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Welcome to The Southern Arizona Ghost and Paranormal Society's "Dead Air With SAGAPS: Paranormal Investigators Talk Radio". Each week we will discuss topics concerning the paranormal community from paranormal activity in Arizona and around the world, how to form your own group, conduct an investigation, and how to analyze evidence. Guest speakers will include investigators from around the country and authors that have contributed to the field. Be sure to tune in weekly for some fascinating insight into the world of paranormal investigation and research.
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An Interview With West Coast Ghost and Paranormal Society

Tonight we'll be interviewing Andy Rice and Marianne Luskey of WCGAPS. We'll be discussing the process of researching prior to an investigation and how important it is. Join us on Monday, April 20th at 9:30pm Mtn time for what should be a very inform...
SAGAPS Crew author

It's a Bird..It's a Plane....What the Heck IS THAT?

Tonight will be talking with Jeff Martino, He's an independent Ufologist based out of Tucson, Arizona. Jeff actually got interested in UFOs being the Director of the Paranormal Research Investigators based in Maine. He's been doing research on many d...
SAGAPS Crew author

An Open-Line Monday Discussion About Anything Paranorma-Line

Join me and my guest Steven Raebel of Michigan Paranormal Underground Radio as we discuss what ever comes up about the paranormal. It'll be an open line Monday, so call in with any topic you'd like to discuss...well almost any topic! lol This is what...
SAGAPS Crew author

An Interview with Dave Schrader of "Darkness At The Edge Of Town Radio"

Join us Monday Feb. 16th at 9:30pm Mtn when we're joined by Dave Schrader, co-host of Darkness At The Edge Of Town Radio!! Dave is one of the major voices in the paranormal community and has recently been seen on Paranormal States. We'll be talking ab...
SAGAPS Crew author

Up For Getting Your metaPhysical Tonight?

The paranormal includes a wide array of topics so tonight we're branching out a little with our special guest Jen Hillman. Jen is a metaphysical educator, psychic adviser, counselor and also a the published author of a book of poetry "Embracing Souls: ...
SAGAPS Crew author

So You Want To Be A Ghost Hunter?

So you want to be a ghost hunter..huh? Unfortunately, to do it right, it's not as easy as it sounds. Yeah you could just grab a camera and a couple of friends and go to a cemetery but if you want to do it right and do it safe, there are steps and pro...
SAGAPS Crew author

An Interview with Ian Murphy, founder of PRAB and PRAI

We're very excited about our interview Ian Murphy, founder of Paranormal Research Association of Ireland and his new group Paranormal Research Association of Boston. Ian established PRAI in 2004 and it has become one of Ireland's leading paranormal inv...
SAGAPS Crew author

An Interview With Andy Rice

This week we'll be doing an interview with Andy Rice, founder of West Coast Ghost and Paranormal Society. West Coasts GAPS have done investigations in and around the state of Arizona and is one of the most reputable groups in the field. They are very...
SAGAPS Crew author

SAGAPS "Dead Air" Tombstone Afterthoughts

This week's show consists of discussions of conducting an investigation in the Birdcage Theatre, and the city of Tombstone, Arizona.
SAGAPS Crew author

Investigating the Birdcage Theater, Tombstone, Arizona

SAGAPS, the Southern Arizona Ghost and Paranormal Society is proud to launch our new show, "Dead Air With SAGAPS: Paranormal Investigators Talk Radio"! We will discussing our upcoming investigation of the world famous Birdcage Theater in Tombstone, Ari...
SAGAPS Crew author