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This is our world, and these are the stories it tells. A paleontology podcast by Sean Willett.

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This is our world, and these are the stories it tells. A monthly podcast about paleontology by Sean Willett.
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Episode 7: Marrella splendens

Season 2: Enigmas;Episode 7: Marrella splendens;In paleontology, there is a word for fossil sites that seem to defy the laws of chance and nature: lagerstätten. This is the story of the most famous of the lagerstätte, a site only recognized for what it...

Mini-episode 2: Barinasuchus arveloi

Mini-episode 2: Barinasuchus arveloiThis episode topic was chosen by Mathieu Dechalain.The pseudosuchians ruled before the dinosaurs, but they didn't just disappear after the end-Triassic extinction event. This is the abridged story of the rest of thei...

Episode 6: Megalosaurus bucklandii

Season 2: Enigmas;Episode 6: Megalosaurus bucklandiiWe take a lot for granted, including what we think we know about the world. Even the most familiar of prehistoric animals was once interpreted completely differently, and there is no telling if it won...

Mini-episode 1: Tyrannosaurus rex, Part 2

Mini-episode 1: Tyrannosaurus rex, Part 2;Everyone knows T. rex. Everyone loves T. rex.But why? This is how our favourite prehistoric celebrity rose to fame, and how our view of dinosaur paleontology has changed in the last century. Like the podcast? C...

Episode 5: Tyrannosaurus rex, Part 1

Season 1: Dynasties;Episode 5: Tyrannosaurus rex, Part 1;There have been many dynasties, but there is only one true king. But even kings start small. And even kings must die.The first part of a two-part season finale.Like the podcast? Donate to my Patr...

Episode 4: Arthropleura armata

Season 1: Dynasties;Episode 4: Arthropleura armata;Humans have a troubled relationship with bugs. To be perfectly blunt, we don't like them very much at all. But at least they're small — easily crushed, swatted, and flicked away. This wasn't always the...

Episode 3: Shuvosaurus inexpectatus

Season 1: Dynasties;Episode 3: Shuvosaurus inexpectatus;Dinosaurs ruled the world for over 150 million years, but this doesn't mean they were the only ones vying for the throne. When a kingdom is passed to a new family, only one family member can be ki...

Episode 2: Charnia masoni

Season 1: Dynasties;Episode 2: Charnia masoni; One of the greatest mysteries of paleontology is centred around one of the simplest organisms ever to inhabit our planet, a member of an ancient dynasty that ruled a world we can only begin to imagine. 

Episode 1: C. Megalodon

Season 1: DynastiesEpisode 1: C. Megalodon A brief introduction, and then on to the fearsome mega-toothed shark — and how it changed paleontology forever.