington Post, Jesse Dougherty joins the Beltway Blitz to discuss the latest news with the Washington Redskins and Nationals. How important was it for the Redskins to sign Landon Collins? Grant and Dann... author

3-12-19 Hour 2 : Les Carpenter + Signings around the NFL

Les Carpenter from the Washington Post, joins the show to talk about the Redskins signing Landon Collins, losing Preston Smith, Jamison Crowder and the big needs for the Redskins. Stephen A. Smith has another botch. Grant and Danny goes over key free a... author

3-12-19 Hour 1 : Redskins sign Landon Collins + Redskins lose Preston Smith and Jamison Crowder

The Washington Redskins made a big move in free agency by signing former New York Giants safety, Landon Collins. The Redskins lose linebacker Preston Smith, as he signs with the Green Bay Packers and Jamison Crowder, who signed with the New York Jets. ... author

3-11-19 Hour 4 - JP Finlay + Bryce Harper

Grant and Danny goes over an ESPN article about Bryce Harper signing with the Phillies and not accepting the Nationals deal. Your calls on Bryce Harper. JP Finlay, from NBC Sports Washington, joins the show to talk about the possible moves the Redskins... author

3-11-19 Hour 3 : Beltway Blitz + Redskins biggest needs

Chris Russell and JJ Regan from NBCSports Washington, joins the show to talk about the latest news dealing with the Washington Redskins and Capitals. The latest news with the free agents in the NFL. Grant and Danny goes over what are the Redskins bigge... author

3-11-18 Hour 2 : Gerry Dulac + Double Play

Gerry Dulac from the Pittsburgh Post, joins the show to talk about  what's next for the Steelers after trading Antonio Brown to the Raiders. Grant has car trouble, he explains what exactly is wrong with his car. The latest news with the Redskins roster... author

3-11-18 Hour 1 : Antonio Brown to the Raiders + Bryce Harper is Philadelphia

The Caps won their seventh straight game after defeating the Winnipeg Jets 3-1. The Wizards are struggling and are currently the 11th seed in the Eastern Conference. Grant and Danny shares their opinions on the drama between the Steelers and Antonio Br... author

3-8-19 Hour 4 :Tyler Polumbus + Brody Logan

Tyler Polumbus, NFL vet and now covers the Denver Broncos joins Grant and Danny to talk about how Case Keenum was when he played with the Broncos. Some Nationals talk dealing with spring training. Brody Logan, sports director and anchor for 9News in De... author

3-8-19 Hour 3 : Beltway Blitz + Should the Redskins still go after another qb?

Craig Hoffman and Chris Russell joins the Betlway Blitz to talk about the latest news with the Washington Nationals and Capitals. With the Redskins acquiring Case Keenum, should they still try to get another qb? Your calls on if the Redskins should go ... author

3-8-19 Hour 2 : John Clayton + Case Keenum or Colt McCoy?

The legendary John Clayton joins the show to talk about whether or not it was a good move for the Redskins to trade for Case Keenum. Grant and Danny gives their thoughts on who should start between Case Keenum or Colt McCoy. Your calls on who should st... author

3-8-19 Hour 1 : Mike Klis + Case Keenum is now with the Redskins

Grant and Danny starts off the show by talking about the Redskins trading for former Broncos quarterback Case Keenum. We take your calls on if you like the move to trade for Case Keenum. Mike Klis, who covers the Broncos for 9News, joins the show to ta... author

3.7.19 Hour 4: Brett Connolly

Legendary broadcaster Steve Buckhantz won't have his contract renewed by the Wizards and no one really knows why (0:05). Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta is lowering their concession prices again this year (10:32). Brett Connolly joins for his weekly s... author

3.7.19 Hour 3: That Time Chris Russell Almost Got Thrown Out of the White House

Beltway Blitz (0:05). Story about Chris Russell and the White House -- A MUST LISTEN (10:16). Trading up for Kyler Murray -- the Skins have said no, but.... what if they did (24:18). Calls on trading up for Kyler Murray and if it would be worth it (32:... author