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Classy Ring Attire 340 - Three Scandals and a SummerSlam

Despite it being the podcast before the second biggest day on the WWE calendar, we've got a lot of out of the ring scandal to break down. We try and fly through it quickly in order to squeeze in the usual card breakdown for both SummerSlam and Takeover...
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 339 - With Special Guest Host Matt

Joel has been called away for an very important, and unavoidable, assignment, so this week his chair has been filled in by new guest host Matt Adams. Chris and Matt break down the usual week of news and events as well as talk about Matt's introduction ...
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 338 - In Memory Of...

It's been a tough week with four major passings in the industry. We pay tribute to those who have dedicated their lives to this silly industry we all love. 
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 337 - An Evolution Announcement

WWE makes a major announcement. One that involves the whole locker room to hear it and Vince McMahon in the ring. And Roman Reigns somehow misses the whole point. 
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 336 - Regular Rules

We run down what may be the most civilized Extreme Rules PPV in WWE history.But also, is unexpected turns, we address WWE's news concerning Hulk Hogan and what it might mean going forward. 
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 335 - Everything but the WWE

The WWE may have a big event coming up this weekend, but there's been so much happening that all of that Extreme Rules has to be crammed in at the end. We have NJPW to discuss with the G1 as well as All In discussions as well. It's surprising we don't ...
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 334 - A "Crappin' on Roman" Episode

This week, just like the actual WWE, the episode is all focused on Roman Reigns. Though, it's probably not the kind of attention that the WWE wants to have attributed to Roman. 
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 333 - Friendship Returns

Each show this week gives us something that's taken so long that we lost hope that it would actually ever happen. Raw finally has forward momentum in this Sasha and Bayley storyline and Smackdown pulls together the best tag team that has the wrong name...
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 332 - Vader Time

We are saddened by the loss of Vader, one of the most under appreciated big men in the business. We also cover a big weekend of wrestling including NXT Takeover, Money in the Bank and the first ever wrestling match rating that Meltzer ever got wrong.
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 331 - Seven Stars

Once again, we may have just seen a match that breaks the scale. Dominion features Okada vs. Omega IV and it may be the single match ever produced by any company ever. We could spend the entire podcast talking about that one match, but we also squeeze ...
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 330 - Punk, The Law, and the Octagon

It's a week with very little wrestling news, but bizarrely, it's also a week with a whole lot of CM Punk news. We discuss CM Punk in this episode at a level that we haven't since he left the company, breaking down the trial, the outcome, his upcoming U...
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 329 - SmackDown Live Live and 205 Live Live

This week, one of us goes to the taping of Smackdown and 205 Live. We compare watching the show on TV vs. being there in person, and we marvel at people going to Smackdown Live and then leaving before the best part. 
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 328 - Oh Zayn, Don't Do This

If you're going to have a week where pretty much nothing happens, it's a bad idea to have that be the same week where you put on the worst segment of the year because that's all we have to talk about this week. (Also for those interested, the end of th...
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 327 - Our Way Too Early Predictions for WrestleMania 35

It's that time of year again. It's time for us to confidently tell you exactly what WrestleMania is going to look like this year while being shocked that WWE didn't follow our excellent suggestions from last year. Only this time, Chris has a big ole su...
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 326 - The Backlash Backlash

Apparently everyone and their mother hated Backlash, hates Roman Reigns, and hates WWE in general. Does this particular show deserve the visceral reaction it's been getting for the past week? Please explain your answer and use examples to back up your ...
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 325 - The Show Between The Shows

We've got a big show with no ramifications behind us and a little show with possible ramifications ahead of us. And where here, stuck in the middle. 
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 324 - What IS The Greatest Royal Rumble?

It's that age old question. It's it a PPV? Is it a glorified house show? Is it a sunglasses commercial? This card is weird. This buildup is weird. It could somehow be all of these things, or none of the above. Also, Tout somehow makes it back into the ...
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 323 - The Passing of a Legend

We have the Superstar Shakeup. A two night event where we have to re-learn what show everybody is on. But first we have to pay tribute to Bruno Sammartino one of the greatest titans of the industry who passed away this week. 
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 322 - WrestleMania-insania

It's been a big, long mega weekend filled with WrestleMania abound. We cover the hall of fame, then NXT Takeover (with what may be the best three hour show WWE has ever put on) and WrestleMania itself. Also, we cover the Raw and Smackdown the two follo...
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 321 - Twas the Podcast Before WrestleMania (34)

This is it. After a surprising turn of events of WWE actually knowing how to build up to a major event, we finally get to run down the two fantastic looking cards for the events this weekend. 
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 320 - Good Build for WrestleMania? I'm confused

After four straight years of WWE vs. Their Own Fans, it's strange that for the most part this year, the build up to WrestleMania has been something that's been...what's the word...enjoyable? We discuss why. 
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 319 - YES! Delete! YES! Delete! YES! Delete!

You want some good news! Here's some good news! This week's planned podcast about the Ultimate Deletion, got derailed in the best way possible thanks to a certain announcement concerning a certain American Dragon Daniel Bryan. Also we take a weird turn...
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 318 - With Great Snickers Comes Great Responsibility

As always seems to be the case around this time of the year, we've gotten our latest bout of WWE vs. The Fans for WrestleMania season. This time however, instead of focusing on Roman Reigns, it's all about the name of the Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal. ...
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classsy Ring Attire 317 - Chris Goes Off The Rails

Here we are, in the middle of the road to WrestleMania, and Chris doesn't want to talk about wrestling. Never mind that this is a wrestling podcast. Never mind that this is the biggest season of wrestling in the entire calendar year. No Chris wants to ...
Irrelevant but awesome author

Classy Ring Attire 3:16 - Says, Come Up with a Better Title!

Its our 316th, show and we should have something monumental for that number? Unfortunately, WWE didn't take our podcast into consideration when putting on their show this week. So, you get what you get. 
Irrelevant but awesome author