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Media Network talking Sports & Pop Culture Hosted by Joshua Arbuthnot with Various Young Brilliant Broadcasters. Find us on ITunes, Sticher & YouTube
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Electronic Enhancement Ep.13-Mortal Kombat 11

Jamanie & Josh Talk Mortal Kombat 11 , What they thought about the revel , Ronda Rousey as Sonja Blade , What Charters they are hoping for in this instalment, The leak that had the roster , Their life and times with the game and what it means to th...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Chel Midway

Josh welcomes back Scott Roblin to talk Habs rise and playoffs hopes , Leafs latest struggles , Oilers & Mcdavid and their playoff chase , Calgary rise this season and what they need to add , the pending lockout and World Cup , trade deadline rumou...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Fingers Crossed

Devan & Josh talk True Detective Season 3 , Mahershala Ali unreal performance , the initial thoughts on the season , earlier predictions , how it relates to past seasons , stuff that freaked Josh out and whats to come You can also email via freshta...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Marchin’ In

Josh welcomes back Andy Kanyar to talk NFL Draft ,Kyler Murray , What the Cards should do with their QB ,The Pats looking for one more Superbowl , how important Eric Berry is , Andy Ried as a coach in the clutch , Jared Goff in a big game and what his ...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Random Access Memories Vol.1

Devan & Josh Run down a bunch of Random Subjects , The Instagram Egg , Josh’s beef with Connor Mcdavid and love for this Calgary Flames run ,the Best sports games by year ,Devans Game of 2018,NFL Conference picks, biggest rap groups ever ,Spider Ma...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Sergin’ Spurs

Devan & Josh talk about a lack luster hour of Basketball a Love story , Drama in Boston , All Star Jerseys , All Star starters , The Magic trade deadline pieces, Joshs most hated players during the Lakers prime days that he now loves ,The Knicks fu...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-NBA: It’s Fantastic

Josh & Devan Talk Hour 6 of Basketball a love story , including Bill Walton and the dynasty that never was , the greatest women coach who ever was , the rise of David Stern and how he changed the NBA , NBA Geniuses and who is one , Magic Vs Bird an...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Golden Controversy

Josh & Devan Talk 2019 Golden Globes 2019 and the controversy around Green Book & Bohemian Rhapsody. The stock rise of the Favourite and the great content thats came from its studio Fox Searchlight , The stock drop of Lady Gaga and a Star is Bo...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Gaining Traction & Moving On

Josh & Devan and Crazy Busy week in the NBA , Chandler Parson and Grizz looking to part wise , Dillion Brooks hurt , Pat McCaw madness , James Harden ballin outta control , Josh changing his tune on Zion , the tank for Zion , Kanter trade rumors , ...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Stolen Season

David Legg comes back to Fresh Take to talk to fallout of November’s Olympic and Paralympic bid , the bizarre state of his loved Steelers , Josh’s ultimatum for his Raiders , this Flames season and what the outlook is and the Raptors dealing with press...
Fresh Take Network author

Electronic Enhancement Ep.13-Red Dead Redemption 2

Josh & Devan Talk Red Dead 2 , the highlights of the games , talking the criticisms of the game , the character of Arthur Morgan , favorite side missions , the different outcomes both guys had , where it ranks all time for games and what they loved...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Future Endeavours

This week Josh & Devan discus the impact of pop culture as a whole in 2018 (video games killed it) and then returned to their roots to discuss the Top 10 entertainment properties they were most excited for in 2019 as a list (Josh cheats a few times...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Bachelor Profiles

The Guys are Back to Run down this season of the the Bachelor , Colton Underwood and all the lovely ladies he gets to pick from on this upcoming season You can also email via or You can find Josh on Twitter and  a...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Sports Year In Review

Devan , Scott & Josh talk about the 2018 year in Sports from Olympics to World Cups , to a King going to LA , The leafs changing the NHL market , the tragedy for the Humboldt Broncos and rise of the Womens Final 4 and some of the worst trades and t...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Spider Verse

Devan & Josh Talk the Lord & Miller film into the Spider Verse . What each individual Spider person brought to the movie , the loaded cast , their love for the soundtrack and the story telling , Stan lee cameo , the many easter eggs and what th...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Christmas Day Games

  Devan & Josh Talk the aftermath of Wizards,Suns and Grizz trade that wasnt and Austin Rivers as free agent , Then talk about the criticism of the NBA officials that’s been ramped lately and James Harden travel heard around the world and then Prev...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Tonights Lineup Ep 21 – Festivus

Episode 21 – The boys are getting into the holiday spirit. 2 craft beer reviews. How not to wax stamp wedding invitations. Mark airs our some grievances while on death’s door step. Nogfest is around the corner and the boys are about as unorganized as o...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Animated Cheer

Devan & Josh talk two of their favorite animated shows and their holiday specials . First the guys talk Xmas in the year 3000 and 3 episodes of Futurama and their holiday joys . Robot santa and where christmas is in the future . The writing and wit...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Ariza-nable Trade

Josh Starts the Pod talking about the Trevor Ariza Trade mess as well as a tough week at Fresh Take then Devan joins Josh to talk Two whole hours of Basketball: A Love Story provided some of the best talking points in the shows run so far. From UCLA’s ...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Tonights Lineup Ep 20 – Korean Beauty

Episode 20 – Boys discuss the not so new New Horizon Mall. Nic visited the mall and bought a Korean Face Mask that he puts on while podcasting. Nic has a new business idea. Beer review. Discussion on Christmas’ hottest toys and much more! The post FTN-...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Create a Holiday

Devan & Josh look back at unique holidays created in Holidays specials from the OC & Seinfeld . First Chrismukkah in the OC and what they think of the mix holiday , Josh’s love of Judaism and interest in Chanukkah , which gift that Seth got was...
Fresh Take Network author


Devan & Josh talk hour 8 of Basketball a Love Story , including NBA styles and the One & done and how it got to what it is today , Then talk about Seattle getting its NHL team and what that means for the NBA , Luka Donic possibly being an All-S...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Tonights Lineup Ep 19 – A Logistical Nightmare

Episode 19 – Feminine Hygiene products right out the gate. No offense. We talk Pink VS Blue Household Chores. Victoria Secret fashion including an icon’s final strut. Don’t worry there is some unorganized sports talk sprinkled in. Beer review as always...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Jingle All The Way

Devan & Josh look back at Jingle all the Way.  where it stands for Christmas movies , What inspired it ? , The hottest Christmas toys since 1983 and the guys stories on their favorite gifts from their childhood , Schwarzenegger’s over acting and wh...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Buy & Sell

Devan & Josh Start with the Breaking News of Kyle Korver traded to the Jazz then talk hour 7 of Basketball:A Love story which focuses on Kareem vs Elvin Hayes in the game of the century , Womens college basketball huge change and Oscar Robertson &a...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Tonights Lineup Ep 1 – Fraudulent Champions

Episode 18 – Mark’s lost all faith in humanity. Boys championship season for the Calgary Stampeders and what lies ahead. Beer and Eggnog/Rum reviews. Nic screams conspiracy theory on the burnt down Thousand Faces exhibit in Radium. Boys pull back the c...
Fresh Take Network author


Devan & Josh look back at ELF.  where it stands for Christmas movies , the best quotes from the movie , Will Ferrell only being able to play the role , Plot holes in the movie and ways to fix them . Things they loved and things they wanted and its ...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Drama Season

Devan & Josh talk hour 6 of Basketball:A Love story and then all the latest in a week of Drama and Trade demands in the NBA, First the Wizards and the mess in Washington , The Dubs drama and losing streak and what the future holds , the Celtics ter...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Tonights Lineup Ep 17 – Polish Stew

Episode 17 – After a week long hiatus due to Mark almost dying of sickness, the boys are back for another hilarious Episode. Nic gives his review on the Epsom Salt Float he had. Mark shares a new Eggnog option for the holiday season. Boys talk CFL and ...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Electronic Enhancement Ep.12

Devan & Josh Talk their early thoughts on Red Dead 2 and some their favourite stories so far the game .The Game of the Year noms and upcoming Spider man DLC & Josh’s return to a N64 Classic. You can also email via or Jawa3...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Trailer Trash

Devan & Josh talk all the latest trailers , Toy story 4, Detective Pikachu ,Fighting with my Family ,Dick , Creed 2 . Josh Reviews the latest Grinch movie and what Christmas movies they will review this year, The Breaking Bad movie and all the news...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-The Butler Did It

Devan & Josh talk hour 5 of Basketball:A Love story and then all the latest in a pack week from the NBA , the Jimmy Butler trade , Golden State drama , Caris Lavert and Dillon Brooks injuries , D wades new baby , JIMMER going for 75 and his NBA fut...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Electronic Enhancement Ep.11

Devan & Josh Review and break down the high & lows on of Spider Man on the PS4 and what they would like to see from it in the future & Small Red Dead Talk about Devans horse ,PS5 launch rumors and Last of us 2 You can also email via freshta...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Dance with the Blue Devil

Josh & Devan talk Dukes unreal Night and the Big 3 , The Outlook for this college season and who impressed , The Lakers past week and adding Tyson Chandler , Jamal Maury and going for 50 , The Wiz blowing it up , The Raps unreal run , Bostons tough...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Mayhem In Munich

Devan & Josh Talk hour 4 in Basketball a Love story( wilt chamberlain ,signature moves and the craziness in Munich, Bill Simmons Final HBO doc and Lebrons the Shop You can also email via or You can find Josh o...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN- Who Dez !?!?!?

Josh & Trevor talk week 10 in the NFL , Dez to the Saints , The Raider Dumpster fire , Rookie QBs , Best of the AFC and the best bets for games and fantasy this week You can also email via or You can find Josh...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Tonights Lineup Ep 16 – A Bookmark to Remember

Episode 16 – Nic visits the new 245 million dollar Calgary Public Library. Mark has gotten wise to the actual odds of winning McDonalds Monopoly. Boys explore Epsom Salt floats. Lastly, Mark & Nic explains why Remembrance Day is so important. The p...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Tonights Lineup Ep 15 – Cereal Drinker

Episode 15 – Boys slam back the final North Carolina beer. Last week’s breakdown and this weeks predictions of CFL. Mark’s allegedly cutting back on the hooch. Nic brings some Halloween topics to the table. Then we round out the episode with nobody’s f...
Fresh Take Network author


Devan & Josh Talk Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the new Netflix series Chilling adventures of Sabrina. The Highs & Lows of both , what they liked more , the source materials , the theme songs , and what they want from the Netflix show in the fu...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Kiss From A Rose

Josh talk about D rose huge night and the ups & downs that lead to tonight and made it so special You can also email via or You can find Josh on Twitter and  and Instagram Snapchat: jawa31 Join the We Talk Con...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Who Would Have Thought ?

Devan & Josh Talk Hour 3 of Basketball a Love Story , USA Vs Russia , Jerry west , The Movies of Bernard King and The Dream and Tons of ABA Goodness , Then modern NBA talk on the latest on Jimmy Butler , Lakers, Rockets rough starts and Derrick Ros...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Holiday Sneaker Swap

Adam Keresztes joins Josh & Devan to talk about the upcoming Holiday Sneaker Swap , Their tour to some of Canadas sneak expos , whats new at this years Sneak Swap , The shoe he wants most , special guest who will see and much more You can also emai...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Treehouse of Horror

Devan & Josh review some the early Treehouse of Horros , Most memorable lines , Best scenes , Best episodes and how the movies they play homage still and what it means to Halloween season. You can also email via or Jawa31@gmai...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Incredibles 2

Devan & Josh review Incredibles 2 , How it holds up compared to the first , was the wait worth it ? Highlights & Lowlights and whats the best Pixar movie and do they have a sequel problem ? You can also email via or Jawa31...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Tonights Lineup Ep 14 – Less Than Min-e-iature

Episode 14 – Mark and Nic are back 1 on 1, no guests, just 2 buddies bullshitting. Getting back to basics, beer, football and basics. Boys have a major issue with CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie. Tune in next week for a rowdy Halloween edition includin...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Ant-Man & The Wasp

Devan & Josh Talk Ant Man & the Wasp , The Highlights and Lowlights ,Quantum Physics!! , Where is Lands post Snap and the future of the MCU You can also email via or You can find Josh on Twitter and  and I...
Fresh Take Network author


  Devan & Josh Talk Basketball: A love story and their fav basketball childhood memories , then talk Celtics/76ers , Upcoming NBA week and TRVIA!!!! You can also email via or You can find Josh on Twitter and  ...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-Tonights Lineup Ep 13 – Whiskey Tales

Episode 13 – After the recording of Ep12 there were some shenanigans involving whiskey. Mark was not feeling well the next day to say the least. Discussion on Calgary Olympic bid and more! The post FTN-Tonights Lineup Ep 13 – Whiskey Tales appeared fir...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-(Nostalgia Lane Ep.10) True Blood

“On a very special episode of Nostalgia Lane… Sookkkkieeeeeee!” You can also email via or You can find Josh on Twitter and  and Instagram Snapchat: jawa31 Join the We Talk Conversation on Twitter @wetalkpodcasts. ...
Fresh Take Network author

FTN-NBA Preview-West

Devan,Jamaine & Josh Talk and preview the NBA Western conference You can also email via or You can find Josh on Twitter and  and Instagram Snapchat: jawa31 Join the We Talk Conversation on Twitter @wetalkpodca...
Fresh Take Network author