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Why Podcast?

Kim McCarty of The McCarty Group and the host of the Inside Real Estate Podcast talks to Friedo about the benefits of adding a podcast to your marketing efforts.

Q&M Image Auto Body --

  Richard started out working on cakes with his mom in Pampa Texas when he was only 5 yrs old. His mother owned a bakery, and with the skills he learned there fit right in with the colors of toy cars he had at the time. After years of working with colo...

Role Reversals -- Friedo Gets Interviewed

In this "Role Reversal" Episode, Laura Al Otaibi of Party Planning Radio interviews Friedo. They discuss the business of podcasting and issues in the world of sports.

Shiloh Place

In this episode, we focus on the great things happening at Shiloh Place in McKinney, Texas.   We are joined by Ashleigh Fanning (Development Coordinator) and Silberia Garcia. Silberia is a graduate of the program at Shiloh Place and you will be blown ...

Ladies Out Loud--The Preview

Tracy Roberts and Keri Huth are Ladies Out Loud

32nd Annual Allen Fairview Chamber Golf Classic Preview


Fathers Day w/ Art Rooney Jr.

Art Rooney Jr.  discusses Fathers Day with the Talk of Fame crew

How to Avoid Getting Sued

This Real Estate E & O presentation was recorded live at The Star in Frisco, Texas. Barney Schwartz, CEO at Preferred Guardian presents the guidelines to avoid lawsuits. Over the next 55 minutes you'll learn: The steps to take when you are selling...
Preferred Guardian/Barney Schwartz & FriedoNation Productions author

Health and Wellness Presentation from The Den

A Health, Beauty and Fitness podcast from Expanse LLC that features: Carol Anglin--Living Well with Carol Tony Mack--TMack Elite Training Jana Powers Moon Beam Healing Arts Dr. Greg and Monica Steiner    

Zeke vs Dak vs Garrett


Generations (Dating) for Special Listener


Generations Being Present for special listener


Generations (Marriage) for Special Listener


Generations Friendship(only for special listeners--you know who you are)


Veterans Center of North Texas

Paul Hendricks and Pete Young join Friedo to talk about the great work that is being done every day at the Veterans Center of North Texas. The mission of the Veterans Center of North Texas (VCONT) is to assist North Texas Veterans and their families to...

Juice Plus--Catherine Pompeo

Here is an example of an episode of All Up in Your Business Catherine Pompeo is wellness professional and business owner.   Her stated mission is to Inspire Healthy Living Around the World...Not just physical health but Catherine also focuses on mental...

Dinosaurs and Pitbulls

Frazier Maxwell talks Yu Darvish NBA Playoffs Golf Dinosaurs Pitbulls

David Radakovich Penn State Preview

Former Penn State Linebacker, David Radakovich gives his first preview of the 2017 Penn State Nittany Lions

Why I Podcast--Todd Nevins from Go Hunt Life

I am joined by Todd Nevins--the host of the  Go Hunt Life podcast and founder  of CLICKplacement I met Todd in Austin at a Podcasting seminar.   Todd is a business owner who understood the value of adding a podcast to his marketing strategy.  In this e...

Pudge Elected to Hall of Fame is Jerry Jones Next

Two old school producers take their regular phone conversations and turn them into a 30 minute podcast. In this episode, they discuss: Pudge's election into the Hall of Fame The chances that Jerry Jones gets elected into the Hall of Fame The History o...

What's up w/Friedo?

In this episode, Rich & Jerome catch up with Friedo. They talk about Friedo's new office/studio where he is helping businesses and organizations add podcast to their marketing strategy.

Why I am podcasting?

Joseph Bazbaz has hired Friedo to help expose more people to The Bazbaz Blueprint for Winning at Work. He is uploading several podcasts a week.  You can subscribe at In this FriedoNation podcast, Joseph explains why he is p...

Why Businesses Need to Podcast

Episode #2-  If you own or run a business, you are going to want to listen to this podcast. Every business should add podcasts to their marketing strategy.  Podcasts are extremely effective with minimal investment.

What are podcasts? Why are they relevant?

This is the first episode in a series explaining podcasts and why you should consider starting your very own podcast. Business Owners--a weekly podcast can help you increase sales Experts--a podcast only reinforces your authority and ability to get pa...