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Week to week coverage focused on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team featuring craft beer from the Tampa Bay area.

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Season Coverage of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers featuring craft beer from the Tampa Bay area.
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Bucs and Brews author
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21.09.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Season 3 Episode 12

14.09.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg


The crew discuss the buccaneers 48-40 win vs the Saints and preview the home opener against the Eagles 
Bucs and Brews author
7.09.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg


Roster cuts are discussed. Looking to redeem 2 seasons worth of bad preseason breakout predictions, the crew announces who they think will stand out this year. 
Bucs and Brews author
30.08.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Season 3 Episode 9

Ben and Chris discuss the Lions game and Ben releases his list of Buccaneers he's meet in his life
24.08.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Bucs and Brews S3E8

Bucs and Brews author
14.08.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Season 3 Episode 3

Connor and Ben review Preseason Week One: Buccaneers at Dolphins
Bucs and Brews author
5.05.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg


26.04.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Season 3 Episode 4

A spirited discussion on where the cast see these draft prospects going. Last year the case stumbled unto 4 correct 1st round picks, lets see if lightning strikes twice. 
20.04.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Season 3 Episode 3

If you like hearing drunk idiots talking about college runningbacks than you'll love this episode. Ben and Connor break down what they see out of this upcoming draft class at the runningback position...seeing as how we only have Jacquizz Rodgers and Pe...
Bucs and Brews author
10.04.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Bucs and Brews Season 3 Episode 1

Ben, Chris and Connor discuss the Bucaneer's offseason signings, releases and trades 
Bucs and Brews author
21.02.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Season 3 Episode 1

Bucs and Brews author
17.01.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Ze Finale'

End Season 2. 
The Brew Crew author
20.12.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Honor and L's

In this episode, we talk about losing a game in Bucs fashion on a big night and a big stage.
The Brew Crew author
15.12.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

We Ain't Lyin'

In this episode, we continue our coverage of this disastrous season featuring our most recent defeat against Detroit and preview round two with Atlanta.
The Brew Crew author
8.12.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Business as Usual

In this episode, we review the Bucs giving away the game to the Packers and preview the Lions game.
The Brew Crew author
30.11.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Coming to Terms

In this episode, we discuss as much as we could stomach about the Atlanta game, and preview our upcoming game against the Packers.
The Brew Crew author
23.11.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Issa Win Streak

In this episode, we talk about the state of the team, Fitzpatrick's 2-0 record as a starter, and preview our trip to Atlanta.
The Brew Crew author
16.11.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

A win is a Win

In this episode, we talk about an ugly win over the Jets, and preview the Hurricane game.
The Brew Crew author
11.11.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Hard to Fathom

In this episode, we try to wrap our heads around the state of the Bucs, and throw in some midseason superlatives.
The Brew Crew author
2.11.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

A Halloween Special

In this episode, we drink and embrace one of our favorite holidays, talk about the horror of a game against Carolina, and preview a scary matchup with the Saints.
The Brew Crew author
27.10.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

There's smoke

In this episode, we drink some beer, talk about the Bucs attempted comeback and eventual collapse against the Bills, and preview our first divisional game of the season against the Carolina Panthers.
The Brew Crew author
19.10.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Reaching for the Panic Button

In this episode, we chug some brews, try to wrap our heads around a terrible Bucs loss, and preview our trip to Buffalo.
The Brew Crew author
12.10.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Kicking Ourselves

In this episode, we review the Patriots game, argue over optimism, and preview our upcoming trip to Arizona.
The Brew Crew author
4.10.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

A Giant leap for Jameis

In this episode, we review a close win over the G-men, and preview our short week matchup with the Patriots.
The Brew Crew author
28.09.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Back Down to Earth

In this episode, we drink too much beer recapping the Viking's throttling of the Bucs, and preview our upcoming game with the G-men. 
21.09.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Bearly A Game

In this episode, we pay up on some beer bets, recap the Bucs dominant victory over the Bears, and preview our week 3 trip to Minnesota.
13.09.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Bye Week One

In this short episode, we preview the week 2 season opener against the Chicago Bears.
The Brew Crew author
6.09.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Stormy Weather and Season Predictions

With a hurricane bearing down on the state of Florida, we skip our week one preview and make our season predictions.
31.08.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

The Dress Rehearsal

In this episode, we discuss what we saw in preseason game 3 against the Browns, and talk position battles and potential cuts.
The Brew Crew author
24.08.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Preseason Halftime

In this episode, we review the preseason week two matchup with the Jaguars and preview the Browns game.
The Brew Crew author
14.08.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Our "dearly" Departed

In this episode, we say goodbye to our recently departed kicker, and review the preseason week one game against the Bengals.
The Brew Crew author
9.08.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Bucs and Brews S2E7: Been Camping

In this episode, the brew crew talks about whats been going on at camp and previews the first game of the preseason.
24.07.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Season 2 Episode 6: The brew crew does trivia

The brew crew talks some offseason rumors and tries their hand at Bucs trivia.
8.05.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Bucs and Brews S2E5: Okay we're reloaded

In this episode, we review the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 draft, and feature craft beer from the Bay area.
21.04.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/7/a/b/9/7ab995e83f387049/BB_logo-1.jpg

Bucs and Brews S2E4: On draft, Draft special

In this episode, we review the latest Bucs news, and mock draft while drinking craft beer from the Tampa Bay area.