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3-19-19 Hour 4 - Dave Sheinen Bit Day & Big Nuggets

There’s a mystery scoop that gets revealed. Dave Sheinin of the Washington Post joins the program and the guys of Bit Day stop in to preview their upcoming show. It’s a pretty wild last installment, and there is even some ground beef discussion. Beef ... author

3-19-19 Hour 3 - Jeff Ermann & the NCAA Tournament

The NCAA Tournament starts this week and there are LOTS of local storylines. One of them is J.P. Finlay’s Terps. How important is it for that team to win at least 2 games. The guys discuss with Jeff Ermann and takes calls on the topic. J.P. & The ... author

3-19-19 Hour 2 - Evan Silva & Listener Calls

The very boisterous pair of hosts, J.P. Finlay and Chris Russell, continue to fill in the best that they can for Chad Dukes. They are joined by Evan Silva of Roto World and continue the discussion about how bad, or good the Redskins off-season has been... author

3-19-19 Hour 1 - JP & Rooster host CDVTW

J.P. Finlay and Chris Russell. Two of the most frequent contributors to CDVTW are in studio covering for the vacationing Big Shooter. The fellas start in their wheelhouse by discussing the signing of Erick Flowers and the Redskins off-season moves. J.... author

3-15-19 Hour 4 - The Rooster Inquisition

The Rooster has a lot to explain. How will he respond to the idea that he has sandbagged others? Dukes also wants to talk about the Redskins off-season. What do the listeners think so far? And Conor Orr is back on the show. All that and the Clip of the... author

3-15-19 Hour 3 - JP Finlay and Jay Chandresakar

The third installment of today’s CDVTW includes the great Jay Chandrasekar and J.P. Finlay and Open Line Thursday. The Director of Super Troopers is coming to town. J.P. Finlay had Dukes on his show, and listener calls. Fantastic radio here. J.P. Fina... author

3-15-19 Hour 2 - Pinata, Salisbury, and Beninati

 A fantastic second installment of today’s CDVTW. Big Shooter talks to Joe Beninati about the Washington Capitals, Sean Salisbury about the Redskins & NFL free agency and Land Phil about Fast Food. Can’t beat this portion of radio! Sean Salisbury ... author

3-15-2019 Hour 1 - Scott Allen and Matt Lombardo

Chad Dukes is doing his last show of the week, and the last show before a trip to the desert. He starts off with Scott Allen of the DC Sports Bog discussing Landon Collins & Bryce Harper. He also talks to matt Lombardo about the Giants, and Chris L... author

3-14-2019 Full Show with Warren Sharp & Landon Collins Reaction

This was radio sprint this afternoon. Thanks to the Virginia Tech game, Dukes was only able to do an hour of radio, but it is all here. If you missed him talking to Warren Sharp, assessing Landon Collins or anything else from today’s show it is here. S... author

3-13-19 Hour 2 – Thom Loverro & Redskins Free Agency

Thom Loverro is in studio with Chad and they get reaction from fans on all the Redskins free agency moves so far. author

3-13-19 Hour 1 – Chad is back from Florida and Mike Jones

Chad is back from Nationals Spring Training and he rants about traveling. Also, Mike Jones from USA Today joins the show to talk about the Redskins free agency moves. author

3-12-19 Hour 4 - Adam Eaton + Russell Westbrook

Chad and Thom goes over the latest news in the NFL. Recap of Davey Martinez interview. Chad and Thom gives their thoughts on the Russell Westbrook incident with a Utah Jazz fan. Washington Nationals outfielder, Adam Eaton joins the show live to talk ab... author

3-12-19 Hour 3 - Dan Kolko + Craig Hoffman

Craig Hoffman joins the show to talk about the Redskins signing Landon Collins and what else the team needs to do to have a successful season. Dan Kolko, host of Nats Xtra on MASN joins the show to talk about the difference between spring training of l... author

3-12-19 Hour 2 - Davey Martinez + Jesse Dougherty

Chad Dukes and Thom Loverro recap the Mike Rizzo interview and talks about Davey Martinez. Jesse Dougherty, Nationals beat writer for the Washington Post joins the show live to talk about the current roster and upcoming season. Nationals manager, Davey... author

3-12-19 Hour 1 - Mike Rizzo + Redskins sign Landon Collins

Washington Nationals GM, Mike Rizzo joins Chad Dukes and Thom Loverro live in West Palm Beach, Florida to discuss the upcoming season.Chad and Thom goes into detail about their trip to West Palm. Was it a good idea to for the Redskins to sign safety La... author

3-11-19 Hour 4 – Santana Moss and all the reaction from Landon Collins

Santana Moss joins Craig and Chris to talk about the Redskins and signing Lanon Collins. Plus, more reaction and what this means the the Redskins moving forward author

3-11-19 Hour 3 – Full Hour of reactions to the Landon Collins signing

Craig and Chris talk about the Landon Collins signing for the Redskins and get reaction for a full hour! author

3-11-19 Hour 2 – Dan Orlovsky & Breaking Landon Collins News

Craig and Chris talk with Dan Orlovsky about the NFL free agency period and while on the phone, breaking news happened with the Redskins signing Safety Landon Collins. Dan reacts to that news, then Craig and Chris take calls from the fans. author

3-11-19 Hour 1 – Redskins Free Agency & Who Should the Redskins Target

Craig Hoffman and Chris Russell are in for Dukes today. Craig & Chris talk about the Redskins free agency and ask the question "if you could sign 1 player, who would you go after?" author

3-8-19 Hour 4 - Matthew Coller, Do you like the Case Keenum trade, and Clip of the Week

Chad Dukes talks with Matthew Coller from ESPN 1500 in the Twin Cities about Case Keenum while he was with the Vikings. Then Chad asks if you like the trade a day removed. And, Clip of the Week. author

3-8-19 Hour 3 - Craig Hoffman and NFL teams in the market for a QB

Craig Hoffman joins Chad Dukes to talk about the Redskins trade with the Broncos and what the team is planning on doing as free agency and the draft approaches. Also, Chad discusses other teams in the NFL that are in the market for a quarterback and th... author

3-8-19 Hour 2 - Sean Salisbury, JP Finlay, and Ronda Rousey rips WWE

Chad Dukes talks with Sean Salisbury about Case Keenum and all the other NFL news. JP Finlay is also back as he hits on the Redskins and what to expect at the quarterback position this year. Also, Ronda Rousey ripped the WWE Universe. author

3-8-19 Hour 1 - Mike Florio, Shawn Drotar, Daily Dilly with Blue Shorts

Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk is on the show to talk about the Redskins trading for Case Keenum and all the other NFL news. Shawn Drotar from Denver talks about the Keenum deal from the Broncos perspective. And Blue Shorts is in for his weekly Dai... author

Chad Dukes on Ferrall on the Bench - 3/7/19

The Radio Sherpa was on with the great Scott Ferrall last night. The 2 radio titans discussed all thing DC sports, Case Keenum, Victor Robles, Nick Jensen, Caps, Nats, Redskins... A a splendid sprint through a myriad of topics. If you weren't listening... author

Standing on the SoapBrox: Episode 9

This is the epitome of the Soap Brox. This is Broc at his most Broc. There is a point that never gets made. A story that is poorly told. It was supposed to be about bad days at work, or the worst job that people have growing up, but instead it's this m... author

3-7-19 Hour 4 – Warren Sharp, Redskins trading for Case Keenum, and Craig Hoffman

Chad Dukes talks with Warren Sharp and then breaking news hits that the Redskins are trading with the Broncos for quarterback Case Keenum. Craig Hoffman joins the show to talk about the trade. author

3-7-19 Hour 2 – Joe Beninati, JP Finlay, and Nick Ashooh

Chad Dukes talks with Joe Beninati about last nights big win in Philly. JP Finlay is still hanging out and Nick Ashooh is in to talk about the Wizards and everything else going on in the NBA.  Joe Beninati and Finlay in Studio - 00:10 J.P. In Studio - ... author

3-7-19 Hour 3 – Chris Russell, Blue Shorts, Does Harper owe DC a thank you

Chad Dukes talks with Chris Russell about the Redskins and Josh Rosen. Blue Shorts comes in studio to discuss his post on about Harper not saying thank you to the fans of DC, and Chad also takes calls on that story.  The Rooster in Studio ... author

3-7-19 Hour 1 – Barry Svrluga, Drab on Bryce Harper, and JP Finlay

Chad Dukes talks with Barry Svraluga and JP Finlay is in studio. Chad also discusses Drab's comments on the Sports Junkies this morning about Bryce Harper not thanking DC fans.  Barry Svrluga - 4:00 Dukes on Harper's Lack of Thank You- 19:00 J.P. Finla... author

3-6-19 Hour 4 - Bill Bender & Steve Buckhantz News

Thom Loverro continues to hang out with the Radio Sherpa and they talk to Bill Bender who covers college football for the Sporting News. What does he think of Josh Rosen? There is some intriguing news that affects Wizards broadcasts. Bill Bender – 00:... author

3-6-19 Hour 3 - Thom Loverro in Studio

Thom Loverro joins Big Shooter in the studio to discuss the Washington Redskins QB prospects, the move to Philadelphia by Bryce Harper and what he looks forward to most about travelling with the Radio Sherpa. Thom Loverro 1 in Studio – 00:10 Thom Lover... author

3-6-19 Hour 2 - Crossing the Streama & John Carlson

The Best segment of this or any week on CDVTW! No, it’s not John Carlson, which is also a great segment, it’s Crossing the Streams with Erik Davis, Ben Koo and Mike Heck. Pucks Dukes also gets the latest on the Caps from John Carlson. Crossing the Str... author

3-6-19 Hour 1 - Andy Benoit and Wes Hall

The show starts as great as any day with Dukes addressing the producers for looking like the Beastie Boys before talking to Andy Benoit of the MMQB. He also talks to the Wes Hall about the NBA, and the cavemen & morons get to Walk With Elias. Show... author

3-5-19 Hour 4 - J.P. Finlay live in Studio

J.P. Finlay of NBC Sports Washington joins Chad Dukes live in studio for the last hour to talk about the Redskins possibly trading for Josh Rosen and signing Landon Collins. J.P. Finlay part 1 - 0:06 J.P. Finlay part 2 - 18:00 J.P. Finlay part 3 - 31:4... author

3-5-19 Hour 3 - Matthew Paras + Will the needle be moved if the Skins sign Landon Collins

Matthew Paras, Redskins beat reporter for the Washington Times joins the show to talk about the possibility of the Skins trading for Josh Rosen. Chad posed the question, will the needle be moved if the Redskins sign Landon Collins. Your calls on the La... author

3-5-19 Hour 2 - Tackling the East + Ariel Helwani

Dave Zangaro, (Eagles) Ryan Dunleavy, (Giants) and Kevin Hageland, (Cowboys) joins the show for the Tackling the East segment to discuss the latest news with each team. Ariel Helwani of ESPN, joins the show to brag about the Phillies acquiring Bryce Ha... author

3-5-19 Hour 1 - Mike Jones, John Gambodoro + Vikings interested in Josh Rosen?

Mike Jones of USA Today joins the show to talk about the latest NFL Combine news, Josh Rosen's worth and Nick Foles possibly playing for the Jaguars. Sports talk show host on Arizona Sports 98.7 Phoenix, John Gambodoro joins CDVTW to share his opinions... author

3-4-19 Hour 4 - Nate Davis + Calls on Zaxby's new location

Nate Davis of USA Today joins the show to talk about the things he learned while he was at the NFL Combine and how good Josh Rosen could be for the Redskins. Chad Dukes wants valid proof that there is a Zaxby's being built in the area. Chris Russell co... author

3-4-19 Hour 3 - Craig Hoffman + Should the Redskins trade for Josh Rosen?

Craig Hoffman joins the show to talk about the Redskins being interested in Antonio Brown and Josh Rosen. What should the Redskins give up to acquire Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen? Your calls on what the Redskins should give up to acquire Jo... author

3-4-19 Hour 2 - Angelo Cataldi, EB and Dave Jageler

Angelo Cataldi, morning show host on WIP in Philadelphia joins the show to talk about being upset at Bryce Harper right before he signed with the Phillies. Eric Bickell of The Sports Junkies, joins CDVTW to talk about the Nationals completely moving on... author

3-4-19 Hour 1 - Peter King + Donoval Lewis

Peter King of NBC Sports joins the show to talk about Kyler Murray and the Redskins being linked to Josh Rosen. Donoval Lewis of SportsRadio 1310 The Ticket in Dallas, joins CDVTW to talk about the current negotiations with Demarcus Lawrence and the im... author

3-1-19 Hour 4- JP Finlay, Kyler Murray's Presser, Rooster

JP Finlay hops on the line from the combine in Indianapolis to recap his busy day and what he saw. Dukes also breaks down some audio from Kyler Murray at the podium, unveils the CDVTW clip of the week, and talks to Joe the Rooster. author

3-1-19 Hour 3- Tarik El-Bashir, Open Line Thursday

Chad Dukes is joined by Tarik El-Bashir of The Athletic DC to break down all the things he's seen so far at the combine and heard from Bruce Allen. After that, well, it's not a real Friday without Open Line Thursday. author

3-1-19 Hour 2- Sean Salisbury, Seth Everett, Fast Food Pinata

It's a Friday which means Sean Salisbury is on the line with Chad to break down the Bryce Harper news and all things combine. After that it's Seth Everett, baseball insider, who explains why the Nationals can be just fine without Bryce, and finally Lan... author

3-1-19 Hour 1- Bruce and Bryce, Joe B, Blue Shorts

Chad Dukes is back to bring you all the Bruce and Bryce reactions from the day. He also talks to play-by-play man Joe Beninati about the Caps' big game against the Islanders, and welcomes in Blue Shorts to discuss the best stories on author

Standing on the SoapBrox: Episode 8

Where's my jetpack? Cassettes are making a comeback? Why? Having a beat up old car and a ripped box of cassette tapes has left the host of the Soap Brox a little bit flustered. author

2-28-19 Hour 4 – Thom Loverro, John Heyman, Scott Allen, and more calls on Harper

Chad Dukes talks with Jon Heyman, who broke the Bryce Harper story. Thom Loverro and Scott Allen also joins the show. And more calls on Harper going to Philly. author

2-28-19 Hour 3 – Joe Theismann and calls on Bryce Harper

Chad Dukes talks with Joe Theismann about the Redskins and Bryce Harper and takes more calls from fans giving their reaction to Harper signing with the Phillies. author

2-28-19 Hour 2 – Grant Paulsen and calls on Bryce Harper

Grant Paulsen joins Chad to talk about the breaking news of Bryce Harper signing with the Phillies and then a TON of calls on the reaction. author

2-28-19 Hour 1 – Doug Williams, Craig Hoffman, and Harper to Philly Breaking News

Chad Dukes talks about Doug Williams' comments from the NFL Combine in Indy. Craig Hoffman joins the show from Indy as well. And the Bryce Harper Breaking News FINALLY comes. author