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Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier on 106.7 the Fan.
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6.21.19 Hour 4: Danny Ferry + Tanner Rainey

More on the Nationals weekend ahead (0:05). Former NBA GM Danny Ferry joins to discuss joining the DC Sports Hall of Fame and the NBA Draft last night (8:51). Tanner Rainey of your Washington Nationals joins Grant and Danny (19:13). Wrapping up for the... author

6.21.19 Hour 3: The Process of the Wizards Draft

Beltway Blitz (0:05). The Wizards drafted two low-upside, high-floor guys, but did they only do that because the guy running the draft only has the job on an interim basis (9:53). Callers chime in on what they think of the picks and what they thought o... author

6.21.19 Hour 2: Max Scherzer + WOTF

Max Scherzer joins after breaking his nose, getting a black eye, and... oh, 10 strikeouts (0:05). Alex Smith says he wants to play again (13:08). Nationals update (22:41). Winning off the field (30:23). author

6.21.19 Hour 1: Wizards Draft Grades

The Nats swept the Phillies and the Wiz made two draft picks (0:05). Danny hated the Wizards draft picks and Grant likes them, we break down how everyone else felt about them (11:49). Callers weigh in on the Wizards draft and they are surprisingly posi... author

6.20.19 Hour 4: Ben Standig on NBA Draft + Breaking Nats News

Ben Standig of NBC Sports Washington joins to discuss the latest on the NBA Draft and Wiz GM search (0:05). Around the NFL (11:30). Rays splitting time between Tampa and Montreal (19:29). BREAKING NEWS: Nationals are extending the nets down the first a... author

6.20.19 Hour 3: Max Scherzer's Legacy in DC

Beltway Blitz (0:05). Is it time to have the conversation about whether or not Max Scherzer is one of the best athletes in DC history (10:15). Calls on Max Scherzer's legacy in DC and if he's one of the best athletes in DC (19:55). Wrap up calls on Sch... author

6.20.19 Hour 2: Wiz Head to Draft Without a GM + Bob Carpenter

The Wizards are going to the NBA Draft without a GM. How fun (0:05)! What will the Wizards do in the draft tonight (12:04)? Bob Carpenter joins to discuss the greatness that is Max Scherzer and what to make of this homestand (19:42). Double Play on dev... author

6.20.19 Hour 1: Witnessing Scherzer's Greatness

Max Scherzer is just soo good (0:05). Discussing Max Scherzer's greatness and how we need to appreciate it more (10:08). Wrapping up calls on Max Scherzer's greatness (18:49). Looking ahead to the top prospects in the NBA Draft (27:37). author

6.19.19 Hour 3: Beltway Blitz + Danny's New Impression

Beltway Blitz with Craig Heist and Jerry Brewer (0:05). Danny debuted a new impression to the show and it went over like gangbusters (12:45). author

6.19.19 Hour 2: The Wizards GM Search Continues

The Wizards GM search will continue since Ted Leonsis apparently decided to go into the NBA Draft and Free Agency without a GM (0:05). More on the Wizards GM search and calls on how big of a disappointment this process is (11:04). Jamal Collier joins t... author

6.19.19 Hour 1: Scherzer's Nose + Wizards Looking for a GM

Max Scherzer broke his nose yesterday in batting practice (0:05). GM Mike Rizzo joined the Junkies this morning to discuss Max Scherzer and more and we take your calls on if Max will pitch tonight (11:21). Wrapping up calls on Max Scherzer and if he pi... author

6.18.19 Hour 4: Chase Hughes + Rendon's Contract

Chase Hughes from NBC Sports Washington joins to discuss the latest on the Wizards' GM search, a potential trade for Bradley Beal and more (0:05). Anthony Rendon's contract situation won't go away until the Nats extend him or trade him, why is it takin... author

6.18.19 Hour 3: Ereck Flowers Could Start All Season Or Be Cut

Beltway Blitz (0:05). Grant and Danny fighting about baseball weather and the sanctity of the game (10:03). What will become of Ereck Flowers? One writer says he could be cut and another thinks he could be a potential starter. It's a complicated future... author

6.18.19 Hour 2: Sean Doolittle + Best Coaches in NFL

Who are the best coaches in the NFL other than Bill Belichick (0:05). Calls on the coaches who are the best in the NFL AFTER Bill Belichick (12:27). Wrap up calls on the best coaches in the NFL (20:27). Sean Doolittle joins for his weekly appearance (2... author

6.18.19 Hour 1: Could Wiz Really Trade Beal + Nats Rain Delay

The Pelicans want Bradley Beal, but is what they are offering really worth it (0:05)? Could the Wizards trade Bradley Beal to the Pelicans (11:23)? The Nats had another rain delay that left fans angry (21:28). More on the rain delay (30:23). author

6.17.19 Hour 4: Tim Bontemps + Crazy Idea on Trading Scherzer

Tim Bontemps of ESPN joins to break down the Pelicans-Lakers trade (0:05). There was an article about the Nats getting out of contention and trading Max Scherzer -- is that a good idea (13:03). Calls on the possibility of trading Max Scherzer (21:31). ... author

6.17.19 Hour 3: Carl Hagelin on Returning to DC

Beltway Blitz (0:05). Redskins 2019 sleeper candidates (10:40). Carl Hagelin joins Grant and Danny after re-signing in DC (20:17). Guy wants to set a record to watch Avengers: Endgame (30:59). author

6.17.19 Hour 2: Kevin Frandsen + Bryce Harper's Return

Kevin Frandsen from Phillies Radio joins to preview the Phillies-Nats series and Harper's return (0:05). Are you still mad at Bryce Harper for leaving or have you calmed down a bit (13:25)? Still mad at Harper for leaving (19:43). Double Play (29:54). author

6.17.19 Hour 1: Lakers trade for Anthony Davis

The weekend that was for the Nats and USWNT (0:05). The Lakers finally agreed to trade for Anthony Davis (10:04). The Lakers are now the prohibitive favorites to win the 2019-20 NBA Title (18:30). Jay Gruden's comments about Dwayne Haskins and the star... author

6.14.19 Hour 4: Ric Bucher with Latest on NBA

Ric Bucher joins the show to recap the NBA Finals, discuss the latest on Klay Thompson's injury and drops a huge nugget about Kevin Durant (0:05). What do we make of the Ric Bucher news about Durant and Klay (11:11). The Nats big weekend and could they... author

6.14.19 Hour 3: Matt Niskanen Says Goodbye

Beltway Blitz (0:05). Latest on Masai Ujiri (9:54). Matt Niskanen says goodbye to DC after being traded to the Flyers (19:06). Latest on Wizards interest in Masai Ujiri (32:13). author

6.14.19 Hour 2: Kendall Fuller Interview + Skins Hire Analytics Dept

The Redskins finally, in the year of our lord 2019, started an analytics department (0:05). This should be a huge deal because the Redskins finished 120 out of 122 pro sports teams in analytics (12:51). Potentially the worst caller in the history of th... author

6.14.19 Hour 1: Raptors Win NBA Finals + Wizards After Majiri

The Raptors won the NBA Finals and the Warriors lost another key member for several months of next season (0:05). Calls on the Raptors winning the NBA Finals and if the Warriors injuries played a huge role in them winning (11:38). Before the Raptors ev... author

6.13.19 Hour 4: Why is Nationals Attendance Down?

Why is the Nationals attendance down (0:05)? Calls on the Nationals attendance and why it is down so much this year (8:46). More calls on why Nationals attendance is down and why you aren't going to more games (20:08). Wrap up calls on the Nats attenda... author

6.13.19 Hour 3: Do Warriors Owe Kevin Durant Anything?

Beltway blitz (0:05). Do the Warriors owe Kevin Durant anything after things went south in the playoffs (9:00)? Calls on Durant and if the Warriors owe him anything (18:04). Around the NFL (28:27). author

6.13.19 Hour 2: Dan Kolko on Nats + Grant Restaurant Review

Grant has an idea for a new movie! If it sounds like the plot of Collateral with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx, well, because it does (0:05). What do you think Jay Gruden wants out of his QB competition (14:28)? Dan Kolko joins to discuss the Nats massive ... author

6.13.19 Hour 1: Nats Massive Homestand + Warriors Without Durant

The Nats have a massive 11-game homestand starting tonight (0:05). What are your expectations for the 11-game homestand (11:47)? Can Warriors win without Durant (20:58). Can the Warriors force a Game 7 without Durant (30:07). author

6.12.19 Hour 4: Charlie Slowes on Nats Resurgence

Charlie Slowes joins to discuss the latest on the Nats (0:05). Around the NFL, part one (10:11). Around the NFL, part two (19:06). The Leftovers (29:42). author

6.12.19 Hour 3: Did the USWNT Celebrate Too Much?

Beltway Blitz (0:05). The U.S. Women's National Team beat Thailand 13-0 in their opening game at the World Cup. They are catching some heat because they didn't "act with class or humility" (8:43). Calls on if the U.S. Women's National Team went too far... author

6.12.19 Hour 2: Mike Prada + Landon Collins Hates the Giants

Mike Prada of SB Nation joins Grant and Danny to discuss Kevin Durant's injury, looking ahead to Game 6 (0:05). Patrick Corbin is struggling (11:03). Landon Collins can't wait to see the Giants and that is music to our ears (21:45). Double Play on Dine... author

6.12.19 Hour 1: Rendon and the ASG + Redskins Miss Hard Knocks

Anthony Rendon should be an All-Star. That's the topic (0:05). The team needs to re-sign Anthony Rendon and also needs him to get to the All-Star Game (12:17). The Redskins missed out on Hard Knocks (21:19). Are you mad the Redskins missed out on Hard ... author

6.11.19 Hour 4: Jerry Brewer on Kevin Durant

Jerry Brewer of The Washington Post joins to discuss Kevin Durant's injury and what it means for the superstar, the NBA as a whole and the Warriors (0:05). Cameron Jordan signed a massive extension (13:16). Can the Warriors win without Kevin Durant (21... author

6.11.19 Hour 3: Who Should Win Redskins QB Battle?

Beltway Blitz (0:05). Who should win the Dwayne Haskins vs. Case Keenum battle for Redskins starting quarterback (9:20)? Calls on the Redskins quarterback battle (19:11). Big Papi recovering (31:04). author

6.11.19 Hour 2: Sean Doolittle + NBA Landscape Post-Durant Injury

A discussion about buying celebrities hair (0:05). Kevin Durant's injury drastically alters the NBA landscape and how free agency might shake down now (10:20). Calls on how the NBA landscape has changed after the Kevin Durant injury and what Durant sho... author

6.11.19 Hour 1: Should Kevin Durant Have Played Last Night?

The Warriors won the battle but may have lost the war last night as Kevin Durant went down with an Achilles injury (0:05). Should Kevin Durant have played last night after taking a month off (10:30)? Who is to blame for Durant playing and should he hav... author

6.10.19 Hour 4: JP Finlay with Latest on Trent Williams

JP Finlay joins to discuss his conversation with Bruce Allen last week and discuss the latest on Trent Williams (0:05). A company is offering a reward to people who give up their phone for a week (10:48). Which Nationals should make the All-Star team (... author

6.10.19 Hour 3: Can Warriors Come Back From 3-1 Down?

Beltway Blitz (0:05). Can the Warriors come back from 3-1 down if Kevin Durant returns (11:01)? Will Kevin Durant return? Can the Warriors come back (21:06)? Manziel to the XFL (29:58)? author

6.10.19 Hour 2: Chris Miles Previews NBA Finals Game 5

Chris Miles of NBA TV joins to preview Game 5 between Golden State and Toronto (0:05). Baseball trash talking and an incredible comeback (9:43). NFL stuff (20:06). Double Play (29:45). author

6.10.19 Hour 1: Haskins vs. Keenum Heating Up

Weekend that was -- Nats hit back-to-back-to-back-to-back home runs on Sunday (0:05). Will Kevin Durant return tonight for the Warriors (10:33)? Case Keenum vs. Dwayne Haskins is heating up and it appears Keenum took round 1 at the first minicamp (20:1... author

6.7.19 Hour 4: Rob Carlin Looks Back on Caps Stanley Cup

Rob Carlin of NBC Sports Washington joins us to relive the memory of the Capitals Stanley Cup one year ago today (0:05). Warriors part-owner shoved Kyle Lowry, does the punishment stack up (12:47). What should the punishment have been for the Warriors ... author

6.7.19 Hour 3: Redskins Responsibility for Trent Williams

Beltway Blitz (0:05). The Washington Redskins are dealing with the Trent Williams situation, but what responsibility do they have to be transparent (10:56). Calls on the Redskins and Trent Williams (20:31). Carson Wentz signed a massive contract extens... author

6.7.19 Hour 2: Michael Phillips + Coolest Thing in Sports

Michael Phillips joins to recap minicamp and discuss where the Redskins stand with Trent Williams (0:05). Pete got to go on the road with the Nationals and call ballgames on the radio -- what is something cool in sports you got to do (11:23). Coolest t... author

6.7.19 Hour 1: How Does This Trent Williams Saga End?

Looking back on the Capitals Stanley Cup one year ago (0:05). How does this Trent Williams saga end (10:38)? Calls on how the Trent Williams saga ends (20:38). NBA Finals Game 4 preview (32:05). author

6.6.19 Hour 4: Jerry Brewer + Latest on Trent Williams

Jerry Brewer of The Washington Post joins to breakdown Game 3 of the NBA Finals and where we go from here (0:05). Everyone is falling in love with a Redskins receiver at minicamp again (11:34). The latest on Trent Williams (20:36). The Leftovers (30:57... author

6.6.19 Hour 3: Trent Williams Health Situation Change Your Feelings

Beltway Blitz (0:05). Does the fact that Trent Williams is holding out due to health concerns change your mind about his holdout (11:55). Calls on how you feel about Trent Williams and his health situation (21:11). The unwritten rules of baseball have ... author

6.6.19 Hour 2: Nats Miss Out on Craig Kimbrel

Last night the Cubs reached a deal with reliever Craig Kimbrel (0:05). Are you ok with the Nats missing out on Kimbrel despite how desperately they need bullpen help (12:12). Wrap up calls on Kimbrel not coming to the Nats and Aaron Rodgers' jabs at th... author

6.6.19 Hour 1: Dr. David Chao + Trent Williams Update

The night that was around the world of sports (0:05). It turns out Trent Williams is holding out over medical concerns, not contractual concerns, and that changes this whole situation (10:40). Dr. David Chao joins to discuss the latest on Trent William... author

6.5.19 Hour 2: Craig Hoffman + Matt Moore + Nats Preview

Craig Hoffman joins to discuss the latest on Trent Williams (12:09). Around the NFL (19:56). Matt Moore of The Action Network joins to preview Game 3 of the NBA Finals (29:04). Double Play (29:05). Beltway Blitz (38:06). Nats Stock Report (50:10). author

6.5.19 Hour 1: Max Scherzer + Trent Williams Update

The night that was with the Nationals (0:05). Nats ace Max Scherzer joins Grant and Danny (10:52). Trent Williams is missing from minicamp. Do you side with Trent Williams or the team (22:26)? Calls on Trent Williams' holdout (29:37). author

6.4.19 Hour 4: Sean Doolittle + 106.7 The Movie Casting

Nats closer Sean Doolittle joins for his weekly segment with the guys (0:05). Somehow we got on casting a 106.7 The Fan movie and some people are happy with their pick and some people are... not so happy (11:34). Trent Williams is missing from minicamp... author