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Eden Life is dedicated to helping you live vibrantly and maximize your life potential with a message of faith, health and freedom.

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Eden Life Radio is an extension of Eden Life Ministries, a faith and health based ministry geared to equip the people of God to remove obstacles to healing and to maximize their life potential. Here we'll talk about how to live vibrantly, faithfully and fully set apart for God's glory.
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Be Made Whole

We serve a God who consistently exceeds our expectations.  How incredible to ponder and realize He not only wants us healed but also wants us whole!

Redefining Yourself

I, for one, have had enough of you thinking you're so much less than who God made you to be.  I'm thinking He's well past ready to see you break free from the lies and distortions so you can see the you He really made you to be!

Watch Your Mouth

You want the secret to making waves of changes in your life and really rerouting your health in a better, brighter direction? Well, good, 'cause I'm about to give it to you!  

You Really Need to Lighten Up

Break free from the "norm" to find a pace and place of rest.  Know that taking them time to rest isn't not only good for you physically and mentally, but that's it's also key to you becoming your most effective in all God has created you to do as He re...

Living Life In Joy

Break free from the daily drudge and enjoy living life in joy!  Life may have its ups, downs, challenges and hurdles but in Christ we can have joy despite and beyond our circumstances.

Fighting from Victory

Sick of walking down and out in defeat?  Well, guess what - YOU DON'T HAVE TO!  Understand the victory that has already been won for you and learn to walk in triumph in every area of your life!

I Hope Im Making You Uncomfortable

I know I'm supposed to be all sweet & cheery over here but I love you all too much to sit back and let you get all cozy with me!  In this quick talk, we're touching on why I hope you're finding yourself comfortably uncomfortable on your journey as ...

Are You Parched or Are You Drenched

Take a dive into the book of Ezekiel as we explore the depths of God's waters.

The Gut Factor with Dr. Lisa Sulsenti

Eavesdrop on our interview with Dr. Lisa Sulsenti as we discuss The Gut Factor, as well as many other factors that could radically change your health! Dr. Sulsenti is an author, chiropractor, nutritionist, autism coach and co-owner with her husband at...

Shedding More Than Pounds

Ditch the things that are really weighing you down.  Learn to focus on the Word of God for your strength and as it applies to all your needs.

Don't Despise the Day of Small Beginnings (DP Challenge Devotional, Day 1)

The initial push of any great endeavor can seem the hardest, especially when it seems you've got SO FAR to go. Still, we can learn to embrace the present and enjoy the process, knowing God is doing a far greater work within us.

Living in Agreement with God

Too often do we overlook the subtle distortions that weave their ways into our thoughts and perceptions.  Live a life that resounds with truth and power as you learn to weed out the false beliefs that could be choking out your harvest.    

Facing Forward

Stop letting the past interfere with your future.  I get that sometimes letting go is hard to do, especially where we struggle to forgive ourselves for things we've said and done that we truly wish we hadn't.  Hard as it may be, it is critical to your ...

Dealing with Food Addictions

Win the war on food addiction as we expose the enemy's schemes and learn to walk triumphantly over the strongholds of food-related bondage.  This is somewhat an intro to this topic.  We'll be delving deeper into understanding and strategies to overcome...

Dealing with Defeat and Despair

Ditch the weights of defeat and despair so you can run full force in the life God has marked out for you!  Learn to press through life's challenges with fervency and a renewed sense of vitality as you declare God's Word and Victory over your life!

Embracing Small Beginnigs

Don't let where you're at now discourage you from taking steps toward greater things.  The Lord rejoices to see the work begin!  Watch how quickly even small steps add up to amazing transformations!

Facing the Impossible

Embrace the opportunity to stand boldly in the face of the impossible in light of Biblical truths.

Side-Stepping Suffering

See the dangers ahead and take the steps needed today to avoid the consequences tomorrow.

Whose Power Will You Lean Upon?

Learn the key to overcoming a lack of will power so you can take hold of the victory already secured for you!

Being Intentional& Steadfast

In this episode, we discuss the importance of taking an intentional and steadfast approach in overcoming health challenges.

Planning to Succeed

Learn about the importance of planning and preparing to succeed in achieving long term success in reaching health goals.

Clarifying Your Vision

Set your sights on success as you clarify your vision for your future.