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A fan-driven look at all things D.C. United and the official podcast of Black & Red United, SB Nation's community dedicated to Washington, DC's Major League Soccer team. Each week, writers from the site break down the Black-and-Red's previous games, check in with coaches and players and preview upcoming matches with experts on the teams United will be playing.
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Episode 329: Sweet Cheez-It Podcast

We are closing in on the beginning of the season, and Filibuster is achieving all their preseason goals. In this episode, Adam, Jason, and Ben first talk about all of the aspects of D.C. United’s first preseason game that anyone not in Florida was able...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 328: 8 o'clock is far too early

The preseason rolls on and so does Filibuster. Jason, Adam, and Ben bring on an old favorite, Sebi Salazar, to talk all things D.C. United and MLS, including the Luciano Acosta situation, if Marco Fabian’s signing well change the Philadelphia Union, wh...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 327: I’ll get to what i’m drinking in a second

D.C. United has had a bizarre week, and Filibuster is here to talk about it! Ben is off seeing family, so Jason and Adam are here to break down the entire Luciano Acosta saga, from rumors to France to him coming back to United. We also break down, as m...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 326: I want to bring him a card

The preseason has kicked off and Filibuster is here to talk about it! Jason, Adam, and Ben discuss the signing of Leonardo Jara and the state of the right back position, the waiving of David Ousted and his move to Chicago, and the state of the depth ch...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 325: Pondering the rhombus

The preseason is here and Filibuster is pumped for the 2019 season! Jason, Adam, and Ben start with all of the official and rumored player moves, including Antonio Bustamante, Donovan Pines, Leonardo Jara, David Ousted, Kofi Opare, and Yamil Asad. We a...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 324: It is too cold to live here

The SuperDraft is in the SuperPast, and Filibuster is here to talk about it. Jason, Adam, and Ben talk about the 2019 MLS SuperDraft and the team’s first round draft pick, Akeem Ward, as well as about the deal that turned a 2020 second round draft pick...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 323: Bourbon is a liquid

It is a new year and it is a new Filibuster featuring all three of our bright and shiny faces! Jason, Adam, and Ben are back and spend the beginning of the show talking about the history of D.C. United’s broadcasting partners and what the new deal with...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 322: Maybe things will be different

After taking some time off for the holidays, Filibuster is back (even if we don’t have Adam). Jason, Ben, and Donald are here to round up all of the recent D.C. United news, starting with the team’s callups to the USMNT (and the one huge snub). We also...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 321: Best in Show float

After taking a week off due to the fact that Ben’s internet was buried in 13 inches of snow, Filibuster has returned to your ears! Adam, Jason, and Ben talk first about the terrible loss of Nick DeLeon and our feelings about him, as well as the loss of...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 320: MLS Cup Preview

We preview the 2018 MLS Cup with friends from Dirty South Soccer and Stumptown Footy. We ask them why we, D.C. United fans, should root for either one of their teams. Give it a listen! Today's theme music is by Scott Buckley
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 319: Invasive megafauna

In this episode of Filibuster, we are diving into D.C. United’s first announced moves of the offseason. Jason, Adam, and Ben run down all of the contract options that were picked up, all of the contract options that were declined, and all of the player...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 318: Vivid and puzzling

We have gobbled all the gobbles and Filibuster is back once again to tell you all about it. Jason, Adam, and Ben talk about the news that D.C. United may be letting homegrown player Ian Harkes move on, and then break down all of the various players tha...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 317: Turkey wrangling

Filibuster is here for your long drives to Thanksgivings across the country (or if you just want to listen while you cook!) Jason, Adam, and Ben talk about the United States’ disappointing performance against England before breaking down the remaining ...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 316: Getting scurvy is hard

D.C. United is plowing right into the offseason, and Filibuster will be here with you every step towards the 2019 season. Jason, Adam, and Ben start this episode by talking about D.C. United’s apparent new technical director, Dane Murphy. Relatedly, we...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 315: Beer per unit

Welp, that wasn’t the way that we thought any of this was going to go down. Jason, Adam, and Ben are here to talk about D.C. United’s loss to the Columbus Crew, sending them home for the rest of the 2018 MLS season. We talk about this team writ large, ...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 314: An art piece

D.C. United ended the 2018 MLS regular season in fourth place in the Eastern Conference, and we are here to talk about it. Jason, Adam, and Ben talk about United’s draw against the Chicago Fire and what a wild ride this entire season has been. We break...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 313: Fake Adam Taylor

D.C. United has clinched the playoffs! and Filibuster is here to talk about it. We break down the game against New York City FC and we have to start with showering praise on Luciano Acosta. We then talk about the partnership of Russell Canouse and Juni...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 312: Definitely don't want to talk about Hoobastank

In a rare second episode of the week Filibuster is back to preview D.C. United’s upcoming match against New York City FC. Jason, Adam, and Ben talk about all of the changes that have happened since Patrick Vieira left the team, and how their fortunes h...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 311: Better impression of a theremin

The Filibuster crew talk about the win over FC Dallas, plus bring on an old friend to talk Toronto FC. Give it a listen!
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 310: Very boring Albert Einstein

D.C. United pulled out the three points they desperately needed on Sunday, and Filibuster is here to talk about it and about their upcoming game against FC Dallas. Adam, Jason, and Ben ask whether or not United were the better team on the balance befor...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 309: Several gigantic men

Everything’s good after a win, and everything is even better after a 5-0 destruction of your closest playoff rival. Jason, Ben, and Adam are back to talk about D.C. United’s domination of the Montreal Impact, and we start with how all of D.C. United’s ...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 308: The flavor of maple

The seasons are turning to fall, the playoff race is heating up, and D.C. United are in a fight to the finish. Jason, Adam, and Ben first turn their eyes to D.C. United’s massive upcoming game against the Montreal Impact. We break down the state of thi...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 307: Don't at me

It is the end of the week, but don’t worry; your friends at Filibuster didn’t forget you. We are here to talk about D.C. United’s bizarre 3-3 draw against the New York Red Bulls, starting with Bradley Wright-Phillips’ hat trick display. We get into Way...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 306: Zoot suit riot

D.C. United got a valuable point out of New York City FC, and Filibuster is here to break it down before we all get blown away by possible Hurricanes (unless we defeat them with music). We talk about our feeling on the bunkering draw, how they prevente...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 305: Panda headed scooter

D.C. United turned around their week at the end, and Filibuster is here to talk about it. Jason, Adam, and Ben talk about D.C. United’s games against the Philadelphia Union and against Atlanta United, each of which went the opposite of how we thought t...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 304: Finding that bird

Even though it was not the result we wanted against the New York Red Bulls, D.C. United must press onwards, as must your favorite podcast. Adam, Jason, and Ben talk about the balance of play against the Red Bulls and break down the only goal of the gam...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 303: I will scream out of my window every single day

D.C. United keeps the hot streak going, and Filibuster is riding that wave too. Adam, Ben, and Jason are here to talk about D.C. United’s 2-0 win over the New England Revolution, and we start the program by talking about the historic commentary crew. W...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 302: Head butted by a dog

After a wonderful second half versus the Portland Timbers, Filibuster is back with a rare second episode! Jason, Adam, and Ben talk about United’s best soccer in a long while, and focus on all the impacts Wayne Rooney has made both on his own and the e...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 301: The synchronicity of Bens

D.C. United took on Orlando City SC, and the game was all level after 90 minutes; the last 6 minutes, however, were madness. Jason, Adam, and Ben are here to break down every aspect of Luciano Acosta’s third (!) goal and the run, tackle, and pass by Wa...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 300: It's a minor lake

Filibuster has reached its 300th episode, and we’re here to celebrate with you! Jason, Adam, and Ben talk about D.C. United’s 1-1 draw against the Montreal Impact, in which we discuss the disaster of the first 8 minutes and what happened after the team...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 299: Don't brand me!

D.C. United got stymied midweek before getting some points on the weekend, and Filibuster breaks it down for you. Jason, Adam, and Ben talk about how D.C. United let the New York Red Bulls play the style that they wanted to play and contrast that with ...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 298: Retirement on a tequila plantation

Atlanta’s return to form against D.C. United has continued, and we are here to break it down. Jason, Adam, and Ben talk about Josef Martinez’s hat trick as well as spend another section talking about D.C.’s defense and their inability to win headers. W...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 297: Talon's new house

The first game at Audi Field has actually happened, and it was a win! Jason, Ben, and Adam talk about all of our feelings about the new stadium, warts and all, and hope that the warts will be quickly ironed out. We also talk about the issues between th...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 296: My best work on Twitter

It is finally here! D.C. United opens Audi Field this weekend, and Jason and Adam are here and excited! (Ben is also excited, but he’s on a beach this week.) But before we get to Audi Field, we have to talk about D.C. United’s comeback draw against the...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 295: Life changing rainbow

D.C. United lost their umpteenth frustrating game this season, and Jason, Adam, and Ben walk you throw it. We talk about the contrasting games that Frederic Brillant and Yamil Asad had, and ponder if Ben Olsen could change up his starters to try and ge...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 294: Seagram's gin soccer

With Adam out scouting the beaches for top new prospects, Jason and Ben welcome Donald back on the podcast to talk about D.C. United’s U.S. Open Cup flop. Before we talk (12:05) about the bad penalty kicks, the play of Chris Durkin, and how this team i...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 293: Kafka wrote Mansquito

All three members of the Filibuster squad are fit and back in action, ready to break down (9:48) D.C. United’s preposterous 4-4 draw against Toronto FC. We talk about the dream-like qualities of the game, and discuss all the things that went well in th...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 292: Go to parades

Even though technology conspired to destroy Ben’s computer while trying to record this podcast (quite literally), he was still able to put together Jason and Adam’s effort as they soldiered on without him. The lonely boys talk about D.C. United’s loss ...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 291: Dead whales and bleached bones

D.C. United didn’t have a game this past weekend, but they have two coming up this week, and Filibuster is here to preview them all early on a Monday morning. Jason, Adam, and a muffled Ben (8:55) talk to Neil Morris of WRAL Sports Fan to get the lowdo...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 290: Gin proclamation

Filibuster is back late on a Wednesday, and we talk about D.C. United’s draw against LAFC. We discuss the result, Paul Arriola in midfield, and the play of former D.C. United centerbacks. We also get into Joseph Mora, the subs, and discuss the decisio...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 289: The Shadow knows

Filibuster is back and finally has a D.C. United win about which to talk! Jason, Adam, and Ben talk (9:10) about how good it feels to have watched a well played game, and one that scored multiple goals off of the high press. We break down Paul Arriola’...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 288: An hour is however long this podcast takes

Strap on your seatbelts and get ready for an extra-long episode of Filibuster. Jason, Ben, and Adam have a lot to say about the very frustrating game against Real Salt Lake, and we start (8:42) with what frustrated us the most. We talk about how both t...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 287: Kids love hard surfaces

Wayne Rooney may or may not be coming to D.C. United, but Filibuster will always be coming to your ears. Jason and Adam kick off the show (12:29) by going team-by-team up the Eastern Conference standings to get a lay of the land in the first segment. B...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 286: I've never gotten arrested for bringing a trombone

D.C. United didn’t show up for the last 80 minutes, but Filibuster is here for the full 90. Jason, Adam, and Ben break down United’s worst performance of the year against the Philadelphia Union, and go through our own parade of horribles. We discuss th...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 285: Sears Catalog Models

Its a little late in the day, but don’t worry; Filibuster is always here for you. Jason, Adam, and Ben are joined by regular guest and DC101 megastar Greg Roche, and we answer your questions (10:06) from the Twitterbox. We talk about the fact the this ...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 284: Good soccer!

D.C. United has their first win of the year and Filibuster are here to talk about it! Jason, Ben, and Adam discuss the 1-0 win over the Columbus Crew, and break down Ulises Segura’s very fast goal in all its glory. We also discuss the very effect press...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 283: Your boat will have goats all over it

D.C. United may soon have a new owner, but the Filibuster crew will stick with you through thick, thin, and three separate ownership groups! In this episode of the podcast, Jason, Adam, and Ben talk about goats and Adam’s failures at March Madness (9:2...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 282: Gaudy and preposterous tombstone

D.C. United has a week off, but your friends at Filibuster do not! Jason, Adam, and Ben are here to get us through D.C. United’s game against Sporting Kansas City, and we start (10:55)with how the Sporks attacked D.C. United’s right side and how the te...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 281: I put nothing past archivists

Nothing is going quite to plan for D.C. United on the field, but everything is full steam ahead for your favorite D.C. United podcasters. Jason, Adam, and Ben break down D.C. United’s frustrating 3-1 loss to the Columbus Crew by first contrasting the b...
Filibuster Podcast author

Episode 280: A husk of a man

D.C. United came back to draw against the Houston Dynamo, and Filibuster comes back to break it all down. Jason, Adam, and Ben talk (8:32) first about the special place that is the Maryland SoccerPlex and try to first concentrate on the good, so we tal...
Filibuster Podcast author