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Geek & Friends is a cricket podcast created and hosted by Peter Miller. He is joined by various other folks to discuss all things cricket
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Geek & Friends 155 - November is awful

Peter is joined by Daniel Norcross of Test Match Special to talk about England vs Sri Lanka. Various long-winded tangents happen as a result.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 154 - Finishing off Ben Foakes.

Peter and Dave talk about the first Sri Lanka vs England Test and other existential issues.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 153 - Dressed as a banana on TV

We are back. Peter is joined by Dave Tickner and Dan Liebke to answer listener questions and tamper with their balls.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 152 - We all feel very badly for the rubber cock

Geek & Friends 152 - We all feel very badly for the rubber cock by Geek & Friends Cricket
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 151 - It's basic human decency gone mad

Geek & Friends 151 - It's basic human decency gone mad by Geek & Friends Cricket
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 150 - Really tough newborns

Peter is joined by Tim Cutler, CEO of Cricket Hong Kong, to talk about India vs Australia and the upcoming Hong Kong Blitz.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 149 - A nuclear bomb to kill woodworm

Peter is joined by George Dobell of ESPNCricinfo to talk about Cook, Root, the upcoming ODIs and using artificial pitches for T20
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 148 - Have we mentioned our book?

Peter is joined by Dave to discuss the recent ODIs and T20s between India and England.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 147 - Misbah on fleek

Australia have won 3-0 against Pakistan and Peter is joined by Russell Jackson of the Guardian to talk about it.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 146 - 2016 - Reviewed

In our 2016 review we talk about Dan Norcross meeting Sir Alec Douglas-Home, Dave Tickner's complete obsession with Ben Stokes and Peter's fondness for Zecharia Sitchin.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 145 - Paul Downton's business cards

England have lost by an innings in Mumbai so Peter spoke to George Dobelll about talking pigeons, disappointed parents, hotel minibars and Paul Downton's business cards.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 144 - Mostly sh*t awful

England were mostly dreadful in Mohali. Peter is joined by Tom Evans to talk about it.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 143 - Hong Kong going strong

Cricket Hong Kong are doing a fine job at growing the game and Peter chatted to their CEO, Tim Cutler, about what is going well and the challenges that they face.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 142 - Various bodily excreta

England have lost in India. Australia are trying to eat themselves. South Africa are eating mints. Here is Peter talking to Dan Liebke about that.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 141 - Ambuja Cement

Peter is joined by Test Match Special's Dan Norcross to discuss the first India vs England Test match in Rajkot.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 140 - White Ball Wizards?

Peter is joined by the wonderful Vithushan Ehantharajah to talk about England's white ball summer.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 139 - Australia's terrible tour

Peter is joined by the excellent Geoff Lemon to discuss Australia's diabolical tour of Sri Lanka.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 138 - Mostly a book plug

There is a chat about the third England vs Pakistan Test in this podcast, but first Peter talks to Dave Tickner about 28 Days' Data. It is shameless. Reward the shamelessness with buying a book here -
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 137 - England win wrong

Peter is joined by the excellent Tom Evans to discuss the second England vs Pakistan Test at Old Trafford. THE NEW BOOK IS OUT - BUY IT HERE - Or come to b...
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 136 - Like bleeding a radiator

Peter is joined by the excellent Aatif Nawaz to discuss the first England vs Pakistan Test. Watch the trailer for his new show Aatificial Intelligence here -
Geek & Friends Cricket author

BONUS Geek & Friends - Test Match Special apperance

On Saturday Peter got to visit the Test Match Special box for a chat about the new book he has written with Dave Tickner. Here he is in conversation with Daniel Norcross of TMS about 28 Days' Data.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 135 - Starc contrasts and #Betterdien

Dan Liebke joins Peter to talk about the West Indies Tri Series with South Africa and Australia, cricketers that have blocked us and things that are #Betterdien
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 134 - Freddie vs Peter

For the first time in nearly two years Peter is joined by Freddie Wilde. They talk England vs Sri Lanka, Stokes vs Woakes and how Twitter is awful.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 133 - The Cricket Couch retires

Subash Jayaraman (The Cricket Couch) has ended his brilliant series of cricket podcasts and Peter chats to him about the experience. You can read more about Subash's decision to call it a day here -
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 132 - Ben Stokes' Green Pants

Peter is joined by Dave Tickner, author of 28 Days' Data, a new book that you can pre=order here - They discuss the first two Tests between England and Sri Lanka and Be...
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 131 - Democracy is childish

A chat about Sri Lanka vs England and Charlotte Edwards retiring. With Will Macpherson. Check out his podcast here -
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 130 - Every series was a fresh new hell

Peter is joined by Emma John, author of new book "Following On: A Memoir of Teenage Obsession and Terrible Cricket". We discuss what it was like following England in the 1990s. (SPOILER: It was terrible, but in a good way). You can buy Emma's book ...
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 129 - Slurms Mckenzie

Peter is joined by Gaurav Sethi (@BoredCricket) to talk about the Indian Premier League so far.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 128 - The Good Murungu?

Alan Butcher joins Peter to talk about his new book about his time as Zimbabwe coach, "The Good Murungu?" You can buy the book here -
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 127 - Savvy not savage

We have had semi finals in both the men's and women's World T20 and Peter is joined by Iain O'Brien to talk about two New Zealand loses and two West Indies wins
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 126 - Associating with Associates

Two brilliant guests for this episode. Peter is joined by Netherlands captain Peter Borren and Scotland captain Preston Mommsen to discuss the WT20 and where their teams go next.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 125 - Tendulkar in Wisden

Peter is joined by Anjali Doshi - editor of the new book Tendulkar in Wisden. You can buy the book here -
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 124 - Friends of Tooting Bec Common

Peter is joined by Daniel Norcross to talk about World T20 organisation, India losing to New Zealand, Chris Gayle and the Friends of Tooting Bec Common
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 123 - Preston Mommsen OBE

Peter is joined by Tim Wigmore to discuss the qualifying round of the World T20. There is resigned anger and love for Scotland's captain.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 122 - Like a turd in bubble wrap

It is nearly time for the qualifying round of the World T20 and Peter is joined by Andrew Nixon and Bertus de Jong to discuss the runners and riders. You can buy Alan Butcher's book on Zimbabwe cricket here -
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 121 - When 2 becomes 1...

Brendon McCullum has gone, Australia beat New Zealand and the World T20 is a shambles. Adam Collins and Peter talk about it.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 120 - Some men just want to watch the world burn

The Test Championship is under the spotlight again and Peter is joined by Russ Degnan to discuss the idea. Russ has put together a survey, you can complete it here -
Geek & Friends Cricket author

BONUS Geek & Friends - The Willow in the Windies

Peter went on the excellent The Willow in the Windies podcast with David Oram. It is great, you can find it here - - Subscribe etc
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 119 - Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis

Daniel Norcross joins Peter to discuss England's series loss to South Africa in ODIs, the West Indies winning the U19 World Cup and Shane Warne's belief that aliens created humanity by messing with some monkeys.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 118 - Real Men Kad

Peter is joined by Dave Tickner and Tom Evans to discuss England in ODIs, the Pakistan Super League, old men playing cricket and Mankads.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 117 - I like Big Bash & I cannot lie

The men's and women's Big Bash events have just finished in Australia and Peter is joined by Geoff Lemon and Will Macpherson to discuss how it all went. There is some bigging up of the Big Bash and blasting of the T20 Blast.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 116 - It is Kagiso's world...

... we just live in it. We have seen a brilliant South African victory inspired by the 20 year old quick bowler Kagiso Rabada but England win the series 2-1. Peter is joined by Daniel Norcross to discuss the goings on.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 115 - The 83 all out special

England have won a remarkable Test in Johannesburg and Peter is joined by BBC Test Match Special's Daniel Norcross to talk about it.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 114 - The Chinese Buffet Test

South Africa and England have just played a Test match that didn't make sense. Peter is joined by Vithushan Ehantharajah to try and work out what it was about.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 113 - Protea Mire

South Africa are in trouble, or so we are told. Peter is joined by Cape Town based cricket journalist, Altus Momberg, to talk about quotas, targets and whether South African or English cricket treats spinners worse. Done via a mobile phone line so hope...
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 112 - The Lachrymosity of Shane Watson

It is the 2015 end of year review and Peter is joined by Dan Liebke and Daniel Norcross to talk about the best year cricket has had since 2014.
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 111 - Clarence Moody remembered

Jarrod Kimber has written a new book. It is called Test Cricket - An Unauthorised Biography. It is very good. He talks about it with Peter. You can buy it here -
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 110 - Weeping for the West Indies

Peter is joined by Dr Julian Cresser of the University of the West Indies. Julian teaches a course on the history of cricket in the Caribbean and has been deeply involved in Jamaican cricket for many years. He is fascinating on the subject of where the...
Geek & Friends Cricket author

New Jingle

New Jingle
Geek & Friends Cricket author

Geek & Friends 109 - The Grant Baldwin Appreciation Society

We have had a day/night Test and to celebrate this groundbreaking moment Peter talks to Adam Collins about night clubs, drinking at the cricket, c-bombs and massage therapy.
Geek & Friends Cricket author