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Lecture 14; Michael Strevens, Tim Maudlin, and David Albert.mp3

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Lecture 13; Sheldon Goldstein, David Albert and Tim Maudlin.mp3

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Lecture 12; David Albert and Tim Maudlin.mp3

David summarizes his distinction between inference by prediction/retrodiction and inference by measurement, and reiterates that this can make plausible the claim that the special status of the Past-Hypothesis can ground the asymmetry in our epistemic r...
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Lecture 11; David Albert and Tim Maudlin.mp3

Tim opens with a brief point about the postulation of a very low entropy past state. He contrasts the claim that, if this state is not the initial state of the world, that the entropy profile of the universe will be symmetric (intuitively, with a globa...
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Lecture 10; Barry Loewer, Tim Maudlin and David Albert.mp3

Barry Loewer is the guest lecturer for this class. Tim starts by recapitulating the notion of typicality introduced in the previous lecture. Tim, David and Barry then engage in a debate about Tim's view of the nature of statistical explanation. Barry t...
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Tim and David begin by continuing their discussion of the 'Stosszahlansatz', the assumption that the number of particle collisions in a given subregion is just proportional to the volume of that region. They summarize the debate up to this point and at...
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Lecture 7.mp3

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Lecture 6; David Albert (mainly) and Tim Maudlin

Time Maudlin starts by distinguishing and characterizing three different classes of explanations of thermodynamic phenomena previously studied in the seminar (appeals to symmetry principles, to random walks in the phase space, or to features of the act...
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Lecture 4, smaller version:

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Lecture 5; David Albert and Tim Maudlin

In this lecture, Tim Maudlin continues the statistical mechanical account of the velocity distribution of particles in a monatomic gas, and how this distribution evolves over time. David Albert and Tim disagree about the status of the 'Stosszahlansatz'...
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Lecture 4; David Albert and Tim Maudlin

David Albert begins with a brief discussion of an issue raised in the last lecture- whether you can define an entropy for a non-equilibrium system. He and Tim Maudlin agree that while the steps along the reversible route must involve equilbrium states,...
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Lecture 3; David Albert and Tim Maudlin

In this lecture, David Albert continues his introduction to thermodynamics, explaining how the entropy of a system is defined and determined in thermodynamic terms. This requires distinguishing between reversible and irreversible paths between two stat...
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Lecture 2; David Albert

This is the second lecture in the joint NYU/Columbia graduate course on philosophy of statistical explanation and cosmology. It's David Albert's first lecture, and in it he introduces the main ideas he'll discuss in the class, with some contrast betwe...
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