Future of Man

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Gerry Wachovsky and Scott Baldwin discuss whatever comes to mind.

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Gerry Wachovsky and Scott Baldwin discuss whatever comes to mind.
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Episode Fifty-Nine

On this week's episode, the Lovable Losers of Lakewood are back after yet another extended break. The show gets moving with a quick discussion of Tiger Woods and how he's just too sensitive of a nigga these days. The boys then roll out some early ...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Fifty-Eight

On this week's episode, Gerry and Scott are back with the same ole' antics you've all come to love so much. We're keeping it simple, discussing the demise of the human race based on a conversation the boys eavesdropped upon prior to recording the s...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Fifty-Seven

The boys are back and in full digga-tastic force after a bit of a podcasting delay. Gerry is sporting a new look (which you could have seen if you had watched the Ustream recording of our show) in hopes that it'll just bring home the hunnies. Mean...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Fifty-Six

On this week's episode, Scotty stumbles across a top 10 countdown written by one of the truest niggas in the game. The analysis leads to some interesting discussions of hip-hip, skit-skat, and doodley whap. Gerry talks about his latest dating woes...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Fifty-One

On this weeks Future of Man, the diuggas are back with a loaded potato-sized episode. As an appetizer, Gerry goes off on the Chinese, but the show is interrupted when they receive their first phone call via Skype. The boys get into a lengthy main...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Fifty-Two

On this week's episode, a hardly sober Gerry and simple-minded Scotty try their best to rope in their audience with a rousing rendition of an old skool track. Then they dissect an old rap performed by Abnormal Entertainment's very own Camm Harston....
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Fifty-Three

On this week's episode, Gerry and Scott leave no topic untouched. From Christopher Dorner to recent breakdowns between your good friends at Future of Man and the evil Camm Harston. As always, an unabashed diugga-spin is infused to all discussion. ...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Fifty-Four

On an all new Future of Man, Gerry attempts to expel a Minaj joint that's been stuck in his head by singing it in it's entirety. Yo diuggas give you an all new spin on the high profile case of Jodi Arias, and try to determine her innocence and/or g...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Fifty-Five

On this week's episode, the boys utilize streaming video to reach out to their fans via Ustream. Now yo diuggas are now as accessible as a City Hall after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act. But for realz, Gerry's beautiful mug will b...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Fifty

After a three week hiatus, the boys of podcasting mastery are back and ready to rock your world! This week, the boys recap the recent Tarantino flick and its racial backlash with a little racial backlash of their own. Gerry then discusses his final...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Forty-Nine

On an all new Future of Man SPECIAL, Gerald and Scotty interview the lovely Margie Phelps from the Westboro Baptist Church who brings the fire and brimstone, while yo boyz bring the laughs. This hard-hitting piece is sure to change your views on ma...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Forty-Eight

On an all new FUTURE OF MAN SPECTACULAR, the diuggas from down under go off on Camm Harston's inability to follow through on plans of his own. Then, Gerry reveals how his latest womanly conquest fell apart before his very eyes and he stood there he...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Forty-Seven

This week the diuggas discuss and play some of their favorite Internet black people videos; review some of Gerry's old college radio show clips; and, as always, talk about the news stories that were important last week. Enjoy, foos!To listen, click...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Forty-Six

The boys are back in town! After a lengthy delay, the pride of Abnormal Entertainment are here to rock your brain cockles with all new and improved Future of Man. The production has improved tremendously to offset the once hardly bearable content. This...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Forty-Five

On this week's show, Gerry recants the tale of his bee sting that nearly ended his life. The boys go educate you on the Schmidt Sting Pain Index, which is probably the single most important scientific advance in recent years. Gerry talks some shit...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Forty-Four

The week yo favorite diuggas announce their new bi-weekly format, discuss some political issues of the day, talk shit on Republicans and conservatives, and create a veritable potpourri of other titillating topics. Enjoy, my nigs!To listen, click he...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Forty-Three

On this weeks show, Gerry and Scott recap their tumultuous Friday night misadventures in separate parts of the LBC. The boys then take on the daunting "Wonderlic Test" and compare their intellect against some of the NFL's best and brightest (and ov...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Forty-Two

This week the diuggas discuss an email debate Gerry got into with a pissed off boyfriend, the boys reminisce what it was like working together at a record store back in the day, they check in on what the Westboro Baptist Church is up to in a new seg...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Forty-One

The boys are back in town! Literally. On an all-new Future of Man, Gerry returns from a week in Vegas and has a plethora of new stories for a jam-packed segment of 'Bitching on Mitch'. Also, a short recap of Gerry's surprise birthday and just the tip o...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Forty

On the thirtieth anniversary of the birth of our Gerry, our boys take a look back at thirty-nine glorious episodes. As the show creeps toward the end of its first year, listen to where we've been in this very special retrospective extravaganza.To liste...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Thirty-Nine

On an all-new Olympic-sized Future of Man, Wiz Khalifa and Camm Harston of Raise Your Spirits debut a new hit collaboration for your hearing pleasure feat. yours truly. Scottus then lampoons Dark Knight Rises a little more, just for fun. Then non-...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Thirty-Eight

This week has nothing but yo diuggas talking about stuff. What kind of stuff, you may ask? Well, for starters the boys talk a little about their continuing softball misadventures, they discuss "The Dark Knight Rises" (SPOILER ALERT!) as well as th...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Thirty-Seven

On an all new Future of Man, Gerry reveals a personal story that is sure to have you SYH (shaking your head). Afterwards, it's our weekly BumTalk segment where we analyze controversial bum legislation from around the globe. This week, Clearwater, ...
Abnormal Entertainment author

Episode Thirty-Six

Hey yo, nigga, hooollleee uuuhhh! Such is the theme of this week's show when the boys discuss the Prince Of India, Gerry's off-field softball injury, Scott breaks down one of his favorite movies ever, and of course, da news. Y'allz some crazy azz ...
Abnormal Entertainment author