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Martin Archer and Greg Foot are scientists of the MTV generation. In their regular podcast, Droppin’ Science, they present the most interesting, weird, cool and quirky bits of the week’s science& tech, all bundled up with plenty of banter and some heavy production. The pod’s crammed full of regular features with Martin& Greg trying to humorously condense the most complicated scientific concepts into less than 5 seconds, heading out on the street to pose some quite frankly stupid science questions to the public, dissing the science& tech of the latest Hollywood blockbusters and trying to sneak some pseudobollocks past each other. Plus, the whole thing is backed by some banging tunes so your fellow commuters needn’t know you’re secretly a massive geek!

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The Freshest Science Podcast
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Droppin’ Science 10

We’re back with a hot summery pod full of vuvuzelas, DJing and pheromones. In the news we look at the real life Doctor Who crack, the song of the Sun and stereo sniffing sharks. Plus there’s a look at Iron Man 2’s particle accelerator, a countdown of w...
Martin Archer& Greg Foot author

Droppin’ Science 9

A festive pod with snowflakes, santa and…. surfing. In the news we cover the myth about booze & coffee, radioactive batteries and killer tomatoes. Plus there’s the science behind the epic movie Avatar, an Agony Uncle question and our top unanswered...
Martin Archer& Greg Foot author

Droppin’ Science 8

In the news we look at controlling the weather, whether curvy or skinny ladies are best and there’s more on space elevators. There’s also some staring at goats, getting drunk and the end of the world too.
Martin Archer& Greg Foot author

Droppin’ Science 7

Latest on gold digging and solar panelled roads plus the best weird science from the Ig Nobels, the hysteria of the moon bombing, a scientific review of District 9 and much more.
Martin Archer& Greg Foot author

Droppin’ Science 6

Check out the real decepticons, how geeks get girls, the human inner compass and other stories in the news. Plus we tackle zombies, time travel, the ultimate practical joke, our favourite crazy instruments and much more scientific goodness. This podcas...
Martin Archer& Greg Foot author

Droppin’ Science 5

The latest on M&Ms, the HIV genome, transparent Aluminium and cheap nuclear fusion in the news. Plus the coolest objects shrunk to nanoscales, the science behind Will Ferrell’s new movie, some tips on how to boost your brain and plenty more.
Martin Archer& Greg Foot author

Droppin’ Science 4

Moon special celebrating 40 years since the first lunar landing. We ask what does the moon smell of, count down the top things to do there, ponder what would happen if it disappeared, have a look at those conspiracy theories plus there’s a song and mor...
Martin Archer& Greg Foot author

Droppin’ Science 3

News on sperm and brain cells, beer bellies, Inspector Gadget and a tiny robot. Plus some cringe-worthy science chat-up lines, funny molecule names, the science behind attraction and new movie Moon as well as tackling an age old question on the street.
Martin Archer& Greg Foot author

Droppin’ Science 2

News on quantum processors, inflatable space towers and chicken fuel cells. Plus a bit of singing in the shower, why Spock was wrong, a few funny species names and a whole load more.
Martin Archer& Greg Foot author

Droppin’ Science 1

News on a possible cure for blindness, programmable matter and sex research. Plus we tell you how to make the perfect cup of tea, diss the science of Angels and Demons, sum up special relativity in 5 seconds and ask the public if they reckon fish fart!
Martin Archer& Greg Foot author