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We're making vegan recipe videos in English & French. We like experimenting with food, trying out new ways to cook, bake, eat & live a healthy way. Vegan food is for us a way to create new dishes as well as adapting the classics & making them feel & taste a lighter or different way. Also, we find that vegan recipes digest better, especially deserts that can be very heavy on the stomach when filled with dairy & eggs. That positive l with food & ethical concern is what motivates us to promote this lifestyle as an easy option, where creativity overtakes the general idea of restriction.

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We're making vegan recipe videos in English& French. ​We like experimenting with food, trying out new ways to cook, bake, eat& live a healthy way.
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Stir-Fried Noodles (Chow mein)

How to make restaurant like stir-fried noodles (炒麵 / 炒面) using soy sauce, bean sprouts, carrot & scallions. (Vegan) ▾ Open for recipe ▾ To make stir-fried noodles for 2 :• 3 blocks of egg free noodles • 2 tablespoons of dark soy sauce • 2 tablespoo...

Hazelnut Waffles

A super easy, dairy & egg free recipe for the perfect breakfast or brunch, made either gluten free, or with wheat flour ▾ Open for recipe ▾ To make 8 waffles :• 250g of flour : half rice, half corn starch for the gluten free version, or wheat for t...

Crispy Tofu Sandwich - Vegan& low fat

Make the perfect vegan sandwich using tofu & your favorite spices. 1 to 3 sandwiches, you'll need :• 1 block of extra firm tofu • 1 to 2 iceberg lettuce leaves • 1 tomato • 1 pickle • Mustard • Ketchup ...

Vegan Parmesan Cheese (dairy& oil free)

A 4 ingredients dairy free nut cheese, with the taste of Parmesan cheese that only tastes 3 minutes & a blender. ▾ Open for recipe ▾ To make one small jar :• 125g of cashew nuts • 3 tablespoon of nutritional yeast • 2 teaspoons of garlic powder ...

Crème brûlée - Vegan (egg& dairy free)& gluten free

Crème brûlée was created in 1691! It was considered as a super high end dessert, only the wealthiest people could have it. Since small kitchen torches weren’t invented yet, they used a shovel to turn the sugar into caramel, that they would put in the f...

Maki sushi - Vegan

Ever wanted to eat a plate full of sushi without having to wonder about the bill? Vegan sushi can be very cheap & you can make them even better by adapting everything to your taste.For 8 rolls, you'll need :• Nori sheets • Some toasted sesame seeds...

Peanut Glazed Donuts - Vegan& oil free

For 8 mini donuts (doughnuts), you'll need :• 100g wheat flour (3.5oz) • 7g baking powder (1.5 tsp) • 30g almond flour (1oz) • 40g raw sugar (1.4oz) • 140g applesauce (5oz) • 80g powdered sugar or raw sugar to blend (1oz) • 30g peanuts (2.8oz)▸ Put you...

Elephant almond cookies

Who doesn’t like cute cookies? Here we have an almond cookie recipe with homemade food coloring & a glaze!Find our cookie cutter on Amazon or on Aliexpress & eBay by searching “elephant cookie cutter”.For 8 to 10 elephants, you'll need :• 50g a...

Oil free hummus

Done with store bought hummus packed with fat? Here’s our recipe! For this hummus, you'll need :• 150g of chickpeas • some salt to taste • 1 table spoon of toasted sesame seeds • 40g of plant based milk • a few peanuts • 1 tablespoon of onion flakes &...

Chocolate Mousse - Vegan (egg& dairy free)& gluten free

Do you have a can of chickpeas abandoned on a shelf that you don’t know what to do with? Get your favorite chocolate & prepare to be amazed! Since it’s egg & dairy free, it’s super rich in taste & easy to digest.For this chocolate mousse, y...

Passion fruit lemonade

▾ Open for recipe ▾ For about 1.3 liters of passion fruit lemonade, you'll need :• 5 passion fruits • 2 lemons (4.4oz) • 120g of raw sugar • 1 liter of water (2.2 lbs) (+ 300ml for the syrup (1.3 cups / 10oz))▸ Cut your lemons, juice, and leave aside. ...

Tropical Ice Cream Smoothie

▾ Open for recipe ▾ For this 3 layer smoothie, you'll need :• 4 kiwis • 200g of frozen pineapple (or a fresh one to cut & freeze) • 3 oranges • 200g of frozen mangos (or 2 fresh mangoes to freeze) • 3 bananas▸ Juice the 3 oranges, pour in a cup &a...

Potato Salad (with Cucumbers& Creamy Dressing)

▾ Open for recipe ▾ For about 6 servings of this salad, you'll need :• 2 kilos of potatoes (4.4 pounds) • 2 cucumbers • 150g soy cuisine / plant based cream (5.3 ounces) • 10 strands of scallions (ours were frozen, that's why they look darker) • 2 teas...

Almond Pancakes - Vegan& gluten free

For some very quick & easy almond flavored pancakes, you'll need :• 200g rice flour (7oz) • 90g of almond powder (3oz) • 80g of raw sugar (2.8oz) • 270g of rice milk (or other plant based milk) 9.5oz) • 5g of baking powder (1 teaspoon) • 1/3rd of a...

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