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Public lectures, talks, workshops and presentations by Henry S. Rzepa.
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Woodward and the Woodward-Hoffmann Rules

A history of symmetry, stereochemistry and how the Woodward-Hoffman rules for pericyclic reactions came about.
Henry Rzepa author

Wither the book:

The future of the chemistry textbook, and how disruptive technologies and social media might impact upon it. The talk is available at http://www.ch.ic.ac.uk/rzepa/talks/imperial13/
Henry Rzepa author

Changing ways of sharing research in Chemistry

Changing ways of sharing research in Chemistry In 1994 onwards, the Internet was seen as having an increasingly influential potential for how chemistry may be handled, shared, stored and communicated, and how the Internet might have impacted upon the ...
Henry Rzepa author

Computational Chiroptical Spectroscopy and reaction mechanisms in Sulfur-containing natural products.

The first part of the talk will cover the essential features of modern chiroptical spectroscopies, and the second will illustrate these with several case studies. These will include the rather controversial histories of the determination of the absolut...
Henry Rzepa author

Computational Chiroptical Spectroscopies: an important symbiotic instrument for synthetic chemists.

Of the 61M known compounds, it is estimated only around 1M have been reported as scalemic, a term used to describe any non-racemic chiral compound. Of these, an unknown proportion have a clearly established absolute configuration for the dominant enant...
Henry Rzepa author

Wikipedia and Molecular Sciences

I venture to suggest that ... the general development of the human race to be well and effectually completed when all men, in all places, without any loss of time, at a low rate of charge, are cognizant through their senses, of all that they desire to ...
Henry Rzepa author

Evolution of the science journal and the chemical publication

The concept of a modern scientific journal becomes 346 years old in 2011 (DOI: 10.1098/rstl.1665.0001), although only since 1994 has the journal article been embedded in the Internet and Web era (DOI: 10.1039/C39940001907). Although the structure of th...
Henry Rzepa author

iPads as a laboratory device: The future of the Web is the App?

The iPad is the first of an apparently new generation of personal information appliance. The app has become the new shrink-wrapped access point for the web of chemistry, and the metaphors are driven by touch and the sensors built into the devices. Whil...
Henry Rzepa author

The past, present and future of Scientific discourse

A reflection on aspects of scientific publishing, journals and other forms of discourse, based on two scientific stories.
Henry Rzepa author

How digital repositories and HPC can help enhance the scientific publication

There is now increasing focus on the imortance of structured data as an integral part of the primary scientific, technical and medical publication processes. Whereas traditional journals version 1 (circa 1680-2008) have rarely given structured and sema...
Henry Rzepa author

To infinity ... and beyond: a scientific (and occasionally chemical) journey full of twists, writhes and three dimensions!

Scientific ideas can take a long time to gestate, and their fusion sometimes emerges from the most unexpected of directions. The talk will illustrate a chemist’s attempt to merge ideas from different areas of mathematics, molecular biology, physics an...
Henry Rzepa author

STM Innovations, Dec 5th, 2008

Professor Henry Rzepa has had research interests in both computational chemistry and chemical information for thirty years, and was a pioneer of implementing chemistry on the Web at its start in 1993. He is the author of around 250 scientific articles...
Henry Rzepa author

Lisbon, 17 July, 2007

Both chirality and aromaticity are cornerstone concepts for organic chemistry. Both had their origins in the 1840s or thereafter in the work of Pasteur, van't Hoff and LeBel for the former and Faraday, Loschmidt, Kekule, Armstrong for the latter, this ...
Henry Rzepa author

ACS07:CINF-53, March 27th, 2007

The Semantic wiki as a model for an intelligent chemistry journal, where a case is made for investigating Wikis as an authoring tool for the scientific publication process.
Henry Rzepa author

ACS07:CHED-71, March 25th, 2007

A presentation given at the 233rd ACS Meeting in Chicago, as part of the session on using social networking tools to teach chemistry, and on the theme of Wikipedia - a holistic model for the communal creation of chemical course content
Henry Rzepa author

Cambridge University, Chemistry Department, 13 February, 2007.

An exploration of unexpected links between different subjects in chemistry, and how new insights into chiral aromaticity came to be revealed.
Henry Rzepa author