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Each week I'll talk to a fellow gardener and pick their brain on plants, garden design, pop culture and oh so much more
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Talking Gardening with Amanda Thomsen (Kiss My Aster)

A chance for me to chat with one of the most unique personalities in the gardening world. We'll talk gardening trends, ugly plants, underrated plants, her blog and her awesomely reviewed book - "Kiss My Aster".
Gardening talk with ONG author

A chat with Michelle Gervais - senior editor at Fine Gardening magazine

A chance for me to learn all of the ins and outs that come with being an editor at the most prestigious gardening magazine (Fine Gardening) around.
Gardening talk with ONG author

Catching up with Erica Glasener ("A Gardener's Diary")

I'll catch up with Erica Glasener, former host of HGTV's "A Gardener's Diary". We'll talk about that show, the state of gardening on TV, all that Erica is doing now and so much more.
Gardening talk with ONG author

Ornamental grass talk with Shannon Currey of Hoffman Nursery

I will center the chatĀ around newly introduced ornamental grasses and someĀ personal favorites with Shannon Currey, director of Sales and Marketing at Hoffman Nursery in North Carolina.
Gardening talk with ONG author

Hanging with James Golden (Garden at Federal Twist)

Time to pick the brain and kick back and listen to all James Golden, the owner of the Garden at Federal Twist, has to offer. We'll chat about plants, spring chores and all of the history behind his unique and dramatic garden.
Gardening talk with ONG author

A roundtable discussion with the ladies from Savvy Gardening

A chance to hear from each of the women who recently announced the creation of a new collaborative project - Savvy Gardening. I'll chat with Jessica Walliser, Nikki Jabbour, Amy Andrychowicz and Tara Nolan and we'll pick their brains on all things gard...
Gardening talk with ONG author

A chat with Helen Yoest (Author of "Plants with Benefits")

We get down and dirty (multiple puns intended) with Helen Yoest, author of the recently released book "Plants with Benefits". We'll talk aphrodisiacal plants, garden style, and how Helen got to where she is today.
Gardening talk with ONG author

Chatting with Joe Lamp'l, host of Growing a Greener World

I'll talk with Joe Lamp'l, renowned host of a number of gardening TV shows including the fantastic "Growing a Greener World". I will pick his brain about how the show detemines content, what goes on behind the scenes and some of his favorite episodes. ...
Gardening talk with ONG author

A chat with Annie Haven (Authentic Haven Brand)

A chat with Annie Haven, owner of Authentic Haven Brand and a social media afficianado. Most of us gardeners have used her manure tea with incredible success and now I get the chance to ask her more about this incredible product and other product offer...
Gardening talk with ONG author

All things ornamental grasses with Shannon Currey (Hoffman Nursery)

Notebook in hand is a must as I discuss nothing but ornamental grasses with Shannon Currey, Director of Sales and Marketing at Hoffman Nursery in North Carolina.
Gardening talk with ONG author

Rapid fire questions for three awesome gardeners

Tough, hard hitting questions for three different gardeners/bloggers.
Gardening talk with ONG author

Interview with Scott Weber (Rhone Street Gardens)

A chat with an incredible gardener, Scott Weber and all he does in his Portland, Oregon garden.
Gardening talk with ONG author

An interview with Allan Becker

My interview with renowned garden designer Allan Becker.
Gardening talk with ONG author

An introduction

For my premiere podcast, I'll answer my own questions with the hopes you'll get to know me better. From that point forward, I'll interview a different gardener each week using the same sets of questions each time.
Gardening talk with ONG author