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Delay of Game is a "sports" podcast where half the guys know what they're talking about and the other half only sort of know. We focus mostly on Louisiana sports, but venture elsewhere. Also beer. Lots of it.

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Delay of Game is a "sports" podcast where half the guys know what they're talking about and the other half only sort of know.
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A Brunch of Puns

This week we actually cover a lot of sports! Lots of college playoff talk, and a bit of NFL talk. We're joined by the always wonderful Bob Murrell. He's an actor, a stand-up comic, a sports fan and blogger, and all-around good dude.Check out Bob's webs...

New Year's Day Family Dinner

Happy New Year, ya pricks! We kicked off the new year by finishing off the keg and ham and fireworks from our NYE party the night before and sat down in Geoff's living room instead of #StudioOfGeoff and had a loosey-goosey discussion about a bunch of g...

Freddy Krueger is Not the Boogie Man

The gang talks about beer again, and have a philosophical discussion over whether robots are considered beings.  We also of course cover the terribleness of the Saints-Carolina game, and Matt and Geoff solve the higher education crisis in Louisiana.


We took a week off for Thanksgiving and to get our lives in order, but all four of us are back this week! We discuss how journalism -- specifically sports journalism -- is bad and not at all good, discuss the Saints game against the Steelers and addres...

Windmills Do Not Work That Way

After a not-great weekend of Louisiana football, the guys do their best to objectively cover the Saints and LSU games. Friend of the show Jon Frosch appears as our first guest and offers some insight into ASU and the PAC12. Matt almost got knocked out ...

How Much Meth Can You Make From That?

The Saints won a road game and Geoff makes a pun. LSU did a thing. Will did a Saints trivia thing at The New Movement and @skooks won. Jacob asks the question of how much meth you can make with Sudafed. We talk about NASCAR and hockey for a good while,...

No One Throws Milk Sober

This week, we're sans-Jacob. We cover a ton of college football, celebrate the Saints win, make fun of Metairie's own Big Lee, stemcells, Matt supposes Drew Brees is on his way out and wants to fuck Mark Ingram. Or he said "fuck Mark Ingram". I wasn't ...

Mayonnaise Sandwich

This might be our most sports-packed episode yet! If you hate sports, then you're probably going to hate this. If you love sports, you're also probably going to hate this. We're not good at this. This week we cover the Saints shitty loss to the Lions, ...

Miller Trill

This week, Matt joins us and we barely talk about sports! Geoff tells a story about Taco Bell, we ruin chances of being allowed to visit a bunch of cities, and we talk about Oktoberfest again. Matt drops some whiskey knowledge.Sports-wise, we discuss t...

Episode I: The Phantom Sponsors, or, This is Going to be Garbage

Our inaugural podcast. We drink a bunch of beers and talk about the Saints barely edging out Tampa Bay last Sunday, Jacob cries about LSU for a while, we discuss upcoming local festivals, and I wax poetic about Aubrey Plaza and Netflix. We also plug a ...