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Michael Lamonato, Rob James, and Peter McGinley valiantly attempt to create 30 minutes of approximately F1 radio that is both vaguely informative and mildly amusing, often failing spectacularly on both counts. Heard on ABC Grandstand and Phuket LIVE 89.5.

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Michael Lamonato, Rob James, and Peter McGinley valiantly attempt to create 30 minutes of approximately F1 radio that is both vaguely informative and mildly amusing, often failing spectacularly on both counts. Heard on ABC Grandstand and Phuket LIVE 89.5.
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2019/36 โ€” Brazilian GP Preview

Antonio Giovinazzi gets a new contract and Ferrari might be cheating, but the real question on the public's lips is: who (or what) is Peter McGinley and where can he be found? We go through some of your perplexed McGinley-themed responses to our listen...
Box of Neutrals author

2019/35 โ€” United States Grand Prix

The prepenultimate round of the season begs the question: could Ferrari be the least competent cheater in F1 history? And is Nico Rosberg addicted to video blogs? Also, Lewis Hamilton wins another championship.
Box of Neutrals author

2019/34 โ€” Mexican GP Review

Mario Achi, 'handbag land' and VB longnecks โ€“ there isn't an angle of the Mexican Grand Prix we don't cover in our race review (Lewis Hamilton won).
Box of Neutrals author

2019/33 โ€” Mexican GP Preview

Did you win a pair of Heel Tread motorsport socks for filling in our listener survey? Has F1 finally done a deal to race in Miami? Is the 2019 season almost over? The answer to some of these questions in this week's Mexican GP preview.
Box of Neutrals author

2019/32 โ€” Japanese GP Review

Rob is joined by sentient being Trent Price, editor of eRacing Magazine, to discus daylight saving time, bovine body clocks and the state of haggis.
Box of Neutrals author

2019/31 โ€” Japanese GP Preview

Michael and Rob talk about the weather and why lawyers will win the Japanese Grand Prix.
Box of Neutrals author

BoN 2019/30 โ€” Russian GP Review

Sebastian Vettel cooks his teammate, Ferrari cooks Vettel's strategy and then Vettel's car cooks itself. Mercedes responds to a booty call from ex-lover McLaren. Vladimir Putin doesn't show up to his own party.
Box of Neutrals author

BoN 2019/29 โ€” Singapore GP Review

Sebastian Vettel somehow wins a race, Romain Grosjean is somehow re-signed at Haas and William Storey is somehow still in control of the Rich Energy Twitter account.
Box of Neutrals author

BoN 2019/28 โ€” Singapore GP Preview

We consider how underwhelming Ferrari will be in Singapore, who will win the battle between Romain Grosjean and Nico Hulkenberg for a seat at the underwhelming Haas team and why any changes to qualifying will likely only whelm at best.
Box of Neutrals author

BoN 2019/27 โ€” Italian GP Review

Who was more cooked at the Italian Grand Prix: the F1 TV director or Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari career? Plus is Nico Rosberg really the new Jacques Villeneuve? And if so, what happens to the old Jacques Villeneuve? And what about John Newhouse?
Box of Neutrals author

2019/26 โ€” Belgian GP Review

Charles Leclerc finally wins his first race on a day Ferrari somehow managed to avoid making any mistakes, but the weekend is overshadowed by the death of F2 driver Anthoine Hubert.
Box of Neutrals author

BoN 2019/25 โ€” Belgian GP Preview

F1's back, so your weekends are gone for the rest of the year. The bowels of the driver market are starting to move, plus we consider which all-time classic midfield team principals should lead a supposed new team set to enter in 2021.
Box of Neutrals author

2019/24 โ€” Midseason Review Pt. 2

Formula One continues to be on break, so we make up a championship to discuss โ€” but we end up talking about musical instruments and Mick Schumacher (unrelated) instead.
Box of Neutrals author

2019/23 โ€” Midseason Review Pt. 1

Helmut Marko crushes the spirit of yet another young driver, but at least it's not announced after we recorded this podcast (just). Meanwhile, nothing else of note happens in Formula One.
Box of Neutrals author

2019/22 โ€” Hungarian GP Review

Lewis Hamilton wins, Max Verstappen almost wins, Valtteri Bottas is cooked and Pierre Gasly is absolutely roasted. Ferrari also took part in the race but doesn't deserve a mention.
Box of Neutrals author

BoN 2019/21 โ€” German GP Review

Max Verstappen crashes Mercedes's 125th-anniversary party after Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas both crash in the crashing rain at the German Grand Prix and something has happened to my brain and I have to go now.
Box of Neutrals author

2019/20 โ€” German GP Preview

Daniel Ricciardo goes to court, William Storey goes to court and Romain Grosjean is sentenced to at least one more race in a Haas car.
Box of Neutrals author

BoN 2019/19 โ€” British GP Review

Formula One attains its peak form thanks to the Rich Energy saga, Sebastian Vettel crashes again and Silverstone puts on one hell of a grand prix. Shame everyone was watching the cricket.
Box of Neutrals author

2019/18 โ€” British GP Preview

Michael and Rob talk all-time great breakfasts, the new F1 2019 game and why we deserve some free DLC, and middle-aged British men taking off their shirts for no reason. We dive into the Box of Neutrals McArchivesยฎ to celebrate the soon to be renewed B...
Box of Neutrals author

2019/17 โ€” Austrian GP Review

F1 is saved by a ripper Austrian GP, so we can all stop pretending we don't watch the races anymore. Michael has lunch at a truck stop. Rob uncovers more from The Warmup Lap archives.
Box of Neutrals author

BoN 2019/16 โ€” French GP Review

Nothing happened at the weekend. You know it. We know it. Everyone knows it. Let's just call it a non-championship round.
Box of Neutrals author

BoN 2019/15 โ€” French GP Preview

E Racing Magazine editor Trent Price joins us to start a moratorium on discussing Fernando Alonso for at least the next seven days after the Spaniard wins Le Mans for the second time this season. Meanwhile, has anything happened in Formula One this wee...
Box of Neutrals author

BoN 2019/14 โ€” Canadian GP Review

Everyone needs to settle down. Just relax. Be calm. It's just a race and another Ferrari loss. Chill. Please.
Box of Neutrals author

2019/13 โ€” Canadian GP Preview

Could Nico Hulkenberg go to Red Bull Racing? Is Sebastian Vettel about to retire? We have no idea, but not much else happened this week, so we speculate wildly ahead of Mercedes's victory at the Canadian Grand Prix. Photo ยฉ XPB/James Moy Photography
Box of Neutrals author

2019/12 โ€” Monaco GP Review

Mercedes wins (again), Ferrari makes several mistakes (again) and Renault cooks old mate Daniel Ricciardo's strategy (again). Plus we reveal some key details about #WheresMcGinley.Photo ยฉ Wolfgang Wilhelm/Mercedes AMG Petronas
Box of Neutrals author

2019/11 โ€” Monaco GP Preview

Featuring ESPN's Jake Michaels. Three Australian convene to talk about a fourth Australian who won't win the Monaco Grand Prix this year. The President of Brazil gets another mention somehow. We discuss the Rich Energy logo in an audio-only format.
Box of Neutrals author

2019/10 โ€” Spanish GP Review

Mercedes scores another one-two (again), Ferrari messes up team orders (again) and we wonder how long F1 should wait before introducing a doping world championship to make racing less predictable.
Box of Neutrals author

2019/09 โ€” Spanish GP Preview

Michael and Rob consider what happens to F1 motorhomes when they die, wonder how cooked Ferrari is and don't lament the apparently impending loss of the Circuit to Barcelona-Catalunya from the calendar.
Box of Neutrals author

2019/08 โ€” Azerbaijan GP Review

Ferrari's in trouble, Renault's cooked and Williams is absolutely roasted. We investigate the disappointing lack of fast-food sponsorship in Formula One on our way to analysing the safety car-less Azerbaijan Grand Prix.
Box of Neutrals author

2019/07 โ€” Azerbaijan GP Preview

Michael and Rob are joined by Trent 'Not McGinley' Price to consider just how badly wrong F1 could get any qualifying changes, Helmut Marko's penchant for fake news and whether the 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix will be haunted by Marcus Ericsson's racing ...
Box of Neutrals author

2019/06 โ€” Chinese GP Review

The 1000th Formula 1 Grand Prix, or crooked witch hunt? Rob and Michael discuss.
Box of Neutrals author

2019/05 โ€” Chinese GP Preview

Michael and Rob are joined by Rodney Gordon for a detailed chat about arguably the highest level of motor racing in the world, BOSS GP, and appropriate avenues for the disposal for industrial waste in preview of the 1000th Formula One grand prix.
Box of Neutrals author

2019/04 โ€” Bahrain GP Review

Trent Price from eRacing Magazine joins Michael and the empty chairs not filled by Rob or Peter to talk about the psychological effects of engine failure, spinning in the heat of battle and being French.
Box of Neutrals author

2019/03 โ€” Bahrain GP Preview

There's never been a better time to talk about cigarettes, and Michael does exactly that, among other topics, with Dieter Rencken from Rodney Gordon from Superlicense F1 Podcast steps in to substitute for political prisoner Rob James and ...
Box of Neutrals author

2019/02 โ€” Australian GP Review

We're joined by senior writer Lawrence Barretto and journalist Abhishek Takle to dissect the Valtteri Bottas win than no-one except Michael (by accident) predicted. Rob finds some money on the ground. Peter McGinley takes an early holiday ahead ...
Box of Neutrals author

2019/01 โ€” Australian GP Preview

After protracted legal negotiations with Peter McGinley's legal team about his hours of work and dress code, Box of Neutrals is back for 2019 with a special-length Australian GP preview, and to balance out the (relevant) chat about cigarettes and alcoh...
Box of Neutrals author

2018/43 โ€” Christmas Special with Superlicense Podcast

The 2018 McGinley Awardsยฎ are upon us, and Michael Rob and a begrudging Pete are joined by old mates Rodney Gordon and Zach Priest from Superlicense Podcast to reminisce about the few parts of the Formula One season they remember.
Box of Neutrals author

BoN 2018/42 โ€” Season Review with Nate Saunders

Nate Saunders, author of Daniel Ricciardo: In Pursuit of Greatness, joins Michael and Rob to talk about tin foil hats, the Microsoft Office suite and what the future holds in store for Australia's favourite (only) F1 driver. Peter McGinley talks about ...
Box of Neutrals author

2018/41 โ€” Season Review with Dieter Rencken

Dieter tells us what he Renckens about the state of F1 politics in 2018, Lance Stroll makes the least surprising driver announcement of the season and Peter McGinley goes to the cricket.
Box of Neutrals author

2018/40 โ€” Abu Dhabi GP Review

Brendon Hartley is beached az, Peter McGinley reveals(?) he knows nothing about car mechanics and we announce the winner of the inaugural season of Formula McGinley.
Box of Neutrals author

2018/39 โ€” Abu Dhabi GP Preview

Michael, Rob and Peter are happily reunited just in time to talk about 3D printers, Advent calendars, Russian aerospace company Tupolev and anything else that isn't the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
Box of Neutrals author

2018/38 โ€“ Brazilian GP Review

We release the Brazilian GP Review podcast eventually. Michael's still away, Rob is recovering from the flu and Pete is recovering from mowing the lawns. Oh and Mercedes win another championship.
Box of Neutrals author

2018/37 โ€“ Brazilian GP Preview

Like a Red Bull gearbox, we're down to one gear in the box. But Michael asks what Dieter Rencken from reckons.
Box of Neutrals author

2018/36 - Mexican GP Review

Somehow, both Rob and Michael decide to have a โ€œrostered show offโ€ - so Peter is running the good ship Box of Neutrals - without any form of driverโ€™s or boat licence. Meanwhile, Michael plays foreign correspondent and catches up with crash.netโ€™s Luke S...
Box of Neutrals author

2018/35 โ€” United States GP Review & Mexican GP Preview

Rob claims Superlicense Podcast's Rodney Gordon as one of our own, Pete confuses laconic for lethargic, and Michael invites F1 editor Luke Smith into the Box of Neutrals echo chamber. ย 
Box of Neutrals author

2018/34 โ€” United States GP Preview

Rob talks the great names of Formula One, Peter McGinley talks about the AFL calendar, and Michael asks Dieter what he Renckens about the all-female W Series.
Box of Neutrals author

2018/33 โ€” Japanese GP Review

Lewis Hamiton takes championship point over Sebastian Vettel, Peter McGinley reads your haiku poems, and old mate of the show Trent Price gets lost with a Japanese sat nav.
Box of Neutrals author

2018/32 โ€” Russian GP Review & Japanese GP Preview

We celebrate a Russian Grand Prix with more than three overtakes, Peter McGinley reads from his book of haikus and Ferrari tries to make 'winnow' a thing. ย 
Box of Neutrals author

2018/31 โ€” Russian GP Preview

Sauber reveals Antonio Giovinazzi will replace Charles Leclerc in 2019, Dieter Rencken reveals all is not well at Force India, and Peter McGinley reveals his childhood dining and television habits.
Box of Neutrals author

2018/30 โ€” Singapore GP Review

Lewis Hamilton cooks Sebastian Vettel's title chances, Formula One prepares to welcome back the Torpedo, and Peter McGinley provides some genuinely useful consumer advice.
Box of Neutrals author