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Expert Citation is a weekly science podcast were three young scientists in various fields discuss cutting edge, open access papers, and also argue about sports. You can find us individually on twitter at @JoeMCuevas, @TylerJBurch, and @advsinchem.Feel free to hit us up here or on twitter with feedback, to join the discussion about whatever weird paper we managed to dig up this week, or to tell Tyler that his sports opinions are bad. Go Sharks!

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A journal club podcast with Joe Cuevas, Kelsey McCoy,& Tyler Burch. Join us as we delve into the publically-available world of science and learn a little in the process.
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Cuevas, J.M., Burch, T.J.,& McCoy, K.M. owner   author  
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Episode 006: Sarcoma, Soft-Tissue, and Central Science Oneto, J.M.M., Khan, I., Seebald, L., & Royzen, M. 2016. In Vivo Bioorthogonal Chemistry Enables Local Hydrogel and Systemic Pro-Drug To Treat Soft Tissue Sarcoma. ACS Central Science 2(7): 4...
Cuevas, J.M., Burch, T.J.,& McCoy, K.M. author

Episode 005: STEM, Sexism, and Self-Validation Ellis, J., Fosdick, B.K., & Rasmussen, C. 2016. Women 1.5 Times More Likely to Leave STEM Pipeline after Calculus Compared to Men: Lack of Mathematical Confidence a Potential Culprit. PLoS On...
Cuevas, J.M., Burch, T.J.,& McCoy, K.M. author

Episode 004: Tables, Tedium, and #TeamKillerWhale Pitman, R.L., et al. 2016. Humpback whales interfering when mammal-eating killer whales attack other species: Mobbing behavior and interspecific altruism? Marine Mammal Science. #TeamKillerWhale ...
Cuevas, J.M., Burch, T.J.,& McCoy, K.M. author

Episode 003: Genomics, General Audiences, and Rio de Janiero Savadis et al. 2016. Identification of Zika Virus and Dengue Virus Dependency Factors using Functional Genomics. Cell Press 16(1): 232-246. Kelsey is officially a PhD candidate! We celebrate by d...
Cuevas, J.M., Burch, T.J.,& McCoy, K.M. author

Interlude 002: The Magic of Psychology with Dr. Billy San Juan This episode was recorded at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. Joe goes to Comic-Con every year. This year, he was adamant that he’d be able to find science at a science fiction convention, so h...
Cuevas, J.M., Burch, T.J.,& McCoy, K.M. author

Interlude 001: PhD Qualifying Exams This is the first part of a miniseries within the show on what graduate school is like. On this episode, Kelsey and Tyler talk about PhD Qualifying Examinations, or “quals” as they’re of...
Cuevas, J.M., Burch, T.J.,& McCoy, K.M. author

Episode 002: Genetics, General Education, and Geodude Rimfeld, et al. 2016. Genetics affects choice of academic subjects as well as achievement. Scientific Reports. In this episode, we discuss genetics, psychology, and how much Pokemon GO has ruined...
Cuevas, J.M., Burch, T.J.,& McCoy, K.M. author

Episode 001: Biology, Bats, and Big Sexy Higuchi, et al. 2016. Contribution of Visual Information about Ball Trajectory to Baseball Hitting Accuracy. PLoS ONE. In our very first episode, we discuss this paper about our favorite summer s...
Cuevas, J.M., Burch, T.J.,& McCoy, K.M. author