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6-25 Hour 4 - The Redskins Decision Making Trust

Doug Williams said that the Redskins would make the decision about the starting QB and Jay Gruden would have input. Andy Benoit, Thom Loverro and the listeners have some thoughts on how the the Skins are deciding things.  Andy Benoit - 00:10 Redskins &... author

6-25 Hour 3 - Thom "No Hot Takes" Loverro in Studio

Joined in studio with a sordid and dangerous individual, Chad Dukes spends quality time with the Czar of the Hot Take, Thom Loverro. The Montreal Expos and the Washington Nationals and their uniforms are examined.  Thom Loverro in Studio 1 - 00:10 Thom... author

6-26 Hour 2 - Crossing the Streams & Redskins Meddling

It's the Sherpa's favorite segment of the week! Dukes talks to Andrew Bucholtz, Damon Martin and Sean O'Connell about media, movies and MMA. He also takes calls from listeners about whether they are nervous about the Redskins.  Crossing the Streams - 0... author

6-25 Hour 1 - Should the Nationals Honor the History of the Expos?

No one in the Fruitcake Emporium can agree about it. Can Dukes and Scott Allen of the Washington Post get on the same page? Should the Nationals wear Expos throwback uniforms or is this an obvious & sumb cash grab?  Show Start - 00:00Scott Allen - ... author

6-25 Hour 4 - J.P. Finlay in Studio

The Coleslaw Kid drops by the studio to discuss the Washington Redskins, the way that California is treating those who vape, his upcoming event that he wants Dukes to attend and much, much more.  J.P. Finlay in Studio 1 - 00:10J.P. Finlay in Studio 2 -... author

6-25 Hour 3 - NFL Teams Gouging Fans

The fact that the Eagles and Bills are going to charge fans for some dates on the training camp schedule has people upset and worried it could spread to other teams. Dukes talks to Will Brinson & listeners about that and more.  Will Brinson - 00:10... author

6-25 Hour 2 - Tackling the East & Adam Eaton

Two fantastic Tuesday staples find their way to the podcast. Baseball Dukes talks to his pal Adam Eaton after he has Donovan Lewis, Jimmy Kempski & John Schmeelk on to talk Cowboys, Eagles & Giants for Tackling the East.  Tackling the East - 00... author

6-25 Hour 1 - The Olympics Stink & Shorts Hates AWadd

Tuesday's show starts with a bang. Land Phil is out. Blue Shorts is taking shots at Pete Medhurst & AWadd. Dukes has some thoughts on the Olympics and Jesse Dougherty of the Washington Post is on to talk Nationals.  Show Start - 1:00Jesse Dougherty... author

6-24 Hour 4 - Jason La Canfora & Which Redskins players are you excited to see play?

Jason La Canfora, NFL Reporter for CBS Sports joins the show to talk about the latest news in the NFL as well as whether Dwayne Haskins should start immediately for the Redskins. Chad shares his journey to radio. We take your calls on which Redskins pl... author

6-24 Hour 3 - Chris Russell & Should Dwayne Haskins start week 1?

Chris Russell joins CDVTW to talk about the Redskins and share his thoughts on whether or not Dwayne Haskins should start or sit out this season. Chad takes your calls on if you agree with Joe Theismann stating that Dwayne Hasksins should sit out this ... author

6-24 Hour 2 - Chris Miller & Wizards Talk

Chris Miller, from NBC Sports Washington joins the show to talk about the Wizards drafting Rui Hachimura over Cam Reddish as well as the latest news on who will be the Wizards general manager. Your calls on the Wizards. Chad is tired of the name Matt. ... author

6-24 Hour 1 - Byron Kerr & Calls on the Nationals

Byron Kerr, from MASN, joins the show to talk about the Nationals 6-4 home stand against the Phillies and Braves. Chad takes on your calls on whether or not the Nationals are a playoff team. Byron Kerr - 0:05 Calls on the Nationals - 21:47 Calls on the... author

6-21 Hour 4 - More NBA Talk & Clip of the Week

The discussion about the Wizards and how they did in the draft continues as Dukes talks to Jerry Brewer of the Washington Post and also takes calls on Rui Hachimura. There is also another fantastic Clip of the Week! Jerry Brewer - 00:10Wizards Calls - ... author

6-21 Hour 3 - JP Finlay in Studio

There is a disagreement about french fries that turns a little explosive. Once all parties settle down, Dukes and J.P. Finlay are hanging out discussing the weekend of baseball ahead, the Wizards draft and Alex Smith's weird interview.  J.P. Finlay in ... author

6-21 Hour 2 - Fast Food Pinata & NBA Draft

It doesn't happen every week, so it's a big deal when it does. Lad Phil has his Fast Food Pinata! Dukes also talks to Ben Standig about the NBA Draft and what the Wizards did last night. Who is Rui Hachimura?  Ben Standig - 1:00Reaction to Hachimura - ... author

6-21 Hour 1 - Nats on Fire, Alex Smith & NBA Draft

The Nationals are on fire! They swept the Phillies and face the Braves tonight. Dukes talks to Todd Dybas. He also discusses a weird interview that Alex Smith & the way Wizards conducted the last few months with Craig Hoffman.  Show Start - 1:00Tod... author

6-20 Hour 4 - The NBA Draft is Tonight

Is there any way that the Washington Wizards stumble into good fortune tonight? The NBA Draft is tonight, and Brian Geltzeiler joins Loverro & Dukes to discuss the event. There are also calls to the show on what people want to see happen.  Brian Ge... author

6-20 Hour 3 - Thom Loverro in Studio

Dukes is joined in studio by his road travelling partner, the always agreeable and mild mannered Thom Loverro. The guys discuss the baseball team, the basketball team and the idea of a team playing home games in 2 different countries.  Thom Loverro in ... author

6-20 Hour 2 - Tampa Rays Moving to Montreal?

Is it at all possible for a team to play in two cities and maintain any kind of competitive advantage? Dukes asks the listeners what the think of the news about the Rays. Les Carpenter is also on to talk Redskins.  Les Carpenter - 1:00Tampa Vs Montreal... author

6-20 Hour 1 - NBA Draft & Max Scherzer Brilliance

The Rays are sort of moving to Canada. The Nats are extending the safety nets. Max Scherzer is amazing. The Wizards are a mess... A lot to tackle. Dukes talks to Charlie Slowes & Ben Golliver in this first CDVTW installment.  Show Start - 1:00Charl... author

6-19 Hour 2 - Dukes Hates Crabs & Rain Delays

Big Shooter discusses the way the Nationals are playing wirth Jesse Dougherty of the Washington Post, gets into the impossible situation that rain delays create and also tries to make sense of Broc & his love of blue crabs. Dukes, Broc & Dumb B... author

6-19 Hour 1 - Baseball Dukes Post-game Madness

The Nationals played an afternoon game because they were rained out.Baseball Dukes was joined by Ben Standig to get the latest on the Washington Wizards and why this offseason is irritating the team's fans.  Show Start - 00:10Ben Standig - 8:00 author

Standing on the SoapBrox: Episode 18

A fun-filled episode just in time for summer. Street sweepers & panic creating newscasts. It's the newest Standing on the Soapbrox. author

6-18 Hour 4 - J.P. Finlay in Studio

J.P. Finlay of NBC Sports Washington drops by the studio. There is Wizards news that drops, a giant array of chips, tons of NFL & Redskins discussion and much more as the King of Coleslaw hangs out for an hour and change.  J.P. Finlay in Studio 1 -... author

6-18 Hour 3 - Booing Athletes & Ryan Wilson

Daniel Jones was booed at a Yankees game. Is getting booed by Yankees fans a big deal or just something that happens. Dukes also talks to his pal Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports about the Redskins and other NFL news.  Ryan Wilson - 00:10Daniel Jones Gets Boo... author

6-18 Hour 2 - Adam Eaton & Tackling the East

A fantastic second installment of CDVTW. First, Dukes talks to Dave Zangaro, Ryan Dunleavy and Jon Machota for Tackling the East. Then he gets to catch up with one of the best interviews in DC sports. Adam Eaton is back on the show.  Tackling the East ... author

6-18 Hour 1 - Greg Stroman, Woj Bombs & Rainouts

Have the Nationals gotten better at dealing with rain delays? Is Harrison Barnes insane for opting out of his contract? Dukes starts the day with 3 fantastic guests. Barry Svrluga, Chris Miles & Greg Stroman of the Redskins. Show Start - 00:00Barry... author

6-17 Hour 4 - Albert Breer & Booing Bryce Harper

Are people still going to boo Bryce Harper? Are we done with that at this point? Dukes asks the listeners that question and talks with one of the best minds covering the NFL. Albert Breer is back on CDVTW.  Albert Breer - 00:10Booing Bryce Harper 1 - 1... author

6-17 Hour 3 - Time For the Redskins and a New Contest

Dukes talks to Craig Hoffman about whether or not there is a good chance that Dwayne Haskins starts week one. He asks the same of the callers before bring in Blue Knot Head to help set up a new contest for the Nationals Tickets.  Craig Hoffman - 1:00Ca... author

6-17 Hour 2 - Fairfax Hates Chad Dukes & O.J. Simpson on Twitter

The big news from the weekend on Twitter is that famed former running back, O.J. Simpson is on now on Twitter. Dave Jageler stops by to talk Nationals. There is also the matter involving the city of Fairfax, Dukes and another radio guy.  Dave Jageler -... author

6-17 Hour 1 - Tyson Fury is Amazing & NBA Offseason

Anthony Davis is the newest member of the Los Angeles Lakers & Tyson Fury won a big fight over the weekend while making it look good. Dukes spends the 1st installemnt talking to Wes Hall & Kevin Iole about these topics & more.  Show Start -... author

6-14 Hour 4 - Clip of the Week & Washington Wizards

When will the Washington Wizards make a decision on who will be in charge? Will the person make as big of a splash as some fans hope? Dukes talks to Chris Miller & the listeners about that & reveals this weeks #1 clip.  Chris Miller - 00:10Duke... author

6-14 Hour 3 - The Redskins & Open Line Thursday

Two of the most tried and trues segments on CDVTW are featured on this installment. Dukes talks Redskins with Michael Phillips before turning the show over to the listeners for Open Line Thursday.  Michael Phillips - 00:10Open Line Thursday 1 - 18:30Op... author

6-14 Hour 2 - Land Phils Fast Food Pinata

Baker Mayfield called out a teammate that wants more money. Trent Williams was not at mini-camp. What do Dukes & the callers think about holdouts? There is also a Fast Food Pinata from the very hard working Land Phil.  Player Holdouts 1 - 00:10Play... author

6-14 Hour 1 - Mike Florio & NBA Finals

Here is the first installment of a fantastic Friday episode of CDVTW. Dukes started with Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. He also discussed the NBA with Chase Hughes. There was one problem. He allowed Blue Shorts into the studio.  Show Start - 00:00Mi... author

6-13 Hour 4 - Is the NBA a Reality Show, Not a Basketball League?

Dukes talks to Jerry Brewer of the Washington Post to discuss something that they have been kicking around for a while. The idea is crystallized by Mark from Largo, who explains that the NBA is a reality show, not a sports league.  Jerry Brewer - 00:10... author

6-13 Hour 3 - Redskins Stories Obscured by Trent Williams Saga

Les Carpenter of the Washington Post joins the show to discuss the fact that no one is talking about all of the other interesting stories about the Redskins because of the Trent Williams contract/medical dispute. What are we missing?  Les Carpenter - 0... author

6-13 Hour 2 - Pep Hamilton & Kurt Gouveia of XFL DC in Studio

The XFL has returned. There is going to be a team in DC. It will play down the street from the studio. This is going to be fantastic. Pep Hamilton & Kurt Gouveia of XFL DC stop by the studio to discuss what obstacles the face as the get going.  XFL... author

6-13 Hour 1 - Jesse Dougherty & J.P. Finlay

Two of the most reliable, informative and entertaining guests drop by the show in this first installment of CDVTW. Dukes talks about Trent Williams & the Redskins with J.P. Finlay. He talks Nationals baseball with Jesse Dougherty.  Show Start - 00:... author

6-12 Hour 4 - Dukes and Loverro Discuss a Frustrating Nats Season

Thom Loverro continues to antagonize Dukes in studio and their attention turns to the baseball team and what should be happening. Why hasn't Anthony Rendon gotten a new deal? What are the flaws of the ballpark?  Dukes & Loverro on the Nats - 00:10C... author

6-12 Hour 3 - Thom Loverro in Studio

Joined in studio by his brother from another mother, Chad Dukes and Thom Loverro spend the afternoon agreeing on everything. Is there nothing that these two guys don't see eye to eye on? This is always a blast.  Thom Loverro in Studio 1 - 00:10 Thom Lo... author

6-12 Hour 2 - Crossing the Streams & USWNT

Dukes has his favorite segments of the week with guests Danny Rouhier, Erik Davis and Andrew Bucholtz. There is the also the question about the US Women's Soccer team. They won 13-0 yesterday. Is that out of line? Bad sportsmanship?  Crossing the Strea... author

6-12 Hour 1 - Are the Nationals Putting D.C. to Sleep?

Bryce is long gone. The Nats are playing better after a poor start, but is it enough. Is there enough star power & excitement on this National's team to keep the DC fans engaged & interested. Barry Svrluga also joins the show. Show Start - 00:0... author

6-11 Hour 4 - J.P. Finlay in Studio

No more Trent Williams. None. Dukes and his pal, J.P. Finlay discuss all of the news pertaining to the Redskins. Is Josh Doctson setting himself up to be gone? Is Nicholson doing what he should? Is J.P. late arriving to the studio?  J.P. Finlay in Stud... author

6-11 Hour 3 - Rooster on Redskins & Dukes on Bad Fans

Are the fans in Toronto bad people? Is there any time or place that you could imagine cheering an injury? Dukes asks some questions for the listeners & talks about the Washington Redskins with the Rooster, Chris Russell.  Chris Russell - 00:10Dukes... author

6-11 Hour 2 - Justin Bieber Vs. Tom Cruise

Apparently Justin Bieber has issued a challenge to Tom Cruise. Is this real? Dukes talks to Damon Martin about that after a great Tackling the East with guests Donovan Lewis, Matt Lombardo and Zack Rosenblatt.  Tackling the East - 00:10Damon Martin - 1... author

6-11 Hour 1 - Nationals on Fire & NBA Finals

There was an offensive explosion by the Nationals last night. Kevin Durant returned to the lineup and then returned to the injured list. Dukes talks to Dave Jageler & Ben Golliver about the action from last night.  Show Start - 00:10 Ben Golliver -... author

6-10 Hour 4 Soren Petro & Policing in the NFL

Chad Dukes is joined by Soren Petro from 810 WHB in Kansas City to discuss the latest with Tyreek Hill. Chad also takes calls about how the NFL handles their punishments. author

6-10 Hour 3 Craig Hoffman, Dr Pepper Taste Test, & Can Gruden Keep His Job

Chad Dukes is joined in studio by 106.7 The Fan's Redskins Beat Reporter, Craig Hoffman for "Time for the Skins." Listener Paul from Laurel dropped off the new Spider-Man Dr Pepper for a taste test, and Chad asks the question: "can Jay Gruden do anythi... author

6-10 Hour 2 Brian Geltzeiler & Brett Molina

Chad Dukes talks with Brian Geltzeiler from to talk about the NBA Finals. Chad is also joined by Brett Molina from USA Today to talk about the E3 Conference in Los Angeles. Plus, a Kirspy Kreme Donut Shop in Manassas has been shut down ... author