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Garden How-To is a podcast featuring Master Gardeners who share season-appropriate gardening tips and techniques for gardeners of all levels. Hosted by garden writer, Master Gardener and radio personality Kathy Cropp, Garden How-To is a production of Horticulture Radio, from Horticulture Magazine.

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Garden How-To podcasts from Horticulture Radio
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Garden How-To:: Episode 15: Gro Green Organics

In this episode, Kathy Cropp talks with Adina Nance of Gro Green Organics. Adina left a career in corporate management to run her own business related to her lifelong passion for gardening. Through Gro Green Organics, Adina makes and sells … Read Arti...
Kathy Ballard Cropp author

Garden How-To :: Episode 14: Vines and Climbers in the Garden

Kathy Cropp talks with Dan Long, owner of Brushwood Nursery, about choosing and caring for vines and climbing plants. Read ArticleThe post Garden How-To :: Episode 14: Vines and Climbers in the Garden appeared first on Horticulture.
Kathy Ballard Cropp author

Garden How-To :: Episode 13: The Wonder of Watermelons

In this episode, Kathy Cropp talks with Don Dobbs, who has been the general manager of Willhite Seed for 50 years. Don shares new developments in seed varieties—especially in watermelons, which have long been a Willhite specialty—and he offers advice …...
Kathy Ballard Cropp author

Welcome to Garden How-To University

Listen to this free podcast to hear Kathy Cropp describe the benefits of Garden How-To University and talk with Diana Warren about garden learning in general. Kathy is the instructor for the 6 classes that make up Session 1. In … Read ArticleThe post ...
Kathy Ballard Cropp author

Garden How-To :: Episode 11: A Garden Store Shelf

In this episode of Garden How-To, Kathy offers information to help you navigate that confusing "product" aisle and find the herbicide, pesticide, fungicide or fertilizer that is right for your garden. She covers both organic and non-organic options. R...
Kathy Ballard Cropp author