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The 94WIP all Eagles podcast.
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20.03.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Do the Eagles Devalue Draft Picks?

John Barchard, James Seltzer and the late arriving Eliot Shorr-Parks discuss Josh Jacobs being linked to the Eagles and how hungry everyone is for RB. PLUS, do the Eagles devalue draft picks a little more with the rise of comp picks? Darby is back, wha...
Radio.com author
19.03.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

ITB Ep. 30: Where Do the Birds Stand Now?

Geoff Mosher & Adam Caplan go through the Eagles free agency moves, comp pick strategy, what RB options make sense, the likelihood of Chris Long's return and whether or not Jalen Mills is still a starter at CB
Radio.com author
18.03.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Go Birds Radio: How Much Pressure is on Wentz?

John Barchard, James Seltzer and Eliot Shorr-Parks debated on Saturday how much pressure from the fanbase is on Carson Wentz this season.
Radio.com author
12.03.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Welcome Home DeSean

John Barchard and James Seltzer go over the exciting tampering day moves that the Eagles made on Monday. DeSean is back, what are you expecting of this version of Djax? Malik Jackson IS the Jackson this team really needs and you should be really excite...
Radio.com author
10.03.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Go Birds Radio: Was Trading Michael Bennett a Mistake?

John Barchard and Elliot Shorr-Parks debate about the Eagles move to trade Bennett, have (now) a pointless AB vs Bell debate and preview what they think might happen Monday during the tampering period.
Radio.com author
6.03.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

ITB 29: Don't Close the Door On Jernigan Returning

Geoff Mosher & Adam Caplan get you prepped for Eagles free agency as they chat about a way for Tim Jernigan to return, what the Birds would do if DeSean is released and why Michael Bennett could be traded. PLUS, Jordan Hicks, Le'Veon Bell and a lot...
Radio.com author
1.03.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Brandon Graham is an Eagle For Life

John Barchard checks in with Eliot Shorr-Parks from Indy as they talk about BG's new contract, what it might mean for the rest of the DLine and which RBs are talking the Eagles at the Combine. PLUS, John sits down with Stanford OG Brandon Fanaika.
Radio.com author
27.02.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Letting Nick Foles Walk Wasn't a Favor

John Barchard checks in with Eliot Shorr-Parks down from Indy after Doug and Howie spoke. Nick Foles is heading to FA and Nelson was upset about his targets once Tate came on board. We chat about that, John Ross, Jason Peters and a lot more.
Radio.com author
25.02.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

ITB Ep. 28: So What's The Combine Like?

Geoff Mosher, Adam Caplan, and Bill Osborn go over their experiences at the combine to tell what really matters and what doesn't. PLUS - they go over the Eagles needs and Bill has a pretty great story with Deion Sanders in Indy.
Radio.com author
21.02.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Stop Overthinking This, Le'Veon Bell Would Be Great in Philly

John Barchard and Eliot Shorr-Parks go over Le'Veon Bell finally being a free agent and why it would be one of the best things for Carson Wentz. PLUS - Carlos Hyde, Duke Johnson and where we rank the Eagles need. AND a discussion on Golden Tate's futur...
Radio.com author
19.02.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

ITB Ep. 27: What Will Be Howie's Best Move This Offseason?

#Eagles corners: strength or weakness, deep or thin? Would Doug be the right coach for AB? Fact or Fiction: Birds best acquisition this offseason will come via trade - Geoff Mosher and Adam Caplan go through a lot of offseason questions as the Combine ...
Radio.com author
11.02.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Go Birds Radio: How Much Pressure is on Carson?

John Barchard and James Seltzer chatted on Saturday about how much actual pressure is on Carson Wentz. John doesn't really think there is any pressure from the fan base and James thinks he's crazy. Plus Foles and his trade ability and more!
Radio.com author
11.02.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

ITB 26: Lots of Big Roster Decisions Ahead

Geoff Mosher, Adam Caplan, and Bill Osborn go over Foles' possible franchise tag, ponder over a Wentz extension this offseason and what the Eagles draft board might look like in April
Radio.com author
4.02.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Why Would Nick Foles Want to Get Traded?

John Barchard and Eliot Shorr-Parks go over the recently Nick Foles news over the weekend. Eliot isn't exactly sure why Foles would want to help the Eagles, but John thinks Nick would be helping himself if the destination is the same. PLUS, Carson spea...
Radio.com author
31.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

The Rams Winning the Super Bowl Would Be Really Annoying

John Barchard & James Seltzer get ready for the Super Bowl by... not really caring about it. BUT they do state their case on how annoying it would be if the Rams did pull this thing off. PLUS Jack Fritz does his first name test mock draft of the se...
Radio.com author
28.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

ITB Ep. 25: Does Wentz Need to be Challenged?

Geoff Mosher, Adam Caplan & Bill Osborn go over a lot including the Wentz story, if the Eagles need to add a veteran offensive coach to challenge Wentz, the league-wide perception of Jim Schwartz, what to do with Jason Peters and a lot more!
Radio.com author
23.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Ep. 53: Carson the Egomaniac

John Barchard and Eliot Shorr-Parks chat about the Philly Voice article and ask if you can dismiss the quotes? Plus, more players speak out including Rodney McLeod - how much weight does that carry? AND if this story came out after the brutal Saints lo...
Radio.com author
19.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Inside the Birds 24: So Now What?

Geoff Mosher, Adam Caplan and Bill Osborn look back a little at the Saints, chat about Chris Wilson moving on and what lies ahead for the Eagles offseason. 
Radio.com author
18.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Ep. 52: Pay Carson Now or Pay Carson Later?

John Barchard and Eliot Shorr-Parks go through the week of news from the infamous Fletcher Cox scouting tape on punt returns, a little Shrine Week update, Howie Roseman's press conference and a lot more! Plus we take a look at the pros and cons of payi...
Radio.com author
14.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Ep.51: It's Hard To Be Mad

John Barchard and James Seltzer were LIVE from the Fillmore in Philly to go over the loss to the Saints, look ahead to what's coming in the offseason but more importantly be very thankful for this incredible two year run from the Eagles. Plus we talk t...
Radio.com author
12.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Counterpoint Ep. 65: Getting Ready For Some Taysom Hill, Sean Payton BS

Jack Fritz is back and is looking back at the Bears games, bans a Chicago reporter, talks to the Mush Gods, wants to re-examine the BDN nickname, talks to the Mush God and a lot more!
Radio.com author
11.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Ep. 50: DLine, Get Your Hands Up

John Barchard and James Seltzer go over the Eagles and Saints matchup, call out Sean Payton for being a liar and give thier predictions Esctasy of Gold style.. PLUS Divisional Round Playoff Picks and a lot more!
Radio.com author
10.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

ITB Ep. 23: Here We Go Again

Geoff Mosher, Adam Caplan and Bill Osborn chat about the Eagles O-Line being elite again, we see Big Pick Nick on Sunday, Cre’von being the savior of the secondary and the Saints D is good but its not Bears good. All that and more on Inside the Birds
Radio.com author
7.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Ep. 49: What This an All-Time Game From Nick Foles?

John Barchard and Elliot Shorr-Parks go over the feeling at Soilder Field, debate where this ranked in terms of Foles best performances and look ahead to the Saints
Radio.com author
7.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Ep. 48: Go Home Bears, Go Home!

John Barchard and James Seltzer were LIVE from the Fillmore in Philadelphia as they react to an amazing, butt clenching win in Chicago. Stay for the easter egg at the end with live reactions as plays happened! Go Birds!
Radio.com author
5.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

ITB Ep. 22: How the Eagles Can Beat the Bears

Geoff Mosher, Adam Caplan and Bill Osborn go over the recent success of the Eagles handingly No. 1 defenses, picking on Prince, block Khalil Mack and have a round table on who is gonna have the bigger game,
Radio.com author
4.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Counterpoint Ep 64: Nagy is a Total Fake Tough Guy

The Eagles have made the playoffs... which means the Mush Gods are idiots, you can thank Jack later. Frankly, he's expecting it. There is no way the Eagles should be 6 point dogs to Chicago, the trade Carson crew is pretty loud and Jack dives into the ...
Radio.com author
3.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Ep. 47: Betting Against Mitch, But Not Khalil

John Barchard and James Seltzer preview the Eagles vs Bears playoff dance as they go through the importance of getting the ball out quickly this week. Plus they go through the myths and truths of the Bears and their fans. AND, John fires up the Ectasy ...
Radio.com author
2.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

ITB Ep. 21: Eagles are Getting the 2017 Vibe Back

Geoff Mosher, Adam Caplan & Bill Osborn all take a look at what has gotten the Birds back to standing order. What was the bigger key Foles or the takeaways? Plus more Pederson credit, unsung heroes and a lot more
Radio.com author
31.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Ep. 46: Eagles Have One Huge Advantage Over the Bears

Elliot Shorr-Parks sits down with John Barchard as they dive into what this matchup is gonna look like vs the Bears, deep dish pizza fights and how Smallwood, Tate and Wallace might have impacts on Wild Card weekend 
Radio.com author
31.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Ep. 45: Go Home Vikings, Go Home!

John Barchard and James Seltzer react to the Birds going to the dance with some help from the Bears. Foles, the dream run and a lot more!
Radio.com author
28.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

CP Ep. 63: Dear NFL, Dont Let The Eagles In the Playoffs

Jack Fritz puts his mush hat on to tell the Mush Gods everything thing he's thinking for an Eagles playoff run. Plus Mike Zimmer continues to be embarrassing, Avonte Maddox name retest and please stop doubiting Jake Elliott. 
Radio.com author
27.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Ep. 44: No One is Gonna Be Rational For a Playoff Run

John Barchard and James Seltzer look at the final week of the regular season with hope, worry and exciment as the Nick Foles lead Eagles head into Washington. John says it's a wrap already and getting ready for a playoff run, the Bears are gonna take c...
Radio.com author
23.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Ep. 43: What a Moment for Nick Foles ... Again

John Barchard and Elliot Shorr-Parks are LIVE from the Linc as they go over the Eagles beating Texans 32-30. The guys chat about how this propels the locker room, the defense looking good despite the bad 4th Quarter and get into Foles insanely good and...
Radio.com author
22.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

ITB Ep. 20: Eagles vs Texans Preview

Geoff Mosher, Adam Caplan & Bill Osborn break down the Eagles and Texans LIVE from the Market Tavern. 
Radio.com author
21.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Counterpoint Ep. 62: Nick Foles is Proof That God is Real

Jack Fritz thinks that an angel might actual take the football out of Nick's hands and delivers it to Alshon Jeffery. Plus he mushes the Mush Gods, gets in to the CP mailbag & more!
Radio.com author
21.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Ep. 42: Just Enjoy the Ride

John Barchard and James Seltzer go over the week that was and tell to just relax with the takes and enjoy the ride. Btw, there is a pretty important game going on against the Texans - what's the best way for Nick Foles to attack this defense? Also..Chr...
Radio.com author
19.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

ITB Ep. 19: Jim Schwartz Deserves a Lot More Credit

Geoff Mosher, Adam Caplan and Bill Osborn go over a unpredictable win against the Rams (unless your Bill that is) and chat about the offesnive changes or lack their of with Nick and give a lot praise to the Eagles defensive cooridinator 
Radio.com author
18.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Around the Locker Room: What Do You Think Carson is Thinking?

Eliot Shorr-Parks and John Barchard get into a secondary debate with praise of Avonte Maddox coming from Jim Schwartz today. But they certainly agree that if Carson is cleared to play, he should. All that and more on Around the Locker Room
Radio.com author
18.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

The Beast Ep. 14: Four More Years for Eli

Vince Quinn and John Barchard go around th NFCE as they snicker about the Cowboys putting up a goose egg against the Colts, the Giants want to hold on to Eli forever and Washington is 7-7 making this whole season even more weird and hilarious. PLUS: Vi...
Radio.com author
17.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Ep. 41: Let's All Go Buy Ski Masks

John Barchard and James Seltzer react to the HUGE win against the Rams. No QB controversy here, just rooting for what would be one of the greatest sports stories ever. This whole team has a new mentailty and the guys can feel it, they dicsuss that and ...
Radio.com author
15.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

ITB Ep. 18: Put Carson on the Shelf

@GeoffMosherNFL, @caplannfl & @Ozzie_Football were LIVE from The Market Tavern in Center City as they go through Carson's injury, Doug's PC, how some CURRENT players have concerns with this medical staff & the Eagles not getting their first cho...
Radio.com author
14.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Counterpoint Ep 61: GTFO If You Think Goff > Wentz

Jack Fritz is back to answer your questions about Carson's back with a little help from John Barchard. Plus the CB mailbag, Jack being very anti Goff espeically this week & more!
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14.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Ep. 40: Did the Doctors Doom Wentz?

John Barchard, Eliot Shorr-Praks & Vince Quinn were live from Mark's Jewlers in Montgomeryville, PA as they talked about the latest developments from Wentz's injury, go over what would happen if Foles has a lot of success and preview the Rams.
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12.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

The Beast Ep.13: Are the Cowboys the Best in the NFC?

Vince Quinn and John Barchard try to rank the Cowboys amongst the rest of the NFC and look at long term future for the Eagles and Cowboys. PLUS why DiFilippo wouldn't come here anyway even if Doug wanted him and we play O/U with how many points Washing...
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12.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Ep. 39: Carson Wentz Done For the Season???

John Barchard & Eliot Shorr-Parks go over the news from Ian Rapport saying that Carson Wentz's back may keep him out for the rest of the season. What will this do short term and long term? We discuss. 
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11.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Around the Lockeroom: What is Really Going To Change This Offense?

Vince Quinn, Eliot Shorr-Parks & John Barchard all debate about if Wentz is the same guy from 2017, the coaching staff, why the Eagles went away from the run vs Cowboys and more - LIVE from John and Molly's in Eastampton Township, NJ
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10.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Ep. 37 - Dead in Dallas: Welcome to the Offseason

John Barchard and Vince Quinn go over an epic loss to the Cowboys as it slips through Rasul hands and into Amari Coopers. Execution vs the coaching staff is going to be a long debate and we start it now. Looking ahead to 2019, it's not a time to panic ...
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8.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

ITB Ep. 18: Eagles Preview Show From the Market Tavern

The Inside the Bird crew was down at Market Tavern to do a LIVE podcast and breakdown Eagles vs Dallas... you might not like their predictions at the end but they have a lot of good nuggets 
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7.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/55ae1245-eb6d-4a6d-af31-a930011e6799/db1908d4-3a2c-424e-90df-a930011e67a7/image.jpg?t=1533230822&size=Large

Counterpoint Ep. 60: When Are People Gonna Learn to Trust Kamu?

Jack Fritz reminds everyone that Kamu has infact, never been wrong. PLUS he welcomes in @realprinceblue as it might be the fastest turnaround in a hate/love relationship and also Surivor Pool winner @TylerMBean! 
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