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Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast started off as a classroom based educational show about fly fishing. Each episode will cover a different aspect of fly fishing from entomology, hydrology, ichthyology, rods, reels, gear, fly tying, cold weather layering, fishing around Washington D.C. and more. The podcast quality gets better as Producer Jason of Freestone Media joins the team. Please visit Rob's website for more information and to book your guided trip.

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This is a fly fishing education and lifestyle podcast hosted by Rob Snowhite, a renowned urban fly fishing guide based in Northern Virginia. Rob's background in biology, education, and fishing will keep you entertained for hours. Contact Rob for episode sponsorship, guided trips, or custom flies. Produced by Jason Reif.
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Abbie Schuster's Martha's Vineyard

The year was 2010 and Rob and his wife went to Martha's Vineyard for a concert. While there Rob tried to catch a fish. Any kind of fish. He failed. Rob called up Abbie Schuster to gain more information on the Vineyard in order to prepare himself and po...
Rob Snowhite author

Stronghold Part 2 With Guido Rahr

This is part two of the Stronghold podcast featuring Guido Rahr. Guido is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Wild Salmon Center. He is the subject of the book Stronghold by his cousin Tucker Malarkey. Rob and Guido discuss all things salm...
Rob Snowhite author

StrongHold Author Tucker Malarkey

Tucker Malarkey is the author of the critically acclaimed and national bestselling novels An Obvious Enchantment and Resurrection. With a career that began at the Washington Post, her love of human culture and wilderness have since taken her all over t...
Rob Snowhite author

Refish Roadie with Heather & Jen

Episode 247 catches up with Heather Hodson, Jen Ripple and a minivan full of friends and family as they drive across Florida and Louisiana. The ladies are in search of Redfish and will be sharing the down low on fly fishing to pretty much anyone they e...
Rob Snowhite author

The Search For Coho Mojo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This episode follows Rob's quest for lake run coho salmon on New York's Salmon River (SRNY). Rob breaks down the differences from salmon season to steelhead season, observations on crowds, techniques seen on the river, and where he found fish. Sometime...
Rob Snowhite author

245 | How & What Fish See

This episode is all about how fish see. Rob has covered other aspects of fish sensory organs and this one focuses (no pun intended) on the eyes. Anglers have debated what color fly or lure to use since fishing began. Modern science allows us to get a b...
Rob Snowhite author

244 | Protecting America's Salmon Forest With Kayla Roys

Tell Decision Makers: Expanding clear-cut logging of old-growth timber by eliminating the Roadless Rule would harm the people & economy of Southeast Alaska.  Rob interviews Kayla Roys of Trout Unlimited Alaska about the current administration's att...
Rob Snowhite author

243 | Mac Hodell | Rob's Fly Fishing Mentor

Mac Hodell is the first person to introduce fly fishing and fly tying to Rob. In this episode Mac discusses his fly fishing filled childhood while growing up in Reston, Virginia through his current home in Colorado. Mac is a problem solver and he utili...
Rob Snowhite author

Demystifying Two-Fly Rigs

You might call them a hopper-dropper, clink and dink, western rig, dry-dropper, or two-fly rig. Rob explains the three types of multi-fly rigs he utilizes and how and when to benefit from this method of rigging. He covers materials used, frustrations f...
Rob Snowhite author

Kesley Gallagher Is The SteelieChick | Los Angeles Corbina to Florida Tarpon

Kesley Gallagher has a passion for chasing fish from Los Angeles to Florida. She holds several International Game Fish Association (IGFA) world records. In this episode we discuss fly fishing the West Coast, Third Coast, and East Coast. You'll learn he...
Rob Snowhite author

Zane Lamprey

Zane Lamprey is a world traveler, comedian, entertainer, and occasional fly angler. Rob invited Zane on the podcast to discuss his TV shows, traveling stories, hangover cures, some fly fishing, and a crazy camping story.  Produced by Freestone Producti...
Rob Snowhite author

Glen Blackwood's Great Lakes Fly Fishing Company

Rob met Glen Blackwood at the 2019 Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival and quickly learned he is a wealth of information. This episode is dedicated to Glen's love of fishing and hunting in Michigan, fly fishing history, books, antique gear, and much...
Rob Snowhite author

Brooks Robinson - Cortland Line Company

The Cortland Line Company aka "Cortland" is a small business with a big name. Cortland has been located in Cortland, NY  since 1915. Brooks Robinson from Cortland's Public Relations joins us this week to discuss all things fly lines, use and abuse of l...
Rob Snowhite author

Fishing Structure | Find Structure & Find Fish

This episode is dedicated to structure. The physical objects in and around water that attract fish. Rob breaks down his favorite types of structure and the dynamics on how to present a fly to fish that should be there. Additionally, Rob discusses the d...
Rob Snowhite author

Chef Tom Colicchio

Rob interviews chef Tom Colicchio. Tom Colicchio is the chef and owner of Crafted Hospitality, judge on Bravo's 'Top Chef', and an avid fly angler. In this episode Tom and Rob discuss Tom's culinary career, oceanic seafood sustainability, places to eat...
Rob Snowhite author

Bass Fly Tying Materials

Rob breaks down what he likes and doesn't like with regards to fly tying materials. Listen as he describes his favorite materials by color and texture, where to purchase them, and the specific flies he ties with each material.  This episode is brought ...
Rob Snowhite author

Joe Jackson aka Sgt. Bass Fisher

Joe Jackson is a United States Army Veteran. Joe discovered fly fishing and fly tying through Project Healing Waters after a near tragic event. Sgt. Bass Fisher has become a master of fly tying utilizing deer hair to carve everything from hummingbirds ...
Rob Snowhite author

Kiki Galvin | Guide & Volunteer

Kiki Galvin has been named as one of six women who are revolutionizing the world of fly fishing by Blue Ridge Outdoors. Kiki is a fly fishing guide, volunteer, mentor, and friend to many anglers. Her free time is spent volunteering for numerous fly fi...
Rob Snowhite author

Dan Davala Discusses Fly Fishing, tarpon, bonefish, trout, salmon, steelhead, Paula dean, butter knife, butter, Skateboarding, & Butter Knives

Dan Davala dropped in to the FFC Headquarters for a little Pappy Van Winkle tasting and podcasting by the fire pit. Dan Davala is an Orvis Fly Fishing Travel Specialist. He is the former the Fishing Manager at Orvis Arlington, Virginia and is the found...
Rob Snowhite author

231 | London & The London Fly Fishing Fair

Rob explores London on foot in search of historical scientific specimens, sandwiches and curries, and a few pints in historic pubs. Additionally, Rob attended the London Fly Fishing Fair. You will learn about small flies for clear salmon water, Europea...
Rob Snowhite author

230 | Fly Fishing The Cotswolds With Andy Grey Part 2

Rob continues his journey through the Cotswolds with fly fishing guide Andy Grey and his dog Stanley for a tour of stillwater fly fishing opportunities outside Oxford in England. Andy offers fly fishing lessons and guided trips for trout, grayling, pik...
Rob Snowhite author

229 | Fly Fishing The Cotswolds With Andy Grey Part 1

Rob meets up with fly fishing guide Andy Grey and his dog Stanley for a tour of trout and grayling opportunities outside Oxford in England. Andy offers fly fishing lessons and guided trips for trout, grayling, pike, and carp in the Cotswold and souther...
Rob Snowhite author

228 | Tim Rosenau Talks Faith, Family, And Fly Fishing

Tim Rosenau is currently playing lead guitar, trumpet, and singing background vocals for Grammy Award Winning artist, TOBYMAC. He dropped by the home studio before his gig down the street to discuss faith, family, and fly fishing. As a touring musician...
Rob Snowhite author

227| Muskie Obsession With Ellis King

Ellis King joins us from Gallipolis, Ohio to discuss the most amazing thirty seconds of your life. Ellis and his crew run River Tactical Flies, tying, designing and selling some of the most effective patterns for midwestern warm and cold water species....
Rob Snowhite author

226 | Joe Mahler - Fly Fishing Educator

Joe joins Rob live from his car after a morning of casting instruction. Joe is a fly fishing instructor in southern Florida and chases a myriad of freshwater, saltwater, and non-native species when he isn't illustrating the art of fly fishing. He has a...
Rob Snowhite author

225 | Fish Slime | Everything You Thought You Knew Plus Information You Didn't

Rob set out to answer some questions about the detrimental effects of handling fish out of water. He didn't exactly find the answers he was looking for but found all sorts of other interesting information about fish 'slime'. You won't find information ...
Rob Snowhite author

224 | Geeking Out On Bugs With Peter Stitcher | Ascent Fly Fishing

Rob met Peter Stitcher at the Virginia Fly Fishing Show in January 2019. Rob and Peter are both bug geeks with backgrounds in biology. They decided to set up a podcast to geek out on bugs, discuss Peter's humanitarian work, his fishing show, bucket lis...
Rob Snowhite author

223 | Alice Owsley | Fly Fishing West Yellowstone

Rob and Alice sat down at The Fly Fishing Show in Edison to record Alice's story. Alice grew up in the Midwest and was educated on the East Coast before she moved out West. Alice shares her story with ways to avoid mountain lions, how to cater trips to...
Rob Snowhite author

222 | Wanda Taylor - Marlin On The Fly

Rob sat down with Wanda Taylor at the 2019 Fly Fishing Show in Edison NJ to listen to and share her story. Wanda Taylor has been a professional guide, fly casting instructor, and author for decades. In this episode we learn about fly fishing for marlin...

221 | Edison Fly Fishing Show 2019

Vignettes. Live from The Fly Fishing Show in Edison, NJ. Rob interviews several attendees at the show from nonprofits to entrepreneurs, fly tiers, students, and travelers. Produced by Jason Reif
Rob Snowhite author

220 | Tight Line Nymphs 101 With Joe Bragg

West Virginia's Joe Bragg joins Rob on this episode to break down just exactly what is a tight line nymph. When Joe isn't putting out fires he is tying flies or fishing them. They discuss all things pepperoni rolls, how to avoid friction and drag when ...
Rob Snowhite | Fly Fishing Consultant author

219 | 2019 Virginia Fly Fishing And Wine Festival

Rob interviews friends old and new during the Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival. Snow is in the forecast and no one seems to know how much is going to fall. Rob took a few breaks from tying and talking fishing to walk around and ask a few questi...
Rob Snowhite author

218 | The Mayfly Project

Mentoring Foster Children Through Fly Fishing. Rob interviews Jess Westbrook of The Mayfly Project. This not-for profit organization builds relationships with children in foster care through fly fishing and introduces them to their local water ecosyste...
Rob Snowhite author

217 | Fly Fishing Montana With John McKinnie | Montana Lifestyle & Fly Fishing

Rob catches up with John McKinnie of McKinnie Fly Fishing Outfitters of Montana. Rob and John fished together a few years ago during the spring Potomac shad run. John learned about fly fishing on an eastern tidal river. Now its his turn to talk about w...
Rob Snowhite author

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Episode 216 Jonathan Kiley (Fly Skinz) recently returned from a trip to Christmas Island. Rob got called Jonathan almost as soon as he returned home. In this adrenaline filled episode we learn all about fly fishing for bonefish, trigger fish, and giant...
Rob Snowhite author

215 | Greg Liu | Salmon River NY Steelhead Guide

Rob met up with Salmon River steelhead guide Greg Liu on his recent trip to New York. Greg has guided clients for steelhead for several decades. In this episode we learn about salmon eggs at different stages, how to fish water at different levels, when...
Rob Snowhite author

214 | Salmon River New York Steelhead 2018

Rob hosted a group of friends on the Salmon River of New York in November 2018. Listen as they search for lake run fish up and down the river. Rob discusses the methods and techniques used to catch steelhead, camaraderie, fly tying, reading water, and ...
Rob Snowhite author

213 | John Montana Carp

Rob interviews John Montana Carp. They discuss the development of the Hybrid Carp Fly, how to choose the best fly for your local carp, how to stealthily approach these wary fish, sight casting to sturgeon, and lots more. Produced by Freestone Media Spo...
Rob Snowhite author

212 | Pumpkin Spice Fishing | Fall Turnover

Episode 212. Rob talks about the changing season after a rainy summer. The sights and smells of autumn, tactics for targeting different species, preparing for fall steelhed, and more. Produced by Freestone Media.
Rob Snowhite | Fly Fishing Consultant author

211 | Sam Looper Visits Fairfax

Sam Looper is talented fly tier using multiple techniques to create world class flies for big fish. He was in town recently and dropped in for dinner and to tie some flies. We recorded live during his tying session. In this episode you will learn some ...
Rob Snowhite author

210 | Fly Fishing Cape Cod Part 2

The second in a two-part series on fly fishing Cape Cod. Rob begins to understand how the physical geography of the Cape dictates water temperatures, winds, currents, and where the fish feed. A visit to the Goose Humomck, amazing potato salad, and a ba...
Rob Snowhite author

209 | Fly Fishing Cape Cod Part 1

Rob's family visited Cape Cod, Massachusetts this summer for his mother in law's 7oth birthday. This is part one of a two part travelogue documenting Rob's first time fishing the Cape and in doing he discovers there is a major learning curve to finding...
Rob Snowhite author

208 | Fly Fishing Cape Cod 101 With Anthony Lombardo of Bear's Den

Rob wanted to learn more about fly fishing up on Cape Cod where his family is vacationing this summer. Rob interviews Anthony Lombardo of Bear's Den Fly Fishing Co. In this episode we learn about the Cape's location, what to bring, seasonality of bait,...
Rob Snowhite author

Urban Fishing In The Buckeye State Over July 4 Holiday Week

The Snowhite's annual visit to Columbus, Ohio for the Independence Day week festivities. A road trip full of new fishing spots, bulgogi tacos, rain, craft beer discoveries, and a major lack of bourbon choices and new pants. Produced by Freestone Media
Rob Snowhite author

206 | Fly Fishing Virginia's Marsh To Mountains In A Day With Chris Siess

Rob interviews Capt. Chris Siess about his passion for all things fly fishing, tying, and traveling. In a single day Chris can take clients out for redfish, smallmouth bass, and brook char. Chris chooses his super power to make him a better angler and ...
Rob Snowhit e author

205 | Drew Chicone - Fly Tier, Author, & Much More

Episode 205. Rob interviews Florida's Drew Chicone. We learn how to organize a fly tying room, what happens when you collide your SUP with a snook, fly tying hacks, protection from the sun and all about E6000. Please visit his site and purchase his boo...
Rob Snowhite author

204 | How Fish Hear + Fly Fishing Muddy Water

Episode 204. The DC Metro area has had a LOT of rain this year. Fishing has not been easy with constant floods. In this episode Rob breaks down the science behind how fish hear and how to adjust your fishing techniques to pursue fish in muddy water.
Rob Snowhite author

203 | Tony Friedrich | The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act

Episode 203. Rob interviews Tony Friedrich. You may know Tony as the founder of Lefty Kreh's Tie Fest. Tony discusses the health of the east coast fishery with regards to The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. We learn about the ...
Rob Snowhite author

202 | Alex Binsted - Fishing Washington DC's Fletcher's Cove

This episode features Alex Binsted of Fletcher's Cove. Alex was born and raised within walking distance of the Potomac River in Washington, DC. Much of his youth was spent fishing at Fletcher’s Boathouse. When he’s not fishing he works as a manager at ...
Rob Snowhite author

201 | The 2018 Potomac River Shad Run Report

Rob discusses the lackluster 2018 shad run on the Potomac River. The peak of the run didn't materialize as is should have due to several environmental factors. There were a few days of amazing fishing but not the type of fishing experienced most years....
Rob Snowhite author