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Chansky’s Notebook: Strong, Silent Type

Does Brooks Koepka need a new marketing manager? Golf Magazine has already dubbed the 2019 PGA champion as the no-nonsense superstar golf needs. That’s Brooks Koepka, the handsome but stone-faced winner of a fourth major in his last eight starts. The l...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky‚Äôs Notebook: ‚ÄėWe‚Äôre No. 227!‚Äô

Ol’ Roy is No. 1; guess where Coach K and Duke are ranked? A friend of mine named Billy from Colorado, who is one of Roy Williams’ biggest supporters, often sends me information that the media never sees or chooses not to publish. He was the first one ...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: The Real Jerks

The Hurricanes fans swept ‚Äôem ‚ÄĒ in class, at least. What looked like another drive for the Stanley Cup ended in near humiliation on the ice, as the Hurricanes were swept and outscored 17-5 by the Bruins, who proved to be far superior in almost every wa...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Exciting Or Confusing?

How exactly do we get the new ACC Network? The release from the ACC and UNC this week about the Miami-Carolina game on September 7 being carried on the new ACC Network is both exciting and a bit confusing. Sure, it’s great that Mack Brown’s Tar Heels w...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Tiger Back in The Rough

Now, we’ll see if Tiger Woods is still mentally tough enough. Just when the odds were favoring Tiger winning the second leg of the 2019 golf grand slam, the PGA championship, beginning Thursday at Bethpage Black in New York, more personal trouble has h...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Coby For Kyrie?

Could Coby White answer the Celtics’ Kyrie Irving question? The NBA lottery is tonight, as the 14 teams with ping pong balls in the drum learn what order they will pick in the NBA draft on June 20. Most of the teams in the lottery are the bottom feeder...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Stay In Your Game

Coach K needs to quit giving pep talks to other teams. Why did Mike Krzyzewski cut a promotional spot before the Carolina Hurricanes played the Bruins in game two of their Eastern Conference finals? What does college basketball have to do with professi...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Disappearing Dukies

I caught up with two former Dukies late last night. There’s a reason some pro basketball and baseball players don’t want to sign with West Coast teams unless it’s the Lakers or Dodgers. That’s because millions of fans east of the Mississippi rarely get...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: It May Take Two

The pros and cons of Mack Brown’s second stint at UNC. When you take over a football program that lost 13 of its last 18 games, it obviously comes with problems that need to be fixed. But Mack Brown is optimistic that nine losses in each of the last tw...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Tradition Takes Over?

Are the Canes going for a split or another sweep? The Hurricanes haven’t made the NHL playoffs since 2009, and this is just their fifth appearance in the 21st Century. But four of the times, they’ve reached the Eastern Conference finals, including thei...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky‚Äôs Notebook: ‚ÄėIt Sullies Everybody‚Äô

Tiger deserves this comeback, but hardly the medal of freedom. When I think about the sports heroes who have won the presidential medal of freedom, I think of another golfer, Charlie Sifford, who was the first African-American to play on the PGA Tour a...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Can’t Win For Losing

For once, I agree with Donald Trump. Well, sort of. Of course, President Trump condemned the disqualification of Maximum Security in the Kentucky Derby. Did he do it because he bet on the horse with 9-2 odds in the Run for the Roses? We all know how Tr...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Comings and Goings

Carolina and Duke recruiting had an interesting juxtaposition. Perhaps surprisingly, Roy Williams kept adding to his haul for next season when sleeper stretch forward Justin Pierce became the sixth player to join the Tar Heels’ 2019-20 roster. The grad...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Is What It Is got the hiring of Courtney Banghart all wrong. I was almost flabbergasted when reading ESPN’s coverage of Carolina’s new women’s basketball coach. All the supposition and innuendo were off base and the writer showed little knowledge of what ha...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: The New Carolina Way

Bubba Cunningham has continued redefining the Carolina Way. With his hiring of new women’s basketball coach Courtney Banghart, Cunningham has reaffirmed his commitment to make UNC athletics as good as it can be, regardless of where his administrators a...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Prescient Decision

Is Carolina‚Äôs recruiting over? That‚Äôs a Precious question. With the commitment of Charleston Southern shooting star Christian Keeling, inquiring minds want to know if Roy Williams is done recruiting for the 2019-20 season. That answer is probably yes ‚ÄĒ...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: One-Time Tar Heel

How do you think Kevin Durant would have done in his one season at UNC? In his 12 years in the NBA, Durant has become arguably the best basketball player on the planet. With his 45, 50 and 35 points in his last three playoffs games, Durant has establis...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Seventh The 7th Man

Seventh Woods became a victim of today’s circumstance. Perhaps the pinnacle for Carolina’s back-up playmaker was his eighth-grade highlight tape when he was hailed as the best 14-year-old basketballer in the country. He was a four-star recruit and woun...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Doing The Impossible

The Carolina Hurricanes just erased 10 years of misery. It was a game I just couldn’t turn off. The Hurricanes continued their reappearance in the Stanley Cup playoffs after missing out since 2009 and consequently fading from much of the general public...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Proper Props for Hubert

Two surprises in the Cole Anthony commitment to Carolina. With more than 90 percent of the recruiting gurus predicting Anthony would be a Tar Heel, the announcement on ESPN Tuesday morning still had a couple of cool angles to it. The decision itself wa...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: April Is For Lovers

For millions of fans, this is the best time of the year. Sports enthusiasts love the month of April, when Major League Baseball playoff contenders often start slowly giving pretenders hope, while the NBA and NHL produce nail-biting series right on the ...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Best Of Enemies

I’ve found another reason to be proud of Durham. Even when it comes to college sports in this area, I don’t think the younger generation is interested in history as much as we were, talking about the truly good old days with our friends at Sutton’s or ...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Is Tiger Back To Stay?

The betting lines have gone crazy over a renewed Tiger Woods. Fresh off the comeback that pal Michael Jordan called the greatest of all time, Woods winning the Masters has vaulted Tiger into the favorite’s role for every tournament he will tee it up in...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: A Favorite Memory

My friend Eli Evans still loves Carolina basketball. Earlier this week, I visited a dear friend at his apartment in New York City. Eli Evans, one of UNC’s most distinguished alumni, is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and may or may not have recogniz...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Something to Show

Saturday is the first big test of the Mack Brown magic. No other coach could have shaken Carolina football out of the apathy that had finally overcome the program in Larry Fedora’s last two losing seasons. The alumni and fan base had moved on from ange...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: King Of College Ball

The ACC has kicked butt lately, and it could have even done better. The Atlantic Coast Conference has been emailing out chest-puffing newsletters the last couple of years, largely because it has a lot to crow about in the two marquee sports, football a...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Indisputable Only!

Replays in college basketball aren’t playing well. What a tremendous Final Four and national championship for Virginia, perhaps the most fortunate team to ever cut down the nets. And while nothing can take away the Cavaliers’ title, their good luck has...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky‚Äôs Notebook: Hooray For ‚ÄėHoos!

Virginia atoned for a heartbreak it really didn’t deserve. Yes, the Cavaliers were the first No. 1 seed to lose to a 16 a year ago, but when you study that 20-point loss it wasn’t such a shocking upset that put UVa on the path to redemption. No questio...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: They Liked What Mike Liked

It was Michael Jordan who first voted for the argyle trim. I spent some time with old friend and Chapel Hill icon Alex Julian over the weekend, and he recounted the story about how he redesigned the Carolina basketball uniforms almost 30 years ago.  De...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Oh, That Empty Feeling

Can’t you feel that Final Four buzz in North Carolina? Not. For the second straight year, no college basketball team from our state graces the Final Four. Before that, Duke (in 2015) and Carolina (2016 and ’17) were there and all three advanced to play...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Carolina’s Core The Key

Carolina is NOT getting in the same one-and-done game as Duke. As expected, both Nassir Little and Coby White announced they were entering the NBA draft with no chance of coming back to school since they are both projected lottery picks. So with eligib...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Virginia’s Chance At Last

The pressure is off for Virginia, that means a ‚ÄėHoos who‚Äôs who. After UVa‚Äôs improbable comeback to win the Elite Eight, coach Tony Bennett was all smiles until asked what it meant to be going to his first Final Four as a head coach and his school‚Äôs fir...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Ready Or Not…

Here’s hoping Nassir Little got lots of good guidance. When the freshman forward announced he was turning pro two days after returning from Kansas City with the Tar Heels, I found myself hoping he had the time to get as much information as possible and...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky‚Äôs Notebook: How About ‚ÄėDirty Duke?‚Äô

Turns out that Duke was caught cheating ‚Äď twice. The Duke Basketball Report is a fine publication that has existed long before the Internet was invented by whomever. During the early digital days, the DBR was purchased by SB Nation in the game game of ...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: A Cast of Characters

Bruce Pearl is entertaining, but why is he still coaching in college? The Midwest Sweet Sixteen in Kansas City is known for two high-profile programs ‚Äď Carolina and Kentucky ‚Äď and three coaches who despite winning a lot of games own tarnished resumes. ...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Time Out For Hockey

The next NCAA tournament report is interrupted by . . . While they are still holding on to a playoff spot, the Carolina Hurricanes certainly deserve props for rallying from another bad start to contending for their first trip to the NHL playoffs since ...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: On To The Next One

I love a coach who no longer has to prove anything. When people ask me about Roy Williams, I give them my opinion: he’s just a good ol’ guy, using the adjective that Williams often does when referring to himself in the third person. In the 31 years as ...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: The Great American Divide

What a Sunday afternoon for Duke and President Trump. Let’s just say, for argument’s sake, that half the country is split down the middle on Duke basketball and President Donald J. Trump. How could you possibly ignore the juxtaposition of the Blue Devi...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: May The Odds Be With Us

By odds alone, the Tar Heels have a great chance this weekend. Second-seeded UNC’s 21-point loss to Texas A&M in the 2018 NCAA tournament in Charlotte came two days after the biggest shock ever in the Big Dance. Remember, Virginia became the first ...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: No Mocking This Draft

The NBA mock draft boards seem like subplots to the season. Those who look at the projected NBA draft picks every day like they check the stock market must have seen some wild swings over the last month. And it underscores why Carolina has joined the c...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Monday Night Showdown?

Is this the year for Duke-Carolina IV? Jay Bilas thinks so. Most college basketball fans cannot believe, with the schools going to the post-season virtually every year, that Duke and UNC have never met in the NCAA tournament. The Blue Devils and Tar He...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Road Warriors

If the Tar Heels are truly a great road team, they’ll have to show it. Carolina has nothing to complain about with its No. 1 seed in the Midwest Region, although it would have been interesting to see if anything changed with a win over Duke instead of ...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Developing Greatness

This Carolina team reminds me of some oldie-but-goodie Tar Heels. Think of freshman point guard Phil Ford, selfless shooting guard John Kuester, talented wing Walter Davis and versatile big man Mitch Kupchak. That was a long time ago, but this 2019 ver...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Will The Chalk Hold Up?

The real¬†ACC¬†tournament begins today ‚ÄĒ with an asterisk or two. The chalk has prevailed so far at the¬†ACC¬†tourney in Charlotte, with the top eight seeds playing in today‚Äôs quarterfinal games. Seems like the old days when there were only eight schools i...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Like It Was Yesterday

It happened 50 years and three Charlotte Coliseums ago. The college basketball season is longer these days, so the March 8th anniversary date has passed. But it will never be forgotten, and those too young to remember should hear the story. The Tar Hee...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Greatest Of This Time

(featured photo via Todd Melet) Going to Charlotte, the Roy vs. K debate doesn’t seem close. The so-called GOAT arguments are always tinged by bias for your favorite team or sentimentality. Some people still think Joe Montana is the greatest quarterbac...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook:  Duke’s Way To Win

Carolina is preparing as if Zion will play, even though he won’t. The Tar Heels already had their game plan for February 20th at Cameron, and Roy Williams said they will be ready whether Zion plays or not for Duke. Without him, the match-ups favor the ...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Beware The Blow By

Transition defense will be the key to the Carolina-Duke rematch. So many angles exist for Saturday night’s blockbuster on ESPN, which strangely chose the 6 pm starting time after Zion’s injury and conflicting prognoses from Coach K’s day-to-day diagnos...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Wins and Subplots

Are UNC and Duke going in opposite directions heading into Saturday? It was another doubleheader of near delight Tuesday night, as Duke and Wake Forest played the 7 o’clock game, with the Tar Heels at Boston College tipping off as the teams reached hal...
Sports Notebook | author

Chansky’s Notebook: Rebuilding Yesteryear

Mack Brown must love the song lyrics, ‚ÄúYesterday‚Äôs gone.‚ÄĚ For those who wonder what has changed between Mack I and Mack II as the Tar Heels football coach, there is quite a difference. After leaving Carolina with a top ten program in 1997, Brown spent ...
Sports Notebook | author