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A weekly podcast during the harvest period to look at all the factors affecting grass weed control on UK farms – especially black-grass.
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Weed control in spring 2017

An update on field conditions and blackgrass control in arable crops across the UK
Dr Blackgrass on air author

Sow then spray - the critical operations for blackgrass control

Dr blackgrass chats with two farmers and Darren Adkins on Bayer about later drilling, the benefits of rolling and the best pre-emergence programme including Liberator, several partners and possible Avadex as well. To round off we discuss how to fit a p...
Dr Blackgrass on air author

September 2016 - Which is the best cultivation?

Black-grass experts discuss the best cultivation method for blackgrass control. The podcast features Colin Lloyd of Agri, Richard Hull (Rothamsted) Andrew Cotton (Independent Agronomist) and Gordon Anderson-Taylor of Bayer. The discussion also covers t...
Dr Blackgrass on air author

August 2016 – cultivation options and dealing with straw

Features discussion from Bayer's Black Grass Live event about how cultivation method and timing can control black-grass as well as a discussion about the best way to manage straw to limit the spread of black-grass. Contributors are Colin Lloyd, Andrew ...
Dr Blackgrass on air author

June 2016 – keeping glyphosate

Discussions from Cereals 2016 about how to continue using glyphosate for black-grass control in the face of regulatory and resistance pressures.
Dr Blackgrass on air author

May 2016 – End of season black-grass control

Dr Gordon Anderson Taylor talks about dealing with patches of black-grass that appear in May and Dr Roland Beffa discusses black-grass resistance testing and future developments in weed control.
Dr Blackgrass on air author

Episode 7 – Success with springtime control

A review of pre-emergence herbicide programmes from autumn 2015 and a look ahead at how to achieve the best control of grass weeds with herbicide applications in spring 2016.
Dr Blackgrass on air author

Episode 6 - Completing your blackgrass programme

When is the best time to apply a post-em? With many people drilling later – spring applications are becoming much more common but how can you make sure get on at the right time.
Dr Blackgrass on air author

Episode 5 - Getting prepped for pre-emergence sprays

At the pre-emergence timing there are a range of products – but which combos work best? Darren Adkins outlines the results from Bayer’s trials. In the most challenging conditions, cultivations – pre-ems and post-ems need to be planned and executed well...
Dr Blackgrass on air author

Episode 4 - Cultivating sucessful blackgrass control

Clear fields and cultivation offer a huge opportunity for black-grass control but cultivation can bring up problems from the soil if not done with care. Glyphosate is routinely used following cultivation to kill off any flushes of black-grass, but is t...
Dr Blackgrass on air author

Episode 3 - Making use of blackgrass maps

Mapping is often mentioned as a tool to plan black-grass control – but how do you turn maps into a practical action plan? This podcast will find out.
Dr Blackgrass on air author

Episode 2 - Dealing with resistant blackgrass on farm

Dealing with black-grass is a learning process process and growers need to work out what strategy works best on their farm, in this podcast we hear from one farmer who's getting on top of some very difficult black-grass as well as a farm trial site whe...
Dr Blackgrass on air author

Episode 1 - The facts behind resistant blackgrass

Two of the most respected researchers involved in the study of black-grass talk about how resistance has become such a challenge and how growers can deal with it in the present.
Dr Blackgrass on air author