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At Ecotwist, we talk about business, culture, trends, politics, sustainability, and social good. The world is changing rapidly, because Internet has made the world flat. Billions of people use cell phones to communicate. More than a billion people actively use Facebook, hundreds of millions are using Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media channels. These were unheard of. We're more connected in the world than ever before. So let's talk about it. This program is hosted by Dewita Soeharjono.
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Business and Community Activism, A Conversation with Brad Baldia

Our guest is Brad Baldia, who is the Director of Turnkey StartupSpace, a new co-working outfit in Philadelphia. Brad is a business and community activist at the same time. He is the President of Philippine Chamber of Commerce of Pennsylvania and South...
Dewita Soeharjono author

This Small Business Provides Healthcare to Its Employees

The Affordable Care Act just celebrated its 5th anniversary. While some of the businesses out there talk about cutting employee benefits to save money, this one is not. Bittersweet Cafe, a local hangout in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia, is a different...
Dewita Soeharjono author

CSR Talk with Shane O'Connor, FedEx's Sustainability Leader

What exactly does a CSR (Corporation Social Responsibility) leader do? We'll find out about that. According to his Twitter bio, Shane is a CSR leader at FedEx with focus on road safety and sustainable transportation. Tune in: Friday, March 20 at 11:3...
Dewita Soeharjono author

Business and Sustainability

An interview with Jessica McGlyn, Director at WBCSD U.S. ( A subsidiary of World Business Council for Sustainable Development).  The WBCSD is a CEO-led organization of forward-thinking companies that galvanizes the global business community to create a...
Dewita Soeharjono author

Better Buildings Challenge

Want to save money on energy on your buildings? Check this out. Better Buildings Challenge is a platform at the Department of Energy with goal to reduce energy used across building portfolios by 20% or more by 2020. Our guest this afternoon is Maria V...
Dewita Soeharjono author

Cities, Climate Change and Economic Opportunity

How can cities, businesses take advantage of the changing environment? Our guest is Gary Lawrence, Vice President, Chief Sustainability Officer with AECOM, a Fortune 500 company. Gary has clocked in 20 years working in global sustainability. We'll ta...
Dewita Soeharjono author

How to Transition to a New Career

Have you ever wondered "how to transition to a new career?" or pursue something of passion? We know it is not easy, however, it can be done. Our guest this afternooon Renee Martin-Nagle - did it! She started a career in a new industry and helped herse...
Dewita Soeharjono author

City of Philadelphia Sustainability Programs

The City of Philadelphia has a variety of sustainability programs currently in place, from Greenworks, Solar City Partnership, Tree Planting, Energy Works, to Local Food. We'll be joining by Katherine Gajewski, Director of Mayor's Office of Sustainabi...
Dewita Soeharjono author

Reuse Green Building Materials

Trash is treasure. Do you know that building materials make up about 40% of our nation's solid waste stream? Community Forklift, a local thrift store for home improvement supplies, have been selling surplus, salvaged, reuse green building materials sin...
Dewita Soeharjono author

The Cleaning Product industry and Sustainability

The American Cleaning Institute just released its 2011 Sustainability report. The report shows how the cleaning product industry- and the product you use - are contributing to global sustainability. Joining us today for the conversation is Brian Sanson...
Dewita Soeharjono author

Ecological Raw Materials

Today we are going to talk about ecological alternative raw materials that is used in residential and building industries. My guest is Alex Khan, with CompoClay. CompoClay is a manufacturing and distribution company that have successfully standardized ...
Dewita Soeharjono author

Doing Business Local: Montgomery County, Maryland

I'm kicking off a new series of doing business locally. Local is the new global. The first of the series is Montgomery County. My guest is Jerry Godwin,a business development specialist with Wheaton Innovation Center in Maryland. We'll talk about what ...
Dewita Soeharjono author

What Does it Take to go Green?

How hard it is to go green? Our conversation, touches not only greening houses and offices, but also about building the business itself. Joining us today is Jason Holstine, who is the founder and owner of a local one-stop green hardware and design shop...
Dewita Soeharjono author

Solar Energy, Innovation and Research

My guest is Gary Dirks, Ph.D, Director of Lightworks at Arizona University. ASU has been a pioneer in the solar research for the past four decades. Now they're bringing a set of much broader emerging technologies together in an initiative called Lightw...
Dewita Soeharjono author

Behind the Success of Busboys and Poets

Busboys and Poets is a successful local chain in the metropolitan DC area. Andy Shallal, the founder is an Iraqi-American artist, activist, restauranteur. He opened up the first B&P in an area known as 'Black Broadway' during its heyday. 95% of bus...
Dewita Soeharjono author