FUSE: Faiths United for Sustainable Energy

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FUSE educates and organizes faith communities to act on our society's dependence on fossil fuels. FUSE works with its partners across the nation to build grassroots support for an inclusive, equitable, and socially just green economy.

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FUSE's mission is to educate and mobilize faith communities to act on the increasingly harmful effects of our country's dependence on fossil fuels.
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A new kind of organizing - using Recovery funds in Florida

Crossposted atGreen for All BlogIt's amazing what a little money can do.As soon as the Obama Billions from the stimulus package started to trickle down, community groups around the nation began to mobilize with a new found zeal. All of a sudden, progr...
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FUSE Members in Action: Faith Communites Across the Nation Work Towards a Sustainable Future

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Evangelicals and Global Warming

From the Interfaith Power and Light Blog***************************************************There's plenty of news out there about growing divisions among evangelicals over the science and the action required to address global warming. Although this vid...
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Report: Global Warming Has Changed Our Weather — Worse Heat Waves, Floods, Hurricanes, Storms To Come

From the Think Progress Blog***********************************************************************The traditional media rarely discusses extreme weather events in the context of global warming. However, as the Wonk RoomGlobal Boiling series has docume...
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Global Boiling: Rush Versus Reality

From the Think Progress Blog************************************Last week, conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh assailed the Center for American Progress Action Fund’s “Global Boiling” Progress Report, which explained that the extreme weather even...
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Video - Crude Impact

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U.S. driving down 4.5 billion miles in April

Originally posted at Climate Progress*************************April 2008 saw another sharp drop in vehicle miles traveled (aka VMT) according to the Federal Highway Administration’s monthly report on “Traffic Volume Trends.” This follows “the sharpes...
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Lake Chad now more like Pond Chad

Satellite images show Lake Chad one-tenth the size it was in 1972, not even 40 years ago. Lake Chad used to be the world’s sixth-largest lake, but its resources have been diverted for human use or affected by rainfall such that its been almost entirely...
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Global warming causes deluges and flooding, just like the Midwest is seeing (again)

The British and the Chinese understand global warming has driven their record flooding. The United States? Not so much.Although you wouldn’t know it from most U.S. media coverage (here orhere orhere), the record “once-in-a-hundred-year flooding” the ...
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Video - Veg My Ride - How to convert a diesel engine to run on vegetable oil - Instructional Video

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