Hosted by Alex Albanese for the MIT Postdoctoral Association, GLIMPSE is a show where we take our mobile recording studio across MIT campus and chat with researchers about their work. These are people deep in the trenches of science pushing the limits of knowledge, creativity and technology on a daily basis. Join us as we chat with up-and-coming scientists and get a a glimpse into their work, their journey, and their outlook.

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Reporting from the trenches of science
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Turning Waste into Wealth with Rozzeta Dolah

This episode is with Dr Rozzeta Dolah, a postdoctoral fellow in Prof Rohit Karnik’s Microfluidics and Nanofluidics Research Laboratory at MIT. Her work revolves around process optimization in renewable energy field focusing on converting waste from pal...
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Defining Neuroethics with Ed Boyden

In the previous episode (“Getting the Data”), we learned about the many neuroscience tools Prof. Ed Boyden (MIT Media Lab, McGovern Institute) and his team have invented and disseminated to control, map, and observe the brain.  In this second episode, ...
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Getting the Data with Ed Boyden

Ed Boyden is a professor in the MIT Media Lab (Synthetic Neurobiology) and McGovern Institute.  He’s developed several revolutionary tools for researchers, including optogenetics — for controlling neurons — and expansion microscopy — for generating mol...
MIT-PDA author

Postdoc Reunion Afterparty: Brent Grocholski

GLiMPSE joined forces with the MIT Postdoctoral Association for their Postdoc Homecoming on March 15, 2019. Our own founder Alex moderated a discussion with a distinguished panel of former MIT postdocs about their experiences. As the event wound down, ...
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Attacking Tuberculosis with Prof. Bryan Bryson

We are excited to present our interview with Prof. Bryan Bryson, Assistant Professor of Biological Engineering at MIT. Prof. Bryson is challenging the dogma of active and latent tuberculosis. His work suggests that every patient’s immune cells (macroph...
MIT-PDA author

Good Bugs with César de la Fuente-Nunez

This is the second in a two-part series (first episode: ‘Bad Bugs’).  Dr. César de la Fuente-Nunez is a postdoc working in Tim Lu’s lab at MIT.  In this episode, we discuss probiotics – bacteria that have a beneficial effect on our health – and how imp...
MIT-PDA author

Bad Bugs with César de la Fuente-Nunez

Dr. César de la Fuente-Nunez is a postdoc working in Tim Lu’s lab (Synthetic Biology Group; Biological Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science).  César investigates humans’ complex relationship with bacteria in order to produce advance...
MIT-PDA author

S2E10: Zoya Bylinskii – AI, Attention, & Creativity

Dr. Zoya Bylinskii is a recent PhD graduate from CSAIL at MIT under the supervision of Frédo Durand and Aude Oliva. Her work uses AI to decipher human attention and memory. Where are people looking? What images are most memorable? In this episode we di...
MIT-PDA author

S2E9: Diana Orghian – The Optimism Bias

Diana Orghian is a social psychologist interested in how people perceive and extract meaning from the surrounding social world. She is a postdoctoral associate in the Collective Learning group (at Media Lab, MIT) working on Person Perception, Behaviora...
MIT-PDA author

S2E8: Mike Shah – Teaching Humans Computer Science is Fun

Dr. Mike Shah is a lecturer in the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University. He studies how to improve the speed of computer software and make coding intuitive to the uninitiated. We discuss his research, outreach efforts,...
MIT-PDA author

S2E7: Sydney Levine – Encoding Morality into Machines

Sydney Levine is a postdoc working jointly with Iyad Rahwan (Scalable Cooperation Group, MIT Media Lab), Joshua Tenenbaum (Computational Cognitive Science Group, MIT Brain and Cognitive Sciences), and Fiery Cushman (Moral Psychology Group, Harvard). Sh...
MIT-PDA author

S2E6 – Jessica Polka – Preprints Improve Publishing

Jessica Polka is the executive director of Accelerating Science And Publication in Biology (ASAPbio) Website: Twitter: @asapbio OpenPharma: Preprint servers:
MIT-PDA author

S2E5: Shruti Muralidhar – How Memories Change the Brain

Dr. Shruti Muralidhar is a postdoc in the Susumu Tonegawa’s lab at MIT’s Picower Institute. She is working on the biological mechanisms of making memories. In this episode we discuss spidery neurons at the brain’s surface (!), how memories affect the b...
MIT-PDA author

S2E4: Peter Sudmant – Genetics, Aging & Diversity

Peter Sudmant is currently a postdoc in Chris Burge’s lab in the Department of Biology at MIT, where he studies species diversity and aging at different genomic scales. Prior to his arrival in Cambridge, Peter published seminal work with Evan Eichler o...
MIT-PDA author

S2E3: Lauren Stopfer – Everything you Need to Know about MIT Grad School!

Lauren Stopfer is a bioengineering graduate student in the White and Lauffenburger labs. She is developing new tools to profile what proteins cancer cells present to the immune system. In this episode we discuss her efforts to improve transparency of M...
MIT-PDA author

S2E2: Nichole Daringer – Engineering Human Cells

Dr. Nichole Daringer is a postdoc in the Jim Collins lab  at MIT. She is working on engineering new receptors in human cells. In this episode we discuss receptors, GMOs, the advantages of overthinking in the lab and how to do science with four children...
MIT-PDA author

S2E1: Tyler Ford – Engineering Cells to do the Impossible

Dr. Tyler Ford completed his PhD in Pam Silver’s group at Harvard. He is currently an Outreach Scientist, Blog Editor, and podcaster at Addgene Inc. a non-profit plasmid repository. In this episode, we talk about genetic engineering, Addgene’s top sell...
MIT-PDA author

S2 E0: Meet the New Kids!

Welcome to Season 2 of GLiMPSE podcast. We are getting some help this year from Tim Fessenden (middle) and Max Robinson (right), two postdocs at MIT. In this short episode, I introduce season 2 and do a short interview with the new kids! Enjoy and stay...
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#14 “A Veterinarian walks into MIT…” with Galit Frydman

Dr. Galit Frydman has just completed her PhD in Biological Engineering at MIT while simultaneously pursuing a postdoctoral fellowship in Comparative Medicine at MIT and in Surgical Sciences at MGH. In this episode, we discuss monkey vocalizations, plat...
MIT-PDA author

#13 Synthetic Biology, Perfumes and Foot-Cheese with Christina Agapakis

Dr. Christina Agapakis is the creative director at Ginko Bioworks. In this episode we discuss her amazing journey from Pam Silver’s lab to her current position at Ginko Bioworks. Along the way she attempted to solve the energy crisis, worked with artis...
MIT-PDA author

GLiMPSies – Where have we been?

GLiMPSE is alive! Back from a hiatus. Wonder where we’ve been? Wanna know how you can help? Listen to this short update… To review the podcast, simply search for “GLIMPSE Podcast” in iTunes, click on “reviews” and leave a comment!
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GLiMPSIES– Catching Eyeballs with Ben Sawyer

GLiMPSIES are interview outtakes. This one is from my interview with Ben Sawyer. Image source:
MIT-PDA author

GLiMPSIES– Driving is the Distraction with Ben Sawyer

GLiMPSIES are interview outtakes. This one is from my interview with Ben Sawyer. Image source: Family Guy, 20th Century Fox.
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GLiMPSIES– Too Smart for Books with Ben Sawyer

GLiMPSIES are interview outtakes. This one is from my interview with Ben Sawyer. Image credit:
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GLiMPSIES– Crashing in a Simulator with Ben Sawyer

GLiMPSIES are interview outtakes. This one is from my interview with Ben Sawyer image source:
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GLiMPSIES– Fish Mucus with Ben Sawyer

GLiMPSIES are interview outtakes. This one is from my interview with Ben Sawyer. image source:
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#12 Man vs. Machine with Dr. Ben Sawyer

Dr. Ben Sawyer is a postdoc MIT’s AgeLab. This episode was recorded last spring when Ben was just starting his work at MIT. In this episode we discuss deja vu, driving simulators, Google glass and distraction. Many tangents were cut out of this convers...
MIT-PDA author

#11– Cancer Cells in Movement with Dr. Madeleine Oudin

Dr. Madeleine Oudin is a postdoc in Prof. Frank Gertler’s group. We discuss cannabinoids, stem cell migration, cancer cell migration, extracellular matrix and Taylor Swift! This is the final of a our three-episode series highlighting research at MIT’s ...
MIT-PDA author

#10– Inhalable Bio-therapeutics with Dr. Asha Patel

Dr. Asha Patel is a postdoctoral fellow in the labs of Robert Langer and Daniel Anderson. Here, we discuss how to engineer materials for guiding stem cell growth and designing polymers for delivering therapeutics. Also, bioengineering research needs mo...
MIT-PDA author

#9 – HIV Nano-vaccines with Dr. Talar Tokatlian

Dr. Talar Tokatlian is a postdoc in Darrell Irvine’s group. We discuss responsive materials, nanoparticles, HIV vaccines and testing hypotheses outside the lab!! This is the first of a three episode series focusing on research at MIT’s Koch Institute f...
MIT-PDA author

#8– Academics for the Future of Science

Experimental episode alert!!  This is part 2 of my interview with Dr. Christin Glorioso. Here we cover her work with Academics for the Future of Science. For more information please visit: Facebook:
MIT-PDA author

#7– The Aging Brain with Dr. Christin Glorioso

Dr. Christin Glorioso is a postdoc in Leonard Guarente’s lab. We discuss how brains age,  nootropics and Pittsburgh! For more information please visit:   ——– Th...
MIT-PDA author

#6– Solar Cells& Nanotech with Dr. Deniz Bozyigit

We’re back! New episodes every other week. Dr. Deniz Bozyigit is a postdoc in Keith Nelson’s group. We discuss solar cells, nanocrystals, perovskites and Ducktales! For more information please visit:
MIT-PDA author

Bonus Episode– Best Advice

This is a very special episode of the podcast. I have compiled answers to the question “what’s the best advice you have ever received?” New episodes of GLIMPSE are coming in February 2016. Thanks for all of your support in 2015 and happy 2016! ——– Musi...
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Episode 5– Will Porter

Dr. Will Porter is a postdoctoral associate in Prof. Colette Heald’s group. Will is a physicist studying how weather patterns affect air quality. We discuss Will’s journey from comparative literature to teaching in Japan and culminating at MIT. We also...
MIT-PDA author

Episode 4– Le Nguyen Hoang

Dr. Le Nguyen Hoang  is a postdoctoral research associate in the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS), at MIT, with Patrick Jaillet. Le studies applied mathematics and we discuss Benford’s law, cake cutting, and online optimization. W...
MIT-PDA author

Episode 3– Elizabeth Sterner

Episode 3, third time’s a charm! Dr. Elizabeth Sterner  is a postdoctoral associate in Prof. Timothy Swager’s group.  Elizabeth is a polymer chemist who is working on bullet-proof materials and sensors that can detect airborne benzene. We also discuss ...
MIT-PDA author